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File: 1466638965795.jpg ( 345.86 KB , 1600x1200 , Bernheim 08.jpg )

No. 467 [Reply]

This thread is for music that makes you feel nostalgic. Post yt links to songs that make you feel nostalgic (even if you don't actually have memories with them) and maybe what the song reminds you of or makes you think of.

I'll start…
This song reminds me of my earlier childhood (as far back as I can remember - 7yrs) but especially of my old school. I went to a private christian school in the booneys. This song just makes me think of that time. It reminds me of when things were sort of structured..having to tuck our shirts in…all the girls wearing these dresses that went down to your ankles that would seem way out of fashion now. Getting pulled to the principal's office by my ear with my friend. Going around the merry-go-round. Going to the top of the slide and looking out at a massive field with super high grass that seemed to go on forever and a green and orange forest that seemed to hug the school itself.

No. 1107

This is an unused song from the game Suguri, one of my favorite shmp doujin game franchises from the 2000s. Whenever I hear the soaring dream trance I feel like I'm happily soaring above the clouds and exploring a beautiful level they always wanted to make but never got around to doing. It might have been the best level in the game.


No. 1159

No. 1160

Actually this melody feels more nostalgic: https://youtu.be/xJHlI4yszkc

No. 1161

No. 1162

The Boys Are Back in Town. Well, classic rock in general sounds nostalgic now since its so old, but this song with its lyrics and melody especially.


File: 1667008941787.jpg ( 267.19 KB , 1024x896 , 1663561584721052.jpg )

No. 635 [Reply]

I have a feeling the dream may be ending soon. If so? See you on the other side. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

No. 636

No. 637

File: 1667282259899.webm ( 5.96 MB , 7641298a1cd08c7b3cb6d40b0….webm )

That's an interesting game reminiscent of Clive Barker's Undying to me.

Happy Halloween to you too. Dream on!


No. 1077 [Reply]

This is another thing I found on YouTube. I'm not really nostalgic for the track playing, but just the sights in this video radiate that nostalgic energy that I don't know how to describe…

No. 1080


No. 1081

tell us if u figure it out!

No. 1146

You were working as a waitress…

No. 1157

I'll never feel nostalgic for suburbian hell.

No. 1158


Back when we still watched old animations in MS paint and flash didn't look primitive either.


File: 1624388361252.jpeg ( 71.48 KB , 444x444 , 511CDB1F-ECE4-41B5-89D4-8….jpeg )

No. 2131 [Reply]


No. 2132

henlo, i hope your friend there hasn't been enjoying any of that cola

No. 2237

Uh oh, da hummie found the coke stash…


File: 1626178122052.png ( 1.61 MB , 1242x897 , 81631AB3-B45C-4A2B-8077-2B….png )

No. 1104 [Reply]

How do we live knowing this is it?

No. 1116

I will, anon.

No. 1118

File: 1627796791170.jpg ( 91.28 KB , 1024x1548 , 1534425029040.jpg )

Every relationship is transient. I've had an awful reminder of that recently with someone who left, although frankly speaking I'd rather never see him again. Childish in retrospect but although the conversation was childish it meant enough to me.
Maybe it's my fault that I ended up this way. I keep every single person at arm's length and never bother starting conversations myself, and all of my efforts to otherwise branch out and be more social have always simply ended with my voice getting caught in my throat. Those series where angels come down on people and offer unconditional love must've been made for people like me. The kind of people in real life who'd do that are always people who just want to hoist themselves on you and make you pledge alligeance to them.
Maybe I should just stop looking for friends. That's been the reocurring theme for me this past year. Looking for friends. And everywhere I turn, it's someone trying to choke me into being their personal little bitch. They're like wannabe cult leaders. There's solace in the lonliness, and no matter how my life goes, it'll end in lonliness anyways. I'm never going to end up having kids, and may never end up having a wife either. It's more than likely the fault of my own personal philosophies that I end up this way, I'm sure others have a far easier time making anything resembling a relationship.
I had more to say but apparently there's an incredibly stringent character limit on this site.

