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No. 382

Fuck MBTI, fuck horoscopes, which level of hell would you be on if you suddenly found yourself in it right now? Be honest.


I'm on level three because I ate overate on pizza yesterday.




Do masturbation count as being lustful? If not I'll probably be in the limbo.


I'd say as long as you don't have a debilitating addiction to it you'd be fine, considering it's a normal thing a lot of people do.


Yeah no, most people are going to hell.


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Wonder how this would apply when you used ancient theology/culture instead of modern day interpretations of the 7 sins.
A quote straight out of the horses mouth about the bizarre older version of gluttony; "The inordinate concupiscence may be considered in two ways. First, with regard to the food consumed: and thus, as regards the substance or species of food a man seeks "sumptuous" – i.e. costly food; as regards its quality, he seeks food prepared too nicely – i.e. "daintily"; and as regards quantity, he exceeds by eating "too much." Secondly, the inordinate concupiscence is considered as to the consumption of food: either because one forestalls the proper time for eating, which is to eat "hastily," or one fails to observe the due manner of eating, by eating "greedily." ~ St. Thomas Aquinas
Liking overly fancy food is a sin, unrelated, but the desert fathers thought eating more than water and bread was gluttony!, along with eating it wrong, so it's a lot more nuanced than "Eat a lot= bad" or "fat= bad", if you read on the cultural history of the 7 sins obesity actually didn't represent gluttony until later Christianity (Fat: A Cultural History of the Stuff of Life). Forgot the source, but some christian scholars also believed gluttony to be the root of all sins.
I'd say I'm wrath

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