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File: 1446399654227.png (186.97 KB, 680x684, 1417729628016.png)

No. 1

What are some of your irrational fears, /sp/?

I used to have an intense phobia of clowns. It's been phased out many, many years ago, but it was absolutely brutal for a little while to even catch a glimpse of anything clown-related. My cousins had this dome covering for a ceiling light with an image of a cartoon clown and I couldn't even be in that room unless it was taken down.

I was just horribly spooked by clowns for whatever reason.


Clowns are fucking awful, I don't blame you.

My mom had this friend when I was growing up named Wendy, and looking back on it now she was probably some dominatrix or something

Anyway, one time I had to spend the night their while my mom was out of time. This fucking lady had DOZENS of the most horrible wooden clown dolls, paintings, and sculptures

And they were all old and looked like they had been dragged from hell

It was the worst sleep ever. I remember laying on my left side the whole time and just staring at a clownless corner of the room


File: 1446433648765.jpg (320.5 KB, 960x1280, true darkness.jpg)

I have the most generic of phobias: heights
I can't deal with them. Mostly because I imagine I'm falling and how my bones break when I reach the floor.

My other phobia is weirder.
People pretending to be statues. Street performers mostly. The thought of now knowing when and how they'll move scares me for some reason.


Heights is my biggest fear. It's going up that's the easy part but when I try to go down I freeze and can't bring myself to move.

A fear of being stared at is my weirdest phobia I'd say. Not as bad as my fear of heights but it makes me terrible at giving speeches or performing in front of a crowd


I've always been afraid of being alone. I watched "the last man on earth" a while back. I would probably kill myself if I was in that situation.


I don't like the ocean at all

even standing in a foot of water near the shore freaks me the fuck out

I can't see what is under there, it's such an alien world and they just want to rip up my feet :(


File: 1447046988787.jpg (6.79 KB, 276x183, image.jpg)

Underwater objects are creepy as hell


File: 1447049740718.gif (685.98 KB, 405x227, 1c84d3a0-feac-0132-f439-0e….gif)

Fainting. I hate the way it feels, to lose all bodily control in that moment, having it start in my feet while I get light-headed. Waking up and not knowing how much time has passed, finding people standing over me. Not to mention when I was in high school, people thought it was hilarious that I could just drop like that. They would say stuff 'her head must be too heavy lololol' which would make me way more conscientious of it happening. The worst part is is that if I even -think- I have the slightest sensation of fainting, I get overly anxious and make fainting more likely to actually happen. It becomes a panic of 'oh god i'm going to faint i don't want to faint'. My ridiculous phobia is the worst when I drive because that's probably one of the worst places it could happen.


How come you would faint? Did you have diabetes or something?

I've never fained before, but I've always been afraid of falling asleep. I fear being able to tell that I've fallen asleep, sent in to a world of nothingness

Yet I end up doing it every night just fine lol


Spiders and insects in general.
I don't even understand why. If my memory serves me well, I've never had any kind of horrible experience with them, but for the longest time they've scared the fuck out of me.


Insects are creepy in general. Especially bees, wasps, and hornets


File: 1447083849867.png (4.06 MB, 1904x1324, Derobrachus_geminatus.png)

In the southwest we have these huge, awful things. One of the worst experiences ever:

I was walking to my car one night and felt something on my neck, my whole hand was immediately filled up with big black crust beetle

I threw it off immediately and screamed like a schoolgirl and did what could be compared to an Irish jig of some sorts


I have really severe anxiety/panic disorder as a result of some yuck stuff.

I can kind of feel you on the falling asleep thing because I have insomnia so I have to take medication that basically forces me asleep and it freaks me out in a similar way.


Just think, if you manage to control your fear you could tame them, rope them, and lead a hoard of scurrying beetles into battle. If you manage to breed them to massive proportions you can have an armored mount.


Is it weird that I'd be more comfortable with a horse sized one of those beetles rather than a bunch of tiny ones?

