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File: 1586239709293.jpg ( 528.43 KB , 967x967 , 1585783416836.jpg )

No. 879 [Reply]

Lately, I've been struggling with keeping a positive attitude and continuing on being productive in these trying times. In the spirit of this, I decided to make a thread about the battle for constant self-improvement! I saw an anon on /fit/ recommend this guide, and read through it. It was very brusque but I did find a lot of parallels between my life and that of failure avoidance tactics that we either conciously or unconciously employ.


Do any of you anons have any similar resources/experiences/advice?

No. 880

Every time I mention him there's a fight but



File: 1482089571959.png ( 324.69 KB , 480x716 , 1482012758091.png )

No. 510 [Reply]

Did any of you browse 4chan when you were younger? Like, before 2007, when it was fun and civil, not the twisted abomination it is now.
Those were the good days. We were all alike, because even if you were a fat neckbeard weeaboo, everyone else was a also a fat neckbeard weeaboo, in their hearts. This picture sums it up nicely.

No. 948

At this point I only go for late night threads and special events. Finding threads with good discussion and minimal normalfaggotry is a treat.
Even some of the less popular boards resemble facebook in terms of post quality. Just take a look at /ck/, full of pepe and one sentence posts.

No. 949

I just can’t deal with every thread no matter what the topic, being political.

everyone has a chip on their shoulder, it’s been true to some degree always but never like this. I haven’t seen a thread containing that good old fun in 10 years

No. 958

What do you think about the rise of 4chan archive sites? I found them useful, but I miss the ephemeral nature of posting.

No. 959

I like them because it bears little influence on how sites work and flow.
In social media, everything can be dug up. For archives of imageboards, the anonymous posting is still secure so nothing is lost. It primarily helps people like me who only lurk or browse for discussion on certain topics.

I think it makes browsing more efficient and easier to ignore the trash.

No. 966

File: 1586389622198.jpeg ( 38.16 KB , 400x517 , imagegroup (2).jpeg )

>were still decent up until around 2012. And IMO the whole GamerGate thing, whether you care about it or not, marked the downfall of 4chan. I mean 4chan still exists and is not going to go down or anything, but every time I go there it's the same 10 generic topics. But that's just how it be. The craziest thing was how the whole niggers and Jews thing went from being a joke to the shitshow we have now.

I thought I was the only one who thought like that but now I found this place.
It is a strange kind of pain that I'm feeling when I think about how it once was just for the lulz and now it all has an agenda…


File: 1442801242604.jpg ( 11.35 KB , 480x360 , 1441305833584.jpg )

No. 87 [Reply]

Subject says it all!

I had a strange one recently, though most of my dreams aren't at all based in common reality, this one stood out not only because it felt like I was in a situation that could happen (in non-dream standards, mind you), but I was also me at an age of I think around 12-13. It also featured my little sister, around the age of 7 or 8 (her current age).

Basically what happens is that our mother who I can only assume is the last surviving of her family dies, and we were left to go live with our older adoptive sister. This is all assumed, as in this is kind of the context I was feeling while in the dream, why things were happening, why I was there. Our older adoptive sister was an anthropomorphic possum though she didn't dress the same way I believe it was based on the main character from a webcomic called 'habits' or 'clementine' as some call it on vice because she was basically homeless. We walked around a downtown area of a medium sized city as she would drink alcohol and flip off cars that passed us by, edging us on to do so with her. I would, but my little sister wouldn't. Then she bought us slushies, poured alcohol into mine and I got drunk with her while my little sister just drank a normal slushy, after that I woke up.

I liked it, felt like I was having fun in the dream in the innocent way a kid at that age would despite the shitty situation.

No. 847

What do you mean?

No. 848

File: 1585811454697.jpg ( 9.52 KB , 380x407 , IMG_20200319_004544.jpg )

I stopped talking to my only friend about a year ago. There was no fight or anything of the sort, we just stopped communicating, the friendship simply faded away. Although he sometimes shows up in dreams.
I don't remember a lot about this one, but it stood out to me because I recall the emotions quite vividly.
There was some sort of special situation that led me to making the impulse decision of going to his house and become friends again. Upon getting there he was at his door. I think he greeted me and I greeted him, he was kind as always, he was okay with being friends with me again.
But the moment I saw him I knew I committed a great mistake and that there was no going back. The rest of the dream was filled with an Immense feeling of shame and regret. We played videogames and chatted as usual, but there was an unbearable awkwardness in the air. I always suspected that he was only my friend out of pity, that he despised me but was too nice to truly speak his mind, that he didn't really like me but kept agreeing to hang out because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. That awful suspicion was stronger than ever in this dream. The embarrassment and regret came from that I think, from coming back to someone who didn't really care about me, when it would be better for both if we never saw each other again. But a part of me still clings to that one-sided friendship, which just makes me feel pathetic.

