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File: 1594357972032.png ( 87.67 KB , 1920x845 , tinyib.png )

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File: 1591924550007.jpeg ( 2.56 MB , 2464x1994 , DAE4269F-5005-456C-812A-1….jpeg )

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I didn’t know what board to put this under. I figured “mind” worked well. Art thread, post things you’re proud of. I made this with my girlfriend, enjoy

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This is pretty neat.

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File: 1594233057990.jpg ( 180.21 KB , 640x480 , omori.jpg )

really cool art, OP

No. 943

very good photo
reminds me of my high school days


File: 1512787061944.jpg ( 21.88 KB , 390x480 , Madotsuki.jpg )

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How many of you guys are hikkis? It is not something I am proud of personally, yet, it's only been about a month into my second relapse. Have any of you been through this, and have you any advice?

No. 904

following through on these links i've always been interested in Buddhism but never looked in to it much past a handful of youtube videos, sounds nice though

No. 925

I'm sorry to hear that man, your story sounds a lot like mine. How are you holding up?

Do you have any support, family or otherwise?
Have you tried medical help? Is that accessible where you live? Antidepressants are far from great, but in a desperate situation, they can help restart things.

No. 926

I really needed this. Thank you.

No. 927

Thank you, glad to help!

Mind that despite the shared goals and values, Buddhism can be very different in attitudes and practices between the schools. I checked different ones (started with Tibetan, peeked into Zen) and ended up with the Thai Forest Tradition linked above because they:

1. Feel the most down-to-earth, pragmatic and "academic", with the least "religious" vibe (compared to something like Tibetan schools full of mysticism and gods or poetical and lofty Zen);

2. Are the closest to the early Buddhism both in theory (focusing on the Pali Canon and meditation while ignoring many later additions) and in practice (the tradition is actually "anti-Thai" and was started by dedicated ascetic monks who were going deep into the jungle to avoid the laid-back clerical lifestyle in the cities).

I'd still recommend therapy for depression/anxiety/etc. because self-managing them is hard while a trained therapist can help to navigate those issues from the 3rd person view. Still, Buddhist mind training works well as a complementary approach, and while therapy helps to get back to what could be called "the ordinary level of unhappiness", the Buddha taught methods to go beyond this level and achieve the unconditioned happiness that comes from within the mind.

No. 941

File: 1594232895568.jpg ( 75.18 KB , 564x805 , declaration.jpg )

Jordan Peterson is interesting to listen to, but, yeah, I wouldn't recommend anyone use his philosophy as a replacement for real therapy.

thread OP here. just got a new part-time job, and I'm starting community college this fall. I get to do almost all my classes online, a great way to ease back into things. i'm pretty excited and hopeful this time around.


File: 1580081835470.jpg ( 243.92 KB , 1034x844 , _xTBtHxeZVs.jpg )

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I searched all boards, and was surprised to not find a thread for tulpas considering the imageboard we're on. I'm sure a few of you should have one though, so let's share and discuss everything associated with tulpas and tulpa creation.

If anyone isn't familiar with this, a "tulpa" is an entity created by meditation and imagination, which splits off your own consciousness in your mind and learns to act, feel, and think independently as its own personality. It becomes very much like a real person that talks to you and you experience life with it, but it's different from an imaginary friend in that it's sentient. With enough concentration and practice you can eventually superimpose your tulpa onto your own subjective reality and feel it with all five senses like a real person. A "wonderland" is an imaginary world that you construct in your mind to hang out in with your tulpa, scenarios can begin unfolding there on their own if you learn how to get into a hypnotic state via meditation and it's not unlike dreaming. As for dreams, you can meet your tulpa there and experience the dream together like a multiplayer game. This is just a simple explanation, and there's also lots of other stuff that you can do with your tulpa, but most other people make them at least for some kind of companionship.

For those of you who have tulpas, tell us about:
>who they are, what they're like, what they look like
>your wonderlands, what goes on there
>their creation/development process, how long it's been
>what your life is like with them, how it changed for you because of them
>whatever interesting experiences or problems you had and anything else you wanna share

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No. 936

I tried tulpamancy but it turned out I had undiagnosed psychosis and paranoia at the time. Embarrassed myself greatly talking to my ex thinking my tulpa was speaking. My mind is very weak and fragile. I don't recommend doing something like this unless you're prepared to handle it.