Yeah huge armored steeds, now that's therapy


I have submechanophobia too but dead, petrified trees sticking out of water scare me just as much. I went on a part of a nature trail I've haven't been to since I was little and noticed a shallow pond with several stiff dead trees. There wasn't any sign of life at all, the bottom of the pond was just dead leaves and rocks, no birds, no bugs, no plants. Just fear.


Yeah, being able to tell that you're about to lose consciousness is no bueno.

I know there's a phobia for everything but I am continually surprised, woah


Moths are the scum of the earth my friend. Butterflies are alright but moths are terrifying, flying around running into your face at night while you're defenseless. Truly one of nature's most vile creatures


I guess I've always thought of moths as the birds of insects, chill as fuck

Those crane flies can fuck off though


File: 1448147393764.jpg (11.91 KB, 500x374, poodle-moth.jpg)

heights fuck me up as well. i also hate elevators, but will still ride them…

poodle moth. discovered in Venezuela 2009


Daw it looks magical :3


That's how it gets you


File: 1449578337172.jpg (247.79 KB, 480x360, facebanklarge-thumb-480x36….jpg)


Underwater things that you can't really make out are really really creepy. It's really spooky when you're swimming and you can't see the bottom. Or when you're close to a rock or a crevice and you can't see anything but darkness in it.

Some other shit I find spooky:

>Television static

>Ambient Noise
>Really claustrophobic audio recordings
>Inanimate objects that look like they have faces
>Inanimate things that have eyes
>large spiders/close ups of spiders
>physical mutations
>empty hospitals

And finally, worst of all
>aliens/alien abductions


>telivision static
>ambient noise


Yeah I think poltergeist turned a lot of us off of television static.

AM radio static at night can be pretty creepy, you can barely make out people talking.


For me its the fact that my TV always comes on randomly in the middle of the night and the static sound is at least three times louder than on any actual channel. First time it happened almost gave me a heart attack


I probably get just as scared when I accidentally switch to a nonexistent input on the tv lol


i am scared of my phone vibrating/sounding off. i don't know why it just gives me massive anxiety. knowing it could go off at any minute.

instead i keep it on silent and check it often to compensate.


Sitting in filled bathtubs.

I started to shiver profusely just typing this.


I have this fear of getting stabbed on my bed while I am listening to music. Thing is, I can't listen to my music if it is playing softly. I always blare what I'm listening to and this disables my ability to listen to anything else. If a fire alarm went off, although I have none, I'd not hear it.

Where I live, I've become familiar with distinct noises that let me know if the front door is open or if the gate to my premises has been breached. While lying in bed with the earphones in, this skill is lost.

I never fail to become drenched with this creeping feeling around my neck or heart, fearing someones knife slip right in.


dogs, but it's inversely proportional to my normieness, so it's going away now I have more friends


Watch this and you can be spooked from the comfort of your own home.


File: 1457730671188.jpg (198.34 KB, 600x400, disgusting.jpg)

Public swimming pools of any kind.
God, these things are a cluster fuck of everything I fear/despise. So many things are wrong with public pools that I made a list:

>Self conscience because I'm half naked in front of strangers

>Public pools are disgusting cesspools filled with the local peoples' piss and shit
>Public pools are usually packed to the brim with people breaching your personal space
>Not to mention all these people are practically naked and always touching you
>Not to mention many of these people are obese tubs of lard, bulging out of what little "clothing" is covering them
>Also, minorities
>I have annoyingly sensitive skin, so I associate swimming pools with getting blistering, excruciating sunburns that last for days, and make it painful to even lie down.
>I have a crippling fear of "the deep end"
(I can swim, It's just something about deep water I find unsettling. )
>If you swim too deep, your ears pop painfully
>chlorine water in your eyes
>chlorine water up your nose
>putrid chemical smell and sunscreen smell everywhere
>fear of heights because diving board
>fear of that earsplitting whistle and bitchy lifeguard yelling at you
>fear of being held underwater too long
>fear of scraping my knee or face against the concrete in the pool
>fear of swimsuit coming off


File: 1457730753807.jpg (52.11 KB, 485x364, fucking disgusting.jpg)

Oh, also, my parents apparently loved to torment me as a kid by telling me "cautionary" fucking horror stories to keep me safe.
They told me there was this grate at the bottom of the deep end that, when it was taken off, turned into a huge, suctioning drain. They said a kid was at a party and he got sucked to the bottom and drowned. The parents didn't find him until the party was over, hours later. They said they heard it on the news, but I call bullshit.