No. 1139

Thank you for this post, it does give me some hope. I am currently 24, 25 soon, and I have been depressed since 13. Sometimes it improved, sometimes it worsened. Anyway, any tips how to fight depression?
I try to be like that but I honestly don't know how. I would like to do things, but I don't even know what. At least I started to take care of my health, appreciate being healthy and going outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. I started exercising too.
I would be interested in reading more of it. I miss having friends and yet I crave silence and solitude. Haibane Renmei is a great show, I love it. Always happy seeing people talking about it.

No. 1302

And now you made me smile…

No. 1303

If you still have some desire of having something like a friend, I'm available, I always am.


File: 1562246345970.jpg ( 45.75 KB , 500x418 , pic.jpg )

No. 720 [Reply]

What are the recurring themes/elements in your dreams?

>places I've been to, but mixed in a way that create new places, so I can't recognize them

>flying (rare)
>time travel (e.g. have a limited amount of time to restore things)
>being late

No. 1117

People acting the like the opposite of their IRL selves. Like my loved ones being completely evil. Even I act differently.

No. 1120

for years I had reoccuring nightmares about being robbed at knifepoint after a traumatising experience with that irl. These days I often have dreams about just walking around urban places which are in the dream logic familiar to me, but don't actually reasemble any real places I've been to. For the amount of time I spend on my computer, it's surprising how little it shows up in my dreams.

No. 1123

File: 1659381255457.jpg ( 47.59 KB , 720x720 , facebook_1659269721226_695….jpg )

Going back to college and being intellectually challenged with new things to learn.

No. 1131

I often have nightmares where the theme is trying to go home.
Sometimes there are people who follow me and try to stop me. I tend to stop by and hide in stores. Sometimes I don't know the path home and get lost, it can be a short path or I could come back from another city or country.

No. 1136

just remembered this - i used to have dreams where i was in school and just trying to fight everyone, yelling etc. no one reacted. they were sitting there like statues and i was the crazy person yelling at them. lol


File: 1663715960473.jpg ( 16.29 KB , 218x277 , his-lipstick-1.jpg )

No. 1278 [Reply]

>body and mind
>it is actually a board about a bunch of teenagers being self-attention whores by using suicide/depression as excuse.
I hate you motherfucking niggers so much unreal.

No. 1294

uuuuh, whats the point of making fit thread for someone you hate? I just want you to die, you will never be a woman, fucking retard.

No. 1296

I love you too, beautiful.

No. 1297

It sounds like you needed more of momma's love when you were a baby.

No. 1298

You forgot the tranny threads

No. 1299

I'm starting to believe that the dream has ended here. Might be time to move on to another life.


File: 1621016792701.jpeg ( 44.42 KB , 828x453 , ED295960-330D-406F-8ACD-F….jpeg )

No. 596 [Reply]

does anyone know any other active board websites that aren’t full of assholes, CP, or neonazis? I love the format but some of the ppl who flock to image boards can kinda suck.

No. 619

>aren't full of neonazis

No. 622


No. 623

sounds nice until they ban people for being lgbt kekw

op you'll never find another image board like this. all the other ones are safe havens for pedophiles, nazis, homophobes, racists… so on and so forth.

this is the only one that i've managed to stay coming back to. all the rest are garbage sites for garbage human beings.

No. 633

File: 1665849138587.jpg ( 82.48 KB , 982x552 , laguna-poster-no-7-ft-gun.jpg )

laguna.cafe is really cool, they don't allow hatespeech or pedo shit, but not very active, it's run by anarchists, so maybe too pc for some people, but most of the boards aren't political per se

sushigirl.us is cool but i can't say it isn't full of pedos/nazis, wirechan is a good alternative to lainchan but also slow

grimchan.net is going down at end of year so lurk it lasts

No. 634

Been doing this for a very long time and I gotta say, I've never come across laguna before. Interesting.


File: 1665749259341.png ( 3.13 MB , 2687x1432 , Quotestalmud2.png )

No. 405 [Reply]

imagine if there was real rat people existing, and they were hiding behind humans and manipulating influatial people under their dirty hands, degrading their morals and making them believe in creepy religious cult, eventually turning them into pedophiles and monsters who command millions of their people to die in some desert who knows where. Now, imagine those rat people also suck baby dicks and eat foreskins, and think they can ressurect their demon god by collecting enough foreskins of innocent babies. Sounds terrifying, doesn't it? Good thing we live in a different world.

