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This thread should be considered a sort of shrine to notable people we've lost in our lifetimes. Given the board, I'd like to keep things /nos/talgic by focusing on positive feelings. Let's reminisce on the happy moments these people brought, rather than sadness.

I'd like to start with the event that inpired me to think on this matter: Kentaro Miura's recent passing.

I was never intimately familiar with Beserk, but it nonetheless influenced me. I recall watching a video essay about Miura's artstyle and was blown away by the intricacy of his scenes. It inspired me to not only learn how to draw, but to emulate him specifically. I look back on all the hours spent painstakingly crosshatching things I drew. Shading was an odd thing to focus on as a beginner, but it is with fondness for these naive moments that I remember the passion Miura's works instilled in me. RIP


My lost my grandma when young, but she always took care of me and made me feel loved. She made awesome pb&js! To me, she was superwoman.


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RIP Miura, It hurts me to think he devoted all his life to his manga and couldn't finish it

The same week we got the notice of Miura's passing, two days after that, I got the notice of one of my only friends passed away as well, he was my first friend, we were friends for almost 20 years, it still hurts.

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