Needless to say, I fucking hate swimming, and haven't done so since I was thirteen. The fact that summer is coming back around is a source of extreme anxiety for me. The mere heat of the sun brings back horrible feelings. The most frustrating part about this is that people think I'm insane for this phobia.


I don't have the same fears at the same level I don't think, but I can relate. I livein Southern California and people think I'minsane for hating the beach. I mean, I can tolerate walking there, or being near it at night time, but the crowds and crowds of fucking people i just can't stand at all. All of the ridiculous peacocking, all of the noise, way too much light, etc. Fuck the beach.


When it's dark and I sit on my bed, I always fear that hands are going to come from under my bed and grab my feet.


For the longest time I was absolutely fucking terrified of clowns. It all started when my sister rented the mini-series It when I was like six or something. Sure spooked me good. I'd always dread going to sleep, worrying about whether or not I'd dream of clowns at all. By the time I reached middle school I had mostly grown out of the phobia, reading the original novel probably helped a lot.
Aside from that, it's mostly other normal phobias like the dark and heights that still get to me.


Things flattening me and sucking me up. Like vacuums, escalators, and wheels heading toward me. I mean, I can handle them when they aren't near me, and I can ride bikes and use vacuums, but when they're being moved near me by others, it terrifies me.
Also, people watching me when I can't see them. When I lived at home, I couldn't be on our livingroom PC during the day, because I didn't want people to see what I was doing, even when it wasn't really embarrassing.


I get this a little bit. Even though I always lock my door and can semi-hear what's going on I have to check behind me every 10 minutes or so.
I've no idea what I'd do if there actually were something behind me


I'm always very scared about my health, mostly my heart. I very often think I'm having or going to have a heart attack or something similar. i also worry about having a stroke or some other way that I could just die suddenly out of nowhere. I'm also just generally paranoid, I tend to overcook meat because I'm scared of dying from infection on undercooked meat. I often keep a knife near me even when I have already locked all the doors and windows because I'm scared someone will come in. I don't leave the house so much anymore, because if I have a heart attack on the train or something like that it's harder for an ambulance to get to me. I have been to some of the top cardiologists in the country and had many tests all have found nothing, but I still feel like some day my heart will just stop and I will die


This sounds really debilitating :( I'm sorry to hear this.

I know it's cliche to suggest, but have you thought of seeking help? It's normal to want to preserve one's life, but you can't be scared of everything.

Did you always feel this way? Did something traumatic happen to you that brought about this behavior?



That is really scary, anon…Have you tried to think about where that fear may have come from? I think finding the source would be very helpful.


File: 1502499882285.jpg (173.61 KB, 600x450, deep-blue.jpg)

When I was a child, I liked going swimming but I absolutely hated being underwater and looking across towards the deep end from the shallow end. This was a very specific fear - the depth of the blue colour from looking through all that water scared me. I could not bear looking at the murky, Neptune-like blue which enveloped my entire field of vision.

On many nights, I stayed up after the lights went out for up to an hour just listening to every creak and crackle of noise from the house, due to an irrational fear of being murdered in my sleep. I don't want to exaggerate this - I would always fall soundly sleep eventually - but on some nights I doubted whether I'd wake up alive and felt grateful in the morning for it. That was probably rare, though I distinctly remember it.