No. 849

File: 1585822907621.png ( 29.33 KB , 1024x1024 , 1024px-Yin_yang.svg.png )

>makes me feel pathetic

Or you could look at it as you've gotten on more or less surviving for a year without that friendship. I know the feeling though, anon. I really do. Twice in my life now, have I stopped and realized that I was always running to everyone else to hang out, offering to pick up food, offering to cover for this or that or whatever, and so as a test, simply stopped reaching out. And it's been crickets in response every time. It does make me very sad when I choose to think about it that way, but I've realized that it's only sad when I think about the situation as if I was looking at somebody else going through it - but I'm not in that position, I'm living between my ears. So I have more than a lifetime's worth of work to do in here, and without any kind of evidence to present, I think that this sort of realization is what drives people to both monasteries where people dedicate decades - the rest of their lives - to exploring inner mysteries, and to the frontiers of the old world, where we were never alone, because we were closer to the Earth itself. We do unnatural things and then wonder why we don't feel right…I think the techno-isolation has a lot to do with it. Just rambling though. I say congratulations on handling your own self - good and bad - for a year without other people having to tell you how to act, or dress, or whatever else always comes with peer pressure. I remember the feeling of the moment when I realized that living in fear was like a prison for me, but that if I decided I would run the prison instead, then it would instantly become a fortress. All again to say that there is strength in weakness.

No. 850

File: 1585983616057.gif ( 640.72 KB , 500x270 , 1584406140782.gif )

It's been a while since I've been able to remember so much of a dream.
It took place in my old school.
For some reason, I was my child self, while my classmates were from high school.
I suffered from bullying during my school years, so I always had this fantasy of finally beating my bullies up. Of course, it never happened.
In this dream, I did precisely that. I beat two of them up, quite violently, with my kid body. Surprisingly it didn't feel good at all.
Afterward, it was like I just committed a heinous crime. Suddenly the school was empty, I figure they had evacuated as if I was a school shooter.
I was left to wander the lonely building. I had a lot of regrets, not because I felt guilty for punching those teens, but because, apparently, this crime would ruin my life. It was an impulsive decision made upon a burst of anger that would cost me my future.
After a lot of thinking about the horrid, life long consequences of my actions, I came to a sort of depressed, melancholic acceptance of what my life would be from now on like I'm just waiting to die without anything I can do about it.
Relaxed I walked the hallways, expecting the cops to arrive any second and arrest me. For whatever reason they were taking forever to show up, making the wait excruciating. At some point, I came across a girl of my age that was left (about 8 years old) and became friends with her. After exploring the silent building for a while, we discovered a sort of tunnel that led to an underground cave that was connected to the outside. There was a functioning plane there, we only had to press a rock button in front of it to get it to work. Thanks to this turn of events, I could escape my fate and live somewhere far away. So we flew off to an unknown destination, as the plane was piloted automatically.
We landed inside a cave in another island. Apparently, to get to our real destination we had to find a similar stone button that would reactivate the plane. The place was very dark but I brought a flashlight with me. However, our exploration of the cave was cut short by the attack of a tribe of monkeys who lived there. The girl was actually quite good at fighting them off.
Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of the fight so the story has no conclusion. I was glad it was all a dream. Maybe imy mind tried to tell me doing things driven by rage only ends up hurting myself?

No. 851

>what your dream is telling you

And that perhaps you can seemingly get away from the consequences from your actions, but that even if you find a nice girl and become friends, things seem good, like you fully "got away with what you did", etc. something will come back to balance your karma out. Whether it's monkeys or Noah's proverbial flood, and then with the dream ending where it did, it seems to say that beyond that karmic come-back, who knows what the outcome will be? Will your gf keep fighting back/paying for your misdeed? Will she succeed or fail? Be destroyed by it? Will it destroy you? Who can say. But the meaning of the entire dream is pretty clear to me.


File: 1548392017696.jpg ( 50.33 KB , 640x640 , EE3i1wT_d.jpg )

No. 1353 [Reply]

This thread is just for the little good feelings that are worth mentioning but not big enough to warrant an entire dedicated thread.

