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File: 1468202741740.jpg ( 15.44 KB , 400x299 , aww.jpg )

No. 546 [Reply]

Ok, since most of the board is about night time dreaming, let's have a thread about real life dreams and aspirations.

What do you wish to achieve?
How do you plan to reach your goals?
What have you done so far to succeed?
What's keeping you down or what obstacles do you see in your path?

Tell us about your dreams anon, and hopefully we can help each other towards reaching our goals!

No. 647

I hope you use your good standing to try and help your nation. Brain-drain is why it takes so long for third-world countries to improve.
>Capitalism, statism, religion, and family.
Sounds like you're just blaming other things instead of the real problem: yourself. You can only improve yourself when you recognize what is wrong.
Well, I'd really like to be the king of my own nation, or a great adventurer, or a genius scientist, you know, all the things I'd daydream about when I was a kid. But they're unrealistic. And, since I started growing up, the fantastic in my dreams has declined. Now, I only daydream about a few things.
1: Systems. Systems of many different things. Like, I make up my own government for a fictional nation, or a own language. Usually without a ton of actual story. Just world-building.
2: Stories. Now, while the grandiosity in my dreams has dwindled, a bit is still there. And some of these stories aren't even that grandiose. But the difference between these stories and the ones of my youth is that these never involve me. Always a character who's separate from myself.
3: A mundane life. These are the only dreams I can really have with myself as the main character, anymore. And they go pretty much the same. Get out of NEETdom, get a job, an apartment, I spend some time imagining what the apartment would look like, Etc., then they diverge, a bit. Most, here, just end in me wallowing in alcohol and killing myself. But why is that? These are my dreams. They're supposed to make me happy. Why do I kill myself, even in them? I don't know. Now, some end in me becoming a hermit, building a cabin out in the woods of Maine, or somewhere, near a great forest, and a beautiful cliff by the sea, with a cold sand beach down at the bottom. Basically, I imagine myself living in my dream area. Then, in some of them, when I'm feeling really good, I imagine a woman coming into my life. I'm not often able to dream of women, because my self-inserting dreams tend to be more realistic, and I can't imagine a woman ever caring about me, but sometimes, I'm just feeling good. I marry her, raise a family, we move to Maine.
And that's my true dream, my end goal. But it'll never happen. I'm just gonna kill myself, when it becomes completely unbearable to live.

No. 648

>Sounds like you're just blaming other things instead of the real problem: yourself.
No, I'm a motivated and intelligent person, and I'd do many good things in life if I wasn't prohibited from doing so.
>You can only improve yourself when you recognize what is wrong.
Correct. I believe in the power of the individual, and see that many groups work together to make individuals suffer rather than thrive.

No. 669

my friend is trying to lose weight and I'm supporting him by mocking him.

No. 718

File: 1561044546155.jpg ( 61.95 KB , 640x419 , Mount_Thor_Peak_1997-08-07.jpg )

I wish to visit a tundral, mountainous place like in this picture, but there's no way to do it because of my declining condition, so I will read and fantasize about it instead.

No. 727

>What do you wish to achieve?
I'm not sure anymore. I feel as though I'm searching for something, but what it is I'm uncertain of.
>How do you plan to reach your goals?
Right now I simply need to go to college and finish my education. After that, get money and see where it takes me. Anywhere is better than nowhere.
>What have you done so far to succeed?
After having fallen a far distance cleaning the house is an accomplishment in and of itself. Soon I'll making attempts to fix everything I've fucked up.
>What's keeping you down or what obstacles do you see in your path?
Lack of purpose, I suppose. Or maybe it's a lack of motivation. Life is strange after all, and it can be hard to find such things. In either case, I wish all of you anons luck in finding what you're searching for as well.


File: 1508381439461.jpg ( 104.51 KB , 800x777 , 1454567658013.jpg )

No. 191 [Reply]

Where is the Halloween button on all of the boards?! It's halfway through October!

No. 262

File: 1540317833643.jpg ( 9.6 KB , 235x195 , supreme victory.jpg )

No. 263


No. 276

File: 1542957065772.gif ( 609.29 KB , 355x318 , 1542336487908.gif )


No. 277

Dear anon, please never post this again.

No. 312

It's far past October now, why is the Halloween button still here?!


File: 1504633285632.jpg ( 40.35 KB , 850x850 , 1482621066957.jpg )

No. 211 [Reply]

Bottling only makes it harder.
This thread is intented for people who would like to rant and write out their feelings.

It's possible to just spill everything in the textbox, explain it detailed or even write poems/haikus or stories, whatever your want.
You can give yourself a time- or character limit if you feel overwhelmed with writing down all that is going on.
You may also ask for advice or similiar.

It's hard to keep up a happy face, don't hide under a mask in order to lie to yourself.
Be honest with yourself and your feelings, that's the first step towards self improvement.