Nowadays, my skin begins to crawl at the suggestion or evidence of plastic surgery, especially lip injections. The idea of someone fiddling with my intact organs, re-organising bones and skin, injecting foreign substances in, and sewing things up afterwards creeps me out.


it's not as bad as I made it seem, certainly it is not as bad as it was this time last year. Mostly it's part of a more general anxiety problem, but that's kind of off topic. I did go to therapy for a while when I was younger but i haven't been in a while, it didn't really help then so I doubt it will now. If I do get help it would probably be for depression.
I've spent a really long time thinking about this. It's not that I fear death (well not more than is natural), rather, I fear dying suddenly with no warning. I think it comes from some experiences as a young kid but I'd rather not go into too much detail about that. There's probably other influences too. I think a part of me wants to have some sort of disease, perhaps so that people will pay attention to me or care for me in some way. I'm not really sure, my head is a confusing place.


File: 1512613831203.gif (100.01 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_new4xgIUwX1r….gif)

I have a couple fears I can rationalize, like being afraid of needles, but one thing I never understood was my fear of mirrors in the dark. I'm not afraid of the dark, and I'm not afraid of mirrors, but when you combine both it's hell for me.
I have a mirror hanging right above the sink of the bathroom, so, when I wake up at night and go take a piss or something without turning the light on, I just look down at the toilet and down at the sink.

I have no idea why it happens. I'm not scared of something coming from behind me, if anything I would rather look at the mirror and see if there's someone coming from behind, but there's just something unsettling about it, something I can't stand. Even looking at the slight reflection of my face scares the hell out of me.

>A fear of being stared at is my weirdest phobia I'd say. Not as bad as my fear of heights but it makes me terrible at giving speeches or performing in front of a crowd
I wouldn't call it a fear, but I have that too.
In my case it's more that having my face be stared at just makes me conscious of all the people seeing me do something.
Wearing a mask or something that hides my face, even if only my nose and mouth, appears to relieve me a lot. Though I can't exactly use a ninja mask during a presentation.
Deleted the previous post because I messed up formatting.


I used to have an extreme fear of fooseball tables. Now I just have an extreme fear of dogs and bad social anxiety.


your pic reminds me of the time i was terrified of Victorian era furniture. This was when i was younger and the fear has subsided now (although i dont like Victorian furniture, too much design). I think i was how a lot of Victorian furniture is twisted with intricate designs, making it seem kinda anthropomorphized into some terrible twisted demon. I especially couldnt stand victorian chairs.


i'm guessing you don't like steampunk either?


I'm alone everyday bro, step your game up.


File: 1543735485158.jpg (28.24 KB, 600x445, faces.jpg)

Horrified by the idea of demonic possession and alien abduction. I don't think either of these things are actually real/possible, but the concepts freak me the fuck out. Especially demons/aliens crawling along walls or ceilings, fuckkkk.


I consider my social anxiety to be irrational.


File: 1552671967491.jpg (52.17 KB, 648x484, Yikes!.jpg)

I was stalked through high school, so I'm creeped out by the idea of being watched/followed. I'm also fairly claustrophobic, especially when it comes to travel. Small cars, crowded buses/trains, that sort of thing.


>I was stalked through high school, so I'm creeped out by the idea of being watched/followed.
story time?


Not much of a story, but here.
>be me, innocent little freshman on the first day of school
>I wonder what marvelous wonders await me?
>live in a small town, go to a small school, get put in a small class.
>I share an early class with a thoroughly… "unimpressive" girl.
>messy hair, glasses, pasty skin, chapped lips, pizza face, obviously doesn't shower as often as she should, seems to be shunned by all the other kids, the whole nine yards. Eyes like the ones of a dead catfish you'd find on the edge of a muddy pond on a hot summer's day.
>feel bad for her, and decide to sit next to her. Try to make a little small talk, but she doesn't seem very receptive to it.
>Ask a few questions before class starts to try and get the ball rolling, but she only gives back short answers with no further explanation or anything. Refuses to make eye contact.
>I felt like I was interrogating her instead of making a friend, so I stop.
>turns out, she loved it.
>she loved it a little too much.
>way too much.


