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File: 1621016792701.jpeg ( 44.42 KB , 828x453 , ED295960-330D-406F-8ACD-F….jpeg )

No. 596 [Reply]

does anyone know any other active board websites that aren’t full of assholes, CP, or neonazis? I love the format but some of the ppl who flock to image boards can kinda suck.

No. 623

sounds nice until they ban people for being lgbt kekw

op you'll never find another image board like this. all the other ones are safe havens for pedophiles, nazis, homophobes, racists… so on and so forth.

this is the only one that i've managed to stay coming back to. all the rest are garbage sites for garbage human beings.

No. 633

File: 1665849138587.jpg ( 82.48 KB , 982x552 , laguna-poster-no-7-ft-gun.jpg )

laguna.cafe is really cool, they don't allow hatespeech or pedo shit, but not very active, it's run by anarchists, so maybe too pc for some people, but most of the boards aren't political per se

sushigirl.us is cool but i can't say it isn't full of pedos/nazis, wirechan is a good alternative to lainchan but also slow

grimchan.net is going down at end of year so lurk it lasts

No. 634

Been doing this for a very long time and I gotta say, I've never come across laguna before. Interesting.

No. 640

I don't get Laguna. I wasn't able to post there whenever I tried, even during night hours.

No. 641

yeah the admin closes the board at irregular times, it appears to be working now


File: 1466638965795.jpg ( 345.86 KB , 1600x1200 , Bernheim 08.jpg )

No. 467 [Reply]

This thread is for music that makes you feel nostalgic. Post yt links to songs that make you feel nostalgic (even if you don't actually have memories with them) and maybe what the song reminds you of or makes you think of.

I'll start…
This song reminds me of my earlier childhood (as far back as I can remember - 7yrs) but especially of my old school. I went to a private christian school in the booneys. This song just makes me think of that time. It reminds me of when things were sort of structured..having to tuck our shirts in…all the girls wearing these dresses that went down to your ankles that would seem way out of fashion now. Getting pulled to the principal's office by my ear with my friend. Going around the merry-go-round. Going to the top of the slide and looking out at a massive field with super high grass that seemed to go on forever and a green and orange forest that seemed to hug the school itself.

No. 1159

No. 1160

Actually this melody feels more nostalgic: https://youtu.be/xJHlI4yszkc

No. 1161

No. 1162

The Boys Are Back in Town. Well, classic rock in general sounds nostalgic now since its so old, but this song with its lyrics and melody especially.

No. 1173


File: 1679186680052.jpg ( 32.13 KB , 300x400 , s-l400.jpg )

No. 1172 [Reply]

I thought I'd make a thread for recycling unwanted old things beginning with my PC games on DVDs. (Do you still remember owning copies of games?)

Let me know if you want the original Sims & expansion packs on DVD, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Tropico, or Empire Earth and you're not afraid to post a real address and I might mail them to you. It's a shame that I can't "sell' my old Steam games once I am well and done with them. If I don't send them to you I might have given them to a relative who gets priority (or changed my mind). They're all 20 years too old to sell and make any money and anyone can download them digitally now.


File: 1679186559283.jpg ( 699.84 KB , 1200x1600 , m36690298226_1.jpg )

No. 1171 [Reply]

I thought I'd make a thread for recycling unwanted old things beginning with PC games on DVDs. (Do you still remember owning copies of games?)

Let me know if you want the original Sims & expansion packs on DVD, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Tropico, or Empire Earth and you're not afraid to post a real address and I might mail them to you. It's a shame that I can't "sell' my old Steam games once I am well and done with them. If I don't send them to you I might have given them to a relative who gets priority (or changed my mind). They're all 20 years too old to sell and make any money and anyone can download them digitally now.


File: 1673193937478.jpg ( 322.76 KB , 1920x1080 , Cleo_Big_Boobs_Oil_c4s.jpg )

No. 107 [Reply]

No porn? What is this, a website for roasties?

No. 116

it's grotesque and evil, yeah
I think most people feel dirty after using porn

No. 117

I actually feel pretty good after. I clean myself off and just simply get motivated to do some work once I'm done.

