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No. 402 [Reply]

I'm looking for music recommendations. I can go for literally anything that sounds cool. Send in whatever.

No. 462

CaptainBlackbeard Radio

>CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a psychedelic audio thrill ride of interweaving stories, humor & music unlike anything ever created ye won't hear anywhere else! CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a service provided to bring humor, music and culture to the lads and lasses of action across all Eight Seas.


No. 464

A song I liked from when I was younger

No. 465

No. 485

This sounds pretty cool:

apparently everything in this release is all sampled, going off from the tags given by the artst. I remember samples at the end of track 1, other than that i honestly cant tell what sampled and what isn't. Sounds cool

No. 488

File: 1652908331297.jpg ( 95.36 KB , 599x299 , R-18061678-1628644700-2918.jpg )

Since we're all hipsters-in-denial here anyway here's some really obscure ambient stuff I like.


File: 1588979750101.gif ( 1.76 MB , 500x380 , Laughing Mew.gif )

No. 274 [Reply]

post mew :^)

No. 275

File: 1588980354766.jpg ( 57.48 KB , 1280x720 , mew.jpg )

No. 276

File: 1589036722949.png ( 1016.64 KB , 731x897 , 3bfd2e658513d818ad4fa08cf4….png )

No. 277

File: 1589036756522.gif ( 425.08 KB , 482x268 , 1411850101031.gif )

No. 487

I like Mew!


File: 1651690412509.png ( 608.44 KB , 539x589 , shreksmash.png )

No. 71 [Reply]

Explain to me how this is not art.

No. 72

It is

No. 75

Could you explain how it is art, though?

No. 77

nta, but for me art defines as something human made - everything can be art, if you look at the right angle


File: 1641584690487.jpg ( 37.97 KB , 1000x1000 , classics-52a1429854fc8.jpg )

No. 479 [Reply]

It's a snowy day, perfect for listening to the best electronical music project of all time.

No. 486

File: 1652877951979.webm ( 7.65 MB , Avril 14th.webm )



File: 1636843617161.png ( 736.07 KB , 551x816 , hugs.png )

No. 1172 [Reply]

Since the first one hit a bump limit
"Bottling only makes it harder.
This thread is intented for people who would like to rant and write out their feelings.

It's possible to just spill everything in the textbox, explain it detailed or even write poems/haikus or stories, whatever your want.
You can give yourself a time- or character limit if you feel overwhelmed with writing down all that is going on.
You may also ask for advice or similiar.

It's hard to keep up a happy face, don't hide under a mask in order to lie to yourself.
Be honest with yourself and your feelings, that's the first step towards self improvement"

No. 1219

File: 1651222906154.jpg ( 1.67 MB , 1672x1988 , 4f668f486846e89a12baf9bde7….jpg )

doublepost but the fumo is as good as mine now. No need to fear lack of money.

No. 1220


I keep having to learn this the hard way, because I feel the need to cling to people like this due to not having much of any friends. I recently cut off a toxic friend that I noticed started acting more creepy around me the closer I was getting to them. They would stand too close and stare when talking to me, felt the need to follow me all the way to my destination when talking together - whether that be the front of my apartment room when we walk back from school (We live only two blocks apart!) or my class, create awkward silences, overshare about their sex life. I wouldn't be surprised if I made people even less willing to talk to me by being around them. I know at least one friend I introduced this person to started feeling uncomfortable herself when that person once again felt the need to bring up who they had slept with..while we were eating and in a very public place. That friend doesn't seem like she's really wanted to talk to me, since.

No. 1221

File: 1652286731621.jpg ( 38.01 KB , 512x512 , photo_2022-05-09_18-56-31.jpg )

I pray that you find somebody better and treat you better as well.

No. 1227

File: 1652784215722.jpg ( 797.7 KB , 1944x1424 , 20220404_192229c.jpg )

things are getting better. only about a year left of school before i can transfer to get my bachelors. have enough savings that i don't need to work until then. been taking nice long walks, enjoying nature. slowly but surely selling off 95% of my belongings before i have to leave. it's sort of solemn, but also freeing. even if things don't work out, at least i know each day i'm actively planning to make life better for my future-self.

