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No. 578 [Reply]

Comfy things, pictures, feelings, greentexts…
Anything goes

No. 2162

File: 1630995091658.gif ( 700.74 KB , 220x193 , piggster-meeboo.gif )

I want a pig.

No. 2163

what will you feed it?

No. 2164

Not him, but i'm pretty sure a pig will be happy with fruits and grass. Maybe they'll catch some bugs if you let them walk in a park or even a garden.

No. 2173

File: 1632720224882.jpg ( 145.09 KB , 1280x885 , 649edef2aae4309387408ce3dd….jpg )

And I'd like to have a jumping spider, they are super cute and trigger my maternal feelings somehow.

No. 2174

a cute! :^3


File: 1596468605726.png ( 653.66 KB , 1022x948 , BF420A48-14A1-45F5-8706-72….png )

No. 1952 [Reply]

dreamchan is the internet checkpoint of all imageboards. there will never be another one as wonderful as this one.

No. 2165

>>2161 regular bullshit nintendo copyright claims, not too complicated

No. 2166

>>2165 WAIT nevermind i thought you said how it got taken down not when it got taken down. tiny brain.

i think it got taken down about two or three months ago. around when they started posting again. a lot of their videos disappeared because of nintendo but i think you can find reuploads

No. 2167

God that sucks. Hopefully someone can restore it.

No. 2171

What's an internet checkpoint?

No. 2172



File: 1621016792701.jpeg ( 44.42 KB , 828x453 , ED295960-330D-406F-8ACD-F….jpeg )

No. 596 [Reply]

does anyone know any other active board websites that aren’t full of assholes, CP, or neonazis? I love the format but some of the ppl who flock to image boards can kinda suck.

No. 610

22chan is a safe for work imageboard (so no CP, porn, or gore) Being rude isn't their thing and they are pretty active but i'm not sure how picky you are OP.

No. 611

ayy thanks!

No. 612

ill check it out, ty!

No. 618

come hand out with your bros down at https://www.4chon.me

No. 619

>aren't full of neonazis


File: 1631363405201.jpeg ( 841.28 KB , 1500x1947 , 9F29287B-3C74-425E-94F4-4….jpeg )

No. 382 [Reply]

Fuck MBTI, fuck horoscopes, which level of hell would you be on if you suddenly found yourself in it right now? Be honest.

No. 383

I'm on level three because I ate overate on pizza yesterday.

No. 384


No. 385

Do masturbation count as being lustful? If not I'll probably be in the limbo.

No. 386

I'd say as long as you don't have a debilitating addiction to it you'd be fine, considering it's a normal thing a lot of people do.

No. 387

Yeah no, most people are going to hell.


File: 1631388999040.png ( 1.14 KB , 179x133 , Untitled_-_2021-07-07T1719….png )

No. 1129 [Reply]

My most recent comment from one of those internet checkpoint videos, pasted here.

Note: I am 14.

Earlier today I was listening to Flying Lotus, and this one track he did for Adult Swim years ago. And I look to the comments and see people who were really nostalgic for this type of stuff, and were nostalgic for their adolescence. I cried, because I wish my life was as simple as all of theirs when they were my age. I was raised not really having any friends and constantly being bullied over shit that's out of my control. The pandemic made everything worse and worse. I have some friends now but they live really far from me and I can't visit them because I'm not vaccinated yet.

As I said in my last comment, I've gotten therapy, and I'm taking a break from social media now that most of my old online friends have turned against me over something I never meant. I'm starting to feel like I've been living a lie. I don't want the rest of my adolescence to be filled with strife and disappointment. Another thing, starting a Twitter account has become my biggest regret. I deactivated it nine months ago, but the side effects still stand on, I always get into arguments with my dad about stuff I shouldn't even be arguing about in the first place. I've been realizing now that I have serious anger issues over things that are pretty much meaningless and not in my control. Another reason as to why I'm getting therapy. I feel like it's become my only way of channeling out sadness. I just want my life to be or at least feel somewhat normal. I don't want to have to deal with any of this, I just want to live a life in peace and simplicity. God help me…

No. 1130

Good luck underage-kun.

No. 1135

It doesn't get easier.


No. 232 [Reply]

Anyone here like breakcore? What are some of your favorites?

