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File: 1446399654227.png (186.97 KB, 680x684, 1417729628016.png)

No. 1 [Reply]

What are some of your irrational fears, /sp/?

I used to have an intense phobia of clowns. It's been phased out many, many years ago, but it was absolutely brutal for a little while to even catch a glimpse of anything clown-related. My cousins had this dome covering for a ceiling light with an image of a cartoon clown and I couldn't even be in that room unless it was taken down.

I was just horribly spooked by clowns for whatever reason.
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your pic reminds me of the time i was terrified of Victorian era furniture. This was when i was younger and the fear has subsided now (although i dont like Victorian furniture, too much design). I think i was how a lot of Victorian furniture is twisted with intricate designs, making it seem kinda anthropomorphized into some terrible twisted demon. I especially couldnt stand victorian chairs.


i'm guessing you don't like steampunk either?


I'm alone everyday bro, step your game up.


File: 1543735485158.jpg (28.24 KB, 600x445, faces.jpg)

Horrified by the idea of demonic possession and alien abduction. I don't think either of these things are actually real/possible, but the concepts freak me the fuck out. Especially demons/aliens crawling along walls or ceilings, fuckkkk.


I consider my social anxiety to be irrational.

File: 1494476136126.jpg (48.15 KB, 430x505, t1qUaGU.jpg)

No. 106 [Reply]

They half-shamed, soon mourning,
crept resignedly but not rustling
your moonlit body.

Beauteous skies
silvered with drippings of star-dust,
a world mortal without palpable matters.

Restrung skin, dripping.
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File: 1494565346041.png (221.42 KB, 400x533, 1455340306323.png)

Midnight-tide pain concerns ghastly miscalculations.
The eyes have been screaming for escape.

Remember, artificial visitor:
I am delicate.

Life, conqueror of dreams,
leave us!


This is a good thread I like the photos and the vague, spooky messages


File: 1494653680625.png (435.51 KB, 394x508, X_cXmiles.png)

A fragment we tore,
sweet & carefully.


By fireflies,
something elderly embodies
your alien language,
a bloody-lettered theme.

Her ghost: a fellow suggestion.


File: 1495585608175.jpg (319.19 KB, 992x2204, eve_as_janus.jpg)

A blurred wedding, Father blessing.

Exceptions: normal.
We're empty.
Found watching shadows, waiting.

Suddenly, a sharpness and drenched breaths.

Into the body, a hand ruining all inside.


File: 1540959022971.png (1.69 MB, 776x1030, wraith.png)

Yet I, in black surface, soft brilliance,
ashamed of memories, tremble in truth,
the space bringing to light
burnt laws on mortal inmates.

File: 1487861057217.png (349.97 KB, 1100x834, car-2.png)

No. 85 [Reply]

ITT: seemingly innocent things that are nightmare fuel
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s-spooky drone


where da doggos at?


out to lunch




File: 1513805275575.jpg (141.46 KB, 923x865, SCP symbols.jpg)

No. 218 [Reply]

Post some spooky stories that have happened to you. I don't have any spoops sorry.
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What the actual fug


File: 1522465111780.jpeg (145.64 KB, 572x303, 52C35642-8C3E-4954-9E09-4….jpeg)

>tfw the aliens are just military drones that are hunting down Chinese sleeper agents


File: 1522477386836.gif (442.35 KB, 500x281, 9b39a304dd38217257d605901e….gif)


File: 1522477692383.jpg (40.9 KB, 960x920, 21314542_1846531528995912_….jpg)


File: 1522542942826.png (43.35 KB, 163x170, 1304573355902.png)

File: 1497605840308.png (217.37 KB, 644x800, kanchome scared.png)

No. 112 [Reply]

Boy, was I just spooked! I was taking a nightwalk, when my neighbor called out my name, asking if it was me! I said yep and hurried home.
He probably thinks I'm a creepy weirdo. Then again, I guess I am, huh?
When was the last time you were spooked?
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Woah are you okay?

Details plz


File: 1507086695391.jpg (74 KB, 996x1035, 1.jpg)

Yes, I am.
Basically a guy was trying to get his car into the garage, and when he got out of his car to open the garage door, the van started to reverse and crashed into my door, luckily no one left wounded, but the van damaged my wall and my door.
It was the party van.
Pic related.


I hope you'll be compensated.


I think I saw something entering to my room.
I can't sleep now.


I kept getting paranoid the other night after smoking some dabs. Kept thinking I was hearing someone trying to get inside but then realized it was the wind.

File: 1446492686461.jpg (239.6 KB, 500x375, haunted.jpg)

No. 5 [Reply]

Who went to haunted houses this year? Any good ones or good stories?

I went to the Halloween horror nights at Universal studios and another local haunted house

The quality of the houses at HHN were pretty damn good, especially the walking dead and AvP ones.

Unfortunately, I've never been that receptive to jump scares IRL or on screen. May have to do that fucked up one where they torture you
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did you take any pictures?


Na, i had no smartphone at this time, but there is some stuff online.


