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I have a horrifying, almost debilitating fear of gray aliens. I have a giant fear of being abducted from my bedroom at night and seeing these things. I've been put on medication for it that it's become such an overwhelming fear of mine.


I would like to talk to one of them, maybe we could be good friends. Who knows. They probably lead lives of subtly just like us. Making food, going to work. Being a cog in an infinite machine. Being one out of many. I'm sure they could relate to many of our problems in their own way.


Honestly didn't think of it like that. I think it's possible that they are living totally normal lives and maybe only a select would be working for the government, but the concept I'm truly afraid of is being paralyzed and taken against my will. What if they kill me by accident? What happens if someone can't find me? I don't want to create that kind of panic.


Think about benevolent Nordic aliens instead. Though maybe they haven't been seen since the 50s because the world has been going to hell in a handbasket.

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