No. 1737

File: 1582581598976.jpg ( 79.01 KB , 1281x1200 , da8a61d2ddd1e995aeb42d7d2a….jpg )

Ok, so there was a hot girl who sat opposite to me on the metro today. She was an 8/10 by my standards: Pretty face, lovely hair, wide hips, thick thighs, nice butt, tall. We got off at the same station and she ran up her boyfriend who was waiting for her…

I'm not particularly insecure about my ability to attract members of the opposite sex, but goddamn, from now on I have absolutely no doubt, because she was with one UGLY beta-looking motherfucker. He looked like a 30 year old pimple-faced teenager! He looked so weak that if she pushed him and he fell, he might break everything in his body, or if she grabbed his throat hard enough, she could snap his pencil neck. Not to mentioned the way he was dressed, as if he stole his clothes from an orphanage for obese children. If girls like her go out with guys like that, then no one is out of my league.

No. 1780

No. 1783

Couple possibilities:
1) He's filthy fucking rich.
2) She's the type to purposefully seek out unattractive males to magnify her own sense of worth, because her girlfriends and other folks will constantly tell her that she could do better.
3) She is an extremely wise and level-headed genius who also happens to wear tight-fitting clothing and use public displays of affection.

Seriously, there's no secret. Girls are people, they're just people who often get a pass on fixing their insanity when they're attractive. There's an old chinese saying, "An ugly woman is a blessing in the home." I bet you didn't look at some average looking 5/10 girl and notice something thoughtful about her dress or behavior and think, "That's really interesting - I wonder what she's thinking about." and don't get me wrong - I'm guilty of the same, it's just that what I've made sense of is that until I'm the type of person who is "better", I will not attract another person who is "better." Or at least that's what I tell myself in the hopes of pushing myself to start getting my act together, being almost 30.

No. 1785

File: 1586082955925.png ( 5.2 KB , 64x64 , 424585609219407872.png )

Actually, I found a more convenient way to download them, but thank you!

No. 1788

4) He's a nice and funny guy who treats her well and they have a fulfilling relationship.

You realise women aren't leeches right? They don't need money or cover or anything. People just like each other.


File: 1585173302527.jpg ( 64.69 KB , 720x709 , 88060542_138164771062730_1….jpg )

No. 1770 [Reply]

Hey all, I know these are uncertain times, especially for those in industries affected by the virus, you may be facing unemployment or even have been laid off already. My sincere sympathy to you. If there's something I can help with you can reach me via DM on Twitter (_dreamch)

I wanted to use this thread to not only talk about these concerns, but also movies, hobbies, or other entertainment you might be using to get your mind off of things. I myself am considering ordering some large Lego sets, as the idea has sounded increasingly comfy to me.

Stay Safe.

No. 1781

Great to see more people interested in math, this is a good feeling. What kind of pointers are you looking for? Tips for how to study, or good resources to learn from?

By the way, you should learn some probability theory as it's always useful to have.

No. 1782

More to good resources than anything. I found that especially for math, practice and patience work very well for studying. And thanks for the tip to learn probability theory!

No. 1784

Try MIT OpenCourseware.

No. 1786

I'm going to second MIT OCW. It's a great resource for lecture notes and problem sets.

Also have a look at Harvard's video series on probability and algebra, especially if you like lectures.

If you like textbooks it's much easier to just google for the most popular alternatives and download them all. You can decide which one is best for you by reading the toc and introduction

No. 1787

File: 1586142990863.png ( 82.74 KB , 858x858 , gibe_first_aid.png )

thanks alot anons, stay safe!


File: 1512787061944.jpg ( 21.88 KB , 390x480 , Madotsuki.jpg )

No. 270 [Reply]

How many of you guys are hikkis? It is not something I am proud of personally, yet, it's only been about a month into my second relapse. Have any of you been through this, and have you any advice?

No. 770

hes a genius

No. 771

i don't even disagree with him about automation, but yeah he's too smart for us

No. 772

File: 1580943722537.jpg ( 7.71 KB , 500x500 , peace-button.jpg )

guys its not his fault, he probably just came from 4chan. give him some time to assimilate
plus, our arguments probably sound pretty stupid when you step back and look at it lol

No. 854

Is this site being advertised on 4chan? I sure hope not. I mean, maybe on slower and calmer boards like /ck/ or /an/, MAYBE.

No. 878

Good luck my dude I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.


File: 1446399654227.png ( 186.97 KB , 680x684 , 1417729628016.png )

No. 1 [Reply]

What are some of your irrational fears, /sp/?

I used to have an intense phobia of clowns. It's been phased out many, many years ago, but it was absolutely brutal for a little while to even catch a glimpse of anything clown-related. My cousins had this dome covering for a ceiling light with an image of a cartoon clown and I couldn't even be in that room unless it was taken down.

I was just horribly spooked by clowns for whatever reason.

No. 286

you should adopt a puppy. something that cant possibly hurt you. adorable little thing. sooner or later you'll stop being so scared

No. 287

something small and cute

No. 288

I don't really like pets to be honest. I have problems dealing with the unpredictable nature of them.