No. 937

>tulpas will fuck you up in any meaningful way
If a tulpa does not recognize that its continued life relies on your health, wellbeing, and care for it, than you're probably dealing with a DID alter, or a demon lmao. not a tulpa
>do not make a tulpa if you are unprepared
Tulpas are actually very theraputic and helpful, if you're a loner, or need someone to look out for you verbally. Fleshed out tulpas can offer unique perspectives on things.
>i made friends so i didnt need my tulpa
this is retarded and cruel. get fucked.
>life moves past her attention
this is a truly difficult hurdle. when i had a wagie job, my tulpa was very young. i did my best to interact with her, and if anything, it increased a romantic bond, and a respitual feeling i would get from her between moments stolen where i could just embrace her, or laugh at her visual gags she would play on me.

her name is mont.

No. 939

Glad you had a positive experience! I just couldn't handle a tulpa without my mind shattering, plus I only seem to attract negative entities so if I tried to create a tulpa no doubt they would turn on me and bad things would begin to happen. Plus I've talked about it with my therapist, and she agrees that it would be incredibly unhealthy for me.

No. 940

Can you explain exactly what you mean by this? The idea in quantum physics that observation changes the outcome of an interaction is purely limited to the physical observation of small particles like the spin of an electron or the polarization of a photon. Plus you're not modifying the state by thinking about these things, the act of measurement collapses the possibility state into a single state which doesn't really have anything to do about your own subjective reality, it's an objective measurement.


File: 1466638965795.jpg ( 345.86 KB , 1600x1200 , Bernheim 08.jpg )

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This thread is for music that makes you feel nostalgic. Post yt links to songs that make you feel nostalgic (even if you don't actually have memories with them) and maybe what the song reminds you of or makes you think of.

I'll start…
This song reminds me of my earlier childhood (as far back as I can remember - 7yrs) but especially of my old school. I went to a private christian school in the booneys. This song just makes me think of that time. It reminds me of when things were sort of structured..having to tuck our shirts in…all the girls wearing these dresses that went down to your ankles that would seem way out of fashion now. Getting pulled to the principal's office by my ear with my friend. Going around the merry-go-round. Going to the top of the slide and looking out at a massive field with super high grass that seemed to go on forever and a green and orange forest that seemed to hug the school itself.

No. 963


I believe I had pretty much the same album as you, although I had a different version to most people, the one I had was called 'Moods II', but the track listing is almost exactly the same as ''Pure Moods'. My version had a different cover and started with 'Orinoco Flow', unforgettable because of the sudden way it would start. My favourite tracks were 'Sweet Lullaby', 'Return to Innocence' and 'Nirvana'.

I had this in 1997 after just moving to New Zealand with my family. I would stick my head out the window and just breathe in the smell of the air which would fill me with all sorts of feelings, one of them being this 'yearning' feeling as if there were all sorts of amazing things taking place elsewhere that I was missing out on or something. I would start crying sometimes listening to 'Return to Innocence', I tried re-creating that experience recently and it was amazing to be pulled back to that time.

No. 964


I also have a separate memory associated with the music video for 'Sweet Lullaby'. I was in Australia before going to New Zealand, I'm not sure what year this was - sometime before 1997, and we had a TV channel called SBS which mostly aired 'world' movies and TV, and I happened to be awake one morning to catch their 'sign on' video, which was the music video for 'Sweet Lullaby', and it would end with this guy almost whispering in an odd voice "The world is an amazing place. SBS". After seeing that once I would try to wake up to be able to see it again, but the sign on was at like 5am or something and it seemed like sometimes they'd just go straight to programming rather than have the video. It was especially awesome for a young kid who had never been overseas to see this, and the song is wonderful on its own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIF5EEneWEU

As for Nick, the 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete' theme brings me back to this period in 1996 when my parents relented and got us satellite TV, and my younger brother and I just spent as much time as possible watching that. Brings back a carefree childhood feeling.

No. 965


Reminds me of a time that i didn't exist and a country i have never been to.

No. 995

MiniDisc recorded Music made on the Playstation


No. 1016

Can relate. It really is strange feeling, the country that doesn't exist for 30 years is still all around us.


