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No. 241

What websites did you visit a lot when you were young?

>pic related (basically a site full of kids' games, went there all the time when I was like 8)

>Disaster Labs (group of people who made games, flash movies, webcomics, and other stuff; they disbanded in the late 00s and I still don't know where everyone went)
>Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc.
>every cheat code and FAQ site under the sun
>Newgrounds, Albinoblacksheep, and all the flash game sites that grabbed games from them


File: 1443932146877.png (634.97 KB, 1024x1024, url.png)

Pogo games

I had shit taste


File: 1443933960724.jpg (120.26 KB, 450x369, miniclip.jpg)

miniclip.com and y8.com were my favorite websites for flash games.

I also played Runescape and Line Rider on a daily basis

good times


File: 1443957423387.jpg (186.22 KB, 592x402, screen_01.jpg)

High stakes pool was my shit


File: 1443958378214.jpg (35.68 KB, 450x329, fun-racing-game.jpg)


my nigga

not shit taste at all, IMO, had a lot of cool shit there, it was because of stick page that I discovered that ultra violent flash series involving the dummy looking people (forgot the name of it though!)


File: 1444164297358.jpg (221 KB, 431x368, simspinball.jpg)

I lost my mind for hours playing Sims pinball


fuck yeah, some nostalgia that's actually still around. There's a tower defence game on there I really like called Canyon Defence I'm pretty sure and this other one where you play as like this little flying/drilling machine and the objective was to mine rare metals.
another miniclip game, aww yeah. My brother who really likes cars played the shit out of this one

Does anybody remember the flash games that used to be on some kids' section of Yahoo? I'm pretty sure they're all gone now but I remember playing this one game that was like you played as some character with electrical plugs and you'd move back and forth shooting lightning bolts at enemies that fell from the top of the screen.


File: 1444205056979.png (31.42 KB, 200x133, MNOG_Tarakava.PNG)

Please tell me some /nos/talgics played the old bionicle flash games



I used to use the fuck out of this when it just had the classic shooter years ago.


I recognize that table layout, it was also used for Pac-Man Pinball.


X-entertainment, which is itself a nostalgia site: http://www.x-entertainment.com/archive-01.html


and here's another site by the same person, which seems to be similar: http://dinosaurdracula.com/


Tea games


i remember emogame, the shock humor made me laugh a lot, i got introduced to the mars volta, the get up kids and many bands thanks to it, i was 13 or so then
That one, that one was the shit for me


File: 1447039539044.png (111.63 KB, 600x413, 3D-pinball-Space-Cadet.png)


I wasted loads of time on that game.


Fuck, I remember being complete and utter shit at the game.

It almost makes me want to run an XP VM for it, just for old times' sake.

I did the same for SimTower.


Speaking of old games, anyone remember the old bolt.com?


Even the layout seems lost to time.

My favorite was a game on there called "wormhole"


I remember 1994 like it was yesterday.

These were the hangouts around 1995.




File: 1447182254068.png (131.48 KB, 400x400, Homestar_twitter_icon_689_….png)


I'm glad they're still doing some updates, even if so very rare. They're still good and it's something that has remained uncorrupted.


Line golf on candystand.

you know how all the little kids love gold games :^)


File: 1449752964505.png (38.22 KB, 333x338, tacticalassasin2.png)


File: 1451102394091.png (581.08 KB, 588x541, Dr. Dude.png)

My nigga. That was one hell of a game. Xiao Xiao was cooler than hell, too. Third one was the best.


File: 1451680180578.jpg (42.63 KB, 512x307, serveimage.jpg)

Either of you cats get in on Heli Attack 3?


I did. I actually remember the build-up to its release, being fond of HA2 and all…


and some other website i used to play mario on.


File: 1478997764550.jpg (21.92 KB, 335x161, sploderlogo.jpg)

Holy shit anon, I also used to use that site, they only had the ship creator (now called classic creator) at the time. I spent most of my time on the forums though, good old days.

It was great because we had a tight-knit community but the forums were abandoned so there was no moderation, so we just went nuts. Lots of drama and fun. We took the actual game creator to its physical limits by abusing glitches and shit, it went way beyond what it was meant to be.


I can't really remember any specific ones but they were basically all just browser game websites. I was far too inept at computers to do things like forums at the time.

>this little flying/drilling machine and the objective was to mine rare metals.
I think that was called motherload, I used to love that one. I think they made an actual non browser game for it at some point.

This one hasn't aged well at all. In my memories it looked a lot better.


Armorgames, Kongregate, Newgrounds, and when I was really young, Neopets.
Flash games, maaaaan


It was bestgore.com for me lol


I have a few flash games saved, and I know there have been really good threads on the larger IBs where people post full .swf files of games they liked. I'm going to try and start a thread soon and maybe request a few of the games that have been posted here.


Post on 4taba's /f/.


madness series?


I discovered 4 /r9k/ somehow when I was far too young and I kind of blame it in part for fucking up my ability to be "normal" around women
I also spent a lot of time on youtube and flash game sites like miniclip.


Do you guys remember coffebreakarcade? It sure was neat.


Ahah, I remember my computer lab not blacklisting it


http://allaboutfrogs.org/froglnd.shtml Frog Land! Certainly a weird pick, but I remember browsing it all the time as a child. That and Webkinz.

