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board game time
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In a ridiculous bid to seek our approval, my stepdad (then my mom's boyfriend) years ago set this up for me and my sister, and said we'd get a quarter for everyone each of us caught. This repeated for a few rounds. Made so much money that night


ba$ed $tepdad. Remind a family member of that memory. I'm sure it will lead to some other good stories.

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1000 lobbies?

That'll be 200k pls

kthx for doing business have fun in the wildy

oh shit is that a party hat!?


let me go back

I miss it so much


i could never git gud enough and git rich enough to afford a compy to play runescape. still definitely one of the all-time classics of video game history. makes me want to find a runescape shirt and wear it all the time. it would be a beacon for autism.


Haven't played Runescape since it killed itself back around 2011. Fucking scimitars man


I never was able to get in to mmorpg's. I tried runescape, wow, several times but always turned away. I feel like I missed out on a golden age of fun.

I played FPS' online and stuff. Still fun and cooperative but missing the real strategy

File: 1451693820991.gif (75.84 KB, 580x441, nutconvoy.gif)

No. 419 [Reply]

What was your favorite Transformer toy you had? I brought this guy semi-recently and HOLY shit I loved him and I could make awesome poses with him..but then my cunt ex-girlfriend stole it and gave it to one of her brats.


I use to have G1 Starscream, he was my first Transformer. Always wanted Blitzwing.


File: 1451694030851.gif (50.03 KB, 550x271, waspinator.gif)

I had so many of the Beast Wars guys, what an awesome toy line..Waspinator and t.rex Megatron were my favorite. Never got the dragon version but I want it..

File: 1443141349129.jpg (93.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

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Does anybody have any particular nights they find extremely nostalgic?

I have many but to keep with the theme of this board I'll focus on one from my childhood.

I was 10 in 2006 and early 2007, so that's where I was mentally, the "eyes" I saw the world with if that makes sense. I had been playing video games since 1999, but Halo CE was my first real online game that wasn't browser based. It was the Mac version. I had played the story and it let my imagination run wild, I got so entangled in the "feeling" of it all that I could get lost in my own head just thinking about the game. I was on the Halo Wiki and actually ended up writing horrendous fanfiction for the game.

I woke up at about midnight on a school day I believe. It was obviously dark, and I clearly remember being very excited to have a night to myself, I was aware that I was "having a good time" from the start. I had been playing Halo online for a few months at the time so I was quite comfortable with it. The online "world" seemed to have less nuances than the single player "world", but it was still very immersive, and talking to people online was still exciting at the time.

There wasn't much to the night, I turned on my TV and Martin Mystery was on, a show I didn't care that much about but I felt as if I was alone in some sort of world that was somehow shared with other people all while remaining by myself, the abstract night mixed with technology. I played Halo for hours and was so enveloped in the world of mid-late 2000's Halo CE online culture, thinking of mods probably (which were mystifying to me), imagining all this as real, and being aware that I was making a memory didn't take anything away from it.

Anyone else have a night like this?
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File: 1444893737984.jpg (39.91 KB, 375x281, image.jpg)


Meant to upload image


File: 1444894262861.jpg (87.4 KB, 639x477, image.jpg)

When I was in 5th grade my friend and I built a pillow fort and stayed up until 4 in the morning and ate caramel popcorn and took turns on the last level of Kingdom Hearts 2 until we beat it. I remember that the last boss was so hard back then, that finally seeing the ending was really satisfying. We beat the final boss like 3 more times just to watch the ending over again.


File: 1445051398383.png (59.43 KB, 600x360, 1401861922040.png)


Hey man, my mom was pretty much the same way. I borrowed the Halo disc from a friend of mine whose computer wasn't good enough to play it. (Mine wasn't either, but nevertheless, I did it.) I never bought that shit either, is the point, and even then, it was years after people started talking about the game/all my friends were already playing it.

Still, I was allowed to play Mario 64…I'm sorry Anon. You can still have the joy of playing those games now, but yeah, I don't think the worlds will feel as real, massive, and important…games def changed my life in a huge way because of when I played them…

Your gameboy memory I can totally relate to - it was hard as shit to play before backlit screens came around. I tried picking up my gameboy advance original the other day - scratched up screen with no backlight was damn near impossible to play Kirby's Pinball Land on.

>random late night anime that you don't understand

My man. FLCL, Big O, Ruroni Kenshin - shows I thought were the shit, but I'd only see here or there, or just happen to see duplicate episodes of on random nights when my parents were asleep early. Luckily shows that are still around and that I can look up/download today.

I duno if anybody else watched "Our Gang: The Little Rascals" but I used to go get the VHS tapes from the library with my mom and we'd watch those. Recently found a torrent of them, and they're still really funny/comfy/good.
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I used to watch the little rascals with my Dad. He had a bunch of VHS tapes. It was cool having comedy that we could bond over. Like it was just so basic slapstick and silly humor.