File: 1507056146380.png ( 15.61 KB , 390x685 , comic of mother's joke.png )

No. 611 [Reply]

Let's talk about mothers. I don't have a good relationship with mine. Here's a joke, in comic form, that my mother has told me she tells to other people, when talking about me. I am Son B.

No. 664

She was the parent that stuck around. She's a disgusting joke of a human being but she was there, and it really makes me sick that such is enough to make her a thousand times the parent that my "father" was.

My mother loves me, but she's sick in the head and she's done some monstrous things to me, and to my brother.

No. 665

the top part is actually pretty funny on it's own, but with the bottom part added it's just sad.

No. 666

maybe a bad recipe for a son, but a good recipe for a strong man

No. 883

Satan himself out here with good advice for you OP. I hope your life has improved in the last year and a half

No. 1015

I think that's okay. I also didn't show much affection for my parents other than an occasional forced hug. I think that happened because I couldn't relate to them, and so I didn't want to open up my soul because I knew they wouldn't really be able understand. Sometimes my mother reproached me in lack of emotionality but ironically enough I've always considered myself to be much more emotional than her, just never really showed that. I used to think that it was just some teenage angst and that one day I'll once again be able to have warm relationships with my parents just like I did in childhood, but now I'm well past puberty and I still feel the same. But I don't regret it at all, honestly. We don't get to choose our parents, so trying to act towards them dishonestly in any way will always be vain.


File: 1562721353993.png ( 1015.29 KB , 1280x720 , [PuyaSubs!] Kaguya-sama wa….png )

No. 725 [Reply]

I'm currently sick (fever, pain, etc) and I'm having really strange dreams but strangely realistic, I usually can tell apart a dream from reality, but when I'm sick or extremely tired my dreams a far more realistic and intense.

Let's share some Fever Dreams. I'll start, I recently dream about having a fight a with a person with whom I live, I can't remember the details, but he did something to me so in return I took a laptop from his room, apparently that was really important to me and he got upset, so he wanted to punish me, he and my mother grabbed me, they wanted to "mark" me, I can't remember what exactly was but I think they had a Tattoo machine and basically to make me a mark on my arm, I obviously put resistance and barely managed to escape, now I was hiding on my brother's room, I tried to sleep and the next morning I felt that horrible anxiety feeling, I went outside to try to occupy my mind in something different, I went for a bike ride for my town and found an old friend, and we were having a little chit chat, then I wake up, my head hurt a lot.

>“REM sleep is essential to temperature control, [and] fever suppresses REM,

I found this, that's probably why every time I have a fever dream my head hurts so much.

No. 726

File: 1562722423448.png ( 885.93 KB , 1280x720 , [Niku] Asobi Asobase 02 (B….png )

And the most recent one, apparently I had a reminiscence of a dream I had before about some sort of "game", that memory is probably just 'fabricated' by the dream but I'm not entirely sure, it took place on my childhood house so that makes me believe it could be a real memory, but whatever.

This was the sequel to that dream apparently, it was some sort of RTS game but it took place in real life, the map was my Grandmother's house, and the players were my cousin, some sort of cyborg guy, a guy I barely can remember and I, it seemed pretty much like AoE, but the difference was the technology, apparently it had nanomachines or that kind of cyborg stuff, anyway, what's interesting about this dream is that often people will come to my house, in last dream was a burglar, I was planning to deliver him to the police, so I went to the station, told them, bla bla bla, the game me some money and food for some reason. The same night the burglar approached me and told me how he was betrayed by everyone he knew, I felt sympathy for the guy and gave him the food, in the end I didn't deliver him to the police and he left my house but became a 'friend'.

This time there was this girl who lived in the streets and apparently she was really dangerous, so I went to the station, bla bla bla, the police this time were a bunch of assholes btw, gave me little money and food to bait the girl, I ended up giving the food to other guy, some sort of sultan, and now he suspected I wanted to deliver him to the police, then I woke up and my head was hurting a lot again.

No. 821

File: 1581208527652.webm ( 2.98 MB , Hidamari Sketch - 05-[06.….webm )

OP here.
Speaking of fever dreams, Hidamari Sketch S1 has a whole Ep. dedicate to this subject. It's pretty good and comfy.

If anyone is interested it's Ep5 from S1. You should be able to get it from nyaa.si or nyaa pantsu.