No. 543

File: 1563507441966.png ( 373.04 KB , 500x738 , 1495934714561.png )

After overcoming childhood traumas i'd say im doing good and thats all, but after getting a rest from work ive come to notice im nothing out of ordinary and, dare i say, a plain pointless of a person in a world so rich, old and overcrowded. I feel like an ungifted child forgotten by the gods, everybody is conditioned naturally to think they're different because they are protagonizing their own lives, but that's not always true.

All that i could ever do in my lifetime with all my efforts has been done by someone before in this unfavourable age, and the world is conquered. Every patch of land is know and someone owns it, makes me anxious to know i don't have the option to just settle in new land and start my own way because there is no new land nor will i have the right to exist in any without paying tribute to men.

Overcoming pain is not enough in a virtueless existence, to me.

No. 544

File: 1563564068664.png ( 367.63 KB , 750x1096 , 59.png )

My behavior is beyond control. I shouldn't even call it mine, it's a bad habit. The body wakes up, lingers around, chew on a piece of stale bread, take a shower, sit on a chair and I can see through its eyes. Now it reads a book, now it looks at pictures… It won't move beyond the house, it doesn't seem to care we're getting dragged to abject poverty. I try to think "I should be doing this", "I should be solving this and that and that". It's useless. The body stretches over the carpet and stares at the ceiling for hours on end. I wait. I wait, there's nothing else to do. I sense the hand that senses the carpet, it's all. Its intelligence is not mine, nor its movements my own. I'm inside an aquarium and the whole day I have my face pressed against the glass, staring the outside. Some times the glass is in one position, another times is in another place entirely different. I never know how big or small space is going to be. A constant guess, a game. I don't mind. People might say "Yes of course, you're a person, a human being. Human Being." They make the same mistake I would make at first. I might have started as a person and the exterior can fool even the most observant but at this point I know better. I am the period at the end of this sentence. Not the sentence, not the words, not the voice reading it or the mind feeling it, but the very signal of an ending. I am an impulse that uses a pair of eyes to look beyond the glass and the thoughts aligning inside the mind are also obviously not mine.

(body too long)

No. 545

File: 1563564277582.png ( 351.85 KB , 750x1066 , 71.png )

I have never invented a single word, nor a language, not even an emotion, nor gesture. I don't know who invented all this things but I'm sure many people will be ready to claim all of it for themselves. They never get exhausted, it's intriguing. No no, it wasn't me at all, I barely just arrived you see? I just use whatever comes floating by. The language, the feelings and everything else. I'm so close to being nothing I can almost taste it. It tastes like it's no big deal at all. This strange configuration of life, almost tempted to say it's a dream. I'm dreaming I'm a man though even that dream is not mine. It just happened that I was standing exactly where the dream flew by and my sleeve got caught in some part of its surface. That's all it is, really, it can happen to anyone. It's a little odd however, that I don't remember why I was standing like that, so unaware to the point of getting caught in such an accident. I try to remember it, but I just can't figure it out. If, maybe, I just stay very put and very still I'll be able to figure this out, I'll figure everything out. Another day, it's what I tell myself. I just need one more day to figure things out and I'll be right on my way, wherever that is. I'm sure it must exist somewhere. Maybe I can piece it together with a little more time. Maybe if I have one more day I'll find it. Then I'll know at least where to turn my head to and I'll be able to say "West! East! North! That's where I should turn my head to. Come on, neck, do your job dear friend, we have a direction to face!" I find that very funny. That's how I amuse myself all day long and then it's time to sleep again. How many more days will I have my face pressed against this ocean, how many more thoughts will visit me and go away again? We'll see.

No. 546

File: 1563604189756.png ( 1.71 MB , 1900x1070 , 1515464697453.png )

Sorry for not responding earlier, I didn't think anyone would reply.

I appreciate the concern, but I really can't possibly afford a doctor. It's fine though. Like I said I'm not in any distress. That's more than one can usually hope for in life.

No. 547

It seems you're expressing some of the esoteric feelings that come with psychosis. I remember reading at some point that we as humans require social interaction in order to validate our beliefs, to have someone tell us that concepts and objects in our reality are "real". It's why prisoners in solitary confinement eventually lose touch with reality, and often stare into space. The best way of getting around it in my experience is to put yourself out in the world - speak with people who understand you and the way you think. Regardless anon, your ability to articulate your feelings is very on point and beautiful, in a way.


File: 1560059818373.jpg ( 544.69 KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_20190609_014226.jpg )

No. 1461 [Reply]

Remind all shall be ok

No. 1466

File: 1560198046480.jpg ( 93.01 KB , 768x768 , 1560022755059.jpg )

I'm not okay.

No. 1467

Arigatou, Donatero-kun.

No. 1469

File: 1560577380904.jpg ( 1.96 MB , 1920x1080 , 1538726816428.jpg )

good and nice.

No. 1480

I'm not okay, but I'll try again once I recharge a bit.

No. 1481

oipu, why are you face posting around. tsk tsk.