No. 1228

Promising myself cigarettes for doing work actually pays off. I never "rewarded" myself yet but the illusion of there being one gets me going.


File: 1652863883636.png ( 104.78 KB , 768x763 , 3tdfxcbcvn.png )

No. 76 [Reply]

vi d p ic lolit a



File: 1513098262103.png ( 161.45 KB , 530x526 , bitcoin.png )

No. 980 [Reply]

Did you guys ever hold bitcoin or any other crypto?

I had 2 that I had sold off for like $13 in 2012. Really kicking myself now…


No. 2182

wish i was smart enough to understand it

No. 2184

Same, I'm trying to learn about it. My main problem is that I want to earn it online somehow then work on trading back and forth to increase my portfolio instead of dumping real money in it. Plus I'm a NEET, so I have no money to invest nor the hardware to mine it.

No. 2186


create a fantom-tomb pair on spookyswap.finance

farm on grim.finance


No. 2189

File: 1637628510483.png ( 1.22 MB , 1920x1080 , SAITAMAv2.png )

Yea. This is my favorite right now. Pic related.

No. 2209

File: 1652783762699.png ( 108.07 KB , 1156x815 , fung.png )

initially bought around 2018. kept in the green ever since. same with ETH, though i don't think i bought into that until 2020. now i'm partially staking most of my ETH, kind of been cucked by the way it works atm, can't pull out until ETH is updated or if i settle for a less-than-fair trade value, which docks about 13% of what i initially put in…
oh well, crossing my fingers, so far i have only benefited from having a low-time preference and just generally having faith in the technology


File: 1633104695082.jpg ( 62.6 KB , 750x1000 , 1630460023378.jpg )

No. 2175 [Reply]

Posts about books you're reading or finished and talk about what you think, so far. Ask other anons of a book is good and they might reply

No. 2199

You can call out any religion for being wrong though. Read "The Demon Haunted World" By Carl Sagan.

No. 2201

I'm currently reading a few books, but I'm mostly focusing on Bolaño's The savage detectives. Has anyone here read Bolaño before? He's one of my favorite writers, probaly the one I've read the most as well.
I'm also reading an anthology on Simone Weil and her writings, is anyone familiar with her work? What are your thoughts on her?

No. 2202

I am reading The Gambler by Dostoevsky and then I'll read Return From The Stars by Lem.

No. 2206

Have you finished reading them by now?

No. 2207

Currently reading 2666 by Bolano. Love it so far.

I've read a bit of Simone Weil. I don't like her, but I'm Christian and I haven't found a better Christian philosopher, except maybe Blondel


File: 1632430377734.jpg ( 1.48 MB , 2384x2832 , 20210923_033250.jpg )

No. 1133 [Reply]

I'd built up this grandiose idea that joining the Army would fix me and all my problems. It got me away from some bad shit but it only made my problems worse somehow and I let it get to me to the point that they discharged me before I even completed basic training. While I was on my way out, I was told that I could always rejoin the military after 6 months. I got so excited over hearing this. Maybe I'd try a new branch, experience something different, still get my benefits, and much more after I fixed myself some in those 6 months. I called up the Air Force today. They didn't want me. They told me they wanted nothing to do with me until it got my discharge upgraded, which is impossible for my discharge. I called the Navy. Same story. The Marines. You know the deal. None of them want me. I've even talked with an Army recruiter again and they said it would be really tough to get me in. I'd built my whole life up to being a soldier. That was my dream. That was dashed in a heartbeat. I don't even know how to cope. I've got nowhere to turn here. There's no moving up for me. I'm such a fucking fool.

No. 1201

I suggest you buy a doll to dress up in the meantime.