No. 824

File: 1582258457410.png ( 218.01 KB , 695x564 , 6f728092bbc62c2c70246aee38….png )

So that's the cap that somebody cropped for this image. I'd wondered where it was from.

My nigger.

No. 891

File: 1594166035265.png ( 1.98 MB , 1080x1080 , 1592805742930.png )

I haven't fallen down with a fever for some time now but I remember that a lot of my fever dreams usually involve some oddly melancholic themes, but in a sweet sort of way. As far as I remember the last one was about me trying to run away from the world and chase the setting sun or something like that. I usually forget them as soon as I wake up, but a strange feeling of slight tension sticks around for a while still.


File: 1586239709293.jpg ( 528.43 KB , 967x967 , 1585783416836.jpg )

No. 879 [Reply]

Lately, I've been struggling with keeping a positive attitude and continuing on being productive in these trying times. In the spirit of this, I decided to make a thread about the battle for constant self-improvement! I saw an anon on /fit/ recommend this guide, and read through it. It was very brusque but I did find a lot of parallels between my life and that of failure avoidance tactics that we either conciously or unconciously employ.


Do any of you anons have any similar resources/experiences/advice?

No. 888

File: 1589081878769.webm ( 7.18 MB , bc316677e94dd2ea88f03699a….webm )

No. 889


No. 890

File: 1589780984813.jpg ( 283.87 KB , 808x2560 , HowLoudTooLoudBookmark-dec….jpg )

Please don't neglect the importance of earmuffs or earplugs, especially if you're going to be doing lawn work often and for hours at a time.

No. 929

I was having zoom therapy course as part of a legal case. I found that my low moods come from me not working and being productive enough but that came from me not working as much cause of my accident. I started getting more productive and making more money again and have felt a lot better for it. So my therpay stopped. Ive been tired last few days but I will make myself get out there again.
Ive also told myself I cant drink until I reach certain goals, perhaps by then I wont want to. SO be productive and have goals is my advice.

No. 938

I fail to see the benefit of a "positive attitude". Falling for the Cult of Positivity has no relevance to the real world.


File: 1594077335206.png ( 46.4 KB , 292x290 , logo.png )

No. 1917 [Reply]

Check out the comfy board if you'd like. We now have a /tech/!


File: 1593987942192.jpeg ( 26 KB , 750x561 , C029327A-7127-4058-9E50-F….jpeg )

No. 1916 [Reply]

Anyone else get the goodfeels from rooms like these? Also please share some if you have any!


File: 1560059818373.jpg ( 544.69 KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_20190609_014226.jpg )

No. 1461 [Reply]

Remind all shall be ok

No. 1906

we will all go together

No. 1907

File: 1593214212126.png ( 26.36 KB , 335x224 , smile.png )

It'll all be okay, dear anon.

No. 1909

thank you anon
i'm ready to face tomorrow

No. 1910

What will you face tomorrow?

No. 1911

tomorrow as a figure of speech, haha.
on a totally unrelated note, that got me thinking about that one song, yknow, tomorrow is almost yesterday i think it was called?


File: 1593390692277.jpg ( 1.73 MB , 3265x3624 , 2020-06-08_18.11.31 (1).jpg )

No. 1014 [Reply]

Minecraft java 1.16.1

No rules, Pure vanilla


File: 1442801242604.jpg ( 11.35 KB , 480x360 , 1441305833584.jpg )

No. 87 [Reply]

Subject says it all!

I had a strange one recently, though most of my dreams aren't at all based in common reality, this one stood out not only because it felt like I was in a situation that could happen (in non-dream standards, mind you), but I was also me at an age of I think around 12-13. It also featured my little sister, around the age of 7 or 8 (her current age).

Basically what happens is that our mother who I can only assume is the last surviving of her family dies, and we were left to go live with our older adoptive sister. This is all assumed, as in this is kind of the context I was feeling while in the dream, why things were happening, why I was there. Our older adoptive sister was an anthropomorphic possum though she didn't dress the same way I believe it was based on the main character from a webcomic called 'habits' or 'clementine' as some call it on vice because she was basically homeless. We walked around a downtown area of a medium sized city as she would drink alcohol and flip off cars that passed us by, edging us on to do so with her. I would, but my little sister wouldn't. Then she bought us slushies, poured alcohol into mine and I got drunk with her while my little sister just drank a normal slushy, after that I woke up.