File: 1562897400529.jpg ( 258.12 KB , 1430x954 , Nishi-Gobō.jpg )

No. 307 [Reply]

I've recently found this site and all I can think is to ask why it doesn't have more boards. they all seem really limited and niche. A philosophy/humanity board or something in that vein would be particularly nice.

No. 308

Basically the issue is the boards:users ratio. This is a pretty slow site, you don't want a bunch of dead boards.

No. 309

The reason why is literally in the site's name.

No. 310

> A philosophy/humanity board

No. 311

Basically what >>308 said.

And /bm/ right now is a good choice for the discussion of humanities. I really do not police these boards for strict adherence, if there is good, comfy discussion that is semi-related to the board's topic, I'm fine with it.


File: 1542788187099.png ( 398.21 KB , 826x771 , Ritsu2.png )

No. 1293 [Reply]

Let's discuss our favorite anime girls, and what we like about them!

>What kind of anime girls should we discuss?

Any one nice, sweet, kind, or just down right cute! Would your favorite anime girl make a good wife? What about a mother? What made you like her in the first place?

>I'm considering posting something lewd and rude.

Take it some where else, this thread is not for that kind of girl.

>This is a dumb thread, dumb subject, you're a homo

Before posting with this sentiment, take yourself to another thread. Or better yet, go nowhere, you're not likely to contribute anywhere anyways.

>Appreciating in innocence - Vs - the trap that is waifuism

It's no secret that waifuism is an idolatrous vice. If this thread tempts you to fall into it, stay strong, and head on to another thread on this board. On the other hand it's natural to think of ideals and traits you appreciate in a nice lady, so if you're comfortable here, and want to share, go ahead and post!

To start, Ritsu is my favorite cool anime girl. Her boisterous personality is at first off putting, but underneath it she's a sweet girl who wants some one to like her.

No. 1380

File: 1552336844294.jpg ( 554.07 KB , 2000x1124 , Komori.Kiri.jpg )

I like Komori. She's a degenerate (hikki), but she doesn't hurt anybody with it. Unlike the rest of the Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei cast. Also, she's pretty cute.

No. 1382

>degenerate (hikki)
There is literally nothing wrong with being a hikki when you're that cute.

No. 1476

File: 1562192698193.jpg ( 336.41 KB , 600x819 , uryuu-minene-3.jpg )

I recently finished Mirai Nikki and Uryuu Minene is my clear favourite. Yes, she's a terrorist. But she differs from nearly every terrorist you've heard of by being cute. What's more, she has a heart, even if she rarely displays it towards humans.

No. 1478

>Mirai Nikki
For some reason I read Yume nikki, I was very confus.

No. 1479

Konata is crazy epic. Lucky star is a joy to watch.


No. 152 [Reply]

I assume anons that would come to this site must like ambience in music, too? Nothing beats shutting your eyes and getting lost in ethereal soundscapes, and temporarily escaping from the world into a place where time doesn't exist.

No. 207

File: 1556977595691.webm ( 1.86 MB , newt.webm )

No. 208

File: 1558173082081.gif ( 43.33 KB , 250x151 , Vapor Existential.gif )

Nightwave Plaza

No. 212

File: 1559688692019.png ( 1.26 MB , 850x743 , cool-spot.png )

This is one of the last places i expected to see submachine pop up. Those are some nice games

No. 214

No. 215

idk what it is about op's song but it makes me soooo happy


File: 1562721353993.png ( 1015.29 KB , 1280x720 , [PuyaSubs!] Kaguya-sama wa….png )

No. 725 [Reply]

I'm currently sick (fever, pain, etc) and I'm having really strange dreams but strangely realistic, I usually can tell apart a dream from reality, but when I'm sick or extremely tired my dreams a far more realistic and intense.

Let's share some Fever Dreams. I'll start, I recently dream about having a fight a with a person with whom I live, I can't remember the details, but he did something to me so in return I took a laptop from his room, apparently that was really important to me and he got upset, so he wanted to punish me, he and my mother grabbed me, they wanted to "mark" me, I can't remember what exactly was but I think they had a Tattoo machine and basically to make me a mark on my arm, I obviously put resistance and barely managed to escape, now I was hiding on my brother's room, I tried to sleep and the next morning I felt that horrible anxiety feeling, I went outside to try to occupy my mind in something different, I went for a bike ride for my town and found an old friend, and we were having a little chit chat, then I wake up, my head hurt a lot.

>“REM sleep is essential to temperature control, [and] fever suppresses REM,

I found this, that's probably why every time I have a fever dream my head hurts so much.

No. 726

File: 1562722423448.png ( 885.93 KB , 1280x720 , [Niku] Asobi Asobase 02 (B….png )

And the most recent one, apparently I had a reminiscence of a dream I had before about some sort of "game", that memory is probably just 'fabricated' by the dream but I'm not entirely sure, it took place on my childhood house so that makes me believe it could be a real memory, but whatever.

