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Has anyone here ever had sleep paralysis? I ask because I recently took up practicing lucid dreaming and I'm afraid of accidentally entering sleep paralysis. I've heard some spooky stories and the common theme seems to be that they can't move and see a shadowy figure in their hallway, closet, above them, etc…

What are your experiences, and did you see the shadow man, or something else spookier?


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It is so common, I thought we all had experienced.

Well, the first step I saw a girl dressed in white floating in front of me, talking to me but did not understand that she wanted to tell me. I could not breathe, could not move or scream, is scary but you will pass quickly.

Sorry my bady english btw
Pic not related


I've had sleep paralysis before, but I haven't had any of the visions or stuff. For me it was just me dozing off on my couch, when I woke up and found I couldn't move at all. It went away after a few minutes


>What are your experiences, and did you see the shadow man, or something else spookier?

I never saw anything spooky. I was unable to move and speak for several minutes, but I could think and see. It was really scary, I can't imagine seeing "shadow men" or anything such as that while being in that state.


I've never seen any visual hallucinations
Maybe because I'm usually too scared to open my eyes lol

I usually hear scary sounds like loud electrical buzzing or metal banging. Sometimes I hear people talking and I hear my name being said a lot in the conversations. Those are the most unsettling auditory hallucinations in my opinion, hearing my name being said or hearing people talk about me. One time I heard a bunch of bees just swarming around me.

Also I feel a lot of physical sensations, usually I just feel like theres something pushing me down really hard, I used to hate it but now it's kind of comfy feeling. Then sometimes I feel like I'm spinning or flying down a hallway really really fast and being blown around by wind. And sometimes I just feel really intense vibrations.

I always keep my eyes closed though. I've learned to handle with the spookiness of the other sensations but I'm scared that if I open my eyes and see something like your pic staring down at me I will fucking lose it. I wish I weren't such a coward.


I had sleep paralysis once as a kid at summer camp. It was the kind of place that had farm animals on it. I woke up in the middle of the night and was convinced a chicken was somehow wrapped up in my sheets. I thought my hands were around it, and for some reason I couldn't move to let go of it.

Eventually someone turned a flashlight on and I could see there was nothing in my bed. It switched a flip or something and suddenly I could move again.

I found it very frightening but mainly, I think, because I couldn't understand what was happening (I had never heard of sleep paralysis). It was like having a nightmare: frightening in the moment, but not once you realize it was just a dream.


>It is so common, I thought we all had experienced.
I've never had it but I have heard enough stories about it to make me terrified of ever experiencing it, with or without shadow people popping up. I'm pretty lightweight when it comes to horror so I really would not bode well in that kind of a situation.


File: 1488462845403.jpg (97.34 KB, 800x1066, 1488272345825.jpg)

The last year I had a lot sleep paralysis and I mean a lot, at least 1 for week. I had so much paralysis dreams that I got used.

Almost always the shadows on the roof turned into a shadow figure, probably a woman or something, like witch, i can't tell, always said things that I couldn't understand, at first I got really scared but within months I got so used that I really didn't feel scared or something anymore. Like: Oh! another paralysis dream.

I had a 'way' to exit from this dreams, I closed my eyes, as hard I can (on the dream), and I tried to not listen, moving is really hard when you are in this condition, but I got so used that somehow I could move, I mean, I felt like my body weigh ten times heavier, but I could hardly move.
So, I closed my eyes, with my hand I did the signal of holy cross and started to recite some common prayers (I'm catholic).
I'm not sure how, but this really help me to 'exit' of this kind of dreams.

Despite for being catholic I'm sure there is no demons or witches, I attribute these dreams to the stress and depression I was living at the time.

I also improved a bit my egirish
Pic no related,At work right now, and I don't have any other pictures.


>Pic no related
On most imageboards, people respect you for not posting unrelated images. Posting without an image is allowed.
Interesting, though. I've never had sleep paralysis.
>I'm catholic
God is only as real as those shadow figures: the human mind tries to make real whatever it thinks about often enough.


Come on dude, the guy is sharing an experience of his and you're going to shit on one minor detail? We get it, you are above religion and have no masters. I sincerely hope you aren't the guy that was shitting on religion in the other thread too because now you're just being an ass.


Don't be an ass. Leave the spic alone.
I hope you only have good dreams for the rest of your life, spic.


Once I had a very vivid dream where I fought a giant fox hand-to-hand in a church to protect my little sisters. When I woke up, I opened my eyes to see what appeared to be an old Japanese man staring me right in the face. I think he was floating directly above me. He was so close, I could have reached out and touched him. He disappeared and I jolted awake, the usual deal. Pretty fucking creepy.

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