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Do you guys have a song or an album that rises strong feelings on you? Specifically romantic or sexual feelings.

I fell in love with this song and I always listen to it when I fap. Why?
Its a love song but unlike other pop/rock love songs it isn't soft or innocent, it has a strong energy and lyrics that aren't too subtle or too obvious about their meaning and it really summons that desire to make to bodies into one, not just have sex but make love. You get what I mean.

I don't know about other songs that balance the sexual desire with the romantic emotion so well, pop/rock love songs are always too tender and I do know lots of funk songs with sexual content but none that is a plain love song or that balances both feelings.

To make my point across I should compare The Kinfe's original with the Jose Gonzalez's cover: Gonzales strips the songs of that energy I like making it like all other love songs that do nothing for me, its just a song about love and not a real feeling of love.


This is going to seem weird but…

When I lost my virginity (sorry), the girl and I mutually decided that we should listen to Careless Whisper, by George Michael

Before then it was nothing more then I nice song, but whenever I hear it now like a pavlovian dog I immediately get rock hard.


>Careless Whisper
Good taste


Guilty feet have got no rythym anon.


Simply I can spend hours listening to this album and it brings to me a tremendous feels.


Endless commercial RnB from when I was a kid aeons ago. Didn't understand the not-so-subtle innuendo until many years later ha ha.


May sound stupid, but Woods of Ypres carried me through grade school up until senior year when David Gold died.

I broke down crying the day after learning of his death during class. It hit me real hard and I get those familiar feelings when listening to any of their albums for an extended period of time.


This song gets pretty strong feelings from me as well.. Lazy summer days in between school, feeling alone yet hopeful at the same time.

I'll post a couple songs, but the first minute of claire de lune is easily the most powerful for me. I think of looking up into the clear night sky, alone with nothing but the ambience of the nearby suburban "downtown," seeing the moon so lonely yet delicately painted onto the dark, vast canvas of space beyond


Forgot to embed!


a similar theme, but the singing adds so much more romance and longing.. it sounds like spending eternity in heaven with your one true love


This song always had a very homosexual and romantic meaning for me, but it also reminds me of a person I miss very much.
>careless whisper
Good song, but I can't imagine ever having music play during sex. I also don't think I've ever heard a song that was erotic.

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