This was the sequel to that dream apparently, it was some sort of RTS game but it took place in real life, the map was my Grandmother's house, and the players were my cousin, some sort of cyborg guy, a guy I barely can remember and I, it seemed pretty much like AoE, but the difference was the technology, apparently it had nanomachines or that kind of cyborg stuff, anyway, what's interesting about this dream is that often people will come to my house, in last dream was a burglar, I was planning to deliver him to the police, so I went to the station, told them, bla bla bla, the game me some money and food for some reason. The same night the burglar approached me and told me how he was betrayed by everyone he knew, I felt sympathy for the guy and gave him the food, in the end I didn't deliver him to the police and he left my house but became a 'friend'.

This time there was this girl who lived in the streets and apparently she was really dangerous, so I went to the station, bla bla bla, the police this time were a bunch of assholes btw, gave me little money and food to bait the girl, I ended up giving the food to other guy, some sort of sultan, and now he suspected I wanted to deliver him to the police, then I woke up and my head was hurting a lot again.


File: 1562246345970.jpg ( 45.75 KB , 500x418 , pic.jpg )

No. 720 [Reply]

What are the recurring themes/elements in your dreams?

>places I've been to, but mixed in a way that create new places, so I can't recognize them

>flying (rare)
>time travel (e.g. have a limited amount of time to restore things)
>being late

No. 721

Going shopping. Small stores and shopping malls. I've had so many dreams where I do that. I'm not sure I've ever bought anything though. Another is being in public in my underwear or otherwise under-dressed and being uncertain whether it's socially acceptable or not.

No. 722

I seem to always find myself working in a fast-food establishment of sorts, usually under a great deal of pressure

No. 723

File: 1562531395396.jpg ( 66.23 KB , 541x600 , bongalien.jpg )

My dreams repeat, not over nights but within themselves with slight changes. I also tend to feel a strong sense of deja vu the second time around so I'm aware in some sense (I feel deja vus very often in day to day life)

Like I'll experience a scene with my parents, talking or similiar, something else happens and then I somehow go back into talking with my parents again.
Sometimes it seems that I'm aware of it and I noticed more than once that my dream self said something along the lines of "I wanna see that again" or "I need to repeat that". Like studying.


No. 25 [Reply]

What are some good, long songs? I know I enjoy spacing out to songs that build and progress over a long time while I'm working. Whether it's an album with seamless transitions or just a long-ass song, I want to hear what your favorites are.

I feel like the 3 minutes and change for a track and then on to a brand new song can get a bit jarring and distracting sometimes

I know Pink Floyd and King Crimson are good bands for that, and I like X Japan's 'Art of Life' and Dire Straits 'Telegraph Road' as other examples of longer songs I like

No. 94

I don't listen to long music as much as I probably should because I'm a very impatient person.

That said, when I do end up listening to the longer ones they immerse me much more than shorter songs into a certain mood.
I don't really just sit there and listen to short songs, they accompany my doing other things.
Longer songs will sink me into them though, it's a really nice feeling.

No. 95

you might like this gira side project which is pure drone. probably one of my favorites of his

No. 111

File: 1515440930708.jpeg ( 23.3 KB , 600x595 , dark.jpeg )

I love long songs too. They're kind of trance inducing.

As for recommendations:
The Doors- The End
The Velvet Underground- Sister Ray (also check out the live version, it's even longer)
1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)
Abbey Road side 2
The Kilimanjaro Jazz Ensemble- Lead Squid
Anything by Myrrors if you like psych rock
Wooden Wand & the World War IV- Our Father the Monster (highly recommended)

Also not sure if it's your thing, but I really enjoy long international music. Sitar pieces by Ravi Shankar, Djivan Gasparyan (Pangea is a good mixed album), Naseer Shamma (Hadatha fi al 'Amiriyya is great) etc.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

No. 119

you are like a little baby watch this

follow the smoke towards the riff filled land my guy.

No. 213


File: 1483303119294.jpg ( 13.81 KB , 480x336 , 1483135931013.jpg )

No. 639 [Reply]

Moving the big convos off of /deeds/ lol

No. 962

I'm here, want to tell why are you sad? There is a thread on /bm/.

No. 1170


What did you do with grandma? :3

No. 1171

I went with her to the mall, that was the first time I had been there this year. Then we went to a restaurant to eat. Afterwards I spent a little time over there at the house and got dropped off at home before she went to church since I refuse to go. Nothing too spectacular but I guess getting out of the house was okay. I definitely don't do it much. My social anxiety kicked in a number of times but I managed to fight it for the most part. I had to walk outside of the mall twice and find a spot alone for about 10 minutes then went back inside.

No. 1475

How did you meet someone by posting a deed on Dreamchan?

No. 1477

What distro fren?


File: 1513805275575.jpg ( 141.46 KB , 923x865 , SCP symbols.jpg )

No. 218 [Reply]

Post some spooky stories that have happened to you. I don't have any spoops sorry.

