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This is a board for the vidya, toys, games, food, and memories that keep us young at heart (and mind)

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I'm really nostalgic about older technology.

Let's talk phones, for example.
They were really high quality engineering masterpieces.
>High build quality, metal parts
>made not in China (in case of Nokia that was Finland)
>week battery life out of 900 mAh
>physical keys, so you don't swipe screen like idiot
>repairability. Nokia did supply schematics, with all test point signals and such.

What happened? Why modern devices are so inferior and, well, boring?


Modern devices are made to be disposable like their owners. The collapse of the Soviet Union unleashed 3 billion cheap workers. That's when this all started.


I've been back on Nokia for a few month. A really old one. It holds up well, and my mind is at peace.
No tracking, no notifications, no permanent internet.


Yep, nokias were rock solid compared to any modern phone.


Can't anymore now that they're banning 3g and forcing everyone to 5g. Which means more dead zones in rural zones because 5g doesn't travel as far and they won't bother to expand the network.

File: 1443566019928.jpg (234.46 KB, 1569x1178, 144013039382.jpg)

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hispa refugees general

>hispa nostalgia thread

mod please dont delete the thread, dont be a dick
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File: 1653220167101.jpg (13.88 KB, 400x400, 122445182_724138731521821_….jpg)

ay me trajo feels leer todo el hilo


File: 1654763877602.png (341.98 KB, 730x1370, 165395232642.png)

Adiós para siempre, Hispachan.

2012 - 2022


The hispachan dead was cause of the mods of the site, i am glad that shit is dead now. Hispachan was a statist dump, idk why stands 1 week after the new zeta arrives. Progressive scumbag, tranny lord.




File: 1659651488592.jpg (595.47 KB, 900x1350, Website-tiny-Astolfo.jpg)

Pero, me gusta mujer transgénero.

File: 1659339057329.jpg (301.27 KB, 669x473, 524.jpg)

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Remember when No Man's Sky used to be the butt of jokes only 6 years ago? The developers fixed the game and none of the memes about smarmy developers would make sense to a new player that hadn't been clued in.

File: 1649623475384.jpg (4.85 MB, 4032x3024, 20220410_132908.jpg)

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Old trees can be pretty nostalgic. Is anyone inyerested in growing trees?

I had to cut down my Granny Smith apple tree some years back, but I'm trying to graft (clone) a new apple tree (so far so good.) This is the first time I've had a graft survive and I'm stoked.

I'm also growing a lot of exotic/tropical fruit trees in 25 gallon containers despite how I have a small yard. In my pots I have growing: Asian Pears, Loquats, Longans, Lychees, Rose/Malay Apples, Wax Apples, Mangoes, June Plums, Australian Finger Lime, Jaboticaba, Peanit Butter Fruit, Miracle Berry Fruit, Jackfruit, Feijoa, Eggfruit Mamey Sapote, Sapodilla, and White Sapote.

I also have some common apple, pear, nectarine, peaches, cherries, surinam cherries, oranges, lemons, jujube, cape gooseberries, jostaberries, black berries, lemonade-blueberries, red and green gooseberries, pomegranates, figs, and pink and white guava.

Depending on your climate you can grow different kinds of fruits and some of mine have died, but I want to taste as many of the weirder fruits that I can't simply buy at the supermarket.
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File: 1658205356886.jpg (4.78 MB, 4000x3000, 20220718_185438.jpg)

(Opps , my picture didn't go through.)

Regardless, once you get into growing fruit trees you quickly start noticing fruit EVERYWHERE when you're just walking by houses. Like today I just noticed a huge lychee tree (see picture), which I saw growing in someone's front yard today. If you don't pay attention to fruit you tend to assume most of trees are decorative or only fit for the birds. Another example: I randomly noticed a beautiful strawberry fruit tree in front of a municipal building last summer, and I was willing to sample the fallen fruit only because I knew what it was because I had bought a tree like that from a nursery (which I accidentally killed, but it had lackluster fruit anyway.)


File: 1658206157552.jpg (925.62 KB, 1500x1125, 7R.jpg)

(*Obsessive autism continues*)

Well, I don't know as much about growing up north, one plus is that you basically get a free pesticide every winter when everything freezes over so it's easier to go organic. You have many kinds of old varieties of apples and stone fruit that do not produce as many fruit further south. I would definitely research cold hardy berries, (blueberries, gooseberries, cloud berries, service berries, salmon berries, etc.)

I would play around with grafting apples, and then branch out to more difficult to work with stone fruit. Cherries, peaches, apricots, hybrid fruit, etc. (Picture is of the tree of 40 that I mentioned.)


Since it's cold I would also try to grow less useful novelty fruit like medlars and quince just for the fun of it. Grafted pawpaws are neat too, (they're supposed to be akin to cold hardy mangoes), though you have to read about pollination requirements.

Apples are one of the easiest fruit to successfully graft, and if you do that you can grow different kinds of apples on the same tree, and have them fruit at different times of the year. There are literally hundreds of varieties of apples that are grown in the northeast that were developed over the centuries and which have various differences in flavor, spice, texture, crispness, appearance, hardiness, etc. You could be surprised how much consumer preferences have changed for apples in 200 years. There are many good but forgotten older varieties. Like I really want to try the "snow apple."