No. 118

post nut clarity kicks in and then I feel bad

No. 120


That's how everyone else feels too but I look at it, feel bad about myself and then cry and do nothing about it because I'm a pathetic loser lol

No. 121

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ re n t a g i r l or b o y from us at a good p r i c e for a pl ays ess ion. You can b o o k f o r a c a m se s s i o n as well. t el g r a m L E M Y B E A UT Y1 2


File: 1675204360508.png ( 449.61 KB , 736x736 , onpu_flowers.png )

No. 2252 [Reply]

Onpu will always love you, anon.

No. 2253

File: 1676238577856.jpg ( 28.52 KB , 490x612 , istockphoto-90941093-612x6….jpg )

Phew, lucky me. Not every person on earth is blessed with the eternal love of a 6year old 2D Girl.

No. 2258

File: 1677162623029.jpg ( 14.97 KB , 243x344 , onpu_flowers.jpg )

Uhm, she's actually 9 and she is the cutest.

No. 2259

File: 1679050384542.jpg ( 400.51 KB , 1500x1920 , ghdfxgf.jpg )

If y o u a r e l o o k i n g f o r a n o b e d i e n t , s u b m i s s i v e , o r na u g h t y y o u n g m i n o r t o p l a y w i t h , d i s c r e e t l y o f c o u r s e , t h e n c o n t a c t m e . D o y o u f a n t a s i z e h a v i n g s 3 x o r a n y f o r m o f r e l a t i o n s h i p w i t h a n y t e e n b e i t m a l e o r f e m a l e ?
A r e y o u i n t o B D S M , S p a n k i n g , b r e e d i n g , en s l a v e m e n t , p e t - p l a y , e t c b e c a us e I a m r e n t i n g a n d s e l l i n g t e e n a g e g i r l s a n d b o y s f o r t h a t p u r p o s e .

t e l l e g r a m : L e m y b e a u t y 1 2

w i c k = r m e = L e m y b e a u t y
S i g n a l : + 1 ( 5 3 0 ) 3 3 0 - 5 0 7 4
L e m y b e a u t y @ o n i o n m a i l . o r g


File: 1679043844316.png ( 125.32 KB , 768x763 , dvkxhgfjfgs.png )

No. 1321 [Reply]


File: 1678949935640.jpg ( 64.6 KB , 1280x720 , Bign _3.jpg )

No. 1155 [Reply]


File: 1562246345970.jpg ( 45.75 KB , 500x418 , pic.jpg )

No. 720 [Reply]

What are the recurring themes/elements in your dreams?

>places I've been to, but mixed in a way that create new places, so I can't recognize them

>flying (rare)
>time travel (e.g. have a limited amount of time to restore things)
>being late

No. 1142

I recognize some of the motives here as they were:
>Slightly familiar places which i can remember but never been to really, i know its xy but it doesnt look like this place or places that shift into each other.>
>large to endless underground comlexes>
Other reoccurring features of dreams are
>having to drive a car which i cant, but its somehow working> (Cant drive for real)
>Having rough sexual contact with obese women (when lucid)>
>cats or insects that hurt my hands and have to be killed by me for not letting go (I sometimes sleep on my hands and they hurt)>
>being intoxicated by drugs so much i cant talk to people anymore (sleeping with extremely dried out open mouth)>

No. 1144

i've had three dreams about andrew tate. in the first i challended him to a fight even though i knew i would lose because he had insulted my gf in some way. in the second he was a shriveled sickly thing and i stabbed him with my knife and crushed his body with a book. in the third he was actually some kind of henchman for me. i don't really think about him that much during the day but i guess subconsciously my hatred for him is pretty extreme.

No. 1150

Cheating on my girlfriend or my girlfriend cheating on me.

No. 1151

I really like the part where you crushed his body with a book. Nice metaphor. I just found out about this weird edgelord some months ago. Unlikeable Charakter so far.

No. 1154

I only first found out about him because he was arrested after edgelording so hard he stumbled and the police caught him. He sounded despicable and I'm glad not to have fallen down his internet rabbit hole, unlike horny and susceptible young men.


File: 1678745798903.png ( 3.32 KB , 102x102 , TSUKI_Project_Logo_1_20.png )

No. 1152 [Reply]

No. 1153

File: 1678774789174.jpg ( 213.67 KB , 506x677 , lake lain.jpg )

I thought TSUKI Project and Systemspace are dead. What is it, some kind of resurrection? I've never registered or showed a long-term interest in those, but heard about TSUKI multiple times when Arisuchan was alive and I was there.