No. 229

File: 1522477692383.jpg ( 40.9 KB , 960x920 , 21314542_1846531528995912_….jpg )

No. 230

File: 1522542942826.png ( 43.35 KB , 163x170 , 1304573355902.png )

No. 252

File: 1555429124887.jpg ( 199.34 KB , 1280x1280 , cat.jpg )

No. 254

File: 1561854203709.jpg ( 42.88 KB , 924x710 , 1561355893126.jpg )

No. 255

Baraka was a good movie.


File: 1527270469739.png ( 22.46 KB , 1200x640 , red_city_by_kirokaze-d927e….png )

No. 1194 [Reply]

Hey, feeling alone and in the need of some company? Is the rain outside slightly warmer than it usually? Getting worn out by the normalfags?
Get in here and do whatever you want. Shitpost, talk about girls or boys, or just listen to music.
You're always welcome in comfy threads.

Have some Gondolas? Post them in >>1026

No. 1453

File: 1558125502098.webm ( 681.18 KB , kittysneeze.webm )

I've never really felt love like other people describe it. I feel an attraction towards certain girls, but it's more like a curiosity. I see how different they are from me, and so I study them. I promise it's not as creepy as it sounds, I approach them and talk with them and just kinda befriend them. But then I lose that attraction. Anyways, I'm thinking of actually making an effort to get into a relationship with on of these girls. I know she was really into me a while back, but I haven't seen her in a while and have the feeling that she might have given up on me. I think I might try to start something up with her this summer, just to see what it's like.

No. 1471

Does anyone else feel like the term "normalfag" has been diluted to the point of meaning basically nothing, only whatever definition its user attributes to it?

No. 1472

File: 1561747006303.jpg ( 990.86 KB , 1600x2161 , janet-moffett.jpg )

The other day, I discussed love at length with a friend. We were on the first floor of a café, a very nice place, with old, uneven wooden furniture and floral-pattern cushions. As we sipped our tea (Darjeeling and Earl Grey), we tried to work out a definition, a formula, for love.

At first, we agreed that two necessary ingredients for love are friendship and lust. You can't love someone without enjoying their company like a friend, and it seemed clear that some sexual attraction had to be involved. (We later came to doubt this, however: what about couples with no sex drive, such as some elderly couples?) But, even if those two conditions are necessary, there might be a third 'X factor' which makes it love. I can imagine being friends with a stunningly beautiful girl, for whom I have lust, without loving her. That suggests that something else is involved. However, even after discussing it for an hour, we couldn't come up with any third factor.

Anon, have you had a friend you were attracted to? If so, do you think there is any other factor you lacked, which, if it had been there, would have made it add up to love?

No. 1473


The Greeks had 4 words for "love" in the same way that Spanish has two words for "Free" - libre and gratis.

No. 1474

File: 1561849042871.jpg ( 324.89 KB , 1061x1500 , abd5c0e4ced5fbb0db0ae6b8a5….jpg )

To me a normalfag is like a normal justice warrior. They aren't just normal, they are aggressively normal, and will crusade against anyone they deem not normal. They will try to colonize any space they deem not normal. They will spend hours just screaming at animeposters on 4chan. In real life they'll likely assault you.


File: 1455138273890.png ( 516.23 KB , 1280x960 , freaky.png )

No. 433 [Reply]

A.K.A: Share your blogpost about a nightmare you've had.

Lemme star by talking about mine, which for some reason, always seem to be disjointed for some reason. Had these yesterday.

First nightmare was me having a conversation to this sort of cockroach with human, slanted eyes with a mouth (kind of similar to David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch), about dissecting a human corpse, which was on a tiny table and was only a torso with a couple of organs with it's head and one arm cut off. As i was doing the operation, the cockroach thing kept talking to me about some non-sense i forgot, while blood kept spurting on my hands inside the human corpse's carcass.

Second one was me starting at the bottom of a sterile, white staircase (which i suppose was a hospital?), which had a backdoor of some sort. When i opened it, there was a large city road that had two groups of crowded people in different sides, arguing about some religion thing; one dude that was from the left side of the street, which was somebody i personally knew, started to fight with the other group which was on the right. Hugged him in an attempt to restrain him from getting his shit fucked by the mob of angry people, and pulled him inside the (what i suppose is) hospital's backdoor and locked it. He was lying unconscious on the floor, as i hopelessly tried to wake him up.