>all throughout that class, she stared directly at me.
>whenever I looked in her direction, she pretended to look somewhere else. I guess she thought she was sneaky, but obviously had no idea that peripheral vision was a thing.
>anyways, she starts following me all the time. Same kind of thing as the staring, I think she didn't realize that I knew she was following me, but it was so painfully obvious. It's like she thought she was invisible.
>I make a few more attempts to make friends with her, but the result is always the same.
>awkward, silent, can't initiate a conversation.
>Anyways, she never got to close to me, but was never far away either.
>Thankfully, there was just that one shared class in freshman year.
>Think the girl only had a temporary obsession, and that she'd lose it over the summer.
>I don't see her all through summer vacation, so that's a good sign
>but the next year… oh boy.


>I don't know how she did it, but she'd somehow pulled strings so that she shared EVERY SINGLE FUCKING CLASS WITH ME
>That's gotta be illegal
>The bitch is constantly right behind me. I swear that I caught her sniffing me a few times.
>So, it's the same story every year of high school. It was hell, having those dead blue eyes on me at all times
>she started following me outside of school, too.
>And she never fucking talked to me. Not a peep.
>Every year on valentines day, she'd sneak these awkward valentines into places where I'd find them. They were the worst, and showed that she really didn't think of me as a human being.
>I tried shooting her nasty looks, but she just wouldn't take a hint. She must have thought I was making eyes at her or some bullshit.
>tried once to straight up tell her to stop, but it didn't work. A bunch of Stacies jumped on her side all of a sudden and called me an "awful person."
>Funny, they didn't want anything to do with her when there wasn't an opportunity to look like a hero.
Never sympathize with the shy girl. It is not fucking worth it.


File: 1552839324730.jpg (123.57 KB, 850x464, e08bd2a44591ed3bf20f4a9e14….jpg)

Damn… Good story, thanks for sharing, it remind me of a classmate I had, not really spooky but it's kinda related.

>new guy on 4 grade

>nobody likes him so I decided to talk to him
>turns out he like the same videogames I do and also the same anime shows I liked back then
>so we become friends and start hangout

Anyway, after that year he went back to his hometown, for 4 years I didn't know about him until…

>8th grade

>new guy
>he had the most strange haircut I've ever seen
>everybody made fun of him because he was extremely weird.
>we were childhood friends, so obviously I had to talk to him
>we talk a bit, try to joke about some things we did on the past but he doesn't seem to care or remember
This is were the shit start to become really weird.
>he was new so he decided he will start following me
>follows me to wherever I go
>he doens't talk to me, he just follows me
>at first it was weird but I tried to not mind about it
>1 week passes
>ask him why he is still following me
<he replies: due to weather…
>so I tried to lost him
>some weeks passes and he still following me
>I give up

I will continue on next post.


File: 1552840407416.png (15.32 KB, 500x111, a05eb46676c9226b31c2ec7c85….png)

>>245 Part 2: The bullshit.

He maintained a distance of like 5ft from me, so I decide to walk with him, if I couldn't get rid of him at least we could be friends or something, I figured out maybe that's the reason he was following me, or so I thought but that was even worse.

>he start telling me all kind of bullshit

>he tells me he was 'pickpocket' and used to steal almost for living
>he will told stupid shit like he was close to death several times etc.
>he tell me he's alergic to women
>he even tell me his cousin (female) raped him, and his sister helped her?
>he tells me he had an abusive aunt who used to beat the shit of him everyday
>once he told me he wanted to be jewish and black
>he hated darwin because in his theory he said women appared after the man, and he believed women were superior to men
>and even sometimes we had to do homework (yes, I let him join to my study groups because he had nobody). on saturdays, he would always said he couldn't go to my house because a fucking jewish law.
>and everybody hated him even I did.
>he would brag all the time about flunking every single class

Will continue on the next post.


File: 1552840634212.jpg (78.98 KB, 625x626, e4f5329701318efae22e4c306f….jpg)

>>246 Part 2.2: More bullshit.

Among other things that he mentioned:
>according to him he almost killed a teacher because she didn't like him
>and not only almost killed her but also break into her house and stole her panties
and bullshit like that.

