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No. 71

I don't know if this is self advertising or not, just wanted to share link to my Bandcamp. I make music mostly for myself, and I love when people say they like it. Really fills my heart.
Just sharing my works, I don't really care for feedback or anything.
General sharing music you make thread I guess?


(feel free to delete if this is prohibited, I'm kinda new to the board but I lurked enough and waited a bit)


Not really my cup of tea as far as genre, but this seems well produced and kind of chill, nice dude


This is actually really good; as the other anon said it sounds very well produced. I'm not usually a fan of techno because I find that it often tends to drag, but this was really nice to stick on and zone out to. Apologies if this is not how you envisaged listening to it.
I also like the artwork.


Pft, apologies for what? You choose how to listen to it, you are the listener, you can do whatever you want with it.
As I said, I'm glad I can share my work with other people. I try to do as many styles as I can (always into the electronic genre, I do all by PC obviously).

Thanks for the listenin', appreciate it, was hoping more people would share.

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