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I have to keep my bathroom door closed at all times because I'm afraid ghosts might come out of the mirror when the bathroom is dark.


File: 1454057290130.png (2.12 MB, 1111x1216, 51217846_p0.png)

they've already come out don't worry


i'm the same way with my closet. can't be open a crack or the boogeyman will get me


File: 1454787268077.jpg (341.33 KB, 1080x1537, 1454471206068.jpg)

I remember having this sensation of terror once trying to leave my room one lonely night. As I was reaching for the doorhandle suddenly my hand jerked back as if electrocuted (wasn't a static discharge on the door handle) and this image of a heavily cloaked being on the other side of the door flashed into my head. That was many years ago, when I was borderline-halluncinating out of stress and depression and drawing a lot of what I saw…

…Now I'm reading overviews about what Carl Jung used to experience and I feel I can relate a LOT to what he experienced. It's very fucking strange. I have yet to read any of his books, but I'm going to start simple and then get into his blacks and finally Red books. Very mysterious stuff.


Why not just put a nightlight in your bathroom?
I hate having the bathroom door closed, because then I don't know if anyone's using it or not.


growing up i couldn't sleep knowing the bathroom door was open down the hall. i had an irrational fear of the toilet unattaching itself from the floor and coming to eat me


I can't browse /x/ or think of aliens at night, or else I get afraid of the dark.


When I was a kid, I'd imagine aliens were about to attack, whenever a plane passed in the night.
I always stay far away from floor vacuums, moving bikes behind me, escalators, Etc.
The image of a person being flattened will forever be ingrained in my mind.
I never watch horror movies.


For a while (maybe a couple years or so) when I was a kid, I half expected to see a dead body on the toilet any time I walked into the bathroom. Never figured out why.

Also stuff like your pic is exactly why I keep my blinds drawn 24/7.


I recently got over my fear of the dark as an adult, taking my dog on walks in the nearby woods after dark. I forgot to bring a flashlight once, and made my way around with moonlight, and since then I've been taking him out without a flashlight on all but the darkest nights.

We surprised a raccoon like that yesterday, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.


The window and furniture in my room is positioned in the same places, and I'm seeing this from my phone while half naked. Ahahaha, what a coinkydink.



I live out in the boonies right? Rural Missouri, twenty minute drive from town.

Its a cloudy night, kinda wet, had been raining all day and theres a slight chill in the wet ozoney air. I'm standing out in the long driveway by the backyard and I look up in the sky and theres probably seven or eight lights. I immidiately freeze up – they didn't look natural and I think to myself 'shit, this is it. this is my interaction with them.'

They were yellow, and it had only been a few seconds of me seeing them – they seemed to move organically, naturally as they flickered out one by one. Then i see the form behind it.

Its fucking airplane, a military one. We don't live too far away from an airbase and I'm a fucking retard. I go inside and eat ice cream.


replying to myself because i forgot to add it – they were deploying flares


I have OCD when it comes to doors. I don't worry about ghosts but I do get a very uneasy feeling of paranoia when a door is open around me.


File: 1580649743483.jpg (3.32 KB, 183x275, image.jpg)

I have frosted glass doors, so even if I close them I vividly see-imagine the ghost standing behind it. The only way I can relax and sleep is to pull the covers over my head and face the wall.

I had none of these fears when I was a kid. Is it stress?


Realizing the source of what you were scared of always gives me a good laugh. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and jump out of bed because I think there are bugs/bees in my bed. Once I calm down (usually 20 minutes), I just shake my head and laugh a bit.


Ironically, I stare at myself in my bathroom mirror in the dark. I tend to feel a source of power as I watch my face shapeshift into something unrecognizable.


I could never have frosted glass doors..I need all the doors to be locked and all the blinds drawn as soon as it gets dark, or else "something" will see me

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