If you wanted to dive into starting a little orchard of fruit trees, I know that Fruitwood nursery in Northern California can bulk ship a lot of kinds of scions across the US for about $5 each, which is less than if you bought rooted plants at a nursery. (I don't mean to shill for them, but they do have a lot of interesting kinds of fruit scions to browse that might intrigue you and give you ideas about what to shop for.) You can eventually start trading seeds and scions with people on the internet.


I would also look up "Weird Fruit Explorer" on YouTube, because he has made a career out of traveling the world to review exotic fruit hardly anyone has heard of. He has hundreds of videos at this point.

If you have space I would also research and immediately plant unusual trees that would take a long time to grow, like the shipova pear which I've heard is divine by pear standards. I also like the crispness of Asian pears. I would then research unsual fruit trees that are frost resistant and that grow in the colder parts of other continents like Asia.
For instance, although most citrus can't stand the freezing cold, the Japanese Yuzu tree is a citrus that has slightly more resistance to the cold, and it lends great flavoring for soda or ramen. Pomegranates are even more cold tolerant. South American fruit trees that naturally grow in colder temperatures at higher elevations like the Lucuma can handle slightly cold temperatures in North America too, (although I don't think they could handle the especially frigid winters of the north-east.) Of course, if you've got money to build a greenhouse and monitor the weather then the sky is the limit and even rare tropicals would be possible. There is a university in Iceland that even grows tropical bananas inside an experimental greenhouses that is heated by geothermal pipes.

But you might as well grow cold weather stuff while you're there, because you might wind up moving south to Hawaii, PR, or Florida someday and want to have a new set of things to experience.


File: 1658206749748.jpg (328.46 KB, 1121x657, EmilysQuotes.Com-time-plan….jpg)


File: 1634149322540.jpg (310.71 KB, 958x719, 8ea9f0339219130311e6bf8efc….jpg)

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This thread is to remember all the sites that don't exist anymore, are inactive nowadays or went downhill.
I start with a site that was like a home for me, one that messed me up severely and yet the place I had the most fun with and the place where I found the greatest friendships I ever had.
Of course it was an imageboard, Krautchan to be precisely.
Known as the alternative to 4chan it was a mainly German imageboard, but also had a /int. I spent most of the time on /b which was truly as random as random gets. Thread 1 about the German videogame Gothic, thread 2 about Haruhi, thread 3 about drinking booze and talking about everything possible, thread 4 some circle wanking about Hitler, thread 5 someone asking about what to cook, thread 6 someone asking how to neet in Germany, thread 7 ranting about your job, and so on. It was so contradicting, people peacefully drinking beer with each other, posting pictures where they cheers to each other, to others telling you the usual kill yourself and whatever. Everyday was just so exciting to see what is going on now and I even found friends in the booze threads. Friends that turned out to be the best friends I had so far, friends that I miss dearly.
Unfortunately the entire site went to shit when less and less friendly threads showed up and those got invaded by the rude folk, having nice talks was impossible and moderation did nothing. In fact you got even banned when you said something about it. I didn't witness the last years of it because I took a break from imageboards for multiple years, then all the fucked up stuff there messed with my head. When I came back it was gone and my friends too.


File: 1634149588980.jpg (31.62 KB, 416x500, 7_20150904_090841_1.jpg)

Two sites now claim to be the successor, but they both fail at it. Ernstchan is too serious, lacking the playfulness and bantering, not to mention the lack of anime. Kohlchan is even worse, being the place that just reflects everything bad that Krautchan had without the good.
Since then I am homeless on the web, straying from site to site, never staying long. None is able to provide that feeling of being home again, nowhere I found friends again. I wonder if I would like Krautchan if I would have found it today, I have changed a lot. Part of me is afraid I wouldn't like it now, back then it was just so new to me, everything was funny and interesting. Now I am just tired, jaded, yearning peace, silence, some kind words and a mutual understanding. I guess I just miss the circle wanking I had with the friends from the booze threads, I doubt they will ever read this post but still. I haven't forgotten you, Miyu, Lauert and Desu. You were my best buddies. I hope you are well and satisfied with your life.


File: 1637247522193.png (108.57 KB, 504x360, orb.png)


I liked 8/atheism. It went downhill gradually as some /pol/ types came in and made it unpleasant, and eventually it bled members and died (like most of 8chan.)


File: 1655864607481.gif (232.17 KB, 255x242, t_3e8aca0ff1f97e9e11fb340c….gif)

I used to really like a small-midsize image board called Mewch, guess some people should know it. It was hated by some other communities but at its core was a nice place to comfy post share memes and simp for cute E-girls. I have yet to find a place to comfy post with as much activity and pph as Mewch, it was nice while it lasted even though it was not perfect.

