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No. 49

I have to keep my bathroom door closed at all times because I'm afraid ghosts might come out of the mirror when the bathroom is dark.


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they've already come out don't worry


i'm the same way with my closet. can't be open a crack or the boogeyman will get me


File: 1454787268077.jpg (341.33 KB, 1080x1537, 1454471206068.jpg)

I remember having this sensation of terror once trying to leave my room one lonely night. As I was reaching for the doorhandle suddenly my hand jerked back as if electrocuted (wasn't a static discharge on the door handle) and this image of a heavily cloaked being on the other side of the door flashed into my head. That was many years ago, when I was borderline-halluncinating out of stress and depression and drawing a lot of what I saw…

…Now I'm reading overviews about what Carl Jung used to experience and I feel I can relate a LOT to what he experienced. It's very fucking strange. I have yet to read any of his books, but I'm going to start simple and then get into his blacks and finally Red books. Very mysterious stuff.


Why not just put a nightlight in your bathroom?
I hate having the bathroom door closed, because then I don't know if anyone's using it or not.


growing up i couldn't sleep knowing the bathroom door was open down the hall. i had an irrational fear of the toilet unattaching itself from the floor and coming to eat me


I can't browse /x/ or think of aliens at night, or else I get afraid of the dark.


When I was a kid, I'd imagine aliens were about to attack, whenever a plane passed in the night.
I always stay far away from floor vacuums, moving bikes behind me, escalators, Etc.
The image of a person being flattened will forever be ingrained in my mind.
I never watch horror movies.

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