His brother was a thief and a junkie, and very well know on my twon, but my mother was friend of his mother, so he (the brother) decited to rob my house, I didn't blamed him (the guy), never even mentioned, but one day he said me this:

>I heard my brother rob some things on your house

>and he told me: you and your family are a bunch of stupids
>eh? why?
>because my brother it's a bad thief, If I had done it I would had done it better, it's you and your family fault for being stolen.

I was really confused that time.
Will continue on the next post.


File: 1552840867469.png (407.69 KB, 958x538, 560e17b50f0b28824cf24b0eca….png)

>>247 Part 3: Obssesion?.

I always got the feeling that this guy was kinda obssesed with me, I always was an anime fan and I used to play some videogames, and sometimes I would talk about it with my actual friends.

>talk about a new anime with my friends

>he would watch it after school (or probably watch the important scenes) and come and say it was the best anime ever
>he would lie about that kind of things everyday
>he would lie about having watched an anime or played a game
>he even would lie about games or series that don't even exist so he could talk with us
>it didn't matter what it was I said I like it, he would started liking it too
>music, games, anime, books, it didn't matter

I never realized it, but a friend commented on it, and told me to test it, he told me to say in front of all my friends I liked [X], and of course the next day he come saying he liked [X] and always like it.


File: 1552842127562.png (124.68 KB, 386x318, 3b9911fd92ecbe950d1cfb61c4….png)

>>248 Part 4: Memorable mentions.

The strangest memory I have about him was one time I told him I didn't like violence and I considered myself a pacifist, I was lying down on a school bench with my backpack on my face, (I was trying to sleep), so only could hear him, and he got upset because what I said, and took one of my hand and starting scratching it wiht a small rock, I couldn't understand why he was doing it, but I endured the pain, and then he starting hit my arm with tree branch, and the he got scared because my hand was bleeding a bit, probably because I will report him?.

I wen't to the infirmary and they cleaned the wounds (they were small), I still have a little scar on my hand, I don't really mind it but I never understood why he did it, he even would lie about it, saying he didn't, he said another person came and started hitting me, so he stoped and bullshit like that.


File: 1552842566161.jpg (90.21 KB, 704x396, 9b92f3f4f4049eaf4f776ead44….jpg)

>>249 Part 5: Ending.

Anyway, sorry for making such a long post, I had almost forgot about him and now that I remembered I felt like I had to get it out of my chest, if you're wondering what happened to my school life after that, it was ruined, I used to be considered 'the smart guy' and people would talk to me, some girls were interested on my actually, but after he started following me all my classmates stopped talking to me, some even said I was gay and he was my boyfriend, others started to hate me, girls won't even talk to me, etc.

After 2 years I decided to go to another school, never knew about him after that and thanks God for that.
Again, sorry I didn't expected to write such a long post.

>Never sympathize with the shy girl. It is not fucking worth it.

I agree, Never sympathize with the shy girl and the new guy who's a werido. It is not fucking worth it, it doesn't matter how much you feel bad abou them, don't do it.


Most insects, at the very least, highly disgust me. I try to avoid them, and can scare the shit if catched off guard.
But there's two that i just cannot deal with: circkets, grasshopers and cicades. They are just too much, there's something about them that just makes me panic wildly, whenever i see one i scream and run away.
Because of the bloatflies, Fallout 3 and New Vegas are the most terryfying games i've ever played. I can't stand to even look at them. Whenever i hear that awful sound while exploring the map, it becomes a horror game.