No. 291

I don't really have irrational fears, at least none that come to mind right now, but I have a really strange connection to heights. It's not that being high up scares me, I love it and used to climb all kinds of rooftops just to stand by the edge. What is weird is my body hates it. When I am enjoying the view my body starts getting weak, shaking and just really untrustful in the situation, which makes me cautios, but mostly upset my body just can't enjoy the height as much as I do. At certain points I can't even seem to see clearly and concentrated and things like trees seem a bit unsharp.

No. 292

Your body, on an instinctive level, realizes the danger you're in, though your mind might fool itself into thinking it's safer than it is.


File: 1585508797060.png ( 6.25 KB , 382x152 , Screenshot_17.png )

No. 870 [Reply]

Okay maybe it happened. But 6 million? That seems a little farfetched. Just a thought, ya know.

No. 871


No. 872

never forget the 6 mil shirts


File: 1514854208701.jpg ( 746.03 KB , 3264x2448 , mallcrash.jpg )

No. 230 [Reply]

In the interest of keeping things neat and tidy I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for bug reports.

When reporting a bug, make sure to include enough information to reproduce the bug. This usually includes:

What did you try to do?
What did you expect to happen?
What happened instead?

No. 338

It should be pretty instantaneous, I'll look to see if anything funny is going on. Thanks for the reports!

No. 346

File: 1580213416191.jpg ( 178.1 KB , 767x960 , 0cfAbgLmtew.jpg )

It's showing up for me now, but I experience the same problem now with someone else's post, post >>945 in /nos/

No. 415

File: 1582705938075.png ( 6.88 KB , 452x214 , Screenshot_2020-02-26 Deed….png )

Someone please fix this bug.

No. 416

It’s not a bug, I don’t think deeds should be that long

No. 419

same, i think it borked again


File: 1527270469739.png ( 22.46 KB , 1200x640 , red_city_by_kirokaze-d927e….png )

No. 1194 [Reply]

Hey, feeling alone and in the need of some company? Is the rain outside slightly warmer than it usually? Getting worn out by the normalfags?
Get in here and do whatever you want. Shitpost, talk about girls or boys, or just listen to music.
You're always welcome in comfy threads.

Have some Gondolas? Post them in >>1026

No. 1496

me too, about the high part. not anymore though at least

No. 1497

Yeah, I stopped smoking. 4 weeks clean today.

No. 1764

File: 1584936622149.png ( 87.59 KB , 179x255 , t w e e t.png )


I was looking for bird images, and found this one (being the image attached) and I instantly wanted to know source and I found this place, making me pretty new member I think.

I am really glad I wound up here though, one of my favorite sites on the internet.

No. 1765

Let me be the first to welcome you. I hope you enjoy your stay~!

No. 1766

welcome, anon! It's slow here, but if you enjoy it, you'll find its been pretty consistent over the years in terms of comfiness. Please check out /bavi/ if you haven't already, it's one of the most important boards on the site.


File: 1466638965795.jpg ( 345.86 KB , 1600x1200 , Bernheim 08.jpg )

No. 467 [Reply]

This thread is for music that makes you feel nostalgic. Post yt links to songs that make you feel nostalgic (even if you don't actually have memories with them) and maybe what the song reminds you of or makes you think of.

I'll start…
This song reminds me of my earlier childhood (as far back as I can remember - 7yrs) but especially of my old school. I went to a private christian school in the booneys. This song just makes me think of that time. It reminds me of when things were sort of structured..having to tuck our shirts in…all the girls wearing these dresses that went down to your ankles that would seem way out of fashion now. Getting pulled to the principal's office by my ear with my friend. Going around the merry-go-round. Going to the top of the slide and looking out at a massive field with super high grass that seemed to go on forever and a green and orange forest that seemed to hug the school itself.

No. 946

File: 1580229566823.jpg ( 81.88 KB , 700x700 , a0744294121_16.jpg )

Damn you have some balls to do that as your first song in public lol. I love it, but even at my level I hesitate to do cute/favorite songs like this.

For me, this whole album evokes nostalgia, because I played it on repeat while I played an MMO with my best friend and a few others. I live with that best friend now, and the MMO wasn't great, but even as a kid I found the whole thing relaxing. I wish I could still get into MMOs but the internet as a whole has changed so the social aspect of them seems to be totally gone now.
Anyway, the album:

No. 962

File: 1584314964950.jpg ( 9.89 KB , 480x360 , serveimage.jpg )



TV, mostly Nick, was my only pastime until Pokémon came out in 1998, so probably from around 1993-1998 all I did in my free time was watch television and read paranormal books from the library. Only within the last few years have I really finally dug into the music from that album, which I only knew one song of, or popular tracks from the artists. Turns out I don't like Enigma, but Enya is great.