Will newfags be tolerated, or it's just for the old people?


File: 1660597225825.jpg ( 117.84 KB , 600x600 , mosaic131522e1765794ae2f58….jpg )

No. 494 [Reply]

Ya like Industrial?
Industrial Metal?
Industrial Hip-Hop?
Electronic Body Music?

No. 495

No. 496

No. 510

No. 511


No. 358 [Reply]

Let's listen to some music.

No. 431

Very great song!

No. 432


No. 433

No. 436

File: 1627561400622.webm ( 3.68 MB , greg-lake-stillyouturnmeo….webm )

No. 509


No. 476 [Reply]

How come we don't have a thread dedicated to The Caretaker/Leyland Kirby? I feel like it would really fit on this website.

No. 507

File: 1678702527574.jpg ( 52.01 KB , 700x700 , a2316627346_16.jpg )

Here's some similar hauntology. Sounds really like The Caretaker.


File: 1676582395883.jpg ( 196.91 KB , 762x1062 , Lum AWOOGA.jpg )

No. 2254 [Reply]

here's my waifu
how do you feel about her

No. 2255

I like Lum, she's cool. I prefer Sango when we're discussing Takahashi's works.

No. 2257

I like Lum, but I could never get having a character as your waifu when they canonically have a love interest. What is your opinion on Ataru? Do you feel cucked by him?


File: 1626178122052.png ( 1.61 MB , 1242x897 , 81631AB3-B45C-4A2B-8077-2B….png )

No. 1104 [Reply]

How do we live knowing this is it?

No. 1309

>your kids
>your days
We're boomers unless you're a newfriend. Our time has passed and to pretend otherwise would be to be the old guy creeping on young girls. Zoomers are screwed.

If you ended up on a chan like this, there's a good chance you'd have ended up messed up no matter what society was like.

No. 1313

I was homeless for two years, and I consider going back all the time. I spent so long trying to get out of it, I guess eventually I would want to, but getting to see the whole world like that…
It's the things you refuse to give up that they bind you with. In the end I lost everything and kept losing everything as time went on no matter what, but I kept going, and kept being able to make it, and even though it got tiresome, and I was cold sometimes, I was able to learn something from the world and sww where it's really good. It's not really most days, but you can make some good out of it sometime.
Never be a slave, that's what I'll say. If you have to give everything up to find freedom, that's worth it, but never be a slave.

No. 1314

fA G

No. 1315

aint that the god damn truth, this is what i think will utlimately spur the revolution, not necessarily some political ideology, but people realizing together 'this is it??' and demanding more from life, even if it destroys everything well at least that will be interesting

No. 1317


how the fuck are you gonna preach about how no one cares and spew hateful vitriol in the same paragraph lmfao


File: 1676276655710.png ( 138.97 KB , 648x358 , runescape classic.png )

No. 1170 [Reply]

How many of you played RuneScape prior to the release of RuneScape 2 in 2004? Are there any others that could be lurking around here besides myself? If not what were some fond memories playing RuneScape and when did you start playing?


File: 1676134506224.png ( 290.23 KB , 787x522 , Screenshot 2023-01-05 0146….png )

No. 638 [Reply]

How often do you check the chan, duck? Do you only remove material if its reported? Please make it a priority to weed this garden at least once a day. I just reported some shit that was posted in January, man….

No. 639

>tfw I've been here for 5+ years
>still know nothing about the admin
At one point I wanted to reach out to become a moderator…


File: 1625493023935.jpg ( 2.52 KB , 125x115 , elliot.jpg )

No. 1019 [Reply]

Have you ever dreamed about cartoon/TV show characters?

>dream that I'm Rigby from Regular Show and that I went to rob a warehouse with Mordecai and Benson

>Benson locks the doors and burns the warehouse so all 3 of us would die
>Mordecai and I enter this room where the floor is deadly, but the exit is located on the other side of the room
>I magically spawn a platform that I used to jump to the exit and escape
>Mordecai tries to jump on it, but trips and dies
>Benson dies in the fire
>wake up

No. 1034


No. 1106

>I'm Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball
This only really happened to me once

>Eat a special magnet

>Train bursts through house
>Huge ass train is now chasing me and Darwin everywhere for the rest of the dream

No. 1130

I've had quite a bit of dreams with ALF in it ironically. I also was abused by my dad, am I an alternate version of Elliot?

