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No. 681

Does anyone get really nostalgic over certain smells? There's plenty of various smells that do this to me. But first I'll mention freshly opened packs of Pokemon, Digimon, and Yugioh cards.


I get very nostalgic for the general smell of spring /summer when the season finally comes each year. I don't know what exactly the smell is, but it reminds me of being young and playing outside all of the time.


I wish I could say the same. I used to growing up but of course I don't go around a lot of places that I did when I was a kid. Most of them are gone now sadly. I just want to go back those better times.


That's pretty sad, anon. I've been living in the same place for all my life, going on 20 years. As much as I'd love to leave and experience other places, I know I'd really miss it.


Yeah it is though, I'm still in my town as well. Just on a different side of town now. It's pretty damn small so a 10 minute drive is all it takes to go through it. However, just most of the stuff is generally gone. Torn down with nothing to replace it, I'm currently in the process of trying to figure out a plan to save up and move away. There's just no future here.


Are you in the US? The beach area by me is being gentrified which in general I don't really care for either way. But they have been taking down some of the old buildings and trying to replace them, though it will never be made the same.


Yes, I'm in the Eastern, US. Yeah, it's very sad that communities don't try to take better care of their own history. Then again who am I kidding, people just don't generally care about anything anymore other than their own wallets.


File: 1524765934739.jpg (110.15 KB, 648x1024, sethh.jpg)

Not "true" nostalgia since I've only been playing for ~4 months, but I love the way my fingers smell after playing bass for a few hours. A metallic whiff of hard work and determination. Every time I smell it, it reminds me of when I first started, I played for hours almost every day!


What kind of equipment you got?


I have a white P bass, a fender rumble 100, and a looper pedal. I'm pretty happy with all of it, but I'm not very good at using the looper pedal. I know how to operate it properly for the most part (timing is deceptively hard!), it's just that I don't know what to play.


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Opening up one of these babies. Each time is as amazing as the first. Sucks that they switched to making generic-looking boxes though.

Also what >>682 said.


File: 1526237040997.jpg (257.61 KB, 1400x1075, gm_04609501-web.jpg)

I was reminded of a childhood smell today. I'm not sure what caused it in my environment, but it was probably some combination of the aromas of other people. In any case, it instantly sent me back to the music room in my school where I had percussion lessons. There was such a distinctive scent in that place - a small building containing one carpeted room full of various instruments. A piano, timpani, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, snare drums, tubular bells, probably more. I don't know exactly what the smell was; all I can say is that it was pleasant, not too strong but very different from the smells of other rooms. Likely a combination of the instruments, the stuff they cleaned the carpets with and the music teacher's perfume. Ah, it took me back.


Completely! Fresh Yu-Gi-Oh cards smell good too.

Some candles reminds me of certain times in my life, while dryer lint can remind me of one girl's house from being on her patio. Foods, dog fur, etc.


File: 1530951780480.jpg (43.72 KB, 355x341, cardboard crack.jpg)

>going to the gameshop after school
>cracking open packs of mirrodin with the boys
I still have my foil darksteel forge and reactor around here somewhere..


I stumbled across a big atlas that my grandma used to have the other day. I couldn't really remember how it looked, but the smell…fuck me, it must've been the mustiest book in the world. took me right back it did


yes, the smell of elmer's glue sends me right back to a particular hallway in my elementary school, and gives me general "back to school" mems.


A couple of times in the years since, I've come across the scent of my exgf
There's an immediate and momentary feeling of happiness as my brain reacts, but I know she's not near and that I could do nothing if she was
I glance around and try following the smell, chase that feeling, but it's already gone


Movie theaters and smelling that fresh popcorn being made always takes me back for a moment to better times as well as when movies were good. Then reality hits me and depression settles in.


File: 1582412298730.png (41.02 KB, 1184x1026, e4c3a1353a129cc30809213e63….png)

For some reason I could swear I had replied to this thread. Aside Yu-Gi-Oh card's smell, I'm always reminded of my childhood by the smell of some of the perfumes my mother used, also by the smell of some of the scents she used to clean the house, and the smell from dish-wash soap.

My mother's dressing table was next to our computer, I used to spent most of my free time playing games, so her perfumes reminds me of that.

And as I child I always had to wash the dishes, I always wanted to do it really fast to go back playing or watching anime (on tv), and I'm reminded of that by the smell of certain brands of soap.

>A couple of times in the years since, I've come across the scent of my exgf
I know that feeling.


File: 1584314273396.png (118.6 KB, 1280x720, pallet_town_voxelized_by_s….png)

This seems like it would be from Pixiv. I used to go there for years, collecting art. I haven't been on there in many years, probably because it ends up becoming exhausting to keep up with.

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