No. 650

File: 1487902376217.jpg ( 245.63 KB , 1280x1228 , teef.jpg )

This one's pretty weird, and doesn't really seem scary, but it scared the shit out of me and made me wake up at 3 in the morning.
>Am in some irish marching band for some reason (I'm not even irish, I'm a spic)
>Band takes a detour into a Jewel Osco (a lot of my dreams involve me going into grocery stores now that I think about it)
>Inside looks more like a well lit Tony's or something of the sort
>There's a gym in the Jewel
>We jog around the gym for no reason at all
>There's a oldass mexican looking cowboy, weird gait and generally very twitchy, huge ass hat
>Stutters when talking, isn't talking spanish, but not english either, sorta sounds crazy and talks gibberish
>Gives me a mangy blue sweater, and says it's mine (fucked if I knew how I understood him)
>walk alone for a bit
>now the grocery store looks more like a bodega/more grimy and dark
>It's also gotten a lot bigger
>look inside the pockets of the sweater
>an ID from my old middle school, belonging to some girl named "Loko" (crazy in spanish), no last name
>Picture shows her as incredibly deformed, whole face is patched with different skin tones
>eyes, face, nose are all scrunched up into one tiny part
>makes me want to vomit
>where there's usually school info, it's replaced by very clinical, almost SCP-like description.
>"Capable of limit speech and thought. Feed three times a day via…"
>Put it back in the sweater, tie the sweater (which now is more like a blanket than a sweater) around one a pole holding up one of the shelves
>Look behind me
>Cashier area, empty with very widely spaced registers
>two women are arguing in a corner
>one takes out these sort of knives which look kinda like shortened, fatter, ski poles
>throws them at the other woman, who is cowering in the fetal position
>wake up

No. 709

I'm >>705, the starfish dude.
Last night I dreamed that I went fishing with a buddy. I caught a MASSIVE parasitic worm, it was like 7 feet long. It looked like a dark brown grub, with two long shiny black curved pincers. Kinda like a bobbit (not gonna post a pic, google it). As you may imagine I tried to throw that shit back as fast as I possibly could. Unfortunately, as I was whipping it around it smacked my friend into the water. I guess it laid eggs in him or something, because later he had big lumps on his back where grubs were living just under the skin. I had to cut him open with a fishing knife and try and pull the small white grubs out, but they kept trying to burrow their way deeper so I had to reach in after them to pull them out, while still being careful not to get bit by them.

No. 713

I just woke up from a nightmare, I don't have the energy to write it right now but it involved ghosts, some really disgusting and strange shit happening between some relatives, and children. Might write it later.

No. 717

>tfw you know you had a horrible nightmare but can't remember anything except that lingering feeling of dread and horror

No. 719

File: 1561746197310.jpg ( 196.02 KB , 702x1023 , peter-singer.jpg )

I had a bad dream that Peter Singer, Australian philosopher and advocate for animal rights, sexually abused me. I remember nothing except that he came up to me, perhaps in a fairly public place, and violently rubbed the lower half of his body on me.

It was just a dream, I am sure.


File: 1512787061944.jpg ( 21.88 KB , 390x480 , Madotsuki.jpg )

No. 270 [Reply]

How many of you guys are hikkis? It is not something I am proud of personally, yet, it's only been about a month into my second relapse. Have any of you been through this, and have you any advice?

No. 441

I occasionally slip into non-reality and live in my imagination due to the isolation and free time. I don't know how much time has passed since I started hikkidom, almost a year? a year? Time just passes so quickly now and functioning normally seems only slightly possible

No. 442

File: 1543359931875.jpg ( 1.11 MB , 1036x1200 , 1514528136672.jpg )

I'm OP and >>347
Reading through this thread is so comfy. I'm working again and I have been enjoying it. It makes a big difference to be able to relate to your coworkers and be friends with them. Sure, it helps to live in an area with a lot of fellow weirdos. A few years ago, I never would have thought I'd come this far in overcoming my social anxiety. It does get easier to interact with people, and the physical human interaction has a profound impact on your mental health. We're all gonna make it anons.

No. 443

File: 1543371935773.png ( 35.47 KB , 307x267 , 4e74938ac82b228484ed31d015….png )

Glad to hear fren.

No. 535

File: 1561243583458.jpg ( 47.61 KB , 389x336 , androgyny.jpg )

Another update. I was promoted at my job. I have so many new people in my life that I love. I feel so validated and my newfound creative energy has been overwhelming. I finally feel like I'm at the wheel of my own life.

No. 536

File: 1561504340279.jpg ( 127.7 KB , 919x640 , 1436134194295.jpg )

Hold onto this joy, and save a little bit of this cheer for when the dark times come. Congratulations, anon - not because of your promotion, but because the promotion is a symptom of a greater accomplishment - that you are continuing to grow.

Blogpost time:
I recently gave some thoughtful gifts that brought a smile to the face of a controversial co-worker who is commonly disliked. I was thinking what people might say - "but she's a crazy bitch" etc, and I thought that the difference between crazy bitch and crazy bitch in progress, in the sense of "Work in Progress" is an entire world of difference, but I can see that she is very much a bitch in progress, so I was happy to make her smile, just like I would be happy to make you smile if I worked around you, anon.