No. 1146

i used to have mostly dreams that were just a mishmash of different media i'd consumed recently. they were really boring. finally i just said to myself i was going to stop writing down my dreams if they didn't get more exciting. it actually worked in just a few days.

No. 1149

I had a dream where I had MILF sessions with Kate and then snuck into Lynn's bedroom and fucked her too. I didn't see ALF but considering how hairy I am IRL, maybe I was supposed to be ALF? I too was abused by my dad and have DID. Am I an even more alternate version of Elliot as well? Either way I guess the overall census this has me to believe is Willie Tanner is a cuck.


File: 1442801242604.jpg ( 11.35 KB , 480x360 , 1441305833584.jpg )

No. 87 [Reply]

Subject says it all!

I had a strange one recently, though most of my dreams aren't at all based in common reality, this one stood out not only because it felt like I was in a situation that could happen (in non-dream standards, mind you), but I was also me at an age of I think around 12-13. It also featured my little sister, around the age of 7 or 8 (her current age).

Basically what happens is that our mother who I can only assume is the last surviving of her family dies, and we were left to go live with our older adoptive sister. This is all assumed, as in this is kind of the context I was feeling while in the dream, why things were happening, why I was there. Our older adoptive sister was an anthropomorphic possum though she didn't dress the same way I believe it was based on the main character from a webcomic called 'habits' or 'clementine' as some call it on vice because she was basically homeless. We walked around a downtown area of a medium sized city as she would drink alcohol and flip off cars that passed us by, edging us on to do so with her. I would, but my little sister wouldn't. Then she bought us slushies, poured alcohol into mine and I got drunk with her while my little sister just drank a normal slushy, after that I woke up.

I liked it, felt like I was having fun in the dream in the innocent way a kid at that age would despite the shitty situation.

No. 1091

That's a very detailed dream you had, were you perhaps not looking somebody elses life through your dream?

No. 1126

I should download this entire thread, so much interesting stuff in here.

No. 1127

File: 1662633820065.jpeg ( 142.81 KB , 680x680 , FK6tQpCaAAAXtZN.jpeg )

This is a dream I had last night that disturbed me a little.

I was having a nightly stroll with my best friend who also happens to be a person that I love(odd relationship we have). As we walk, people approach us and tell a joke, or do something funny, and then leave. It's always one at a time. We get used to this little routine, so once another person approaches us, we expect him to do something funny.

But he stabs my friend viciously out of nowhere. I panic a little and then I remember that I have a revolver with infinite ammo, and I start shooting him. He's shocked and tries to run for it, but he's left me feeling not only wrathful but hateful too. I think of Tony Montana as I shoot him so I feel a little embarrased when he turns his back on me and I have to shoot him from behind, but I think "Fuck him! he doesn't deserve an honorable death anyway". I stop chasing him when I see him finally drop to his knees, dying.

Then I start looking for my buddy. I wanna heal him because I have healing powers, but I can't people back from the dead. For some reason he's not where he was stabbed and I can't find him, so I panic and I start yelling "WHERE THE FUCK IS HE? WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?". Two kids approach me and they're laughing. They're not malicious but they dont understand the seriousness of my situation and I guess they see me as a funny grown up. I ask them questions but they just keep laughing and smiling. Suddenly I see a big, massive rat approaching me and I shoot it. Once I hear the kids cry in horror, I notice that In reality I shot a dog. Their dog. Kids wanted to make a silly harmless prank and their dog was onto it.
The dog runs away in a state of shock much like the man that attacked my friend. I try to follow him to heal him. I tell the kids "don't worry, I have healing powers, I can give life", because I feel so bad. I don't want them to cry, and I want their dog to be okay. But I can't find the dog either. I start to open random doors, entering random houses, and the people start staring me and being suspicious of me. An old lady looks at me from afar, she looks like she hates me. Evil. I notice that too much time has passed and both my friend and the dog must be dead somewhere. I start sobbing as I lay on the floor, hopeless, alone and scared in the middle of nowhere, late at night.