No. 406

File: 1665810353483.jpeg ( 175.28 KB , 1080x1000 , all_nazis_die_jpeg.jpeg )

will you shut the fuck up about the evil jooz u fucking retard? stop polluting this board with your hideous skizo memes, everyone hates you stupid nazis and your paranoid delusions which always lead you obessing about 'sucking baby dicks' and other twisted projections while you act as a useful idiot for transnational corporations i.e. the actual global elite

No. 407

File: 1665848029988.jpg ( 113.65 KB , 1200x890 , FcJBc57WIAA7Xne.jpg )


>Elon Musk deciding to take internet away from a country under invasion by a hostile neighbor = meh, it's his private property and I'll defend to the death his right to do as he pleases with it.

Very coherent high I.Q. political philosophy.


File: 1665824534251.png ( 123.31 KB , 768x763 , 7ntyghng.png )

No. 1295 [Reply]


File: 1665566134195.jpg ( 216.66 KB , 2048x1152 , angrions.jpg )

No. 630 [Reply]

It expired on the 11th.

No. 631

Renewed, sorry about that!

No. 632

File: 1665723864373.jpg ( 511.59 KB , 1000x716 , 1444085744240.jpg )

No prob.


File: 1514528118767.png ( 717.49 KB , 846x578 , 1497389938490.png )

No. 1026 [Reply]

/Comfy/ Gondola thread <3

No. 1863

File: 1591031809289.jpg ( 464.61 KB , 633x973 , gondola_postapoc.jpg )

No. 2179

File: 1634490443133.webm ( 1.67 MB , gondola seagull.webm )

No. 2180

File: 1634494820228.webm ( 3.95 MB , gondola crow ciller.webm )

No. 2190

File: 1637647201662.webm ( 1.78 MB , e4b1da9066313627b02ba2ead….webm )

No. 2236

File: 1665566575387.jpg ( 75.35 KB , 324x600 , beardola.jpg )

It's almost Halloween. Be on the lookout for dangerous tricksters!


File: 1646807094079.gif ( 2 MB , 400x224 , everything-is-fine-itsfine.gif )

No. 1204 [Reply]

I failed at suicide. Tried using a thread, it wasnt strong enough. This time Im using a wire. Im not failing this time. I want the world to know that Jessica Beechin from Chelmsford MA is 10% responsible for my suicide. If 90% of the reason is because of the economy here, then 10% of the reason has to do with the fact that Ive been displaced many times by her friends who have the ability to speak.

No. 1285

I can't even imagine how it must feel to take your own life because you let a girl make your life miserable, what way to live and die.

Should had at least make her suffer.

No. 1288

there is no god. he's just gone. now he is decaying organic matter. may he nourish the worms.

No. 1289

File: 1665251786839.png ( 229.98 KB , 537x604 , 1626314716560.png )

We don't know the story.
You're probably right, but I can't blame anyone for having hope in an afterlife. I try to have hope but mostly just try not to think about that kind of thing.

No. 1292

File: 1665368111344.png ( 429.08 KB , 512x768 , 1665267705799781.png )

Poor bastard should have found another girl or tried becoming the girl.

No. 1293

File: 1665425835871.jpg ( 1.11 MB , 1280x1440 , 1480536044333-3.jpg )

So true! Becoming the girl could save so many young "men". ( ◕ᴗ◕)っ✂╰⋃╯


File: 1665191096125.jpg ( 110.63 KB , 800x592 , eeeee.jpg )

No. 2233 [Reply]

hypothetically speaking, how would one go about making a decently active chan?

No. 2234

Don't. You'll regret it. If you want to make one for dinner ungodly reason then just make something you like don't obsess over post counts as if they're reddit points or something.