I liked it, felt like I was having fun in the dream in the innocent way a kid at that age would despite the shitty situation.

No. 880

File: 1592102419542.jpg ( 76.91 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

I dreamed I was in a magic school, but Jason Ritter was an evil warlock trying to steal everyones powers.

A few days latter I had a dream were I was in the apocalypse, but instead of doing cool stuff I was just prowling from CVS to CVS hoping they had any spare insulin.

No. 881

I dreamt of eating cream cheese on a bagel tonight. Probably one of my most tame dreams, seeing as my other dreams are either me getting berated or dying. I always end up falling from great heights. It's horrible. I don't even wake up immediately. I fall from a great height, while falling, I think about my fate, and then hit the ground, everything goes black, and I fall asleep, dead.

Before this dream, I was in an elevator and some idiot decided to jump in and out of the elevator. When it closed, the elevator fell with me and other people in it. I was thinking, "please don't break my legs" constantly, and when I fell, I blacked out or died or something. I think by that time, everyone else disappeared, so I was just by myself. It was kind of isolating, but I usually end up alone no matter what.

I think I haven't had a good dream that I can remember in a while.

No. 882

I got bagels and cream cheese at the store today after seeing this post

No. 888

Just found this board, so I thought I would post a few dreams from my dream diary. I wrote these as soon as I woke up, so they are not extremely coherent, but very pretty detailed..

- Dreamed I killed the actor for Vera from Mr. Robot by sinking a boat in the kitchen along with an Irish singer (I think it was the guy who sung "its a long way back to recovery"), then while underwater, pushing him into the freezer. Somehow both Vera and the Irish guy got in there and drowned. Went to tell Mom about it, we lived in a house that was different from ours. Sort of like our old house. Felt bad about it. Ran over and opened the freezer. Vera was still alive. Let him out. He was mad but not really as mad as you would think. Then I took a ride on a razor scooter around the neighborhood, which was different. I uprooted two marijuana plants, which looked very much like sunflowers, which were growing in a field of marijuana and then planted them in the basement which for some reason had a bunch of dirt in it. The next day, although I don't remember doing anything between then and the next day, Mom had found out about all the stuff I had done and had left notes.

No. 889

Second part

Like on the dead body of the irish guy which she had partially cut up so that only his jaw was still sitting in the empty freezer and in the basement where she had uprooted my marijuana plants. The house this time was almost like a big wooden beach house except that the walls of the sitting room were glass and I could see out into a city outside which was probably Baltimore. All the lights were out. One time I walked outside and started talking to this lady for no reason. I asked her if she was Sarah, one of my mom's friends, when she obviously wasn't but she said that was her name. Then she said she was a prostitute and asked me if I wanted her services. I said no. I ran around the house trying to fix the lights and I eventually got them all to work by somehow linking them to the TV remote except that when you changed the channel they all turned off. Finally I see dad. He's dressing himself in a dark blue button up shirt with little white stripes and is acting like he's going somewhere. He asks me if I did all those stupid things yesterday on my own. I say I did. He says that everyone knows there is football tomorrow. Mom scolds me for stealing marijuana that's meant for autistic people. I'm trying to think up a response to this other than "I'm sorry" when I wake up.

What do you guys think of this dream?


File: 1464837863591.jpg ( 22.14 KB , 381x396 , 1416626671178.jpg )

No. 556 [Reply]

Let's talk about summer shit folks.

Do you have a pool? What do you do to keep cool? Is it even hot where you live? Dry heat master race.

I haven't had any watermelon yet, anyone have a good one?

No. 559

File: 1464973859401.jpg ( 26.76 KB , 720x480 , Serial Experiments Lain - ….jpg )

Techbeard here, I keep my window wide open (with blinds keeping the sunlight out obv) and I drink a cold beverage, usually monster.
I must admit it's tough to a social recluse in the summer.

No. 560

Do you go with the classic green or a flavor?

No. 1875

It's already ridiculously hot where I am. I'm just waiting for the summer to fly by so it can be autumn.

