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This is a board for the vidya, toys, games, food, and memories that keep us young at heart (and mind)

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This thread is for music that makes you feel nostalgic. Post yt links to songs that make you feel nostalgic (even if you don't actually have memories with them) and maybe what the song reminds you of or makes you think of.

I'll start…
This song reminds me of my earlier childhood (as far back as I can remember - 7yrs) but especially of my old school. I went to a private christian school in the booneys. This song just makes me think of that time. It reminds me of when things were sort of structured..having to tuck our shirts in…all the girls wearing these dresses that went down to your ankles that would seem way out of fashion now. Getting pulled to the principal's office by my ear with my friend. Going around the merry-go-round. Going to the top of the slide and looking out at a massive field with super high grass that seemed to go on forever and a green and orange forest that seemed to hug the school itself.
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I believe I had pretty much the same album as you, although I had a different version to most people, the one I had was called 'Moods II', but the track listing is almost exactly the same as ''Pure Moods'. My version had a different cover and started with 'Orinoco Flow', unforgettable because of the sudden way it would start. My favourite tracks were 'Sweet Lullaby', 'Return to Innocence' and 'Nirvana'.

I had this in 1997 after just moving to New Zealand with my family. I would stick my head out the window and just breathe in the smell of the air which would fill me with all sorts of feelings, one of them being this 'yearning' feeling as if there were all sorts of amazing things taking place elsewhere that I was missing out on or something. I would start crying sometimes listening to 'Return to Innocence', I tried re-creating that experience recently and it was amazing to be pulled back to that time.



I also have a separate memory associated with the music video for 'Sweet Lullaby'. I was in Australia before going to New Zealand, I'm not sure what year this was - sometime before 1997, and we had a TV channel called SBS which mostly aired 'world' movies and TV, and I happened to be awake one morning to catch their 'sign on' video, which was the music video for 'Sweet Lullaby', and it would end with this guy almost whispering in an odd voice "The world is an amazing place. SBS". After seeing that once I would try to wake up to be able to see it again, but the sign on was at like 5am or something and it seemed like sometimes they'd just go straight to programming rather than have the video. It was especially awesome for a young kid who had never been overseas to see this, and the song is wonderful on its own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIF5EEneWEU

As for Nick, the 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete' theme brings me back to this period in 1996 when my parents relented and got us satellite TV, and my younger brother and I just spent as much time as possible watching that. Brings back a carefree childhood feeling.



Reminds me of a time that i didn't exist and a country i have never been to.


MiniDisc recorded Music made on the Playstation



Can relate. It really is strange feeling, the country that doesn't exist for 30 years is still all around us.

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Let's talk about mothers. I don't have a good relationship with mine. Here's a joke, in comic form, that my mother has told me she tells to other people, when talking about me. I am Son B.
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She was the parent that stuck around. She's a disgusting joke of a human being but she was there, and it really makes me sick that such is enough to make her a thousand times the parent that my "father" was.

My mother loves me, but she's sick in the head and she's done some monstrous things to me, and to my brother.


the top part is actually pretty funny on it's own, but with the bottom part added it's just sad.


maybe a bad recipe for a son, but a good recipe for a strong man


Satan himself out here with good advice for you OP. I hope your life has improved in the last year and a half


I think that's okay. I also didn't show much affection for my parents other than an occasional forced hug. I think that happened because I couldn't relate to them, and so I didn't want to open up my soul because I knew they wouldn't really be able understand. Sometimes my mother reproached me in lack of emotionality but ironically enough I've always considered myself to be much more emotional than her, just never really showed that. I used to think that it was just some teenage angst and that one day I'll once again be able to have warm relationships with my parents just like I did in childhood, but now I'm well past puberty and I still feel the same. But I don't regret it at all, honestly. We don't get to choose our parents, so trying to act towards them dishonestly in any way will always be vain.

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Minecraft java 1.16.1

No rules, Pure vanilla

File: 1457915112000.gif (725.68 KB, 420x280, 1944_53b9_420.gif)

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So recenty I been having a blast for what was like to surf the internet 10 years ago when things were not so centralized.
There was always something new and different right after the next corner and every new place had new people.
I haven't felt that feeling of novelty when you stumbled upon a new resource, flash game, webcomic and so on in a long time, it was always different.

The internet is no longer the wild frontier it used to be and all the pioneers have disappeared.

Years ago common forums were very active and lots of people had personal pages
Today not even google can take you somewhere new.
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There's a reason that imageboards are the way they are, and the virtue-signalling cancerous groupthink communities of reddit and facebook are the ways that they are. "Lurk more" is an idea as old as 4chan. Please consider it.