No. 241


is lolicore even legal

No. 458

drukqs, by aphex twin. i remember giving it my first full listen on a boat in the middle of a lake in between new york and ontario. very soothing experience.

No. 460

File: 1631363168369.jpeg ( 35.68 KB , 620x400 , 72482D47-DC81-4FD7-8FC9-4….jpeg )

there is no way it is

No. 461


No. 466

The taboo only makes it better!


File: 1632430377734.jpg ( 1.48 MB , 2384x2832 , 20210923_033250.jpg )

No. 1133 [Reply]

I'd built up this grandiose idea that joining the Army would fix me and all my problems. It got me away from some bad shit but it only made my problems worse somehow and I let it get to me to the point that they discharged me before I even completed basic training. While I was on my way out, I was told that I could always rejoin the military after 6 months. I got so excited over hearing this. Maybe I'd try a new branch, experience something different, still get my benefits, and much more after I fixed myself some in those 6 months. I called up the Air Force today. They didn't want me. They told me they wanted nothing to do with me until it got my discharge upgraded, which is impossible for my discharge. I called the Navy. Same story. The Marines. You know the deal. None of them want me. I've even talked with an Army recruiter again and they said it would be really tough to get me in. I'd built my whole life up to being a soldier. That was my dream. That was dashed in a heartbeat. I don't even know how to cope. I've got nowhere to turn here. There's no moving up for me. I'm such a fucking fool.

No. 1134

It's not that grandiose of an idea when it's always been that way for generations unless you're a NEET. However some people just aren't cut out for military service. That's why civil service like a conservation corps exists in some countries. Did you try the Coast Guard? If your body is physically up to it, you try for the French Foreign Legion though you'll have to deal with hazing from foreigners. I recently talked to a guy who's hopeful for getting into special operations as a recruit. He could have everything going his way only to be met with an injury that ends it all. At least you accepted the risk inherent with big Army and tried.


File: 1631915523858.png ( 107.99 KB , 800x800 , 800px-Ouroboros-benzene.sv….png )

No. 1058 [Reply]

Post famous dreams in history that influenced the world
While you can post famous dreams from the ancient times that were mostly religious, I suggest we stick to modern dreams that influenced the world in one way or another.

Starting with a classic:
Friedrich August Kekulé 7 September 1829 – 13 July 1896 was a German organic chemist. From the 1850s until his death, Kekulé was one of the most prominent chemists in Europe, especially in theoretical chemistry. He was the principal founder of the theory of chemical structure and in particular the Kekulé structure of benzene.

What he dreamed about?
he new understanding of benzene, and hence of all aromatic compounds, proved to be so important for both pure and applied chemistry after 1865 that in 1890 the German Chemical Society organized an elaborate appreciation in Kekulé's honor, celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of his first benzene paper. Here Kekulé spoke of the creation of the theory. He said that he had discovered the ring shape of the benzene molecule after having a reverie or day-dream of a snake seizing its own tail (this is an ancient symbol known as the ouroboros) This is likely an example of the exercise of a particular imaginative state, involving homospatial and janusian processes, followed by stepwise logical thinking.

His dream influenced Chemistry world so much. What I really like about this story is how in modern world unlike the ancient times, the dream possess no truth or practical value in the eye of modern man and yet he his dream was a milestone in chemistry. Not to mention the Image of ouroboros (A mythical creature) in association to science is pretty cool.

No. 1059

No. 1060

File: 1632132609822.jpg ( 67.8 KB , 900x573 , kubla_khan_by_goins_graphi….jpg )

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, being one of my favorite poets of all time, and one of the most famous, actually dreamed a mythical vision after using drugs(opium). During that surreal visions he made up an entire poem (Named Kubla Khan) in his mind and upon waking up from that state, he immediately started writing it down. While he was busy composing the poem, a person from Porlock (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Person_from_Porlock) interrupted him, making him to lose the grasp on the poem. After returning from that interruption he couldn't finish the poem. When John Livingston Lowes taught the poem, he told his students "If there is any man in the history of literature who should be hanged, drawn, and quartered, it is the man on business from Porlock."

What I really love about this poem, apart from the description of those mythical visions which STC put in to words masterfully, is the last part of the poem where I believe is a reference to the process of losing the visions of that dream. A regret, an ode to a lost memory, a deep nostalgia that forgot. Something we can all relate to.