File: 1514833732618.jpg ( 43.71 KB , 800x565 , 3-black-gear-wheels-free-v….jpg )

No. 229 [Reply]

Happy 2018 all, last year was a fun one.

We're coming up on the third year of dreamchan's existance, and I want to make sure we keep improving.

Let's use this thread for feature requests, what would you like to see?

No. 287

I most certainly did :( Apologies. I have been very busy lately and haven't had the time to come up with something.

No. 289

I like the snow, thanks :)

No. 290

is there any way to have gifs "play" without having to click them first? i see this on other imageboards and sort of miss it on here.

i've been on here just a few months but i really love it so far. thank u, admins

No. 291

Good to know you, friend :)

I'm glad you brought this up because it actually ties in to something on my to-do list for Dreamchan this year.

I'd like to have a panel of client side, user configured settings, so that you can have your own preferences for things. Auto gif would definitely be one of those items, as those who don't want to download anything more than the thumbnail initially should be able to keep that option.

I had a few ideas for other items for the settings page, but if you have any more, feel free to leave them here. Thanks!

No. 306

Spoilers for pictures.
A button to close webms after you watch them.


File: 1444635121166.png ( 406.07 KB , 970x546 , earthbound.png )

No. 299 [Reply]

I start:


No. 659

File: 1514969127936.jpg ( 20.26 KB , 480x360 , serveimage.jpg )

Really? Not him, but I really find strange when people says they have never played a Zelda game, I used to play a bunch of Zelda games when I was a kid.

You still can play and enjoy them, I recommend you starting with 'A Link to the Past', pretty comfy and fun game, I think it was my first one.


No. 726

Lol I played a little bit of the adobe flash port of the first game on Kongregate and was like, "this sux XDDDD"

Also Digimon >>>>>> Dragon Warrior >>>>>> Pokémon

No. 727

Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Crystal, Kirby, Nightmare in Dreamland, Halo Combat Evolved, Halo Custom Edition, Halo 2, Age of Empires 2.

No. 728

And Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons, and Turok 2.

No. 887

File: 1560906804174.jpg ( 59.74 KB , 640x449 , Bomberman 64.jpg )

It's genuinely hard for me not to tear up with nostalgia every time I hear the music for Green Garden or Blue Resort in Bomberman 64. Instantly takes me back to being in elementary school, hanging out with my friends in their basement.


File: 1559018238456.jpg ( 77.98 KB , 1024x477 , sanity_not_included_season….jpg )

No. 880 [Reply]

anybody ever see this show? biggest crush on amanda as an 11 year old.

RIP machinima

No. 885

It went to shit when Lyle left, haven't been keeping up from the, though it would be cool if they brought him back as a villain.

No. 886

Never knew why they did that. weird stuff goes on behind those curtains.

what the fuck do you mean my post looks automated


File: 1471033062425.gif ( 416.41 KB , 689x602 , 1467013394292.gif )

No. 578 [Reply]

Comfy things, pictures, feelings, greentexts…
Anything goes

No. 1460

Is that your battlestation? Maybe we should post ours! As netizens, they're a place where we experience the whole range of human emotions that can be experienced online. I recently moved to my living room, using my tv as a monitor

No. 1462

File: 1560117136504.jpg ( 220.79 KB , 1373x1075 , Comfy-Kotatsu.jpg )

I like all pictures with a kotatsu in it.
It's like Japan has the perfect formula for comfyness.

No. 1464

Yeah, definitely a comfy setting.

No. 1468

File: 1560449354537.jpg ( 951.81 KB , 1550x1300 , 9aa1b22f17039af88dffcf975a….jpg )

No. 1470

File: 1560758289976.jpg ( 178.72 KB , 991x761 , 1542451528425.jpg )

amen brother


File: 1468380446083.jpg ( 707.89 KB , 3064x2271 , 1406993468338.jpg )

No. 478 [Reply]

What are some lessons that you remember learning during your childhood?

Did you learn them the "easy" way - sitting on your grandpa's knee? Or the "hard" way - that touching that hot stove when mom says not to is not such a good idea!

No. 775

"Kill them with kindness" – if someone is being an asshole to you, don't stoop to their level. Don't be a doormat either, but just politely (and a bit passive-aggressively, tbh) remove yourself from the situation.

No. 871

My mother never took this advice to heart for herself but she loved to tell it to me.

>Anon, the world doesn't owe you anything

No. 872

>Don't climb a tree with no way down
I learned this too. An extension is, "don't ask someone to help you up into the tree if you won't be able to get yourself back down."

No. 874

based necromancers

anyways my advice is that it pays to do the right thing, but not to be right. sometimes its okay to be wrong, the bad guy. everybody likes the underdog, nobody likes ned flanders

No. 884

This reminds me of a time my buddy and I were hiking up a really steep mountain in a dense jungle and we decided against getting a guide and just heading up trailblazing. About maybe halfway up it became a practically vertical climb and eventhough we couldve prolly climbed it, there would be no way back down without falling. We decided to call it quits and turn back. Turns out we took the wrong path and other people have died on the unsanctioned trails that we were on lol


File: 1507056146380.png ( 15.61 KB , 390x685 , comic of mother's joke.png )

No. 611 [Reply]

Let's talk about mothers. I don't have a good relationship with mine. Here's a joke, in comic form, that my mother has told me she tells to other people, when talking about me. I am Son B.