No. 1202

File: 1646150384689.jpg ( 1.42 MB , 1892x3543 , 20220228_175238.jpg )

It's very clear that you've put a lot of thought into all of this. You're ultimately more knowledgeable of your own situation and all this hinges on how you feel which is something that I don't know. I recommend that you do what you feel is right and if you've become certain over a much longer lifetime than mine that what you're doing is right for you then by all means do what you will do. It will probably be better for you. I also can relate to some of the things you said like I used to self insert as the female in porn and actually I usually read doujins about a man getting turned into a woman and having sex with a man. Pretty damning stuff honestly.

At the same time, I hope you do take my own experiences to heart. Also I think the user that says you should try dressing up a doll is giving some pretty good advice. I never thought about getting a trans gf or anything like that honestly. For a long time I was pretty confused about my sexuality but now I'm pretty sure that I'm attracted to men sexually but I'm incredibly skeptical of them. Anyways, I wish you all the best sis I hope that you find the right path for you. Best of luck in life.

No. 1203

File: 1646678099833.jpeg ( 58.52 KB , 735x685 , 280AE725-8E43-4B14-9D7A-7….jpeg )

cis people also commit suicide kekw and they're also the biggest whiners i've ever fucking seen, imagine seeing someone identifying outside their assigned gender and getting so mad about it that you type essays about how they shouldn't do it. grow a spine already. maybe cis people shouldn't be allowed to join the military cuz of how weak willed they are. y'all crumble at the sight of a trans person. it's embarrassing.

No. 1224

File: 1652407435264.jpg ( 397.97 KB , 1778x1377 , 20220512_054713.jpg )

OP speaking. Honestly looking back on all this it's interesting to see just how much I've changed. It's weird to see how a younger, sadder me saw my life and how that became the thread. I love you, dream chan, the good and the bad.

Now for the update. 6 months on HRT! Started dating! I'm more confident than ever. I love myself. Like I actually love myself. Saying that makes me tear up a bit because I never ever thought I'd be where I'm at now. Not in my wildest dreams. I'm happy and content in life. Sure there's rough edges and stuff but that can be made better. It feels a lot more achievable now too. I know it's vague but I don't really have much else to say. Stay safe everyone.

No. 1225

File: 1652605445493.jpg ( 33.56 KB , 580x923 , c2bf74d9ef43bf24dcf73cde5a….jpg )

Does that mean that you've been able to achieve inner peace with yourself?


File: 1646641689726.jpg ( 1.11 MB , 4256x2830 , 1645558987179.jpg )

No. 1071 [Reply]

Intitle. For those who dreamed something notable but don't want to write the whole thing out, unless maybe someone really cares about it.

No. 1073

Bonus: If you just start writing and can't stop and eventually you wrote the whole thing, you can just post it in the general. >>87

No. 1082

Map of Norway above with pine fruit on its left sea barring route to blood-drop pirate flags "if you send us blood we'll just drink it"… :
~The ??? Tree is un-mixed… the ??? Tree grows down to its roots…~

No. 1083

Fincus? Picus? Mincus? Micus? Ficus? NAh!

No. 1086

Had a dream where I was browsing the internet
and reading the comment section under a
post. Found an interesting comment and
saved it. My subconscious was trying to tell
me something lol. I forgot what the
comment was.


File: 1649545934611.jpg ( 19.33 KB , 480x360 , fouwchwanfourevah.jpg )

No. 1110 [Reply]

Back when 4chan (and the internet in general) was better.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NNMHxqJp6A

No. 1111

Note from OP: Holy fuck just realized this was made by Zone Toons, the ruiner of childhoods.

No. 1116

i wish i were here, 2006 4chan sounded like peak 4chan

No. 1117

lol I remember finding the zone flash of Liru from Magipoka. It's honestly sad how many years it's been.

No. 1120

I miss life pre-2007.