(the last part of the poem):

A damsel with a dulcimer
In a vision once I saw:
It was an Abyssinian maid,
And on her dulcimer she played,
Singing of Mount Abora.
Could I revive within me
Her symphony and song,
To such a deep delight 'twould win me
That with music loud and long,
I would build that dome in air,
That sunny dome! those caves of ice!
And all who heard should see them there,
And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
His flashing eyes, his floating hair!
Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.

No. 1061

I'm too lazy to write all this so watch this part, it's about Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and the unconscious.

at 26:49


File: 1627796377035.jpg ( 219.97 KB , 2048x1444 , done.jpg )

No. 1117 [Reply]

The longest streak I've done was about 7-8 days. Even then, I felt positive effects. I can't seem to beat that score.
Any tips?

No. 1119

I’ve never thought it was a good idea to never relieve yourself in that way. For mental well being, I recommend only occasional masturbation, just not using pornography when you do. (The mind paints a beautiful picture when you concentrate)

No. 1120

it would be hard to quit drinking with a hip flask in your pocket. for best results spend as little time alone and stationary as possible. when i worked in forestry i hardly ever mastrubated and i didn't even think about it.

No. 1121

>The mind paints a beautiful picture when you concentrate
you should try audio porn.

No. 1131

find something better to do, If your hands are idle they'll go to your dick,

No. 1132

Around two weeks. I think it was 12 or 13 days.
It helped me a lot. I didn't go for the 90 day goal but I wanted to 'reset' after quitting pornography as a whole.

In Your Brain on Porn the author argues that often men are led to masturbation not because of their desires but rather because they watch pornography, putting the cart before the mule. I agree. It's a habit rather than a relieving.


File: 1620102116082.png ( 1.32 MB , 1280x555 , Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at ….png )

No. 402 [Reply]

I'm looking for music recommendations. I can go for literally anything that sounds cool. Send in whatever.

No. 403

No. 462

CaptainBlackbeard Radio

>CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a psychedelic audio thrill ride of interweaving stories, humor & music unlike anything ever created ye won't hear anywhere else! CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a service provided to bring humor, music and culture to the lads and lasses of action across all Eight Seas.


No. 464

A song I liked from when I was younger

No. 465


File: 1628917918706.jpg ( 204.43 KB , 1600x900 , allaboutlily2-1600x900-c-d….jpg )

No. 442 [Reply]

Post music you listen to when you want to escape/be in your own world.


No. 450

Ryu Umemoto's soundtrack for YU-NO: Kono Yo No Hate De Koi o Utau Shoujo (PC-98)

A five hour long collection of 8-bit synth pieces from the nineties, designed explicitly for background music. It helps me read, helps me think, helps me study. Its also just amazing to sit and listen to, to get wrapped up in the warm timbre of the notes.

Please enjoy ^<^

No. 451

No. 456

anything by black wing

No. 459

No. 463


File: 1597677053806.png ( 118.25 KB , 501x501 , __original_drawn_by_ayu_mo….png )

No. 908 [Reply]

Sometimes when you're sleeping and you feel/hear something your brain makes it apart of your dream, ex your alarm clock goes off and your dream incorporates the noise into your fantasies.

Have you ever experienced this? If so what happened?

No. 1010

Ever since I started sleeping differently, (Sleeping on the side while hugging a pillow, chest to between legs) I have more intimate dreams. Not really sexual kind of intimate, but dreams were I interact more with my subjects. Hugging, for example, is a bit more common in my dreams.

No. 1032

I had a dream that my karate teacher was saying something. When I opened one eye, I saw my mom talking on the phone and realized that what my karate teacher was saying was actually what my mom was saying. I could still see him talking with my other eye, until I opened it.

No. 1036

This happens to me a lot, but it usually happens when I have music or a stream playing on my phone from when I went to sleep. It isn't something I enjoy most of the time which wakes me up; the media drifts from where it started for one reason or another.

No. 1043

Once dreamt my feet were stuck in a meat grinder, and I was strugging to get them out. When I eventually woke up, my cat was playing with my feet.