No. 1147

File: 1675629575065.jpg ( 68.59 KB , 564x1002 , 7da41496bb1f7406cc29a7ef12….jpg )

dreamed my mom (a bisexual widow) was dating a short haired tomboy who was about my age. the girl jokingly said i had to call her "daddy". i fell for her and when i was alone with her i told her how i felt and she started making out with me on the spot and even reached into my pants and fingered my ass even though we were outside. she didn't break it off with my mom but kept on being intimate with me on the side.

No. 1148

I dreamed I picked up a girl. It was a huge trainstation and she walked on the staircase infront of me. For some reason or another she'd see me behind her, look back, eyes lock and turn around and keep walking. I knew that I had to get to a train but I asked her for her number first.


File: 1632430377734.jpg ( 1.48 MB , 2384x2832 , 20210923_033250.jpg )

No. 1133 [Reply]

I'd built up this grandiose idea that joining the Army would fix me and all my problems. It got me away from some bad shit but it only made my problems worse somehow and I let it get to me to the point that they discharged me before I even completed basic training. While I was on my way out, I was told that I could always rejoin the military after 6 months. I got so excited over hearing this. Maybe I'd try a new branch, experience something different, still get my benefits, and much more after I fixed myself some in those 6 months. I called up the Air Force today. They didn't want me. They told me they wanted nothing to do with me until it got my discharge upgraded, which is impossible for my discharge. I called the Navy. Same story. The Marines. You know the deal. None of them want me. I've even talked with an Army recruiter again and they said it would be really tough to get me in. I'd built my whole life up to being a soldier. That was my dream. That was dashed in a heartbeat. I don't even know how to cope. I've got nowhere to turn here. There's no moving up for me. I'm such a fucking fool.

No. 1279

File: 1663848827847.jpg ( 190.73 KB , 2047x1230 , 20220527_184821.jpg )

10 months. I'm feeling really good. I don't really have anything to mention, honestly. Just life has been stressful but good. Things will get better for me.
I had actually come here with the plans to end this thread on my end. It's become pretty pointless. I started this thread because life sucked and I needed help. I ended up getting it but not from this thread. I'm not sure why I'd started using it as a blog but it eventually became a way for me to show others that things do get better. I've gotten to a point where there's nothing to report and likely won't be anymore, so I've decided to end it.

Goodnight, Dreamchan. I wish you all the best. After 1 year of work, I'm happy. I hope everyone else here can attain this too.

P.S. God loves faggots and trannies. I love Jesus for he spurns the deuteronomist.

No. 1286

File: 1664544160840.png ( 328.79 KB , 1080x607 , rPrJRIRAdS5mg76KAQqBbXrYc0….png )

Guy from Quebec here. Religion is dying in my country and yesterday I sat in a Catholic church with stained glass windows of the virgin that has been converted into a library. Conversions as we call them are the future of religion as we grow out of the childhood of our species.

I would advise being mentally mature and passing beyond needing to believe in mythologies by primitive people who told stories to entertain themselves. Christianity is one of many ancient mythologies like the Greek or Inuit. They are just 5000 year old Marvel universes of heroes, gods and demons with superpowers.

Hercules and Samson were basically their Superman. King David was an archetypical conqueror. God/Allah were Lain, and Jesus was a pacifist hero like Vash the Stampede, and etcetera.

You can play Fate/Go and have the pleasure of the stories and their traditions. But without the trap of basing your life around believing in mythological heroes or in a prehistoric comic book universe where magic is real.

No. 1287

File: 1664685047690.gif ( 2.4 MB , 498x278 , 1596411692672.gif )

I don't really believe in god. I guess I didn't make it obvious that it wasn't serious. For a long time I was devoutly Christian, an artifact from the life I'd forged myself before the military, but when I came to terms with who I am my religion really got put on the back burner for once. I kinda just neglected it even in Basic Training, only doing simple things like keeping the Eucharist and whatnot. Ironically, I actually converted a kid who was in BCT with me while I myself was questioning whether I was Christian. He told me he wanted to start reading the Bible, I told him I'd help him with reading guides and with interpreting scripture. He battle buddied me to my religious service since I was the only one in my unit going to it. Eventually he told me he found god and wanted to convert and be baptized. I told him what he'd have to do to get there and then we parted ways for good about 3 weeks later. I clung to some Jesus centered beliefs up until very recently when I realized how silly I had been especially through everything I went through because of the church. Now I'm adherent to a religion disguised as a joke disguised as a religion.
>image irrelevant