File: 1649545934611.jpg (19.33 KB, 480x360, fouwchwanfourevah.jpg)

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Back when 4chan (and the internet in general) was better.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NNMHxqJp6A


Note from OP: Holy fuck just realized this was made by Zone Toons, the ruiner of childhoods.


i wish i were here, 2006 4chan sounded like peak 4chan


lol I remember finding the zone flash of Liru from Magipoka. It's honestly sad how many years it's been.


I miss life pre-2007.

File: 1482089571959.png (324.69 KB, 480x716, 1482012758091.png)

No. 510 [Reply]

Did any of you browse 4chan when you were younger? Like, before 2007, when it was fun and civil, not the twisted abomination it is now.
Those were the good days. We were all alike, because even if you were a fat neckbeard weeaboo, everyone else was a also a fat neckbeard weeaboo, in their hearts. This picture sums it up nicely.
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File: 1604137892837.png (40.97 KB, 143x849, Capture.PNG)

/qa/ had a 3rd party filter system that made it a 2D/random board before hiro killed that and forced the move to kissu and other spinoffs. It was nice and fun, but it was kind of weird that we were acting like this when we weren't teenagers anymore. /qa/ had an edit of that image where she was having fun again.
Those first 2 years or so on 8chan were fun as hell, everyone was trying to make their own board, IRC was popping, etc. It's sad what it became and how it ended. The webring kind of brought it back, but it didn't retain many users outside of the huge boards. But it did make anonymous imageboards much more decentralized again. It was juvenile but it was authentic and fun.
There are certain time periods on certain boards I wish I could turn into books and have with me forever. Archives make me very wistful, though and some have their own culture of ghostposting. Many suffer from spotty archives and some straight-up don't keep images to avoid legal issues.
I think you should help with and post on already existing ones rather than add another one, it will likely add another corpse to the pile of dead boards.
There are webms of how bad it has gotten. It's almost crazy that it managed to get worse.
Discord has sucked the life out of so much, it's almost sad, even those hole in the wall MAL club and "cyberpunk" communities have had the life sucked out of them by discord.


Oh i've used /ic/ quite a lot few years back. It's honestly a horrible place. And while they say they are harsh on people to give constructive criticism, frequently it's just bullshit. I understand not like someone's art, even if he's skilled. I do that too, but I never would shit on him personally. I wish a cozy place for art existed online, but nothing so far found. And I have no clue how I should advertise my own stuff. I don't even feel like I can because it makes me feel like an snake oil salesman

As a side note, I have a really cute story to tell. When I was posting my art to insta some (I assume) little girl liked my post, and she often visits my page to see what I've made. She also makes lots of cute fairy, witch and magic art and seems to have made a small clique of art friends there cause they like their stuff and tell themselves positive things. It warms my heart everytime I see it on my home page.



Creative projects like Densha Otaku (2ch) and Katawa Shoujo couldn't have happened on image boards today. Far too much has changed and are way too many assholes going to imageboards to crusade about politics for that level of collaboration now. The main thing 4chan is still good for is some kinds of anime porn.


Intrusive politics has almost ruined everything that's good.

File: 1648538328595.jpg (68.4 KB, 768x576, eternal-fighter-zero-memor….jpg)

No. 1106 [Reply]

I liked the old doujin games from the era when they still had to distribute their games on CDs at Comiket. This was before Japanese indie developers started publishing on Steam, (which started during the 2010s.)

There were a lot of MUGEN fighting games. There was Eternal Fighter Zero, (a pretty awesome game of characters from KEY fighting each other (Air, Kanon, and One~ Kagayaku Kisetsu e~.) There was an Elfen Lied game, and one of Lucky Star characters fighting each other. It was a glorious time to play obscure otaku games made for otakus.


I wish Steam was filled with games like these.

It's like back in the 2000s otaku culture was in its' golden age. These obscure games were played by all the otakus. Anime was fucking good. 4chan was a decent website.

Good times.

File: 1466638965795.jpg (345.86 KB, 1600x1200, Bernheim 08.jpg)

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This thread is for music that makes you feel nostalgic. Post yt links to songs that make you feel nostalgic (even if you don't actually have memories with them) and maybe what the song reminds you of or makes you think of.

I'll start…
This song reminds me of my earlier childhood (as far back as I can remember - 7yrs) but especially of my old school. I went to a private christian school in the booneys. This song just makes me think of that time. It reminds me of when things were sort of structured..having to tuck our shirts in…all the girls wearing these dresses that went down to your ankles that would seem way out of fashion now. Getting pulled to the principal's office by my ear with my friend. Going around the merry-go-round. Going to the top of the slide and looking out at a massive field with super high grass that seemed to go on forever and a green and orange forest that seemed to hug the school itself.
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File: 1645604539576.png (782.66 KB, 659x1200, 1657654654654647.png)


I don't understand why this is so nostalgic for me




I used to listen to this as a kid jumping around my room acting like I was fighting as if I were Liu Kang.


This is an unused song from the game Suguri, one of my favorite shmp doujin game franchises from the 2000s. Whenever I hear the soaring dream trance I feel like I'm happily soaring above the clouds and exploring a beautiful level they always wanted to make but never got around to doing. It might have been the best level in the game.


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