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No. 477

This song has always made me feel like there's something more to life as if there's something bigger waiting for us after death. And yet I don't believe in that stuff and think life is meaningless, this song still makes me feel this way for some reason I can't identify. Any ideas? Also post similar music


You're not alone in feeling that way about Stickerbrush Symphony. I have felt that way about it as well. It just has this mystical fulfilling element that flows within you making you feel as you put it, "more to life". David Wise did wonderful work with the Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack and this easily is one if not the most powerful track on that entire list. Especially with the array of emotions that one gains from just relaxing while listening to it's beauty.

As for another track from a video game that has inspiration and strong emotions behind it making one think of adventure and elements beyond that is the normalcy of this life. This one definitely comes to mind. Albert Odyssey Gaiden ~Legend of Eldean~ is a wonderful JRPG with a very nice score and is a game that I am humbled to have been able to experience.

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