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No. 5

Who went to haunted houses this year? Any good ones or good stories?

I went to the Halloween horror nights at Universal studios and another local haunted house

The quality of the houses at HHN were pretty damn good, especially the walking dead and AvP ones.

Unfortunately, I've never been that receptive to jump scares IRL or on screen. May have to do that fucked up one where they torture you


I haven't gone to any haunted houses this year nor will I probably do that for another year because I don't know most of them are pretty shit around here and I just don't have fun with them anymore if I can hear people screaming down the hallway. I need something a little more intense


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Not a haunted house but kinda similar. I´ve been in the sathorn tower in bangkok during nightime with some people i met at the hostel. Its a abandoned building supposed to become a premium luxury apartment complex. There been police infront of the building so we kinda had to sneak in. There was a security guy at the main door so we tried to find a different entry wich didn´t worked. So we gave him some money to let us in. He wanted more but one guy of the group got kinda agressive. There been a pack of wild dogs inside the building wich was scary because we heard them sometimes near us. But when we saw them we just walked up to them and they got scared. Also there was a moving starway, wich of course didn´t work, but when we walked there propably some lose cable connected with something and there was a bang and sparkling. All of us jumped in shock. The rooms been all spooky and there been writings at the walls like in a horror movie. Also sometimes people go there to die. So we kinda expecting to find some corpse. But when we reached the top it was awesome to look down at the city.


Cool. Thanks for sharing.


did you take any pictures?


Na, i had no smartphone at this time, but there is some stuff online.


Halloween is just around the corner again boys! Anyone got any plans?
I wanna go on a spooky adventure with my buds but can't think of anything cool to do


I feel like there's not great stuff to do as an adult other than go spooky barhopping or whatever, unless there's a party. I hope someome can prove me wrong


we ended up walking around the woods and a nearby farm at like 2 am and talking about spooky stuff and got scared by random noises then went back to my house and played magic the gathering

8.5/10 halloween, woulda been better if the night walk was more eventful and we didnt track a bunch of dirt into my room lol

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