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No. 64

Are you scared of documentaries?

Japanese documentaries about bad events spook the fuck out of me.
I'm not sure if its because of the fonts they use or what. I recently watched a documentary made by the japs about a humidifier in South Korea that murdered people.


How did a humidifier murder people? Did it drown them?


Well, it was more about a disinfectant for humidifiers that killed people. The guy who created the disinfectant didn't test it and it turned out to be toxix.




damn. sounds like a bad time

i don't know if i've ever been scared of a documentary before, what other ones have you seen that are scary?


I remember watching a documentary about parents who had their children die by running across roads. Scared the shit out of me as a child.


File: 1469138909221.jpg (95.06 KB, 640x682, 640px-Albinok.jpg)

Whoa, that's fucking crazy.

I just watched a documentary on "The Swedish Sisters" two mentally deranged identical twins who each ran out into traffic on a freeway in Britain and took massive damage, but were in some kind of insane state where they barely even noticed.

It wasn't really worth the watch tbh.


File: 1469149234307.jpeg (11.89 KB, 200x200, image.jpeg)

Never heard of "The Swedish Sisters" before.

I just looked them up on Wikipedia and holy shit. These sisters sound terrifying. How do they not care that they were struck by vehicles. Also, it must of been scary to be Hollinshead. He went back in his house to only be stabbed five times by one of the sisters.


File: 1469154514624.jpg (17.82 KB, 240x274, 1469034947928.jpg)

Documentaries about Africa used to freak me out. When I was a child, I was so afraid that an African child appeared in my sleep or in my bed.
Also anything related with insects scare me really bad.
forgive English
pic no related btw


lol idk why but your post has had me laughing for the last few minutes


File: 1470791853357.jpg (14.14 KB, 214x233, 1461290906413.jpg)

Well… As a child my mother showed me some african documentaries, you know, about extremely poor people, and kids starving, also kids driking animal urine because they had no water, also alduts and kids beging eaten by crows and vultures.

She showed me that in order to learn to appreciate what I had/have. But actually freak me out.

I had recurrent bad dreams about african people for weeks. I was too scared. Sometimes dreamt about a buch of african kids trying to kill me, to eat me I guess.
Sorry English btw


When I was 13 or so, a documentary about mad cow disease made me afraid to eat beef for a while. Does that count?


My mother would watch a lot of Russian documentaries about conspiracies and paranormal happenings.
They scared me a lot. I would run in the dark even in the house so that nothing would be able to grab me.


lol when I was a kid my mom made me watch a documentarie about the illuminates and jesus comeback. Man, that freak me out. and they were talking about a "lucifer" chip idk


I had to deal with this most of my childhood in the indoctrination camp aka church I was forced to go to. Even when I was 4 they rounded up all the kids and told us that we were going to a place called "Hell" if we "sinned", etc. I was demonized for playing Pokemon later on as well. These people seemed like the true demons attacking a poor small child for just enjoying something on his game boy and some trading cards.

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