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No. 302

ITT: We discuss about horror manga series we like.

Starting with the timeless classic.
https://nyaa.si/view/1234985 - Uzumaki - Junji Ito.

I'll be posting some of my favorites from him and other manga artists, feel free to post your favs too.


File: 1597639226800.jpg (67.09 KB, 500x784, D4.jpg)

Intersection pretty boy, my favorite saga from Junji's Ito collection.


The quality isn't that good but it's not too bad either.


File: 1597639550860.jpg (148.94 KB, 826x1200, R5.jpg)

The bully, this is particularly interesting, as someone once said, this one is spooky just because it's something I feel that could totally happen in real life as well.



File: 1598059337926.png (442.93 KB, 788x1086, 9D2FA86D-0926-4989-8509-AE….png)

The Drifting Classroom is a sci-fi horror manga I binged in a single sitting, highly recommend it to anyone that loves a Lord of the Flies inspired work.


File: 1598334970556.png (1.02 MB, 760x1144, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….PNG)

I just read it, fuck It hit me hard, thanks it was really good.

Here's a torrent if anybody wants to read it.


File: 1598992123850.jpg (223.59 KB, 818x1200, x18.jpg)

I'm currently reading the Rusted Scissors or the Eroded Scissors from UMEZU Kazuo (the same author as the Drifting Class Room).

It makes me uncomfortable, it's quite graphic so keep that in mind, here's a link.



File: 1599158134376.png (298.31 KB, 818x1200, x4.png)

From the same series, chapter The Black Picture-Book, this is one of the most brutal things I've ever read.


File: 1601601940441.jpg (67.48 KB, 824x1200, fuan tame.jpg)


File: 1620917879250.jpg (231.24 KB, 1097x972, EGot15jWsAAxrs6.jpg)

misumisou/liverleaf/hepatica nobilis is a manga about a girl who gets bullied at school but sucks it up for the sake of her family, until one day everything goes wrong. now shes fighting for her life…against her own classmates. its honestly a favorite of mine as the protagonist is MASSIVELY relatable to my past, but it needs some tws so ill put them in spoilers here: one character was accused of trying to rape a young girl, LOTS OF GORE IN EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE, lots of puke, child abuse, abusive relationships, fire, graphic images of people burning alive, dead animals, the whole 9 yards i know the artstyle might look wacky but its very effective for the story…just trust it, okay?

this link should work. https://mangaowl.net/single/23480/misumisou

there's a live action film of it too that u can find online, the gore was a bit cheap but the acting was good and they used an alternate ending that was beautiful.


File: 1623832273768.jpg (953.33 KB, 1225x1828, Domu.jpg)

Domu by Katsuhiro Otomo

A foretaste of Akira maybe? Well he did a pretty good job an I liked it a lot.


File: 1630875518714.png (443.39 KB, 1215x1800, index.png)

I binge read it and it was pretty good. I do have to say if you're looking for a realistic story it might be over the top torture porn, but on the other side if you're used to the over the top nature of revenge stories it's a good down to earth narrative.
The most depressing was the cyclical nature of it all. Most of the kids bullied her because they were bullied themselves or had their own dreams crushed. Along with that the MC's end of finding the one person who understands her and rushing into a relationship, but realizing they're abusive way to late was depressing relatable for my HS. the whole thing about being stuck in a small town with nothing to do and going insane was something I felt too, albeit I lived in a way bigger town. Poverty being a big root of all the issues and not unexplained sadomachism was also an interesting take


File: 1630898285685.png (291.24 KB, 808x1200, 43dc3396-90d8-4f35-879a-16….png)

Reading fourteen, same guy as drifting class room, and it's just a mindfuck. It's not even in good it's just borderline comedy, even though it was meant to be horror. If you want to know how wild this manga is in the first 40 chapters an evil sentient chicken is born, then green babies, then an ai attacks, a virus capable of killing all humanity is revealed, and an American names their child "America". This is all tied together by the most confused environmental message I've ever seen. I feel the bizarreness wasn't intended, but instead "I have to publish another chapter with a cliffhanger gotta make some bullshit up"

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