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No. 61

it's like being in the passenger seat of a car with heavy eyelids, nothing other than the small clicks and clacks of the suspension and the occasional whir of another car passing you in the opposite lane.. the windshield wipers wiping just a little too slow, just slow enough to see the rain blur the distant traffic lights every other moment.. the ticking of the blinker falls in sync with the radio every few seconds, almost hypnotically, how does the driver not fall asleep to this heavenly music? click, click, wipe, wipe, click, whir, clack, blink, blink, blink, blink…


beautiful description anon

even more beautiful music

i've always loved sounds

I could imagine this as the last thing i'd ever listen to


I would love to enjoy falling asleep as a passenger, but I get really worried that if I fall asleep it will make the driver fall asleep too

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