It's just unfamiliarity, anon. I always loved animals but if you read up on bugs, how they work, why they're made how they're made, they're pretty cool and much less scary.
Bugs in the modern day are treated as something weird and alien that shouldn't exist, when they're actually incredibly interesting and fit beautifully into nature. I'm a bit on edge around grasshoppers myself because they can jump suddenly, but (I won't post the photos to save you the sight) I usually get up close - and I mean with my face 1-2 inches from the insect - with a jeweler's loupe to take macros of the details. I pick up all sorts of bugs to look at them or put them outside if they're in the house.
After you break the barrier of unfamiliarity, you can empathize with them and appreciate that they exist. One of my favorite things in spring is watching the bees at work on flowers. It's uplifting to me that there's a whole microcosm, much more ancient than us yet so ephemeral, that is making most of life as we know happen, and will go on when we're gone.
I'm only scared of hornets since even venomous spiders are unlikely to bite you, but as a bottom line they're all living beings that try to survive and you're much scarier than them.
I think it's amazing that things so small and different than us are connected to us by the spark of life, and they follow the same rules as us, and suffer through life just like us.


Delete wasps and hornets. They are fine if they are properly contained but they are the only thing to ever make me immediately freak out in public. It's even worse if there are people nearby because they suddenly see this guy moving around sporadically with his eyes wide open.


I have a lot of irrational fears.
The biggest one (or the one that rears its ugly head the most) is being shit on by a bird, I honestly have no idea where that one came from. At one point my fear was so intense that I carried an open umbrella with me everywhere whenever I left the house. I passed it off as not wanting sunburn (I'm extremely pale and burn in minutes) but I'm sure everyone thought I was strange regardless.
Aside from that, I'm afraid of being naked in front of anyone, including myself (I shower in the dark whenever I can), being doxxed and being forgotten.
What kind of physical mutations scare you in particular?


>I shower in the dark whenever I can
I used to do this too, just because of self-image issues. Eventually just got over it though. Do kinda miss the darkness though.
And not sure if you noticed, but >>36's post was from 4 years ago.


This is unhealthy.


This is my post, nothing has changed. Still extremely scared of any dogs in fact my fear of dogs has only become worse. Also my social anxiety is still pretty bad.


you should adopt a puppy. something that cant possibly hurt you. adorable little thing. sooner or later you'll stop being so scared


something small and cute


I don't really like pets to be honest. I have problems dealing with the unpredictable nature of them.


I don't really have irrational fears, at least none that come to mind right now, but I have a really strange connection to heights. It's not that being high up scares me, I love it and used to climb all kinds of rooftops just to stand by the edge. What is weird is my body hates it. When I am enjoying the view my body starts getting weak, shaking and just really untrustful in the situation, which makes me cautios, but mostly upset my body just can't enjoy the height as much as I do. At certain points I can't even seem to see clearly and concentrated and things like trees seem a bit unsharp.


Your body, on an instinctive level, realizes the danger you're in, though your mind might fool itself into thinking it's safer than it is.


File: 1590245443841.jpg (116.31 KB, 768x768, 1h682cc8ylpz41.jpg)


File: 1591047551260.jpg (40.63 KB, 454x718, lyb1flv7fnx21.jpg)

People messing with balloons. It sounds dumb, but it's because I hate the tension/surprise of the balloon popping. That means whenever I see a person with a balloon I watch in terror as their every move makes it closer to popping or I can ignore and be haunted by the paranoia I'll hear a giant bang. It's so stressful watching a kid kick a balloon around on the grass waiting for it too pop


I'm terrified of planes.

It's irrational because I've flown 100s of times and never experienced a problem (other than mild turbulence) and because I loved flying as a child. Every stage of the process (checking in bags, going through security, sitting at the gate, boarding the plane, the doors closing) feels like a point I can't return from. The only thing that stops the panic attacks is drinking before the flight but I'm embarrassed about my habit and I'm afraid one day I'll be denied entry onto the plane for being drunk. I told my doctor about it and she gave me anti-anxiety medication but it didn't work and I ended up drinking anyway so I'd rather just use alcohol than a combination of alcohol and meds that could kill me or ruin a holiday by putting me in A&E.


File: 1591217215788.jpg (6.45 KB, 210x240, bunny_cursed.jpg)

I used to be afraid of oceans and lakes because I didnt know what was under the water. I am scared by social situations because of bullying as a kid. I am also afraid of dying because going on indefinitely or just ceasing to exist are both terrifying concepts.


