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ITT: seemingly innocent things that are nightmare fuel
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where da doggos at?


out to lunch





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They half-shamed, soon mourning,
crept resignedly but not rustling
your moonlit body.

Beauteous skies
silvered with drippings of star-dust,
a world mortal without palpable matters.

Restrung skin, dripping.
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File: 1494565346041.png (221.42 KB, 400x533, 1455340306323.png)

Midnight-tide pain concerns ghastly miscalculations.
The eyes have been screaming for escape.

Remember, artificial visitor:
I am delicate.

Life, conqueror of dreams,
leave us!


This is a good thread I like the photos and the vague, spooky messages


File: 1494653680625.png (435.51 KB, 394x508, X_cXmiles.png)

A fragment we tore,
sweet & carefully.


By fireflies,
something elderly embodies
your alien language,
a bloody-lettered theme.

Her ghost: a fellow suggestion.


File: 1495585608175.jpg (319.19 KB, 992x2204, eve_as_janus.jpg)

A blurred wedding, Father blessing.

Exceptions: normal.
We're empty.
Found watching shadows, waiting.

Suddenly, a sharpness and drenched breaths.

Into the body, a hand ruining all inside.


File: 1540959022971.png (1.69 MB, 776x1030, wraith.png)

Yet I, in black surface, soft brilliance,
ashamed of memories, tremble in truth,
the space bringing to light
burnt laws on mortal inmates.

File: 1446492686461.jpg (239.6 KB, 500x375, haunted.jpg)

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Who went to haunted houses this year? Any good ones or good stories?

I went to the Halloween horror nights at Universal studios and another local haunted house

The quality of the houses at HHN were pretty damn good, especially the walking dead and AvP ones.

Unfortunately, I've never been that receptive to jump scares IRL or on screen. May have to do that fucked up one where they torture you
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did you take any pictures?


Na, i had no smartphone at this time, but there is some stuff online.


Halloween is just around the corner again boys! Anyone got any plans?
I wanna go on a spooky adventure with my buds but can't think of anything cool to do


I feel like there's not great stuff to do as an adult other than go spooky barhopping or whatever, unless there's a party. I hope someome can prove me wrong


we ended up walking around the woods and a nearby farm at like 2 am and talking about spooky stuff and got scared by random noises then went back to my house and played magic the gathering

8.5/10 halloween, woulda been better if the night walk was more eventful and we didnt track a bunch of dirt into my room lol

File: 1469018336078.jpeg (21.34 KB, 271x186, image.jpeg)

No. 64 [Reply]

Are you scared of documentaries?

Japanese documentaries about bad events spook the fuck out of me.
I'm not sure if its because of the fonts they use or what. I recently watched a documentary made by the japs about a humidifier in South Korea that murdered people.
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File: 1469154514624.jpg (17.82 KB, 240x274, 1469034947928.jpg)

Documentaries about Africa used to freak me out. When I was a child, I was so afraid that an African child appeared in my sleep or in my bed.
Also anything related with insects scare me really bad.
forgive English
pic no related btw


lol idk why but your post has had me laughing for the last few minutes


File: 1470791853357.jpg (14.14 KB, 214x233, 1461290906413.jpg)

Well… As a child my mother showed me some african documentaries, you know, about extremely poor people, and kids starving, also kids driking animal urine because they had no water, also alduts and kids beging eaten by crows and vultures.

She showed me that in order to learn to appreciate what I had/have. But actually freak me out.

I had recurrent bad dreams about african people for weeks. I was too scared. Sometimes dreamt about a buch of african kids trying to kill me, to eat me I guess.
Sorry English btw


When I was 13 or so, a documentary about mad cow disease made me afraid to eat beef for a while. Does that count?


My mother would watch a lot of Russian documentaries about conspiracies and paranormal happenings.
They scared me a lot. I would run in the dark even in the house so that nothing would be able to grab me.

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Hey Admin, I'm the one who recommended this board being made, thanks.

Now let's just hope there isn't gonna be tinfoilers.


Also Admin, please make a rule that states "ORIGINAL CONTENT MUST BE POSTED".
I'm tired of seeing Tupla threads on 4/x/ and other chans.

And let's hope that the divinationfags can go on /gf/.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I deleted that image because I didn't like it ;^p

Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. Before I start making/enforcing any rules beyond "must be horror or fear related", I'd like to see how posting goes for a bit. I don't expect things to go /x/ that quickly, but if it does we'll take care of it.



Based admin

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