No. 1876

I’ve really had an amazing summer. I do outdoors work a lot so I’m healthy and tan, listen to educational podcasts, have friends and girlfriend who love me and want to see me. I’m going to college in August. I’m scared but excited

No. 1908

File: 1593269525037.jpg ( 2.23 MB , 2560x1440 , palms.jpg )

Summer is where I am the healthiest. I love being outside in the sun working in my garden, going hiking in the woods, etc. It's the season where I feel the least depressed and I always have energy and feel happy. I would move somewhere hot/tropical but I would miss the other seasons.


File: 1516931324239.jpg ( 114.46 KB , 600x600 , R-492954-1328912509.jpeg.jpg )

No. 120 [Reply]

let's talk about jazz.

these days i mostly listen to '60s avant-garde & spiritual jazz, but i just started reading "Footprints", the biography on Wayne Shorter, and I've been rediscovering his discography while I read through it. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite personalities in jazz.

No. 177

One of my favorite Jazz records. It's a great entry point for fans for Rock, Metal and experimental music.

No. 195

No. 290

No. 293


No. 300

I've recently been listening to modern jazz guitarists like Rosenwinkel, Ben Monder and Peter Bernstein. What others do you recommend I listen to? (Especially if they are Japanese)


File: 1457915112000.gif ( 725.68 KB , 420x280 , 1944_53b9_420.gif )

No. 447 [Reply]

So recenty I been having a blast for what was like to surf the internet 10 years ago when things were not so centralized.
There was always something new and different right after the next corner and every new place had new people.
I haven't felt that feeling of novelty when you stumbled upon a new resource, flash game, webcomic and so on in a long time, it was always different.

The internet is no longer the wild frontier it used to be and all the pioneers have disappeared.

Years ago common forums were very active and lots of people had personal pages
Today not even google can take you somewhere new.

No. 1004

There's a reason that imageboards are the way they are, and the virtue-signalling cancerous groupthink communities of reddit and facebook are the ways that they are. "Lurk more" is an idea as old as 4chan. Please consider it.

No. 1008

Take your own advice you pompous newfag. You have obviously not been on imageboards for long if you think identity is not extremely important.

No. 1011

>letting you be you
It's frankly the best type of internet. It's how it used to be in the beginning, when it was a technical extension of the BBS scene that existed in the 80s. The internet, as its name suggests, made it easy to connect all networks together; in fact it gobbled them up, never to be seen again. People organised themselves by interest, not by identity. Interest is a good way to create connection, while "identity" is often self-defeating.
Hi :)
Define "identity" and then we can talk. If your definition includes random characteristics, like place of birth, then it's limiting and I'm not interested.

No. 1012

You are talking as if I'm the master of the internet and I decide if and how identity is handled here.

No. 1013

They're both dead, does anyone have the new link?


File: 1444635121166.png ( 406.07 KB , 970x546 , earthbound.png )

No. 299 [Reply]

I start:


No. 954

No. 986

File: 1591029616493.jpg ( 35.66 KB , 449x640 , JazzJackrabbit2.jpg )

For me it was Jazz Jackrabbit 2
I had this game too :)

No. 991

File: 1591519577175.jpeg ( 92.71 KB , 500x500 , 08C73103-A870-4181-81A9-5….jpeg )

Along with Spyro: Enter the Dragon Fly, Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus, and WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 (lots of laughter with dad playing that one).
This made me sad, bros.

No. 1009

File: 1592955104395.jpeg ( 187 KB , 1477x1318 , 73145FA3-4C71-4736-964E-7….jpeg )

No. 1010

File: 1593031061331.png ( 232.78 KB , 854x480 , infdev.png )

Early Minecraft. Takes me back to 2010 when things were going right for once. High school was almost over, I could finally afford to replace my beige box from 1998, parents were starting to treat me like a human being, I had finally made friends after being alone my whole life, got to experience some of the things other teenagers had been experiencing all throughout high school… I miss those days. Was one of the few parts of my life where I actually felt happy.


No. 32 [Reply]

Post sad music, depressive music, emotional music, no matter the genre, how well known they are or anything else.

No. 273

Let's dance.

No. 278

No. 296

No. 297

No. 299


No. 215 [Reply]

Post BAVIVideos

No. 463

No. 464

File: 1586964640993.webm ( 368.23 KB , Laughing_Parrot.webm )

No. 465

File: 1587510634201.webm ( 5.26 MB , [Farting_and_Screaming].webm )

No. 475

File: 1592725923334.webm ( 3.73 MB , Flock of swallow catching….webm )


No. 478

File: 1592874884632.webm ( 2.04 MB , birdy happy.webm )

Cute! Lovely birds!