File: 1650927340301.jpg ( 46.72 KB , 540x405 , tumblr_678be2a5f36f939f76d….jpg )

No. 1215 [Reply]

Not sure what beard to post this on, but I'm thinking of putting an itasha wrap on my car. Someone I live with keeps borrowing my car keys and forgetting to return them and it's annoying me. Since she is conservative and freaked out by lesbians if I were to put a yuri wrap around the car of two anime girls in a passionate embrace I think she would be too embarrassed and would just drive her own damn car. I could handle getting weird looks until the sun fries the wrap and makes the colors faded and I have to remove it in a few years. I'm only worried because I'd have to park the car on a busy street and the novelty might make it a target for theives who want a joyride.

I'm trying to think of a good series. Since I'm out of touch with the new anime brainstorming only brought to mind: Lucky Star, Flip-Flappers, the Acceleration of Suguri, Ghost in the Shell, Serial Experiments in Lain, Simoun…

Any ideas?

No. 1216

File: 1651013493866.jpg ( 47.89 KB , 782x682 , 296.jpg )

Passive agressive actions only serve to perpetuate cycles of misunderstanding and suffering.

What makes you feel you are unable to communicate your issues with this person directly?


File: 1482089571959.png ( 324.69 KB , 480x716 , 1482012758091.png )

No. 510 [Reply]

Did any of you browse 4chan when you were younger? Like, before 2007, when it was fun and civil, not the twisted abomination it is now.
Those were the good days. We were all alike, because even if you were a fat neckbeard weeaboo, everyone else was a also a fat neckbeard weeaboo, in their hearts. This picture sums it up nicely.

No. 1049

File: 1604137892837.png ( 40.97 KB , 143x849 , Capture.PNG )

/qa/ had a 3rd party filter system that made it a 2D/random board before hiro killed that and forced the move to kissu and other spinoffs. It was nice and fun, but it was kind of weird that we were acting like this when we weren't teenagers anymore. /qa/ had an edit of that image where she was having fun again.
Those first 2 years or so on 8chan were fun as hell, everyone was trying to make their own board, IRC was popping, etc. It's sad what it became and how it ended. The webring kind of brought it back, but it didn't retain many users outside of the huge boards. But it did make anonymous imageboards much more decentralized again. It was juvenile but it was authentic and fun.
There are certain time periods on certain boards I wish I could turn into books and have with me forever. Archives make me very wistful, though and some have their own culture of ghostposting. Many suffer from spotty archives and some straight-up don't keep images to avoid legal issues.
I think you should help with and post on already existing ones rather than add another one, it will likely add another corpse to the pile of dead boards.
There are webms of how bad it has gotten. It's almost crazy that it managed to get worse.
Discord has sucked the life out of so much, it's almost sad, even those hole in the wall MAL club and "cyberpunk" communities have had the life sucked out of them by discord.

No. 1087

Oh i've used /ic/ quite a lot few years back. It's honestly a horrible place. And while they say they are harsh on people to give constructive criticism, frequently it's just bullshit. I understand not like someone's art, even if he's skilled. I do that too, but I never would shit on him personally. I wish a cozy place for art existed online, but nothing so far found. And I have no clue how I should advertise my own stuff. I don't even feel like I can because it makes me feel like an snake oil salesman

As a side note, I have a really cute story to tell. When I was posting my art to insta some (I assume) little girl liked my post, and she often visits my page to see what I've made. She also makes lots of cute fairy, witch and magic art and seems to have made a small clique of art friends there cause they like their stuff and tell themselves positive things. It warms my heart everytime I see it on my home page.

No. 1098

No. 1104

Creative projects like Densha Otaku (2ch) and Katawa Shoujo couldn't have happened on image boards today. Far too much has changed and are way too many assholes going to imageboards to crusade about politics for that level of collaboration now. The main thing 4chan is still good for is some kinds of anime porn.

No. 1123

Intrusive politics has almost ruined everything that's good.


File: 1615265312414.png ( 1.11 MB , 1000x1267 , hov.png )

No. 1 [Reply]

favorite sculptures

No. 53

File: 1630249494782.jpg ( 35.8 KB , 337x599 , Loewenmensch1.jpg )

Lion-man from the Hohlenstein-Stadel

No. 66

File: 1644436279262.jpg ( 677.17 KB , 1548x3160 , 94.8a.jpg )

It's my favorite.