I'm afraid to be put under with anesthesia as I'm constantly having nightmares about waking up in the middle of some sort of surgery that goes terribly wrong.


What if someone brainwashes then transmogrifies me? They'll never get caught, because noöne'll recognize my body. It really is an abstract kind of fear.


The 1956 French art film [i]Le ballon rouge[/i] must have been a horror movie to you.


I slightly wouldn't mind this if I was put in a position where I wasn't where I am now with more stability than I currently have.


Are >>322 sure? >>320 sounds like identity erasure.


That's why it sounds so perfect to me, I want to start over in life.


I mean, sure, I do too, but not brainwashed. Or if I'm doing the brainwashing so I have complete control over what the person is that takes over.


What is that pic from?


I don't think I have any huge phobia, but lately I've been feeling a lot of anguish, and at times, I felt like I was going to die soon. It's a bit scary.

Also I'm a bit afraid of social interactions. In fact, all what I said I was feeling has to do with getting closer to and trying to interact with a girl I really like, to make it more pathetic.

Tell me everything will be fine dreamchan ;_;


It's fine, we all are going to make it


I don't know if counts as a phobia, but I have a deep fear of my body being possessed and used to do horrible things against my will.


severe trypanophobe here-as much as I know vaccines are necessary I’m so dreading getting my covid shot.
I was born with a giant hole in the roof of my mouth so I’ve been under for surgery since 8 months-they even gave me morphine. Probably where the fear originated from but by the devil, I cannot STAND needles.


>>297 absolutely felt the death part, but I think I’d rather exist forever. Loosing my ability to think and be conscious is like, one of my worst fears. I believe in an afterlife maybe bc of a lot of unexplained incidents of ppl giving accurate info during NDES they couldn’t know otherwise-not for any religious reasons lol


so dont get vaxxed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
after reading event 201 i think thats the best way anyways


File: 1620060317014.jpg (235.91 KB, 1130x1087, IMG_2818.JPG)

sadly i have no choice lol, I'm a minor so my parents will force me to regardless of my fear. plus its the right thing to do
also, what happened to 201? cant find it


>plus its the right thing to do also



File: 1630801597274.jpg (38.61 KB, 611x869, 99c.jpg)

Dogs, emphasis on pit bulls. This is due to the people in my state not leashing their dogs meaning multiple times in my childhood I was dashed at by big dogs with no owner in sight. My parents managed to drag me inside or their owners came before anything serious happened, but it always spooked me. I think the most traumatic was when I was walking with my parents and a dog escaped it's distracted owner. My dad had to drag me circles around the dog, so it wouldn't get me until the owner called back his 'harmless' dog. Another fucked up memory was a dog who managed to climb his dog house meaning he was high enough to jump his fence any time. I could go on with neglectful owner stories. Pit bulls became the main fear because they were the biggest and fastest dogs in my state any big/fast dog scares me too, but I don't have enough experience for it to be reflexive. The only dogs I can stand at first sight are mid sized, they were the least aggressive, to tiny, literally can't hurt you.
So far it hasn't affected my life in a serious way. I am more wary around dogs, wont approach to pet if their is an owner, unleashed with owner I switch paths, no owner in sight I call animal control, and get paranoid being outside to long after a dog ran at me. Main problem I see is when I start dating I'll have to explain why 'owns or wants to own a dogs' is a deal breaker.
I don't think I'll ever treat it because my fear is a rational response to the shitty dog owners of my area. It's better to have a phobia then be mauled to death


File: 1630979767343.jpeg (118.79 KB, 1200x952, 7B4B52CB-B1E3-4FE8-A6B7-1….jpeg)

God I get this. Pits are so damn terrifying and if you ever express your fear to anyone they're just like "NaNnY dOg" or "NoT mY pIt".


I get extremely scared and uneasy when I'm in a room with multiple people on their phones. I start to majorly freak out and usually cause a scene. It makes me feel like I'm in some sort of hell where everyone is a zombie/slave to their mind controlling devices via "smartphones".


I wish I had a friend like you…

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