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File: 1497605840308.png (217.37 KB, 644x800, kanchome scared.png)

No. 112

Boy, was I just spooked! I was taking a nightwalk, when my neighbor called out my name, asking if it was me! I said yep and hurried home.
He probably thinks I'm a creepy weirdo. Then again, I guess I am, huh?
When was the last time you were spooked?


File: 1499033536434.png (6.06 KB, 69x60, phone.PNG)

The phone just rang at 3 AM, I was completely alone in the dark.


Did you answer it?


I was afraid at first but when I get up to answer it, it stopped ringing.


File: 1499454953350.jpg (31.2 KB, 624x624, 1499063703507.jpg)

Phoneguy here.
I was spooped again today. I was trying to sleep, I opened my eyes and I saw somebody In front of me, the room was dark, at first I thought it was my Brother, but was a man with a hat, looking at me. I screamed and I ran out of the room.

Probably was just my imagination.


File: 1499558838139.jpg (128.29 KB, 750x563, yume.jpg)

I miss nightwalks anon. the summer has me sleeping before sunset and waking barely before sunrise.


File: 1503389577251.jpg (130.74 KB, 640x427, serveimage.jpg)

>>118 here.
There is a popular legend of my region, a guy with a big hat who chases drunks, and people who 'stay up all night', he isn't aggressive, he likes to watch, he is a middle age man who uses a very big hat, and you can't see his face, pretty much what I saw.
Here is an illustration.

Haha I bit scared now, it's very late and I'm alone, haha.


Haha there's something about big hats that are silly

Interesting legend


Where are you from, Anon?


You first?


Indiana. I was just wondering, since that's an interesting legend.
We don't really have any legends, that I know of, anyway, in my area.


Latín América.
We have so many interesting legends here, every region has some, even today some people still believes in them.


Off topic but on topic,

Are you here from that hispachan exodus that happened like 2 years ago?

What's the weirdest superstition you've witnessed first hand?


File: 1503527873162.jpg (17.37 KB, 400x400, 2f26e239b1f0c858716a38d2e2….jpg)

I wrote a post about it but the filter says it's too long so I will divide it.
No, I came here from a 8ch ad, some months before the hispakids drama and I have been here since then, I haven't been there in the last years, they are pretty much cancer.


File: 1503530864021.jpg (613.04 KB, 2008x1376, 1483552940037.jpg)

Cont. 1/2
I can't tell for sure, If you mean about superstitions people believes, they are some people who still believes on local 'Shamans', they believe in curses (like cursed objects) and 'magic', They claim to remove curses, remove 'bad energies', and even help with your love life, etc, you sometimes can find ads of people who claim to be shamans in local newspapers. Also Satanic Worshippers and Sorceress and Witches, mostly in the past, about 30 or 40 (maybe more) years ago, the Life in the countryside was really strange, (I didn't live it but) people always has stories about it, people who did some kind of covenant with Demons and they were given 'special abilities', with the purpose of hurt all people who around them, my grandfather said that most the time you can't tell them apart for friends or know people, they looks like normal people except from some very strange behaviours, If you have read stories about vampires you know they are beings very obsessives, something like that.You can find evidence of this in the typical music of my region, there are songs about this subject, but they are mostly folklore.
I say it again I didn't live in that time, but my mother used to told me some stories about her childhood, and my grandparents, I can't say whether they are real or not, but I also can't think a reason to lie about it


File: 1503531238921.jpg (5.05 MB, 4000x2563, 1485767747473.jpg)

Cont. 2/2.
To be fair, normal persons don't believe in superstitions and legends and much less nowadays, most the people who still believes are country persons and very old people, I noticed, that most people doesn't really believe in superstitions but every family/person has at least one story to tell.
But If you mean about me, I had some vague memories about strange events on my childhood, but I attribute they to my child imagination, I have some others stories that I can't really explain but maybe they are not strange enough.
Man, I had to correct my post several times, I didn't expect it to take me so many attempts, Sorry admin if you can see deleted posts.


An hour ago.
A van crashed into my house.


Woah are you okay?

Details plz


File: 1507086695391.jpg (74 KB, 996x1035, 1.jpg)

Yes, I am.
Basically a guy was trying to get his car into the garage, and when he got out of his car to open the garage door, the van started to reverse and crashed into my door, luckily no one left wounded, but the van damaged my wall and my door.
It was the party van.
Pic related.


I hope you'll be compensated.


I think I saw something entering to my room.
I can't sleep now.


I kept getting paranoid the other night after smoking some dabs. Kept thinking I was hearing someone trying to get inside but then realized it was the wind.


I got spooked just about an hour ago while I was taking out the trash. I ended up I guess accidentally stepping on a mouse as I heard something sqeak, I freaked out. Next thing I know a cat out of nowhere grabs it and scurries off with it in it's mouth. Just kind of a strange odd experience. I was also pretty tense to begin with as bears have been really bad here lately coming into residential areas.


I thought someone was watching me today, I was outside alone by the lake.. in the dark.. ran to my car and locked the doors so fast


File: 1620241739414.jpeg (25.26 KB, 640x634, spooking.jpeg)

This morning was pretty spooky. My mother started listening to a DND series inspired by Darkest Dungeons called Dark Dice. The DM explains that It's semi-scripted, but god that lets the narrator really settle the atmosphere and the story telling with the sound effects is very spooky.


shiiieeeet! And I thought I had a spooky day. Same sentiments as >>212

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