No. 617

We've never had a good relationship. We are just very different people. And I'm just not the sort of person who has good relationships. For example, I never used to tell he stuff like "I love you," or hug, or anything else, because I'm just the sort of person who doesn't like doing that sort of thing, and never have been, ever since I was 5-ish. I am also very stubborn, and have very different views from my mother. I had a very bad temper, growing up, which would get me in trouble in school and at home.
Overall, it's just a recipe for a bad son.

No. 664

She was the parent that stuck around. She's a disgusting joke of a human being but she was there, and it really makes me sick that such is enough to make her a thousand times the parent that my "father" was.

My mother loves me, but she's sick in the head and she's done some monstrous things to me, and to my brother.

No. 665

the top part is actually pretty funny on it's own, but with the bottom part added it's just sad.

No. 666

maybe a bad recipe for a son, but a good recipe for a strong man

No. 883

Satan himself out here with good advice for you OP. I hope your life has improved in the last year and a half


File: 1443566019928.jpg ( 234.46 KB , 1569x1178 , 144013039382.jpg )

No. 33 [Reply]

hispa refugees general

>hispa nostalgia thread

mod please dont delete the thread, dont be a dick

No. 698

¿Y quién dice que hispachan no va a volver?
¿Y quién dice que si hacen otro chan este no quede lolmuerto por que a nadie se le da la gana de postear ahí?
¿Quién dice que si hacen otro chan y este triunfa no se va llenar otra vez de funtards y grasosos?
Por ahora estamos reunidos en >>/refugio/, si les parece que 8ch es demasiado complicado deberían replantear si de verdad les interesa los chanes o sólo están aquí por moda.

No. 699

Esto es del 2015 sabes

No. 870

File: 1553690856730.gif ( 2.31 MB , 230x204 , 11111.gif )


No. 875

Hispachan me chupa

No. 882

File: 1560040431835.png ( 153.34 KB , 600x800 , 1557953524832.png )

Creía que yo era el único que conocía Dreamchan.


Esta calaña está putamente lolmuerta.


File: 1487762651890.jpg ( 728.58 KB , 900x900 , 1482569669208.jpg )

No. 643 [Reply]

I once had a dream that was really vivid. In it I was in love with a classmate that I hadn't seen in several years. I never spent much time thinking about her back then but did think she was kind of cute I guess.

Waking up from the dream it was like my body had sent out the actual "love-chemicals" that you get when you fall in love with someone for real. For the rest of the day I stalked her on facebook and couldn't stop thinking about how bizarre it all was, that the feeling of love didn't go away after waking up. The feeling did eventually pass towards the end of the day.

Anyone ever had something similar happen to them?

No. 652

File: 1487943597027.jpg ( 1.21 MB , 1200x1200 , 1487734833254.jpg )

Ugh… Last week I dreamt about getting married with my ex-girlfriend (the only gf I ever had), I don't know why, I don't even like her that much (not even like her anymore), we haven't spoke since we broke, we haven't see each other since then, I don't hate her, but she was a completely slut.
Anyway I felt weird, it wasn't a happy dream, but it wasn't a sad dream either, I was a dream were my ex-girlfriend pushed me to get married, for no reason. I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean anything but I felt kinda awkward after that.

No. 683

File: 1555393826781.gif ( 1.85 MB , 500x395 , Hide the Pain.gif )

Oh boy, do I ever know this feel. I once dreamed about a girl who I'd never seen before. I don't even remember what she looked like, I just remember the feeling of having her by my side. It made me want to get a gf, but of course I still haven't gotten around to it.

No. 714

File: 1559437309997.jpg ( 16.41 KB , 412x367 , sad cat.jpg )

yes ;;; usually remember past lovers in idyllic circumstances in dreams… then feel 'off' after waking, sometimes having to fight the urge to get back in touch with them for days


File: 1559436788455.webm ( 2.45 MB , KC, there's a shitload of….webm )

No. 881 [Reply]

I miss ylilauta

int is still there but it's not the same as it was :(


File: 1559029236080.jpg ( 511.62 KB , 1600x1066 , 1506998161081.jpg )

No. 209 [Reply]

what do you guys think of our band's first single?

No. 210

Nice, chill stuff. Love it. Which instrument do you play, if you don't mind me asking ? Any other material coming soon ?

No. 211

Bass guitar. yep, plenty. we have about 10 songs ready for release, another 10 need to be recorded, gonna be spacing it all out over time. I'll post it here if youd like when it comes out. I'd imagine this thread will still be here.
Glad you liked it!