File: 1501986851556.jpg ( 9.42 KB , 212x238 , images.jpg )

No. 288 [Reply]

I like this site, very wholesome…

No. 442

File: 1576283596061.png ( 1.46 MB , 1017x693 , ducks at the shrine.png )


No. 447

File: 1579043477569.jpg ( 52.28 KB , 400x399 , 9b2f0d06502f033ce9c79f65f0….jpg )

No. 456

File: 1579727469721.jpeg ( 82.75 KB , 747x747 , 744CBBAE-7E8C-4D6F-891E-3….jpeg )

No. 457

File: 1579727623821.jpeg ( 89.63 KB , 742x742 , FFCAC2B1-99DC-4E68-A544-2….jpeg )

No. 477


File: 1592862100222.jpeg ( 135.76 KB , 550x1000 , EE0F5486-F419-4DED-BC4A-8….jpeg )

No. 476 [Reply]

brown bird thread


File: 1580237471819.png ( 12.05 KB , 188x137 , turkey (1).png )

No. 347 [Reply]

if you CLICK
on the home page
it jumps around

maybe y'all knew this but im delighted

No. 454

Just discoreved this, lmao. Fun easter egg, I have to say.

No. 458

This chan is unique indeed.
Most chans are, well, bare-bone Tinyboard/wakaba/whatever kids use today and admins usually don't know how to code. This one is really rare, since it has comfy CSS, JS gimmicks, deeds thing and it is based around common engine. Which is rarer than self-written engines, I think.
When I saw the logo, I knew this is a good place. So /g/ was correct, logo is indeed important. /bavi/ and admin's reply about lolis confirmed this.

No. 470

Lmao, it even makes a funny sound. Good job to the devs.

No. 471

i think duck is the only person that works on the site, i may be wrong though

No. 472

Thank you! The turkey is important to me and I'm glad you like it.
At this time that is correct


No. 112 [Reply]

Post your favorite J-Pop or other Japanese music.

No. 268

No. 286

No. 294

No. 295

No. 298


File: 1471033062425.gif ( 416.41 KB , 689x602 , 1467013394292.gif )

No. 578 [Reply]

Comfy things, pictures, feelings, greentexts…
Anything goes

No. 1850

File: 1590580943504.jpg ( 569.71 KB , 1920x1080 , 1492760455506.jpg )

Wouldn't mind living there.

No. 1851

I'd live in the mountains behind the village

No. 1853

File: 1590631308476.gif ( 1.42 MB , 275x248 , God.gif )

No. 1890

File: 1592589072215.jpeg ( 662.69 KB , 1920x1200 , 10BB8C76-E327-4B68-A13D-A….jpeg )

No. 1901

File: 1592857543519.jpg ( 1.32 MB , 1500x1500 , 40526265933_5a179a9eb6_o.jpg )


File: 1592249097539.jpeg ( 1.07 MB , 3264x2448 , 7572A729-0752-427C-A143-B….jpeg )

No. 1877 [Reply]

Post your food or recipes

No. 1899

Good god…what is that mess?

No. 1900

File: 1592835743717.jpg ( 657.76 KB , 847x565 , large_picture.jpg )

My favourite thing to cook is Japanese curry. All you need is S&B curry cubes and whatever is already lying around in your fridge. The beauty is that it comes out different every time but still tastes amazing and it's a great way to use up ingredients that are just about to go off. It's the ultimate comfort food. I'm going to make it tonight with big chunks of onion, potatoes, tofu, peppers and spring onions for garnish because that's what I have on hand (sorry pic related isn't my own pic but I still wanted to give you a visual). Other ingredients I use are carrots, asparagus, peas, broccoli, spinach, chickpeas, aubergine, tomatoes and mushrooms. You could even use a pack of frozen veg. Adding some tomato paste, coconut milk, chilli powder, a splash of soy milk or broth from whatever veg you used will make each batch unique. Then you can save the leftovers and have them the next day with fresh rice. It actually tastes better the day after because the flavours have had time to marinate. If you have a slow cooker, that's even better.

God, I'm salivating just thinking about it.