No. 1057

When I was in high school I would sleep in class, but like a light half-sleep, I was awake but floating away. Hard to describe. The teacher's words would combine with the dream and new meanings would be given to the words. It's incredibly hard to describe but its like the process of hearing words and interpreting their meaning was parsed through dream logic. It would rearrange the meanings of sentences into new meanings, often with meanings personal to me, like the dream was communicating via the words of others. It was so strange. It was some of the best dreaming I've ever had, I really miss it. Also interestingly I did really well in that class because I think I still absorbed the information really well, maybe even better because I was closely analyzing it. Whenever he would wake me and ask me a question I would get it right lol.


File: 1631723103347.jpeg ( 43.95 KB , 500x572 , 292420D7-32E9-4CAF-96D1-7….jpeg )

No. 1088 [Reply]

iSpy photos are so comforting and nostalgic to me. How about you guys?


File: 1513098262103.png ( 161.45 KB , 530x526 , bitcoin.png )

No. 980 [Reply]

Did you guys ever hold bitcoin or any other crypto?

I had 2 that I had sold off for like $13 in 2012. Really kicking myself now…


No. 1044

I wish I had bought when it was under 1 USD.

No. 1054

File: 1515597878129.jpg ( 47.93 KB , 1196x497 , 0.JPG )

this is the real leetcoin boys

No. 1057

Bought .5 ETH and a Litecoin few months ago for fun, glad I did. Going to let it ride and not expect or hope for anything…

No. 1135

File: 1519705676530.png ( 397.23 KB , 1920x1080 , 1431181948605-2.png )

When I started out I held litecoin and followed that for a while I researched it some more and engaging with twitter crypto community for a while I now have UBIQ (UBQ) and CryCash (CRC)

No. 2170

File: 1631688074882.jpg ( 63.91 KB , 824x960 , EXvcx_7WkAAO55n.jpg )

I hold a few thousand usd in btc, another few thousand in eth, and a handful of other bets on shitcoins with fully doxxed dev teams. I also buy ETFs. I've probably made ~$30K in trades this year.
It's a privacy-oriented coin, such that you cannot deanonymize people on the public ledger (it exists for buying drugs and guns.)
>How can I learn more about cryptos so I don't end up losing all my money? TOKENS exist to reward the people mining the currency access to COMPUTE TIME. What are the computers doing? Do people actually use this API for the creation of a value-added application?
Learn about the background of the data sharing platform being used.
Look for a fully-doxxed dev team and open source code: good signs.
Look out for shitcoins with a few user IDs trading to each other over and over to generate artificial market value. This is bad. Use bscscan to see if the coin has actual traction.


File: 1600091725183.jpg ( 67.47 KB , 700x559 , rhthhtrhrj.jpg )

No. 1970 [Reply]

Have you ever made a website, or any other technology related project? Tell us about your projects. Post your websites, games, idk, utilities, logos, etc.

Pic unrelated

No. 2110

making my own poetry neocities rn! Almost done!

No. 2146

File: 1628053877999.gif ( 99.78 KB , 435x435 , Time to Post.gif )

I've got three neocities sites.
I am also working on a major imageboard project, but since I'm solo and have no backend experience it has been slow to develop.
My main site is here though:

No. 2155

File: 1629250138947.png ( 90.31 KB , 1366x906 , lockwall.png )

I've made lots of shit that I never release out of losing interest or thinking it's shit. Lost most of it too. Some were pretty cool tho

-A game that allowed you to jump in and out of ships in first person and had fairly decent controls. Looked like ass tho
-A horror maze game where by keeping track of the rooms you visited the monster chasing you had less probability to go there, essentially making it more likely he will surprise you by attacking you from front
-A monster that only moved when you didn't look at it, but you also had one in 10.000 chance that he would ignore that after a few seconds and run straight for you anyway.
-A world generator that had a simple history generator build into it and you could see pixelated cities form on the map, volcanoes bursting out, and simple interactions between character. I still am trying to turn that into a game, but then again, last time I touched it was month ago if not more.

Recently I'm cooking up a browser gamer with a semi unique idea that I hope to actually finish instead of leaving it in the dusk like all my previous game projects. I'll post it here if anyone is interested. But again got distracted by other stuff.