No. 69

File: 1646790966007.jpg ( 135.48 KB , 640x640 , 5d9d9a6a7ea095b864f78071ff….jpg )

Tiki are great.

No. 70

File: 1646881639071.jpg ( 52.4 KB , 533x800 , mist anna golubkina.jpg )

I like this one

No. 73

Why do you like this one specifically? It's barely recognizable.


File: 1442801242604.jpg ( 11.35 KB , 480x360 , 1441305833584.jpg )

No. 87 [Reply]

Subject says it all!

I had a strange one recently, though most of my dreams aren't at all based in common reality, this one stood out not only because it felt like I was in a situation that could happen (in non-dream standards, mind you), but I was also me at an age of I think around 12-13. It also featured my little sister, around the age of 7 or 8 (her current age).

Basically what happens is that our mother who I can only assume is the last surviving of her family dies, and we were left to go live with our older adoptive sister. This is all assumed, as in this is kind of the context I was feeling while in the dream, why things were happening, why I was there. Our older adoptive sister was an anthropomorphic possum though she didn't dress the same way I believe it was based on the main character from a webcomic called 'habits' or 'clementine' as some call it on vice because she was basically homeless. We walked around a downtown area of a medium sized city as she would drink alcohol and flip off cars that passed us by, edging us on to do so with her. I would, but my little sister wouldn't. Then she bought us slushies, poured alcohol into mine and I got drunk with her while my little sister just drank a normal slushy, after that I woke up.

I liked it, felt like I was having fun in the dream in the innocent way a kid at that age would despite the shitty situation.

No. 1077

been keeping a dream journal and so far all of learned is my dreams are kind of boring. here's one. some typos as i just type these first thing in the morning.
>dreamed i was back in the starbucks roasting plant was just about the only one there so i just stood around until a superior i didnt recognize came in and berated me. gave me a busted computer chip with a cryptic message wrirtten on it to deliver to the mailroom and told me to hurry but with my limp and my having forgotten the layout
(i never knew of a mailroom there in waking life) it took me quite some time to get it there. the mailroom resembled the post office in tahoe. the man was waiting by the mailbox and said he was expecting something very funny so i handed it to him directly. he said it didn't make any sense. went back to green bean loading and there was a fire drill so i grabbed my headphones so i could watch some game dungeon during the wait. ross had a new episode out and was reviewing a bunch of games that had no purpose other than to gratify vore fetishests and pretending not to understand why they were made. passed by some handwritten papers with my brother's name on them and made a mental note to steal them on the way out. i do collect handwritten notes i find in waking life. saw chuck from better call saul and then saul and groaned realizing i was watching a dream episode. we all had to stand on specific points in the parking lot with decals painted on them represnting how many people had died doing your job. lower paid employees had the most decals. jimmy and i had very many, chuck had very few.

No. 1078

chuck and jimmy stood right next to eachother but at times chuck was standing on something elevated. they argued, at one point i was veiwing chuck through a car window that had half a pair of scissors on it. someone told me this was a reference to a line in "clockwork orange" and said it was "next level symbolism" but even in the dream i suspected that was bullshit. chuck said he'd faked his own death which i let slide as i knew it was a dream episode and also just a between season special rather than a proper episode. he and jimmy argued with forced civility until jimmy calmly got up and pressed a half a pair of scissors into chuck's neck and he exploded into giant cockroaches. we then were told to go back to work and a co-worker told me "the steaks are real meat" and i realized steaks were being made of cockroaches these days. i peered into a large bin and it was full of giant cockroaches. i remembered then that freud at once interpreted a fear of rats as being a repressed anal fixation. snatched up the papers pretaining to my brother and ran for the exit. couldnt make anything out and one of the more important looking ones, a notebook with sections for many employees, had only one page in his section that was cut so only the top remained and the rest of the pages about him were in the wrong section. then i was in a large grocery store and an employee had died who people didnt care for but the owner, who had known him for a long time said he would be spared because he had died trying to do something good even though the end result had been quite bad. can't remember what that was but it involved kicking a shoe at an old lady who was now also dead. saw their souls arguing and then the old lady went up to heavan and the employee was pulled back into his body. employee may have been frank from "f is for family" then the owner drew my attention to some sawdust on the ground and i said something along the lines of "yeah, no good?" trying to preemptively agree with him. he then told me the sawdust was a great idea and said "who says you need carpets in a grocery store". thats all i remember.