No. 2235


1. the board should have some unique theme or some technical feature that makes it stand out sushichan for example used vichan but has original take on it, lainchan of course is all cyberpunk, leftypol is commie themed, this board is dream centric

2. You need a community - that can take a long time to build from scratch, so having friends and aquaintances who will be the initial posters and moderators is a big advantage, so being involved in a pre-existing community on reddit, or discord or something is useful, the board can serve as a bunker or backup for groups that get censored, having a dedicated IRC or Matrix room could also help.

2. the board has to run good, you need to show off some basic html js skills and don't just use the default from vichan, people have to trust you and won't take the time to post if it seems like it's a honeypot or that the site will crash at any moment, you should also consider user security by using a decent hosting provider and maybe creating tor or i2p hidden service

4 - optional: mobile support really helps, lainchan or sushi can be accessed by mobile apps, most humans use mobile browsers, site should be at least mobile useable


File: 1665190945733.png ( 273.54 KB , 504x350 , manfalling_small_jpg(1).png )

No. 1132 [Reply]

any dreams you've had that have changed you for the better (or worse)?

No. 1133

File: 1665252220863.png ( 19.12 KB , 721x451 , 1659828526488.png )

Only ever a couple. Happened when falling asleep during a dissociative episode.

Biggest one was a dream I had that I was immortal sitting behind a computer screen heavily invested in the Internet but completely ignoring everyone living and dying around me in the real world. Completely changed my perspective on the Internet and how I interacted with it.

Other one is a little too personal to share here.


File: 1446399654227.png ( 186.97 KB , 680x684 , 1417729628016.png )

No. 1 [Reply]

What are some of your irrational fears, /sp/?

I used to have an intense phobia of clowns. It's been phased out many, many years ago, but it was absolutely brutal for a little while to even catch a glimpse of anything clown-related. My cousins had this dome covering for a ceiling light with an image of a cartoon clown and I couldn't even be in that room unless it was taken down.

I was just horribly spooked by clowns for whatever reason.

No. 377

>plus its the right thing to do also


No. 378

File: 1630801597274.jpg ( 38.61 KB , 611x869 , 99c.jpg )

Dogs, emphasis on pit bulls. This is due to the people in my state not leashing their dogs meaning multiple times in my childhood I was dashed at by big dogs with no owner in sight. My parents managed to drag me inside or their owners came before anything serious happened, but it always spooked me. I think the most traumatic was when I was walking with my parents and a dog escaped it's distracted owner. My dad had to drag me circles around the dog, so it wouldn't get me until the owner called back his 'harmless' dog. Another fucked up memory was a dog who managed to climb his dog house meaning he was high enough to jump his fence any time. I could go on with neglectful owner stories. Pit bulls became the main fear because they were the biggest and fastest dogs in my state any big/fast dog scares me too, but I don't have enough experience for it to be reflexive. The only dogs I can stand at first sight are mid sized, they were the least aggressive, to tiny, literally can't hurt you.
So far it hasn't affected my life in a serious way. I am more wary around dogs, wont approach to pet if their is an owner, unleashed with owner I switch paths, no owner in sight I call animal control, and get paranoid being outside to long after a dog ran at me. Main problem I see is when I start dating I'll have to explain why 'owns or wants to own a dogs' is a deal breaker.
I don't think I'll ever treat it because my fear is a rational response to the shitty dog owners of my area. It's better to have a phobia then be mauled to death

No. 381

File: 1630979767343.jpeg ( 118.79 KB , 1200x952 , 7B4B52CB-B1E3-4FE8-A6B7-1….jpeg )

God I get this. Pits are so damn terrifying and if you ever express your fear to anyone they're just like "NaNnY dOg" or "NoT mY pIt".

No. 401

I get extremely scared and uneasy when I'm in a room with multiple people on their phones. I start to majorly freak out and usually cause a scene. It makes me feel like I'm in some sort of hell where everyone is a zombie/slave to their mind controlling devices via "smartphones".

No. 404

I wish I had a friend like you…


File: 1651690412509.png ( 608.44 KB , 539x589 , shreksmash.png )

No. 71 [Reply]

Explain to me how this is not art.

No. 75

Could you explain how it is art, though?