No. 1316

You fell for the meme, OP. Listen, I'm going to give it to you straight and never look at this again. You're not trans. I'm not going to spam you with any 41% bullshit or something like that. You very likely just have autism. The reason you felt happy in the beginning of this was because of the hormones. I'm sorry, but no one will ever perceive you as pretty or cute outside of other trans people. I fell down your rabbit hole once too. I didn't find religion or anything like that, I found other hobbies and built a support network. Please look for other ways to get your shit together. I will never meet you but you have to understand this likely isn't your path.

No. 1319

File: 1677206886425.png ( 157.65 KB , 348x262 , 1420056619719.png )

>>1316 (You)
How pathetic. You can't even make a simple appeal to emotion or cast even a little bit of doubt. If you're going to post shit and least make it a good shitpost.


File: 1672646561978.jpg ( 159.01 KB , 768x719 , proxy-image.jpg )

No. 105 [Reply]

Cathokikes are responsible for pushing Big Bang
Cathokikes are responsible for pushing Evolution
Cathokikes burns incense to the Queen of Heaven
Cathokikes put white men, women, and children to death by fire for not repeating inane Cathokike babblings
Cathokikes murdered 100s of thousands of white men by sending them to die in a shithole in the desert
Cathokikes are responsible for Islam
Cathokikes stole land of the common white man and turned him into a slave
Cathokikes of the modern day are primarily Spics and SEAmonkeys

No. 113

that's very ugly, you're a really fucked up person and you should probably just kill yourself


File: 1674227361316.jpg ( 31.46 KB , 736x731 , dc9905bea64815ec705397f319….jpg )

No. 1139 [Reply]

how common is it to have dreams about killing people?

No. 1143

do you have those dreams? I had some a few times but it was with people who personally wronged me. It never happens anymore though, I'm way less angry.


File: 1662467774428.jpg ( 42.94 KB , 500x749 , 99c2bec3effffc0c117e0679b1….jpg )

No. 497 [Reply]

which is the coolest MV that you know?

No. 499

No. 500

No. 501

"Yarr har fiddle dee dee." Good Swedish propaganda for kids.


No. 505

No. 506

File: 1675202161079.png ( 1.86 MB , 1920x1080 , 639571.png )

Its Icelandic propaganda.


File: 1624388361252.jpeg ( 71.48 KB , 444x444 , 511CDB1F-ECE4-41B5-89D4-8….jpeg )

No. 2131 [Reply]


No. 2132

henlo, i hope your friend there hasn't been enjoying any of that cola

No. 2237

Uh oh, da hummie found the coke stash…

No. 2245

File: 1673946731798.jpg ( 64.6 KB , 650x488 , 4d0566b47748a2f13e3727771d….jpg )

What happens when cats drink cola?

No. 2251

File: 1675201395612.jpg ( 21.8 KB , 528x200 , cat-with-coke-can-on-head.jpg )

Poor raccoon…
I once found a nearly asphyxiated cat with a can of catfood on her head. The parent of a friend helped me remove it, because i was afraid of its death rattle as a kid. Pic somewhat related.


File: 1618406152831.jpg ( 2.79 MB , 3648x2736 , Merzbow_at_Issue_Room_Proj….jpg )

No. 2093 [Reply]

I found dreamchan on Creamy's homemade list of chans. What about you, anon?

Do you recommend this place to others?

No. 2158

is duck a lolcow now? lole

No. 2159

I hope no one discovered my daily 9,000 calorie mukbang uploads ;_;

No. 2160

It's nothing like that, admin, it's just that someone made a post mentioning dreamch on lolcow because farmers there were trying to find a new home, but I'm sure nothing will come of it.
Long time lurker here, btw

No. 2246

No. 2250

Hello mysterious dark link, i will copy and paste you…

Came here via crystal cafe a month ago. i like it here its cosy. Also a bit quietly.