No. 1079

I've been dreaming a lot of an ex girlfriend that I dated over a decade ago.

No. 1081

I dreamt I was working in a warehouse helping to move donated supplies in Ukraine and I was a little worried when some jets flew over, but then I woke up.

No. 1091

That's a very detailed dream you had, were you perhaps not looking somebody elses life through your dream?


File: 1649623475384.jpg ( 4.85 MB , 4032x3024 , 20220410_132908.jpg )

No. 1112 [Reply]

Old trees can be pretty nostalgic. Is anyone inyerested in growing trees?

I had to cut down my Granny Smith apple tree some years back, but I'm trying to graft (clone) a new apple tree (so far so good.) This is the first time I've had a graft survive and I'm stoked.

I'm also growing a lot of exotic/tropical fruit trees in 25 gallon containers despite how I have a small yard. In my pots I have growing: Asian Pears, Loquats, Longans, Lychees, Rose/Malay Apples, Wax Apples, Mangoes, June Plums, Australian Finger Lime, Jaboticaba, Peanit Butter Fruit, Miracle Berry Fruit, Jackfruit, Feijoa, Eggfruit Mamey Sapote, Sapodilla, and White Sapote.

I also have some common apple, pear, nectarine, peaches, cherries, surinam cherries, oranges, lemons, jujube, cape gooseberries, jostaberries, black berries, lemonade-blueberries, red and green gooseberries, pomegranates, figs, and pink and white guava.

Depending on your climate you can grow different kinds of fruits and some of mine have died, but I want to taste as many of the weirder fruits that I can't simply buy at the supermarket.

No. 1114

File: 1649896136519.jpg ( 5.84 MB , 4032x3024 , 20220410_132519.jpg )

Another picture to show you don't need a big yard to grow fruit trees in big pots.


No. 392 [Reply]

analog horror thread

No. 394

File: 1648904134495.jpg ( 93.06 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

There's a kirby analog horror series that's really high quality but i really can't take it seriously, it's more funny to me. it's still a good watch

No. 395

I only know these from Wendigoon videos (I'm too scared to watch on my own)

He went over a bunch of Five Nights at Freddy analog horror too. The original game is way too weird for me but the voice acting in one of them is superb. I embedded it here.
The context is (and I may get this wrong): The guy who owns the restaurants killed a bunch of kids and he kept an audio tape of his confession hidden.


File: 1579265318150.jpeg ( 18.63 KB , 259x194 , images.jpeg )

No. 628 [Reply]

Sitting in class watching some kids eat edibles while the professor is literally none the wiser. I can't help myself from wondering how miserable of a person you need to be in order to do drugs in the middle of class. I feel bad for them, honestly.

Drugs are fun while they last, but they're really not good for you. Share your wacky experiences with them.

Thhis is bad thred btw

No. 666

File: 1580051031357.gif ( 2.8 MB , 540x304 , tumblr_pwz4j276xb1tls8aro1….gif )

It's important to be in a safe environment when you do it, and the best trip is inward - darkness and silence. Do not fight the experience, surrender to it, observe it. It won't last forever. If you go into it safely and excited to see what it has to offer, like you seem to be, it should go smoothly.

No. 667

That's not a good idea

No. 1150

Realistically shrooms wont cure anything. They aren't an access to ayyliens, the demiurge, or anything else. At best it allows you to get in touch with your subconscious, at worse you open up a worm can you cant close. There are much safer ways to access your subconscious, see Jung's works. You wont be able to fix any issues that appear during psyches without knowing what to look for. If you're doing it for fun feel free, but take it slow and keep a benzo or two on hand if shit gets a bit too heavy to handle.