No. 963


I believe I had pretty much the same album as you, although I had a different version to most people, the one I had was called 'Moods II', but the track listing is almost exactly the same as ''Pure Moods'. My version had a different cover and started with 'Orinoco Flow', unforgettable because of the sudden way it would start. My favourite tracks were 'Sweet Lullaby', 'Return to Innocence' and 'Nirvana'.

I had this in 1997 after just moving to New Zealand with my family. I would stick my head out the window and just breathe in the smell of the air which would fill me with all sorts of feelings, one of them being this 'yearning' feeling as if there were all sorts of amazing things taking place elsewhere that I was missing out on or something. I would start crying sometimes listening to 'Return to Innocence', I tried re-creating that experience recently and it was amazing to be pulled back to that time.

No. 964


I also have a separate memory associated with the music video for 'Sweet Lullaby'. I was in Australia before going to New Zealand, I'm not sure what year this was - sometime before 1997, and we had a TV channel called SBS which mostly aired 'world' movies and TV, and I happened to be awake one morning to catch their 'sign on' video, which was the music video for 'Sweet Lullaby', and it would end with this guy almost whispering in an odd voice "The world is an amazing place. SBS". After seeing that once I would try to wake up to be able to see it again, but the sign on was at like 5am or something and it seemed like sometimes they'd just go straight to programming rather than have the video. It was especially awesome for a young kid who had never been overseas to see this, and the song is wonderful on its own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIF5EEneWEU

As for Nick, the 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete' theme brings me back to this period in 1996 when my parents relented and got us satellite TV, and my younger brother and I just spent as much time as possible watching that. Brings back a carefree childhood feeling.

No. 965


Reminds me of a time that i didn't exist and a country i have never been to.


File: 1462912661392.jpeg ( 12.36 KB , 480x260 , shadow_man.jpeg )

No. 59 [Reply]

Has anyone here ever had sleep paralysis? I ask because I recently took up practicing lucid dreaming and I'm afraid of accidentally entering sleep paralysis. I've heard some spooky stories and the common theme seems to be that they can't move and see a shadowy figure in their hallway, closet, above them, etc…

What are your experiences, and did you see the shadow man, or something else spookier?

No. 273

sorry that was rude let me rephrase that

No. 274


No. 281

File: 1581780326515.jpg ( 32.55 KB , 480x360 , puppet.jpg )

I've never seen a shadowy figure in sleep paralysis, but thats often due to me. What happens though is that I feel my bed shake or some kick waking me up so I try move to look at what caused it or try to yell to my gf for help. I realize I can't move and have to wait for my body to gain strength again (starts with fingers to limbs). I just go back to sleep after I gain movement again.

Even though I've never seen a figure I had a nightmare. It was this weird play playing in the back of my head. It went like this
>My name is Amanda
>I liked dolls
>My dad friends sometimes bought me big dolls
>I didn't play with them because they were creepy
>I grew up and stopped playing with dolls
>I was sorting through my old stuff one day
>The creepy dolls all had 'Amanda stealing dolls' on the back
The dolls all looked like the Junju Ito puppets

No. 289

I've never been scared by it. I learned about astral projection first so when I got sleep paralysis the first time, I took advantage of it without being scared.

No. 290

I've never had any figures before, and I hope I dont get any in the future.

I find I can get myself out of paralysis by wiggling my toes, though I may be unique in this. Eventually it wakes up my ankle and from there my legs are able to and I just wake up my body.

I plan on taking up lucid dreaming too, I hope you find success in it!


File: 1567999338187.png ( 2.12 MB , 1500x999 , konpaku_youmu_touhou_drawn….png )

No. 1519 [Reply]

Hey /gf/, I recently got a /gf/. She's pretty cute. She's tall and has short, bobbed hair with cute bangs. She's pretty sweet and, as much of a meme as it is, she's a bit tom boyish. Either way, I love her, /gf/, because she's my /gf/.

No. 1640

File: 1571708570107.jpg ( 150.73 KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20191021-214200….jpg )

I don think tripcodes nor saging exist on this board. I think you have us confused with 4chan, perhaps. Btw, this is the good feels board and is for nice posters only, thank you.

