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No. 325

Can we talk about audio that hits different? Can be music or not music. Just recently listened to all six hours of Everywhere at the End of Time, an album dedicated to the various stages of Alzheimer's/dementia. Absolutely ruthless and heartbreaking.

>Part six is without description.


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Also, OP again. Not looking to bash lofi beats. I love listening to them. I just like the meme.


Here's some fox calls.


I remember listening to this as a teen and feeling kinda weird. Yeah I was a bit edgy back then and though: "Woah those wolves sound so cool! I love the night!". Now, listening to this at night gives me a solitude feeling. I miss having no real problems and thinking I was like very damaged or something and picturing myself as some kind of wolf, maybe. Nowdays it's different. Now I'm more self-aware, but I still feeling a deep connection with this wolves. Why is it?
Now I want to listen to Everywhere at the End of Time, maybe I will post my opinions later.


Yeah ok no. I couldn't even finish the first stage without crying like a little puppy. This is gonna be a rough trip and I need to take a break. 6 hours of pure emotional exhaustion. I need something to calm down and put myself together again before starting the Stage 2. You know? I love how the oriental riff sounds like and finding songs using it makes me feel happy.


How about the soundtrack for the game LSD Dream Emulator?


I highly recommend going into the comment section if you need something lighthearted to read while listening. It is quite the emotional rollercoaster.
I feel it, man. I hope you genuinely enjoy the album, as much as one can actually enjoy something like this lol.


OP again, how could I ever forget this gem too?


Also epilepsy warning. Binaural beats can cause seizures, if you're prone to them, don't listen.


The guy who created the soundtrack also made the game itself! His name is Osamu Sato and he is still active in creating his art to this day. Two years ago he released a album with new electronica tracks he made with remastered and remixed tracks from the LSD game. There are two editions to this album, linked below. I also highly recommend checking out some of the other playlists of albums on the youtube page that uploaded these albums, there is some great interesting stuff.




>>this whole thread except OP
OK, this is all well and good, except useless unless you at least mention the name of what you're referencing. And even if you do, you still need to express what's so interesting about it.


Very interesting, I had no idea. I'll have to check out those playlsits and listen to them. I guess I'm going to have to look into more of his work, not only the links you provided. Thank you.



It's in the meme… maybe don't call me out like that? :/ Why did you have to word this so rudely?



Also… I wrote about it in the original post… literally what


I think >>343 misread >>341. >>325 was called out as an example for >>329, >>332, >>333, >>335, >>337 to follow: saying the artist, the title, and a description. >>329, >>332, >>333, >>337 don't name what they point to; >>335 mentions the soundtrack to a certain game, so a reader might be able to find it, but it's sufficient as a name only if it doesn't have an explicit name. >>329, >>335, >>337 don't describe what they point to.
I won't say whether >>341 has a medical condition whose some aspects some persons misconstrue as rudeness. To avoid misunderstanding, generally understandable literarities are preferred; describing an inference in a quote, then describing an inference, is not generally understandable.
Regina Spektor's 2001 song titled ``Pavlov's Daughter'' is about your downstairs neighbor listening to you: take out your garbage, have sex with your girlfriend, have sex with yourself, go to sleep—at which time they get bored and go to sleep too. The music suggests that they are masturbating while listening to your every move. But it's from their perspective: very sensual. http://board.reginaspektor.com/topic/4727-pavlovs-daughter/ has a messageboard thread about this song.

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