Also, if anyone wants to sign my website guestbook, here it is: https://www.slushbin.org

Once I saw aniki I know you are the shit. Speaking of, rate the lockscreen background i've made for my laptop

No. 2168

File: 1631190134777.png ( 358.24 KB , 892x765 , the limits of my creativit….png )

i used to be a C#/ASP.NET web dev. i only ever made improvements to the way our clients' websites ran behind the scenes. all i ever make now is food, happy accidents, and co2

had done this for minecraft and wurm. probably the most personally rewarding thing i've done next to making people laugh

what program do you use for your monochrome art? i miss getting to interact with sites like this

this is pretty cool as well. i love dorf fort, couldnt care for outer wilds, and really dwell on the fact i never played thief lol. btw rounded borders are kinda overrated anon

No. 2169

I used to program a lot, but not that much anymore. got kinda burnt out of technology in general after lockdown and yadda yadda. I still run a personal site where I put things I like or write bizarre shit but I feel I shouldn't post it here for anonymity's sake


No. 457 [Reply]

a weird find i appreciate finding.


File: 1630980138966.jpeg ( 567.33 KB , 1200x1200 , EF1174AF-E851-49E2-A23C-F….jpeg )

No. 455 [Reply]

Worst music genre?

inb4 noise isn't music just tell me what you hate and why


File: 1446399654227.png ( 186.97 KB , 680x684 , 1417729628016.png )

No. 1 [Reply]

What are some of your irrational fears, /sp/?

I used to have an intense phobia of clowns. It's been phased out many, many years ago, but it was absolutely brutal for a little while to even catch a glimpse of anything clown-related. My cousins had this dome covering for a ceiling light with an image of a cartoon clown and I couldn't even be in that room unless it was taken down.

I was just horribly spooked by clowns for whatever reason.

No. 364

so dont get vaxxed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
after reading event 201 i think thats the best way anyways

No. 365

File: 1620060317014.jpg ( 235.91 KB , 1130x1087 , IMG_2818.JPG )

sadly i have no choice lol, I'm a minor so my parents will force me to regardless of my fear. plus its the right thing to do
also, what happened to 201? cant find it

No. 377

>plus its the right thing to do also


No. 378

File: 1630801597274.jpg ( 38.61 KB , 611x869 , 99c.jpg )

Dogs, emphasis on pit bulls. This is due to the people in my state not leashing their dogs meaning multiple times in my childhood I was dashed at by big dogs with no owner in sight. My parents managed to drag me inside or their owners came before anything serious happened, but it always spooked me. I think the most traumatic was when I was walking with my parents and a dog escaped it's distracted owner. My dad had to drag me circles around the dog, so it wouldn't get me until the owner called back his 'harmless' dog. Another fucked up memory was a dog who managed to climb his dog house meaning he was high enough to jump his fence any time. I could go on with neglectful owner stories. Pit bulls became the main fear because they were the biggest and fastest dogs in my state any big/fast dog scares me too, but I don't have enough experience for it to be reflexive. The only dogs I can stand at first sight are mid sized, they were the least aggressive, to tiny, literally can't hurt you.
So far it hasn't affected my life in a serious way. I am more wary around dogs, wont approach to pet if their is an owner, unleashed with owner I switch paths, no owner in sight I call animal control, and get paranoid being outside to long after a dog ran at me. Main problem I see is when I start dating I'll have to explain why 'owns or wants to own a dogs' is a deal breaker.
I don't think I'll ever treat it because my fear is a rational response to the shitty dog owners of my area. It's better to have a phobia then be mauled to death

No. 381

File: 1630979767343.jpeg ( 118.79 KB , 1200x952 , 7B4B52CB-B1E3-4FE8-A6B7-1….jpeg )

God I get this. Pits are so damn terrifying and if you ever express your fear to anyone they're just like "NaNnY dOg" or "NoT mY pIt".


File: 1597625626610.jpg ( 2.15 MB , 2130x3056 , Uzumaki 3-in-1, Deluxe Edi….jpg )

No. 302 [Reply]

ITT: We discuss about horror manga series we like.

Starting with the timeless classic.
https://nyaa.si/view/1234985 - Uzumaki - Junji Ito.

I'll be posting some of my favorites from him and other manga artists, feel free to post your favs too.

