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Post some spooky stories that have happened to you. I don't have any spoops sorry.


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I used to live on the second floor of some house when I was a poor kid with my mom. It was in this desolate part of town which is quite dangerous and sketchy, you could hear the trains in the distance too, but we were fairly isolated so it was safe. Just a dead neighborhood. Anyways, one night I was hanging out outside and all of the sudden a fucking UFO appeared on the roof, hovered for a few seconds with blinding me with a reddish light, then zipped away. I still have no fucking clue what it was, but I know it wasn't a dream because my mom also saw it. It couldn't have been a helicopter because it appeared and left in the span of a few seconds. It was kind of like pic related, but brighter, maybe the speed it was moving left an after trail of lights that made it hard to make the details out.

That being said, I don't think it was a UFO… I'm a huge skeptic when it comes to any of that kind of stuff. Still very odd and arguably spooky.


I also have a UFO story to share.
>21st birthday
>Be down North Carolina
>Drunk and high going through a corn field with a friend of mine and my cousins as well as some of their friends
>Bright light hovering above us
>everyone sees it
>it starts to come a little closer
>we all take off running
>it booms extremely high and disappears
>one of the guys starts to get sick
>he all of a sudden knows how to read and speak Chinese
>his natural hair color went from blonde to brown finally to black hair after the course of about a month
>his eyes started getting slightly darker as well
>He then sadly died soon about a year later

Never could explain this nor did anyone want to believe us on what we saw and people wouldn't believe that the guy was naturally changing. Everyone tried to say he dyed his hair and put in contacts and was faking Chinese.


What the actual fug


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>tfw the aliens are just military drones that are hunting down Chinese sleeper agents


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Baraka was a good movie.


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Yeah, I got a few. Most of the houses I've lived in my whole life have been haunted, not even shitting.

One of the first houses I lived in was a decrepit shack in rural Georgia. I don't really remember life there, but both my step-father and my mother say that they would hear footsteps and talking all the time and that we would be fast asleep/they weren't any noises a kid could really make. I once broke my collar bone there (not sure how I remember it, because I was like 3 years old) when I was pushed off the highest part of our porch (easily like 11-12 ft. I luckily fell into a pile of charcoal ashes so I didn't die) by something that couldn't be seen (it was dark outside). I also remember seeing things (like human-like shadows walking and crawling around) in the dark around the house as I got much older and had moved to a house just down the street.


I ended up running away from home when I was fifteen (from the house just down the street from the other one funnily enough). To me, this event has signified the biggest change in my entire life. I ran away to an abandoned trailer on the property. It was recently abandoned, so it was in decent shape and had a bed/fridge/running water to it still. I lived there for two weeks and I noticed that the animals around me would act very strange. Animals would circle the trailer and I noticed that owls would situate themselves extremely close to it. Some birds even attacked the trailer. I also noticed that our animals started doing weird things. Merely a month before I ran away, my sister's dog and one of our cats disappeared into the woods in the general area of the trailer at different times. One of our dogs became very agitated while in a field near the trailer. The cat I grew up with (16 years old at the time) suddenly became youthful when she saw me again and actually tried to follow me to the trailer several times (I didn't let her come because I couldn't feed myself much, nonetheless her). This happened the entire two weeks I was there. The spookiest of it happened after about a week when I started hearing heavy footsteps walk through the house right up to the room adjacent to mine. No one was there, obviously. Perhaps a symbolic manifestation of the fact hat I wanted people to find me, but no one searched for even a minute.

Finally, the apartment I currently live in is haunted. I've had a lot of nightmares while I've lived here. I've had sleep paralysis on a couple of occasions and every time my cousin has stayed here, he's mentioned having sleep paralysis as well. Sometimes I can hear people rummaging in my kitchen even when no one is there.


Have you ever read Beloved by Toni Morrison? I feel like it would really resonate with you


I haven't heard of it until now. I'll be sure to check it out though.

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