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No. 2

What do you listen to you on your morning/night commute?

When I'm at work I tend to listen to calm, serene things that help me concentrate.

On the way though, I listen to mathcore, happy hardcore, and trash metal to hype me up and help me get awake.

The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza is coffee for yer ears.


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When I go to college I like to hear some instrumental, some happy to start the day. For when I'm studying or working, or simply I need to concentrate I like to listen Jazz or Piano Instrumentals

For long trips usually listen funky beats, and also some Vaporwave.

I'm sort into a lot of mememusic


What is your favorite meme album?


It really depends. Some mornings I want my relaxing Kirby's Epic Yarn mix. Today, I was listening to Moonsorrow's "Suden Uni" which is really nice Finnish atmospheric black/viking metal.


File: 1468211927457.jpeg (117.73 KB, 640x640, content_Nujabes-Samurai-C….jpeg)

I don't really have a favorite memealbum, so i will post this.
(Not quite sure if they're albums) but I Iike the SuperEurobeat Remixes.
Also a lot of 'Vaporwave' songs, But I do not think it fit with the thread.

Anyway, I'll post this:

I like this kind of Piano instrumentals when i working or studying.

Forgive my English


When I'm at home, I usually listen to 70's Rock (Mostly Hawkwind). On long trips though I like to throw in some of Yuji Ohno's Jazz tracks.



Hm, since my commute is fairly short (less than 30 mins) I figured out I don't have enough time to listen to a full album properly so I just switched to podcast. And those have worked pretty well to me so far. But now that I've remembered about videogame ost I usually listen to those since I can just listen to few tracks and be satisfied. My personal go to's are mainly these two:


Eurobeat is pretty good yeah, I like listening to it as a guily pleasure or for when I need a mood boost. Also your english is pretty good, ngl.


There’s a live version of Therefore I am that is absolutely godly

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