No. 1641

File: 1571716856045.jpg ( 82.04 KB , 564x564 , 86a7967a3320001405b72d2602….jpg )

I think he means how you use "pics for aesthetics" in the subject/name field (never used those so don't know which is which)

2d still better than 3d

No. 1661

File: 1575946590622.jpg ( 189.59 KB , 1920x1080 , 1575913570102.jpg )

My gf and I are still going on strong. We are really, really in love. So much so that it can be difficult to describe the feeling. I love that she still gives me a head rush. I'm kind of ecstatic as I'm writing this. I feel like a little kid kind of.

No. 1685

sage does work by the way, lol. now watch as this thread doesn't get bumped from my post

No. 1763

I forgot about this thread a little bit. Didn't notice if it was bumped or not, but it's not a big deal. We're still together btw


File: 1455138273890.png ( 516.23 KB , 1280x960 , freaky.png )

No. 433 [Reply]

A.K.A: Share your blogpost about a nightmare you've had.

Lemme star by talking about mine, which for some reason, always seem to be disjointed for some reason. Had these yesterday.

First nightmare was me having a conversation to this sort of cockroach with human, slanted eyes with a mouth (kind of similar to David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch), about dissecting a human corpse, which was on a tiny table and was only a torso with a couple of organs with it's head and one arm cut off. As i was doing the operation, the cockroach thing kept talking to me about some non-sense i forgot, while blood kept spurting on my hands inside the human corpse's carcass.

Second one was me starting at the bottom of a sterile, white staircase (which i suppose was a hospital?), which had a backdoor of some sort. When i opened it, there was a large city road that had two groups of crowded people in different sides, arguing about some religion thing; one dude that was from the left side of the street, which was somebody i personally knew, started to fight with the other group which was on the right. Hugged him in an attempt to restrain him from getting his shit fucked by the mob of angry people, and pulled him inside the (what i suppose is) hospital's backdoor and locked it. He was lying unconscious on the floor, as i hopelessly tried to wake him up.

No. 809

Any tips for inducing nightmares? Dreams are nice but I always feel very alive after a nightmare and I want to have more of them.
Also hi /v/

No. 811

Stress can get you frequent nightmares, I can confirm, but I wouldn't recommend you to get stressed in order to have nightmares, in the other hand I've read that the metabolism can cause them, like eating certain kinds of food that the body can't process fast prior going to sleep, but that might just cause insomnia.

Seems most of the causes for nightmares are related to physiological disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

>Also hi /v/

lol, someone actually came.

No. 834

File: 1583408524354.jpg ( 282.69 KB , 1364x2048 , 1581782031479-2.jpg )

I was sitting on a bench in the park, observing people and taking notes. It was related to a college project.
A girl approached me and we started talking. At one point, she said that she doesn't like being selfish, etc. and that killing her ego helped her be more connected to the world.
I said "I can't do that."
"You don't have a soul, then."
"What happens if you don't have a soul?"
She pointed to a red, bloody creature the size of a rat. It had a human skull attached to a rat body, and it looked like it was rotting even though it was alive. It was "grinning" at me.
She said "You will become like this when you die."
A few seconds later, I noticed a "man" who looked like a devil; he was staring at us.
I went home. The "devil" was around the house, but did not seem like it wanted to harm me (yet). I entered the house, but only stayed for five minutes. I went outside again and decided to run.
The house was surrounded by a tall fence. I tried to jump over the fence, because I couldn't leave normally. It took a few tries, but I succeeded in the end.

No. 835

Had a bad dream last night. Don't remember what it was. Wasn't very happy before going to bed.

No. 845

File: 1584608162249.png ( 333.1 KB , 800x400 , 081.png )

a few days ago I had this nightmare where I was in some sort of rural area like a farm or something and me and someone else were sitting in a car talking. we were coming up with some sort of plan when I saw a group of people coming up to the car. When they came closer, I noticed that their faces were warped and bloody like pick related. the other guy in the car had a head lamp on, so I told him to quickly turn it off so that the people wpuldnt see us. but it was too late by the time he turned it off, the group had already notice us, so I decided to get out of the car to make a run for it. right when I stumbled out the door, I slipped and fell on the ground. that was when one of the monsters swung an axe at the back of my head, killing me instantly


File: 1584427288214.png ( 338.58 KB , 1920x969 , chrome_PNSF37gGZk.png )

No. 417 [Reply]


Add some 4chan style blotter banners to your site for the low low cost of $0.00(plus tax)

No. 418

lets make some dreamchan banners


File: 1524600680213.jpg ( 70.96 KB , 1280x720 , 23847892734ksljfls.jpg )

No. 681 [Reply]

Does anyone get really nostalgic over certain smells? There's plenty of various smells that do this to me. But first I'll mention freshly opened packs of Pokemon, Digimon, and Yugioh cards.