No. 1151

I am planning on growing mushrooms here soon for my very first time. Probably will try to do so a few times a year for personal use only. I've heard the rumors that you described about LSD along with other market drugs as well. There's a few that I personally want to try out but have been quite hesitant.

>Personally after tripping on LSD I only became more sure that I should kill myself

Do you only suffer from depression?

No. 1211

File: 1650689107851.png ( 212.27 KB , 373x447 , Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at ….png )

doing drugs while class is in session is :( i think its all in moderation. lsd and shrooms are reflections of your emotion so whenever people tell me they took acid at like 3 pm in their sad, dark apartment with people they don't know well it's like of course youre going to have a dog shit trip. i try and peak at like 1 pm


File: 1648538328595.jpg ( 68.4 KB , 768x576 , eternal-fighter-zero-memor….jpg )

No. 1106 [Reply]

I liked the old doujin games from the era when they still had to distribute their games on CDs at Comiket. This was before Japanese indie developers started publishing on Steam, (which started during the 2010s.)

There were a lot of MUGEN fighting games. There was Eternal Fighter Zero, (a pretty awesome game of characters from KEY fighting each other (Air, Kanon, and One~ Kagayaku Kisetsu e~.) There was an Elfen Lied game, and one of Lucky Star characters fighting each other. It was a glorious time to play obscure otaku games made for otakus.

No. 1109

I wish Steam was filled with games like these.

It's like back in the 2000s otaku culture was in its' golden age. These obscure games were played by all the otakus. Anime was fucking good. 4chan was a decent website.

Good times.


File: 1494476136126.jpg ( 48.15 KB , 430x505 , t1qUaGU.jpg )

No. 106 [Reply]

They half-shamed, soon mourning,
crept resignedly but not rustling
your moonlit body.

Beauteous skies
silvered with drippings of star-dust,
a world mortal without palpable matters.

Restrung skin, dripping.

No. 111

File: 1495585608175.jpg ( 319.19 KB , 992x2204 , eve_as_janus.jpg )

A blurred wedding, Father blessing.

Exceptions: normal.
We're empty.
Found watching shadows, waiting.

Suddenly, a sharpness and drenched breaths.

Into the body, a hand ruining all inside.

No. 235

File: 1540959022971.png ( 1.69 MB , 776x1030 , wraith.png )

Yet I, in black surface, soft brilliance,
ashamed of memories, tremble in truth,
the space bringing to light
burnt laws on mortal inmates.

No. 388

What is this?

No. 389

File: 1638279083660.jpeg ( 69.17 KB , 1280x720 , awful eating sen3.jpeg )

The awful sight, eating everything.
It doesn't stop for you or me.
It continues to devour everything in it's path.

Painful as you look on at it eating your loved one.
They cry out in agony as you stand still.
You look at it in the face as it draws near.

Darkness! Darkness! Darkness for eternity!
You're gone from this world.

No. 393


File: 1514854208701.jpg ( 746.03 KB , 3264x2448 , mallcrash.jpg )

No. 230 [Reply]

In the interest of keeping things neat and tidy I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for bug reports.

When reporting a bug, make sure to include enough information to reproduce the bug. This usually includes:

What did you try to do?
What did you expect to happen?
What happened instead?

No. 589

the dropdown menu on desktop is dysfunctional. clicking on a board from the menu doesn't do anything, nor does it do anything when I refresh the page with it selected

No. 590

File: 1619484056736.png ( 174.15 KB , 2432x1282 , Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at ….png )

hmm, looks fine for me on safari anon

No. 591

oh well it disappeared

No. 592

great, likely just a caching issue then :)

No. 624

is duck dead?


