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I'm something of a horror buff. Ever since I was young I've been obsessed with the movies, games, books, etc. I wanna talk about some films that frighten. Let's keep this on the more unknown side.

I'll start with 1BR. I'm skeptical of any Netflix film but holy shit, this one got me.

Sarah wants to escape her dysfunctional family. She moves to LA and attends an open house for an apartment. It's perfect, quiet, and unbelievably friendly.
Too friendly. This apartment wanted her. It's not gonna let her go.
It might sound cheesy, but it's spooky and the ending will make your blood run cold.
Anyways, tell me about a horror film you like!


I'm not sure why I love Jacob's Ladder that much, but I consider my favorite horror movie, possibly my favorite movie of all time. Haven't watched the remake because I'm scared it will ruin everything I like about the original. Also there's 1989's Society, if you want to be in a good mood with some fun body horror.


the void and the ritual were both great and very underappreciated. the ritual is neat because it keeps you from seeing the monster until the very end so don't google it if you want to be kept guessing.


agree with jacob's ladder. there's something so ethereal and dreamlike about the atmosphere but at the same time the last act feels just as terrifyingly real as it does surreal. and the final twist of it all being a drug-induced psychosis is the icing on the cake as far as making the whole nightmare totally possible to happen to you.

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