Take your own advice you pompous newfag. You have obviously not been on imageboards for long if you think identity is not extremely important.


>letting you be you
It's frankly the best type of internet. It's how it used to be in the beginning, when it was a technical extension of the BBS scene that existed in the 80s. The internet, as its name suggests, made it easy to connect all networks together; in fact it gobbled them up, never to be seen again. People organised themselves by interest, not by identity. Interest is a good way to create connection, while "identity" is often self-defeating.
Hi :)
Define "identity" and then we can talk. If your definition includes random characteristics, like place of birth, then it's limiting and I'm not interested.


You are talking as if I'm the master of the internet and I decide if and how identity is handled here.


They're both dead, does anyone have the new link?

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I start:

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File: 1591029616493.jpg (35.66 KB, 449x640, JazzJackrabbit2.jpg)

For me it was Jazz Jackrabbit 2
I had this game too :)


File: 1591519577175.jpeg (92.71 KB, 500x500, 08C73103-A870-4181-81A9-5….jpeg)

Along with Spyro: Enter the Dragon Fly, Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus, and WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 (lots of laughter with dad playing that one).
This made me sad, bros.


File: 1592955104395.jpeg (187 KB, 1477x1318, 73145FA3-4C71-4736-964E-7….jpeg)


File: 1593031061331.png (232.78 KB, 854x480, infdev.png)

Early Minecraft. Takes me back to 2010 when things were going right for once. High school was almost over, I could finally afford to replace my beige box from 1998, parents were starting to treat me like a human being, I had finally made friends after being alone my whole life, got to experience some of the things other teenagers had been experiencing all throughout high school… I miss those days. Was one of the few parts of my life where I actually felt happy.

File: 1591493124248.jpg (108.06 KB, 800x800, Nokia-N86-8MP-Factory-Refu….jpg)

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I'm really nostalgic about older technology.

Let's talk phones, for example.
They were really high quality engineering masterpieces.
>High build quality, metal parts
>made not in China (in case of Nokia that was Finland)
>week battery life out of 900 mAh
>physical keys, so you don't swipe screen like idiot
>repairability. Nokia did supply schematics, with all test point signals and such.

What happened? Why modern devices are so inferior and, well, boring?


Modern devices are made to be disposable like their owners. The collapse of the Soviet Union unleashed 3 billion cheap workers. That's when this all started.


I've been back on Nokia for a few month. A really old one. It holds up well, and my mind is at peace.
No tracking, no notifications, no permanent internet.


Yep, nokias were rock solid compared to any modern phone.

File: 1449576282267.jpg (109.34 KB, 580x435, vhs-tapes.jpg)

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What are some VHS tapes that you remember watching when you were younger. Could be home videos, movies, tv shows, cartoons, anime, shit you found in a dumpster, etc.

Share some /nos/talgic VHS memories!
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yes, i could hear the intro i my mind before i even played it. the rolling black metal TV cart, the easy filler worksheet you'd do along with the video in class. sighhhh.


I've been going through and digitizing my old home movies here. I've got six of them done so far.
So far it's been stuff from '91 - '96. But I have a good bit more in between those years as well to do. Then the last home video that ever was filmed was one from 2000 when I was 10. I'm certainly upset about one tape so far I've come across that has a rattling inside of it. But the tape reel doesn't seem to be damaged. It's a tape of me on Halloween in '94. I've been looking into transferring the film reel into another video cassette tape. Does anyone here have any experience with that or any tips for me? I'd personally like to find a specialist to help me. I feel as if I'd be too clumsy and mess things up to the point where I'll lose the footage.



>Arthur tapes

>those orange Nick tapes
>The LOTR Animated movie on vhs
>Rescuers (the movie with the mice) on vhs

I had an enormous collection. I still have some of them in storage.


I’m not sure why, but I would constantly watch this. I’m happy it’s on YouTube.
This takes me back to when I would lay down in front of the tv with my favorite Winnie the Pooh blanket, excited to watch whatever movie my parents put in for me.


I had that vhs as well! It was a good one. :)

File: 1482089571959.png (324.69 KB, 480x716, 1482012758091.png)

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Did any of you browse 4chan when you were younger? Like, before 2007, when it was fun and civil, not the twisted abomination it is now.
Those were the good days. We were all alike, because even if you were a fat neckbeard weeaboo, everyone else was a also a fat neckbeard weeaboo, in their hearts. This picture sums it up nicely.
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I really agree with this post. 4Chan made me the most bitter person in the world, I'm glad I left that fucking site.


Gamergate didn't have anything to do with fascism.