File: 1647903799174.png ( 1.88 MB , 1600x1600 , thing.png )

No. 1207 [Reply]

i have this weird thing that when i think of some specific topics its assosiated with a kind of 3d area of places in my town in my brain and i kind of move around that place in a loop as i think of said subject and ive been able to kind of map what things are what places but its very random (one of them is a book and its connected to a building on the outskirts of my town that i dont even see that much) so yeah kinda wacky. Anyone know anything about something lke that or what it is? ive had it for years

No. 1208


This really sounds like a memory palace to me, you could look a bit into it ! I belive it's also called "method of loci", it's a really old way to remember things that unfortunately never worked for me…


File: 1597677053806.png ( 118.25 KB , 501x501 , __original_drawn_by_ayu_mo….png )

No. 908 [Reply]

Sometimes when you're sleeping and you feel/hear something your brain makes it apart of your dream, ex your alarm clock goes off and your dream incorporates the noise into your fantasies.

Have you ever experienced this? If so what happened?

No. 1066


No. 1067

>your alarm clock goes off and your dream incorporates the noise into your fantasies
Yes, I believe this happened to me yesterday (I tend to forget my dreams more quickly lately). IIRC the sound just sort of "transformed" into some other sound in my dream.

No. 1074

I came across a piano and when I touched the keys I could feel the weight of them, the note were the same as a regular piano, so I spent the rest of the night practicing on it.
I don't play the piano so this was interesting to me to come across

No. 1075

That's a really nice dream. I hope I come across a dream like this at some point. I'm not really motivated like i used to be to practice an instrument nowadays.

No. 1076

My neighbor's dog barks a lot and is annoying as hell. Sometimes I guess when it barks loud closer to my home it affects my dreams. I'll occasionally get attacked by dogs out of nowhere in some of my dreams.


File: 1466638965795.jpg ( 345.86 KB , 1600x1200 , Bernheim 08.jpg )

No. 467 [Reply]

This thread is for music that makes you feel nostalgic. Post yt links to songs that make you feel nostalgic (even if you don't actually have memories with them) and maybe what the song reminds you of or makes you think of.

I'll start…
This song reminds me of my earlier childhood (as far back as I can remember - 7yrs) but especially of my old school. I went to a private christian school in the booneys. This song just makes me think of that time. It reminds me of when things were sort of structured..having to tuck our shirts in…all the girls wearing these dresses that went down to your ankles that would seem way out of fashion now. Getting pulled to the principal's office by my ear with my friend. Going around the merry-go-round. Going to the top of the slide and looking out at a massive field with super high grass that seemed to go on forever and a green and orange forest that seemed to hug the school itself.

No. 1097

File: 1645604539576.png ( 782.66 KB , 659x1200 , 1657654654654647.png )

No. 1099

I don't understand why this is so nostalgic for me


No. 1102

No. 1103

I used to listen to this as a kid jumping around my room acting like I was fighting as if I were Liu Kang.

No. 1107

This is an unused song from the game Suguri, one of my favorite shmp doujin game franchises from the 2000s. Whenever I hear the soaring dream trance I feel like I'm happily soaring above the clouds and exploring a beautiful level they always wanted to make but never got around to doing. It might have been the best level in the game.



File: 1591493124248.jpg ( 108.06 KB , 800x800 , Nokia-N86-8MP-Factory-Refu….jpg )

No. 989 [Reply]

I'm really nostalgic about older technology.

Let's talk phones, for example.
They were really high quality engineering masterpieces.
>High build quality, metal parts
>made not in China (in case of Nokia that was Finland)
>week battery life out of 900 mAh
>physical keys, so you don't swipe screen like idiot
>repairability. Nokia did supply schematics, with all test point signals and such.

What happened? Why modern devices are so inferior and, well, boring?

No. 992

Modern devices are made to be disposable like their owners. The collapse of the Soviet Union unleashed 3 billion cheap workers. That's when this all started.

No. 1006

I've been back on Nokia for a few month. A really old one. It holds up well, and my mind is at peace.
No tracking, no notifications, no permanent internet.

No. 1007

Yep, nokias were rock solid compared to any modern phone.