No. 77

nta, but for me art defines as something human made - everything can be art, if you look at the right angle

No. 78

Thou art…

Cool backpack :)

No. 79

Because it says Shrek. It is a picture of well known and liked, Marvel Hulk. Thus it is subversive and cool

No. 97



File: 1632430377734.jpg ( 1.48 MB , 2384x2832 , 20210923_033250.jpg )

No. 1133 [Reply]

I'd built up this grandiose idea that joining the Army would fix me and all my problems. It got me away from some bad shit but it only made my problems worse somehow and I let it get to me to the point that they discharged me before I even completed basic training. While I was on my way out, I was told that I could always rejoin the military after 6 months. I got so excited over hearing this. Maybe I'd try a new branch, experience something different, still get my benefits, and much more after I fixed myself some in those 6 months. I called up the Air Force today. They didn't want me. They told me they wanted nothing to do with me until it got my discharge upgraded, which is impossible for my discharge. I called the Navy. Same story. The Marines. You know the deal. None of them want me. I've even talked with an Army recruiter again and they said it would be really tough to get me in. I'd built my whole life up to being a soldier. That was my dream. That was dashed in a heartbeat. I don't even know how to cope. I've got nowhere to turn here. There's no moving up for me. I'm such a fucking fool.

No. 1276

File: 1663715787811.png ( 2.26 MB , 2071x1338 , Quotestalmud5.png )

fuck blogs

No. 1277

File: 1663715806353.png ( 1.86 MB , 2139x1538 , Quotestalmud4.png )

No. 1279

File: 1663848827847.jpg ( 190.73 KB , 2047x1230 , 20220527_184821.jpg )

10 months. I'm feeling really good. I don't really have anything to mention, honestly. Just life has been stressful but good. Things will get better for me.
I had actually come here with the plans to end this thread on my end. It's become pretty pointless. I started this thread because life sucked and I needed help. I ended up getting it but not from this thread. I'm not sure why I'd started using it as a blog but it eventually became a way for me to show others that things do get better. I've gotten to a point where there's nothing to report and likely won't be anymore, so I've decided to end it.

Goodnight, Dreamchan. I wish you all the best. After 1 year of work, I'm happy. I hope everyone else here can attain this too.

P.S. God loves faggots and trannies. I love Jesus for he spurns the deuteronomist.

No. 1286

File: 1664544160840.png ( 328.79 KB , 1080x607 , rPrJRIRAdS5mg76KAQqBbXrYc0….png )

Guy from Quebec here. Religion is dying in my country and yesterday I sat in a Catholic church with stained glass windows of the virgin that has been converted into a library. Conversions as we call them are the future of religion as we grow out of the childhood of our species.

I would advise being mentally mature and passing beyond needing to believe in mythologies by primitive people who told stories to entertain themselves. Christianity is one of many ancient mythologies like the Greek or Inuit. They are just 5000 year old Marvel universes of heroes, gods and demons with superpowers.

Hercules and Samson were basically their Superman. King David was an archetypical conqueror. God/Allah were Lain, and Jesus was a pacifist hero like Vash the Stampede, and etcetera.

You can play Fate/Go and have the pleasure of the stories and their traditions. But without the trap of basing your life around believing in mythological heroes or in a prehistoric comic book universe where magic is real.

No. 1287

File: 1664685047690.gif ( 2.4 MB , 498x278 , 1596411692672.gif )

I don't really believe in god. I guess I didn't make it obvious that it wasn't serious. For a long time I was devoutly Christian, an artifact from the life I'd forged myself before the military, but when I came to terms with who I am my religion really got put on the back burner for once. I kinda just neglected it even in Basic Training, only doing simple things like keeping the Eucharist and whatnot. Ironically, I actually converted a kid who was in BCT with me while I myself was questioning whether I was Christian. He told me he wanted to start reading the Bible, I told him I'd help him with reading guides and with interpreting scripture. He battle buddied me to my religious service since I was the only one in my unit going to it. Eventually he told me he found god and wanted to convert and be baptized. I told him what he'd have to do to get there and then we parted ways for good about 3 weeks later. I clung to some Jesus centered beliefs up until very recently when I realized how silly I had been especially through everything I went through because of the church. Now I'm adherent to a religion disguised as a joke disguised as a religion.
>image irrelevant