File: 1591028284312.jpg (99.47 KB, 1024x685, crying_soldier.jpg)

I have stopped using it since it turned to absolute shit after 2016. I started using it around 2013/2014 which is already as a late comer. People back then were complaining about the quality back then too. 4chan needs to be left alone to slowly die, but places like here and lain are good and a solid example of how we need to absolutely decentralize even in our imageboards.


I regret buying so hard into the hateful mindset that's been prevalent on 4chan since forever.

It's that mindset that pressures you into hating whatever the rest of the hivemind hates. If people don't like X site then you're supposed to hate it too, if everyone makes fun of Y activity then you're not supposed to partake in it, and so on. It actually led to me hating many aspects of myself. For instance, we'd shit on teenagers who shared their art and such online. I myself was a creative teenager, but because I saw how much we bashed other creative teenagers, it made me afraid to share my own stuff lest it get bashed as well. And so without anyone to share my stuff with and get feedback/support/etc from, I eventually gave up on those creative hobbies. Which meant that I missed out on a lot of practice in my teens and let my skills wither away.

I should have been spending my time on named communities. You know, the ones we bashed back then for being insular circlejerks or hugboxes or whatever. Probably would have had some supportive friends growing up. Probably would have gotten somewhere with my creativity instead of letting it go to waste.


File: 1592094219753.png (279.01 KB, 933x796, 35646.png)

I relate to this so much. I browsed the IC board, learning art, and they had this in joke the site was full of crabs. The gist was crabs in a bucket pull each other down like how anons in the site would not stop making pointless nitpicks/attacking others art, wouldn't stop posting artist e-celeb drama, and wouldn't stop posting how everyone should give up because they lack 'talent'. They filled my head with "I don't have to get good at art because I'm better than *them*", "I can only post perfect art or I'm one of the people crabs make fun of", and "If I don't instantly become an art god I should give up". I stopped browsing that place for a year and got rid of those thoughts, along with improving, but sometimes I give in to the urge to revisit that place, which I always regret.

Also anon if it makes you feel better the people who make petty "cringing at teens art" post are rarely good at art themselves. I've seen their redraws of the bad art and it's always worst.

File: 1451688123111.png (560.14 KB, 799x490, harriet.png)

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Nostalgic Crush Thread
This thread is for any nostalgic crushes that you had. What are they from? Why did you like them? (If they're real did they age well? lol) Animated and real allowed.
Try not to judge anyone. This is a friendly thread :D

I'm starting off with an obvious one for me. Mitchell Tratchenberg from Harriet the Spy. She was also in The Adventures of Pete and Pete she's been in a lot of other stuff too. I remember watching Harriet the Spy a lot on my VCR. I can quote the hell out that movie. Harriet was a really cool character and I've always loved writing and ninja stuff and spy stuff so I connected with her character a ton.

So what about you guys?
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File: 1589292876621.jpeg (25.36 KB, 240x340, 04E3DB24-559B-41EC-BFE0-F….jpeg)

This was my first waifu. In 3rd-4th grade I was obsessed with this character.

A notably embarrassing memory, I drew a picture of her that I taped up on my wall and surrounded with these tiny electronic candles. Being woken up by my mom the next morning was awkward when she saw it. She looked marginally concerned and disappointed

This was also part of my “goth” phase. I was an edgy elementary schooler.


File: 1591010967813.png (86.2 KB, 481x632, 0_cobra_commander.png)

Cobra Commander from G.I joe. I mainly liked him as a child because his whiny personality made me want to take care of him. Another thing that made me attracted to him was that his hips were well defined. His legs weren't attractive relatively to other members, since it was a cartoon about buff guys, but they were attractive because they weren't covered by large cameo pants. Finally his voice can grow on you.

Going to anwser the age thing, even with a fictional character. Cobra didn't age well for me because it was revealed he was extremely ugly and later seasons he got to whiny with Cora la. Don't like him in reboots because they try to make him a serious leader and redesign him over and over, removing the personality and legs things.


File: 1591012609023.jpeg (330.12 KB, 1902x1335, Pacific-Blue.jpeg)

Not sure if she was the first, but had a big crush on Paula Trickey in Pacific Blue when I was a teenager. That was also the time I started ruining my bike by taking it on bicycle jumps. A lot of my summer activities for a couple of years revolved around that show.


Pete and Pete was something else. Melancholy, whimsical, and capturing that perspective you can only have as a child. And they did it on such a low budget too.


File: 1591521530201.jpeg (915.64 KB, 2658x1586, D779EB33-A1AF-4F38-BEEB-A….jpeg)

Mine is a little embarrassing, but The Cheetah Girls were my bisexual awakening, lol.
Fave qt.
You two are me. We are one.

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