No. 772

yes, the smell of elmer's glue sends me right back to a particular hallway in my elementary school, and gives me general "back to school" mems.

No. 773

A couple of times in the years since, I've come across the scent of my exgf
There's an immediate and momentary feeling of happiness as my brain reacts, but I know she's not near and that I could do nothing if she was
I glance around and try following the smell, chase that feeling, but it's already gone

No. 956

Movie theaters and smelling that fresh popcorn being made always takes me back for a moment to better times as well as when movies were good. Then reality hits me and depression settles in.

No. 957

File: 1582412298730.png ( 41.02 KB , 1184x1026 , e4c3a1353a129cc30809213e63….png )

For some reason I could swear I had replied to this thread. Aside Yu-Gi-Oh card's smell, I'm always reminded of my childhood by the smell of some of the perfumes my mother used, also by the smell of some of the scents she used to clean the house, and the smell from dish-wash soap.

My mother's dressing table was next to our computer, I used to spent most of my free time playing games, so her perfumes reminds me of that.

And as I child I always had to wash the dishes, I always wanted to do it really fast to go back playing or watching anime (on tv), and I'm reminded of that by the smell of certain brands of soap.

>A couple of times in the years since, I've come across the scent of my exgf
I know that feeling.

No. 961

File: 1584314273396.png ( 118.6 KB , 1280x720 , pallet_town_voxelized_by_s….png )

This seems like it would be from Pixiv. I used to go there for years, collecting art. I haven't been on there in many years, probably because it ends up becoming exhausting to keep up with.


File: 1443931487979.gif ( 5.44 KB , 314x82 , mamamedia.gif )

No. 241 [Reply]

What websites did you visit a lot when you were young?

>pic related (basically a site full of kids' games, went there all the time when I was like 8)

>Disaster Labs (group of people who made games, flash movies, webcomics, and other stuff; they disbanded in the late 00s and I still don't know where everyone went)
>Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc.
>every cheat code and FAQ site under the sun
>Newgrounds, Albinoblacksheep, and all the flash game sites that grabbed games from them

No. 701

File: 1527195431812.jpg ( 151.06 KB , 704x1024 , damaged.jpg )

>tfw years of browsing le chans since a young ages has left you irreparably damaged

No. 702

I still log in occasionally, pretty bummed out that they're abandoning their flash projects in favour of unity, it wouldn't have been upset if it was literally anything else.

No. 703

Yeah, I can tell.

No. 950

File: 1581138600414.jpg ( 42.83 KB , 500x340 , Forums-Image.jpg )

Honestly surprised that Pojo is still around. Haven't actively posted there since early 2006.

No. 960

I still post here


File: 1584179275145.png ( 218.34 KB , 3601x3601 , Quarantine_1.png )

No. 1761 [Reply]

Soon the entire world's gonna be locked-down in order to tackle COVID-19. Better stay in the only place that MATTERS.


No. 1762

Best of luck everyone.

I was just looking through my old JUST folder and found the archived thread of the UnJUSTening. I forgot to celebrate TheChamCham's first year of freedom.


File: 1514528118767.png ( 717.49 KB , 846x578 , 1497389938490.png )

No. 1026 [Reply]

/Comfy/ Gondola thread <3

No. 1295

I love this thread.

No. 1297

File: 1542830880561.jpg ( 1.48 MB , 2310x1781 , Floating Gondola.jpg )

No. 1298

File: 1542830931909.jpg ( 482.21 KB , 1500x884 , Forest Gondola.jpg )

No. 1759

File: 1584089420636.webm ( 5.11 MB , Gondola City Lights--8iSe….webm )

Hey friends, hope you're doing well in these dark days. Here's something I found on YouTube, thanks to DrAlexandrius.

No. 1760

File: 1584109495229.webm ( 2.92 MB , Store night gondola Japan.webm )


File: 1581956520904.gif ( 54.69 KB , 220x234 , 007e02c318e2af38d688db0928….gif )

No. 819 [Reply]

Last night was… bad… I had a psychotic episode and I called a friend I hardly know 23 times. I don't even remember what dumb shit I said to get.

I woke up this morning and found a sticky note on my bed telling me to call her when I was feeling better. I stressed out about calling her but I eventually manned up and called her. It went… Shockingly well, actually. So well that I've actually got a date lined up for Saturday. Life is funny.

No. 836

That's not the right face, silly billy. Thanks for reminding me about this thread, though.

No. 837

>I'd take the help of a human being over that of a person who needs to look at my name in the file every week as is paid to drug me.
If your problems can be solved by somebody being nice to you you don't need a psychiatrists help. They're not your friend, they're a professional

No. 839

By that logic, psychiatrists are just (insect) people pretending to be nice. NOW QUIT FUCKING FIGHTING. This thread was supposed to be comfy.