I remember an episode where they built a skateboard and we're going down a hill and crashing into shit I think. I'm not sure though, it's kind of hazy. I do specifically remeber an episode where there was a super stereotypical black African guy that wanted to eat all of the kids. Shit was so funny. It's cool looking back on that humor and thinking about how how that would never be acceptable now because it would be considered racist. But it was so innocent, and it never made me think about black people any differently. That just kind of shows how accepting kids are.

That's pretty damn nostalgic brah.


File: 1450775879601.png (67.05 KB, 172x174, check those dubs.png)

>>377 (checked)

>I do specifically remeber an episode where there was a super stereotypical black African guy that wanted to eat all of the kids. Shit was so funny.

"The Kid from Borneo."

Classic episode. Seriously, look it up. It's still funny. That show is legitimately still good. I highly recommend you find some of it.

> that would never be acceptable now because it would be considered racist. But it was so innocent, and it never made me think about black people any differently

It's people who want to blame society (i.e. anybody but themselves) for all of their problems, so they point to anything that sticks out and they yell, "IT MUST BE THAT!!! THAT THING OVER THERE THAT CAUSED ME—I MEAN—CAUSED KIDS TO GET MESSED UP!" Speaking of which, most of the LIttle Rascals DVDs available now are censored. If you're up for paying for the shit, like $5USD a disc, the ones of this series are what you want


I was thinking about buying them all, doing a decent rip, and then seeding it. Still might, just need to get a proper server set up first.

File: 1447134157029.jpg (82.3 KB, 620x350, blackgeek.jpg)

No. 363 [Reply]

this was another very based game for it's day!


File: 1447134574372.jpg (30.42 KB, 418x364, Blackthorne-Blizzard-Enter….jpg)

you were trying to break out of a prison ruled by evil aliens.

i remember the slaves/prisoners the most.

you could free them or kill them. you had to choose. sometimes you had to free them, sometimes you had to kill them. it depended on stuff.


I Really love this game, fuck i remember those nights…


i grabbed a very nice emulator from Pirate Way, i just miss the old joystick. A,B,X,Y, R,L …

File: 1445346255597.jpg (30.82 KB, 200x200, eggo-banana-bread-waffles-….jpg)

No. 343 [Reply]

Food you loved growing up

Pic related, I don't know if they're discontinued but I haven't seen this shit on shelves in like 15 years
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Woah, yeah I didn't remember those until now. Couldn't be more than 10ish years old. So good


I used to eat a lot of those 3D Doritos when I was a kid.

There was also these "Sportz" crackers which I liked. They were basically little crackers in the shape of things like tennis rackets, soccer balls, etc. Not sure why I liked them, though, since I've never cared about sports.


The cheddar ones?


I only ate Flinstones Pebbles


File: 1448135449342.jpg (65.25 KB, 325x461, Old_Trix_Box.jpg)

I remember when trix were flowers and good

File: 1444981305044.jpg (44.32 KB, 500x333, image.jpg)

No. 327 [Reply]

These were the best. I randomly remembered them a while ago.


yeah those were the better altoids

the orange ones were really good too i havent seen those in awhile


Thank you! It is because of you that my tongue now recalls this long forgotten taste.

File: 1444710011256.jpg (108.96 KB, 1024x768, 1748-jagged-alliance-003-e….jpg)

No. 305 [Reply]

This is going to be the most beautifully faggotistical board ever, isn't it?

>>yfw nearly every game you loved in your youth has gotten a remake or true spiritual successor the past two years save one.

It keeps fucking getting hot potato'd off one shoebox-sized office ruskie dev after another, that can't into writing or can't into humour at all.
==each fucking one worse than the last==

I hope there's no indie cliquers who are eying this thing, because it deserves so much better than what it's been getting since Sir-Tech closed.
Cynthia Guzzman muh first SRPG waifu.


The ad brought me here

I had trouble remembering the name of this game for 15 years or so, I downloaded it, but it wouldn't run on windows 8.1


File: 1447062215234.png (23.89 KB, 320x200, ultima6 gypsy girl.png)

This universe will always be safe


What game is this from?

File: 1444867545003.jpg (10.6 KB, 275x200, cyberpunk_by_q_snak3_p-d5v….jpg)

No. 314 [Reply]

Nostalgia for 1980s cyberpunk prevents me from enjoying new post-cyberpunk stories.


File: 1444867767249.jpg (45.51 KB, 267x475, cyberpunk_metrophage_kadre….jpg)


There were a lot of very important books that I read when cyberpunk was still hot and fresh and new.

But I actually missed out on most of the important cyberpunk stories when they were new.


What's a good cyberpunk book to start with?


It's not exactly cyberpunk, but there are badass cyberpunk elements to the sci-fi masterwork Hyperion by Dan Simmons


Neuromancer of course.

File: 1445831082034.jpg (10.94 KB, 318x159, images.jpg)

No. 347 [Reply]

Anyone else remember this?


I remember watching the clips on youtube years back, I went through them again tonight. It's not as scary as when I was eleven or twelve.

Post nostalgic horror movies or what have you.'

pic unrelated.

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