No. 335

File: 1601601940441.jpg ( 67.48 KB , 824x1200 , fuan tame.jpg )

No. 368

File: 1620917879250.jpg ( 231.24 KB , 1097x972 , EGot15jWsAAxrs6.jpg )

misumisou/liverleaf/hepatica nobilis is a manga about a girl who gets bullied at school but sucks it up for the sake of her family, until one day everything goes wrong. now shes fighting for her life…against her own classmates. its honestly a favorite of mine as the protagonist is MASSIVELY relatable to my past, but it needs some tws so ill put them in spoilers here: one character was accused of trying to rape a young girl, LOTS OF GORE IN EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE, lots of puke, child abuse, abusive relationships, fire, graphic images of people burning alive, dead animals, the whole 9 yards i know the artstyle might look wacky but its very effective for the story…just trust it, okay?

this link should work. https://mangaowl.net/single/23480/misumisou

there's a live action film of it too that u can find online, the gore was a bit cheap but the acting was good and they used an alternate ending that was beautiful.

No. 370

File: 1623832273768.jpg ( 953.33 KB , 1225x1828 , Domu.jpg )

Domu by Katsuhiro Otomo

A foretaste of Akira maybe? Well he did a pretty good job an I liked it a lot.

No. 379

File: 1630875518714.png ( 443.39 KB , 1215x1800 , index.png )

I binge read it and it was pretty good. I do have to say if you're looking for a realistic story it might be over the top torture porn, but on the other side if you're used to the over the top nature of revenge stories it's a good down to earth narrative.
The most depressing was the cyclical nature of it all. Most of the kids bullied her because they were bullied themselves or had their own dreams crushed. Along with that the MC's end of finding the one person who understands her and rushing into a relationship, but realizing they're abusive way to late was depressing relatable for my HS. the whole thing about being stuck in a small town with nothing to do and going insane was something I felt too, albeit I lived in a way bigger town. Poverty being a big root of all the issues and not unexplained sadomachism was also an interesting take

No. 380

File: 1630898285685.png ( 291.24 KB , 808x1200 , 43dc3396-90d8-4f35-879a-16….png )

Reading fourteen, same guy as drifting class room, and it's just a mindfuck. It's not even in good it's just borderline comedy, even though it was meant to be horror. If you want to know how wild this manga is in the first 40 chapters an evil sentient chicken is born, then green babies, then an ai attacks, a virus capable of killing all humanity is revealed, and an American names their child "America". This is all tied together by the most confused environmental message I've ever seen. I feel the bizarreness wasn't intended, but instead "I have to publish another chapter with a cliffhanger gotta make some bullshit up"


File: 1598475225490.jpg ( 48.06 KB , 576x844 , 125328552064.jpg )

No. 516 [Reply]

ITT we test various things
￰ ￰ ￰▲
￰▲ ▲

No. 613

￰ ￰ ￰▲
￰▲ ▲
I wonder, would ctrl c ctrl v work on here? If so, triforcing is useless :(

No. 614

Triforcing is useless on here :|

No. 615

##is this how you spoiler?##

No. 616

[spoiler]Try 2[/spoiler]

No. 617

Third times the charm.


File: 1630524328034.png ( 236.22 KB , 567x740 , Capture.PNG )

No. 452 [Reply]

pretty cool online festival that is happening in a few days. y'all should probably check it out.

No. 453

could you post a link? dreamchan's image system is a little wonky

No. 454

the bottom of the image has a twitch link



File: 1630349790119.jpg ( 14.61 KB , 467x299 , Apu023.jpg )

No. 1055 [Reply]

I dreamed that I had a bb gun shootout with my frens against the nonfrens.

No. 1056

File: 1630444843340.jpg ( 144.29 KB , 1024x1300 , 215284758_4318363504950105….jpg )

sounds awesome anon


File: 1615265312414.png ( 1.11 MB , 1000x1267 , hov.png )

No. 1 [Reply]

favorite sculptures

No. 2

File: 1615315732041.jpg ( 1.97 MB , 3648x5082 , sappho.jpg )

always really liked this one of sappho. something about the eyes, i think

No. 3

File: 1615329873527.jpg ( 36.43 KB , 343x512 , unnamed.jpg )

I'm a simple man. Venus of Willendorf counts, right?