No. 853

>got a kiss
>got another kiss

Omg!!!! Anon, that's great!!! Kissing is so wonderful, I swear. It's so much more than just sexual gratification, it's like…fulfilling and soothing. How exciting! Best of luck, anon. Relationships get tough to manage because the issues get less and less visible as time goes on, but it will all be a learning experience in the end.

No. 858

thanks anon


No. 32 [Reply]

Post sad music, depressive music, emotional music, no matter the genre, how well known they are or anything else.

No. 243

vintage emo or nin vibes

No. 245

No. 266

No. 267

No. 273

Let's dance.


File: 1442889078952.jpg ( 35 KB , 600x480 , journal.jpg )

No. 101 [Reply]

Is your dream journal a digital one (IE a txt file) or a real journal? Do you write in it right when you wake up?

I use a text file and keep it open, since I immediately jump on my computer in the morning anyways.

No. 237

I am a traditional guy, i draw quite a lot (and haven't improved for a while ;_;) and first thing is trying to draw what i saw and at the same time write what happened, if the process was entirely digital until my pc boots, then photoshop loads and i plug in my tablet it would be all gone

No. 254

Sometimes I remember my dreams enough to write them down, but I usually don't. At the moment I'm working on a comic based on my most recent dream. Since I'm a fairly shit artist, this'll be the first story idea that I actually make into a comic… I hope I manage it.

No. 256

Damn OP, you're reminding me of my dream diary which I abandoned last year. I was really detailed with my entries and I was able to better remember my dreams as a result.

But then I got hung up over a single detail and I put it off because I'm lazy but refused to do any more entries until I perfected the original because I'm a perfectionist.

And os my diary is undone

No. 836

Apologies for bumping such an old thread.

My dream journal is a digital one, a phrase or so that describes the dream. I haven't found the time to write a proper dream journal yet, but I should. Anyone found it intriguing how easy for it for dream events to be forgotten? Personally, I found that the feelings/emotions associated with such dreams can last longer.

No. 838

I find that physically writing down your dreams increase your ability to recall them. I still remember parts/images of dreams from 10 years ago that I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have remembered. Something about the act of writing out each line to make up each letter.


File: 1560059818373.jpg ( 544.69 KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_20190609_014226.jpg )

No. 1461 [Reply]

Remind all shall be ok

No. 1520

Keep trying

No. 1719

File: 1580972961912.jpg ( 156.02 KB , 828x824 , 2403d8a.jpg )

sall good yall

No. 1720

sall is not good what is this

No. 1751

I didn't give up and I'm much better now. "Keep trying" is the only necessary thing to remember in dark times. Thank you, anon.

No. 1758

Hey donny do you still suck dick for drugs? I have an offer for you


File: 1579872035730.jpg ( 56.19 KB , 720x623 , 1475526224748262.jpg )

No. 1684 [Reply]

Broken friendships can be healed

No. 1750

I've rekindled a friendship with someone who had tormented me in my earlier years. Strange, everything has mellowed out and I don't feel any more animosity towards this former fiend.


File: 1444687738401.jpg ( 883.58 KB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20151012_150403_596.jpg )

No. 230 [Reply]

Anyone here worship the sun?

No. 1735

Saturn is tied to satanic and dark forces. The Hebrews and even earlier Semitic groups like the Akkadians worshiped Saturn as the celestial Satan.

No. 1736

What's your thoughts on the "Saturn Return"?

No. 1738

File: 1582595769564.jpg ( 653.77 KB , 3474x2307 , AmericanEclipseHDR_Lefaude….jpg )

No. 1739

File: 1582595954804.jpg ( 2.26 MB , 2447x1441 , News-Fig0_Polar-polygons.jpg )

No. 1749

File: 1582969197628.jpg ( 15.49 KB , 220x217 , 220px-Sats.jpg )

This is a true story, in 2017 I started having a psychotic episode. The first "voice" I ever heard was when one day I got really high (weed) and stared directly at the sun for as long as I could.

That's when I heard it say, in my mind, "I will never lie and I will never swear (use curse words)", then it sounded like bees or aliens trying to talk to me and I freaked out.

Anyway, there's obviously much more to the story, but I just wanted to share this bit in this sun thread.

I talk about all sorts of strange stuff on my livestream, it's called Humble Bob Channels The Universe, on youtube and twitch. Check it out if you want, it's a chilled comedy vibe with me talking about shit like channeling and even doing some "channeling" (ie free association/stream of consciousness).

If you have any questions find me on there! I always interact with the audience.