Later on I started to go on YouTube a lot, Newgrounds etc, and after a while, things spiraled to how they are now…


this is gorgeous. perfect web 1.0


When I was around six-ish, we got some grow-a-frogs, and they lasted for well-over ten years.


File: 1513788586248.jpeg (40.5 KB, 450x450, 777c3e02-5a77-41c2-833d-2….jpeg)

These taught me about life and death


Ebaumsworld unironically, yep


I started using NewGrounds back in 2002 and I still frequent it to this day. Great early teenage memories for me probably one of if not the site I visited most during my time online pre-2005 other than just messing around on IMs and getting on anime forums.

MiniClip I remember myself and a bunch of other kids in class would get on that and before and some still would get on CandyStand as well.
I also used to play RuneScape almost religiously as well. Started in the classic days.

Shit, I remember playing that in school quite a bit. lol

I started my online journey in '95 and even though I was still just a kid. I remember it perfectly to this day as well.
And yeah definitely remember geocities but more so in the later 90s as I didn't stumble upon it till then.

Got into that for quite a bit I had a Mutant Scorchio and was battling a friend and he messaged me being sore about losing then I jokingly called him a faggot and got banned. That ended my adventures there after all of that hard work.

I've been archiving flash material for some time now on my external hard drive. I'm worried that most of it will completely disappear once Flash discontinues in 2020.

Ebaumsworld the old days of it. I haven't tried to go there since I think about late 2006 or early 2007. lol


But yeah, I remember the old days of getting on yahoo messenger fight rooms and getting into with people.
I used to be a bit of a "troll/troublemaker" online back when I was 8 - 15.
Then of course I remember stupid stuff I used to use like ChatHouse, early days of 4chan, anime forums.
I used to download stuff using Napster, Kazaa, BearShare, and LimeWire.
Would watch all kinds of stuff and was really into backyard wrestling videos, AMVs, early Jackass stuff, and just stuff I still have yet to figure out what it was.
Oh and of course most people probably remember Habbo Hotel.
I remember trying to download the movie Saw 3 and kept getting what later was known as "2girls1cup" but it was the whole movie. Lol
There's just so much going through my head that I could list. Which I'll probably list later I'm sure after coming across this thread.
I love talking and discussing the old days of the internet. It was definitely a magical time to be treasured that's for sure.


I remember going on the computer at 7 years old, getting on to Yahoo.

I was chatting with someone who said "Hey I'm 7 too! I'd love to talk." In perfect grammar. My mom looked over my shoulder and said, "It's time to get off the computer"


I remember I used to love messing with "pedophiles" who'd try to talk to me. I wasn't stupid and knew what was up.
I didn't have a normal childhood, I realize.

While most kids were outside playing around during that time, I was inside talking to creepy old men who wanted to molest me. It's not one bit surprising how fucked up some of us anons are.


File: 1514773202577.gif (10 KB, 150x172, left.gif)

Absolutely. This was on the later end of my web childhood (maybe around 13ish), but I remember I used to read a lot of trap doujin, later developing some really screwed up fetishes. The internet can be a dangerous thing. Even still, I kind of look back on those days with a strange nostalgia. For what it's worth.


Some that haven't already been mentioned:
flashflashrevolution (still play this)
adventurequest (had another name too, but I don't remember it)
omgpop (especially the game 'draw my thing')
The flash game fancy pants, don't remember the site(s) it was hosted at


>It's not one bit surprising how fucked up some of us anons are.
Being on chans for so long has really desensitized me and made me stoic as fuck. Maybe not so much desensitized as it is just disassociation. General disdain for normalfags (which is probably 99.9% of the population)


when i was little, before youtube was a thing, i used to go to a site called stupidvideos to watch goofy and random video clips.

that site is where i watched this old gem for the first time.
and also another video that brings nostalgia


File: 1527195431812.jpg (151.06 KB, 704x1024, damaged.jpg)

>tfw years of browsing le chans since a young ages has left you irreparably damaged


I still log in occasionally, pretty bummed out that they're abandoning their flash projects in favour of unity, it wouldn't have been upset if it was literally anything else.


Yeah, I can tell.


File: 1581138600414.jpg (42.83 KB, 500x340, Forums-Image.jpg)

Honestly surprised that Pojo is still around. Haven't actively posted there since early 2006.


I still post here


Did any here get on Killfrog?


just made an account for pojo.biz


I think I was probably around 11 or 12 when I first got home access to the internet. It wasn't until I was 15 that I started browsing *chan boards. I'm glad I wasn't any younger- there's a certain degree of desensitizing I've experienced, but it hasn't full-blown made me feel utterly disconnected from other people.

If anything, one of my main take-aways from *chans (and the internet in general) is that most people have something that makes them weird as fuck, even if it's something they never share with others.


Hard to believe this video is over 23 years old now. I'm sure most people in this thread have seen it throughout the years.


There was a website called heavyweightgames, I just remember going on it a lot. I played Divine Retribution on there and my brother snitched to my parents and got me in trouble.


Sketchfu and Desuchan. I remember Sketchfu kept getting raided by a group claiming to be from Desuchan and lurking on there trying to figure out why they were spamming a shitty oekaki site.

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