No. 18

File: 1619107958894.jpeg ( 136.25 KB , 1024x768 , 385B5D3C-DA02-4C5C-A2A5-0….jpeg )

The thinker of cernadova

No. 43

File: 1627621639400.jpeg ( 60.18 KB , 400x600 , CC4B3F91-A09B-4577-81FD-3….jpeg )

De Kooning

No. 53

File: 1630249494782.jpg ( 35.8 KB , 337x599 , Loewenmensch1.jpg )

Lion-man from the Hohlenstein-Stadel


File: 1482089571959.png ( 324.69 KB , 480x716 , 1482012758091.png )

No. 510 [Reply]

Did any of you browse 4chan when you were younger? Like, before 2007, when it was fun and civil, not the twisted abomination it is now.
Those were the good days. We were all alike, because even if you were a fat neckbeard weeaboo, everyone else was a also a fat neckbeard weeaboo, in their hearts. This picture sums it up nicely.

No. 1030

how do i download dreamchan and change the board names?

No. 1031

very carefully

No. 1032

Well, you have to convince admin giving you sources. He probably won't :D

No. 1049

File: 1604137892837.png ( 40.97 KB , 143x849 , Capture.PNG )

/qa/ had a 3rd party filter system that made it a 2D/random board before hiro killed that and forced the move to kissu and other spinoffs. It was nice and fun, but it was kind of weird that we were acting like this when we weren't teenagers anymore. /qa/ had an edit of that image where she was having fun again.
Those first 2 years or so on 8chan were fun as hell, everyone was trying to make their own board, IRC was popping, etc. It's sad what it became and how it ended. The webring kind of brought it back, but it didn't retain many users outside of the huge boards. But it did make anonymous imageboards much more decentralized again. It was juvenile but it was authentic and fun.
There are certain time periods on certain boards I wish I could turn into books and have with me forever. Archives make me very wistful, though and some have their own culture of ghostposting. Many suffer from spotty archives and some straight-up don't keep images to avoid legal issues.
I think you should help with and post on already existing ones rather than add another one, it will likely add another corpse to the pile of dead boards.
There are webms of how bad it has gotten. It's almost crazy that it managed to get worse.
Discord has sucked the life out of so much, it's almost sad, even those hole in the wall MAL club and "cyberpunk" communities have had the life sucked out of them by discord.

No. 1087

Oh i've used /ic/ quite a lot few years back. It's honestly a horrible place. And while they say they are harsh on people to give constructive criticism, frequently it's just bullshit. I understand not like someone's art, even if he's skilled. I do that too, but I never would shit on him personally. I wish a cozy place for art existed online, but nothing so far found. And I have no clue how I should advertise my own stuff. I don't even feel like I can because it makes me feel like an snake oil salesman

As a side note, I have a really cute story to tell. When I was posting my art to insta some (I assume) little girl liked my post, and she often visits my page to see what I've made. She also makes lots of cute fairy, witch and magic art and seems to have made a small clique of art friends there cause they like their stuff and tell themselves positive things. It warms my heart everytime I see it on my home page.


File: 1443931487979.gif ( 5.44 KB , 314x82 , mamamedia.gif )

No. 241 [Reply]

What websites did you visit a lot when you were young?

>pic related (basically a site full of kids' games, went there all the time when I was like 8)

>Disaster Labs (group of people who made games, flash movies, webcomics, and other stuff; they disbanded in the late 00s and I still don't know where everyone went)
>Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc.
>every cheat code and FAQ site under the sun
>Newgrounds, Albinoblacksheep, and all the flash game sites that grabbed games from them

No. 1069

just made an account for pojo.biz

No. 1070

I think I was probably around 11 or 12 when I first got home access to the internet. It wasn't until I was 15 that I started browsing *chan boards. I'm glad I wasn't any younger- there's a certain degree of desensitizing I've experienced, but it hasn't full-blown made me feel utterly disconnected from other people.

If anything, one of my main take-aways from *chans (and the internet in general) is that most people have something that makes them weird as fuck, even if it's something they never share with others.

No. 1073

Hard to believe this video is over 23 years old now. I'm sure most people in this thread have seen it throughout the years.

No. 1083

There was a website called heavyweightgames, I just remember going on it a lot. I played Divine Retribution on there and my brother snitched to my parents and got me in trouble.

No. 1086

Sketchfu and Desuchan. I remember Sketchfu kept getting raided by a group claiming to be from Desuchan and lurking on there trying to figure out why they were spamming a shitty oekaki site.