Halloween is just around the corner again boys! Anyone got any plans?
I wanna go on a spooky adventure with my buds but can't think of anything cool to do


I feel like there's not great stuff to do as an adult other than go spooky barhopping or whatever, unless there's a party. I hope someome can prove me wrong


we ended up walking around the woods and a nearby farm at like 2 am and talking about spooky stuff and got scared by random noises then went back to my house and played magic the gathering

8.5/10 halloween, woulda been better if the night walk was more eventful and we didnt track a bunch of dirt into my room lol

File: 1462912661392.jpeg (12.36 KB, 480x260, shadow_man.jpeg)

No. 59 [Reply]

Has anyone here ever had sleep paralysis? I ask because I recently took up practicing lucid dreaming and I'm afraid of accidentally entering sleep paralysis. I've heard some spooky stories and the common theme seems to be that they can't move and see a shadowy figure in their hallway, closet, above them, etc…

What are your experiences, and did you see the shadow man, or something else spookier?
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>It is so common, I thought we all had experienced.
I've never had it but I have heard enough stories about it to make me terrified of ever experiencing it, with or without shadow people popping up. I'm pretty lightweight when it comes to horror so I really would not bode well in that kind of a situation.


File: 1488462845403.jpg (97.34 KB, 800x1066, 1488272345825.jpg)

The last year I had a lot sleep paralysis and I mean a lot, at least 1 for week. I had so much paralysis dreams that I got used.

Almost always the shadows on the roof turned into a shadow figure, probably a woman or something, like witch, i can't tell, always said things that I couldn't understand, at first I got really scared but within months I got so used that I really didn't feel scared or something anymore. Like: Oh! another paralysis dream.

I had a 'way' to exit from this dreams, I closed my eyes, as hard I can (on the dream), and I tried to not listen, moving is really hard when you are in this condition, but I got so used that somehow I could move, I mean, I felt like my body weigh ten times heavier, but I could hardly move.
So, I closed my eyes, with my hand I did the signal of holy cross and started to recite some common prayers (I'm catholic).
I'm not sure how, but this really help me to 'exit' of this kind of dreams.

Despite for being catholic I'm sure there is no demons or witches, I attribute these dreams to the stress and depression I was living at the time.

I also improved a bit my egirish
Pic no related,At work right now, and I don't have any other pictures.


>Pic no related
On most imageboards, people respect you for not posting unrelated images. Posting without an image is allowed.
Interesting, though. I've never had sleep paralysis.
>I'm catholic
God is only as real as those shadow figures: the human mind tries to make real whatever it thinks about often enough.


Come on dude, the guy is sharing an experience of his and you're going to shit on one minor detail? We get it, you are above religion and have no masters. I sincerely hope you aren't the guy that was shitting on religion in the other thread too because now you're just being an ass.


Don't be an ass. Leave the spic alone.
I hope you only have good dreams for the rest of your life, spic.

File: 1454023156673.jpeg (20.57 KB, 261x192, 1453998538247.jpeg)

No. 49 [Reply]

I have to keep my bathroom door closed at all times because I'm afraid ghosts might come out of the mirror when the bathroom is dark.
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File: 1454787268077.jpg (341.33 KB, 1080x1537, 1454471206068.jpg)

I remember having this sensation of terror once trying to leave my room one lonely night. As I was reaching for the doorhandle suddenly my hand jerked back as if electrocuted (wasn't a static discharge on the door handle) and this image of a heavily cloaked being on the other side of the door flashed into my head. That was many years ago, when I was borderline-halluncinating out of stress and depression and drawing a lot of what I saw…

…Now I'm reading overviews about what Carl Jung used to experience and I feel I can relate a LOT to what he experienced. It's very fucking strange. I have yet to read any of his books, but I'm going to start simple and then get into his blacks and finally Red books. Very mysterious stuff.


Why not just put a nightlight in your bathroom?
I hate having the bathroom door closed, because then I don't know if anyone's using it or not.


growing up i couldn't sleep knowing the bathroom door was open down the hall. i had an irrational fear of the toilet unattaching itself from the floor and coming to eat me


I can't browse /x/ or think of aliens at night, or else I get afraid of the dark.


When I was a kid, I'd imagine aliens were about to attack, whenever a plane passed in the night.
I always stay far away from floor vacuums, moving bikes behind me, escalators, Etc.
The image of a person being flattened will forever be ingrained in my mind.
I never watch horror movies.

File: 1469018336078.jpeg (21.34 KB, 271x186, image.jpeg)

No. 64 [Reply]

Are you scared of documentaries?

Japanese documentaries about bad events spook the fuck out of me.
I'm not sure if its because of the fonts they use or what. I recently watched a documentary made by the japs about a humidifier in South Korea that murdered people.
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File: 1469154514624.jpg (17.82 KB, 240x274, 1469034947928.jpg)

Documentaries about Africa used to freak me out. When I was a child, I was so afraid that an African child appeared in my sleep or in my bed.
Also anything related with insects scare me really bad.
forgive English
pic no related btw


lol idk why but your post has had me laughing for the last few minutes


File: 1470791853357.jpg (14.14 KB, 214x233, 1461290906413.jpg)

Well… As a child my mother showed me some african documentaries, you know, about extremely poor people, and kids starving, also kids driking animal urine because they had no water, also alduts and kids beging eaten by crows and vultures.

She showed me that in order to learn to appreciate what I had/have. But actually freak me out.

I had recurrent bad dreams about african people for weeks. I was too scared. Sometimes dreamt about a buch of african kids trying to kill me, to eat me I guess.
Sorry English btw


When I was 13 or so, a documentary about mad cow disease made me afraid to eat beef for a while. Does that count?


My mother would watch a lot of Russian documentaries about conspiracies and paranormal happenings.
They scared me a lot. I would run in the dark even in the house so that nothing would be able to grab me.

File: 1451627066792.png (37.24 KB, 416x402, spooksans.PNG)

No. 42 [Reply]

it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing. flowers are blooming…

on days like these, funposters like you



>current year
>still kill yourself OP


Welp, looks like I'm in for a bath, Tim.

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