File: 1664369661416.png ( 527.08 KB , 1235x684 , dreamchan.png )

No. 626 [Reply]

13 seconds in, you can see Cybermare browsing Dreamchan, this thread >>1026

No. 627

Fucked up pointing out which thread, here's the link to it

No. 628

Neat! Thanks for sharing

No. 629

its actually 9 seconds in lol


File: 1649545934611.jpg ( 19.33 KB , 480x360 , fouwchwanfourevah.jpg )

No. 1110 [Reply]

Back when 4chan (and the internet in general) was better.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NNMHxqJp6A

No. 1147

You aren't alone with that statement. I wish I would have died in 2007.

No. 1153

I wish they could put 4chan back on Wayback Machine

No. 1154

There's plenty of 4chan archives out there if you know where to look.

No. 1155

i wish 4chan was never archived at all. it feels antithetical to 4chan itself, at least what it was in 2006…

No. 1156

I 100% agree, but at least it teaches people to remember that there are archives of anything you post online.


File: 1603661958973.gif ( 240.65 KB , 266x243 , shroom.gif )

No. 1990 [Reply]

let's say (((hypothetically))) I have the money

should I buy 4chan?

if i were to, I would make a lot of changes.

>ban porn

>delete a bunch of boards (mlp, some anime boards, some video game boards)
>change the layout of the site so it looks more modern
>make /x/ actually paranormal instead of weird satanic shit
>lower the age of entry to 16 since no porn
>lots of other minor shit i wont get into unless someone actually cares

what do we think lads

No. 2142

4chan is a counter-culture containment site. If you're serious on buying it and adding all of these changes, the incels would have to migrate elsewhere, I'm just afraid the underage redditors may not be able to handle (or even be aware) the other chan sites and would migrate to reddit making it more cancerous than it already is.
Don't change the layout, the layout is the only thing I like about 4-chan style imageboards. I do want to know the other minor details though.

No. 2143

File: 1627709727803.jpg ( 3.62 MB , 3884x7735 , 3147816.jpg )

No. 2144

bc some random image from a stranger online changes anything, righhhhttttttt

No. 2229

why would you ban porn? What's even the point of imageboard without pornography, this is literally 1984, fuck you stupid nigger. this is exactly the same shit that happened to tumblr.

No. 2232

>What's even the point of imageboard without pornography

It brings a lot of low quality and other various problems. Doesn't give anything of value to the IB either. There's plenty of places online for porn if you're wanting that content.


File: 1656282439856.jpeg ( 63.89 KB , 885x641 , 1631090117345.jpeg )

No. 2212 [Reply]

Hi frens I just found this IB and I like how comfy it is, too bad is dead kek

No. 2214

File: 1657475271300.jpg ( 23.57 KB , 512x443 , photo_2022-07-10_19-51-20.jpg )

May I know how you have found this IB?

No. 2215

Hispachan, before it was killed

No. 2216

I think isekai will nearly die out in ten years. It's a trend. Past tends were moe blobs, vampires, and space opera. Would be funny if someone named the next chan isekaichan tho.

No. 2230

I think you are 24% right, but not fully. Not at all. What will happen is the japs will die not the genre, they will keep masturbating to fictional anime characters while their national population goes down and gets replaced by whites/niggers instead.

No. 2231

File: 1663716321878.png ( 3.13 MB , 2687x1432 , Quotestalmud2.png )

if you want to, join my tg chat, brother, I love a company.


File: 1469018336078.jpeg ( 21.34 KB , 271x186 , image.jpeg )

No. 64 [Reply]

Are you scared of documentaries?

Japanese documentaries about bad events spook the fuck out of me.
I'm not sure if its because of the fonts they use or what. I recently watched a documentary made by the japs about a humidifier in South Korea that murdered people.

No. 75

File: 1470791853357.jpg ( 14.14 KB , 214x233 , 1461290906413.jpg )

Well… As a child my mother showed me some african documentaries, you know, about extremely poor people, and kids starving, also kids driking animal urine because they had no water, also alduts and kids beging eaten by crows and vultures.

She showed me that in order to learn to appreciate what I had/have. But actually freak me out.

I had recurrent bad dreams about african people for weeks. I was too scared. Sometimes dreamt about a buch of african kids trying to kill me, to eat me I guess.
Sorry English btw

No. 76

When I was 13 or so, a documentary about mad cow disease made me afraid to eat beef for a while. Does that count?

No. 81

My mother would watch a lot of Russian documentaries about conspiracies and paranormal happenings.
They scared me a lot. I would run in the dark even in the house so that nothing would be able to grab me.

No. 402

lol when I was a kid my mom made me watch a documentarie about the illuminates and jesus comeback. Man, that freak me out. and they were talking about a "lucifer" chip idk

No. 403

I had to deal with this most of my childhood in the indoctrination camp aka church I was forced to go to. Even when I was 4 they rounded up all the kids and told us that we were going to a place called "Hell" if we "sinned", etc. I was demonized for playing Pokemon later on as well. These people seemed like the true demons attacking a poor small child for just enjoying something on his game boy and some trading cards.


File: 1546988230116.jpg ( 3.87 MB , 4032x3024 , 20190108_144006.jpg )

No. 749 [Reply]

Gotta get rid of my old games.

No. 768

Selling my childhood games is something I consider one of my greatest regrets. Think carefully, anon. I'm sure you're going to try to get top-dollar for those games, so I won't make any offers here because I'm not sure what they're all worth, but if you do sell them somewhere like ebay, feel free to post a link, maybe?

No. 866

File: 1550979433695.webm ( 3.03 MB , Bernie the hedgehog.webm )

I really feel like it's time for me to sell my old games and move onto playing new games.

Regrettably I have already sold Kirby: The Crystal Shards for N64, but do you have a SNES? If you still want Kirby's Dream Course for the SNES I'll mail to you if you live in America. You don't even have to pay me directly, just promise me on your honor that you'll donate $25 to either Bernie Sander or Andrew Yang via secure.actblue.com/‎
to fuck the corrupt capitalist 2 party system and then post your address somewhere and you'll get the game. Just so you know, it's a mini-golf game. (Kirby's Super Star and Kirby 3 are probably the best Kirby style platformers for the SNES, but I only have the first one.)

Alternatively, I'll mail you Kirby's Super Star if you donate $30 to one of those two Democratic candidates. (And I'll mail both of them for a $55 donation.) Shipping is free because the Ebay or Amazon conglomerates would charge me that much for commissions, and my total price is cheaper than what I've seen on ebay or Amazon. Fuck the capitalists, I want to make free college + universal healthcare or universal basic income happen. (Yes, I've become an ideologue who would rather spend my time screaming at Bernie Sander's enemies on, than to play video games. You can play these games, while politics will be my entertainment until Bernie Sanders wins, or dies trying.)

No. 867

Eh nevermind, I think I should just sell them to be honest and volunteer for the Sanders campaign. Money isn't going to be enough to win the election.

No. 898

I really wish Bernie Sanders would have won in 2016. He was screwed out of his nomination so bad. I'm honestly worried that he's just simply the "Ron Paul" of his party now.

No. 1152

Having to start doing this is making me sad. I just listed one of my rarest games online the other night. It's worth several hundred dollars and I know I'll never see it again in my lifetime. I just wish my kid was old enough to play it with me before it's gone.


File: 1654542331876.jpeg ( 48.17 KB , 405x480 , 8309A78C-AC69-4CEA-81FD-8….jpeg )

No. 1232 [Reply]

why do people think love exists

No. 1270

It's terrible and should only be reserved for admins and owners. IMO only Duck should be the only one here known by name.

No. 1271

File: 1663381252073.jpg ( 66.55 KB , 658x346 , When-Marnie-Was-There.jpg )

No. 1272

If your feelings are hurt by that then you have no hope. How old are you? No wonder you have no concept of what love is.

No. 1273

File: 1663419100791.jpg ( 44.74 KB , 637x475 , desudesudesu.jpg )

What are you even talking about desu?

No. 1274

I'm talking about the contents of this thread, desu~