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Pretty straightforward, talk about music!

File: 1615236252625.jpg (34.5 KB, 317x315, Fishmans_Long_Season.jpg)

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I know this is not exactly like the rest of the music on this board but I have been listening to the Fishermans Long Season recently and it is really good. You should give it a try!

Youtube Link (https://youtu.be/S3EKEwMXmXY)

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Let's listen to some music.
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Need to start doing something. How are all you guys doing?


I'm good, been doing a lot myself. And you?


I think I’m doing a bit bit more than before now, I write projects for high school students to have something to do now, pretty comfy.

File: 1597363865995.jpg (80.29 KB, 1192x671, aenigma___skydeck_by_w_e_z….jpg)

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Music to listen at 4am and fantasize about universe and space.



Bernis is really good for this



One of the dreamiest and greatest things i've ever listened


this is one of the best things i have heard in a long time, thanks anon wherever you are.

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Surprised there isn't one here.
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Just finished listening to this.



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Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?


File: 1603769320576.gif (347.42 KB, 536x259, huey.gif)


Last time I got my haircut this was playing in the background and I just started busting out laughing as hard as I could.

I also was thinking of this stupid version at the same time as thinking about the memes over the years as well as just Patrick Bateman in general.

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Post music to die to.
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oh sorry my bad


File: 1603306055453.jpg (264.02 KB, 1080x1080, FLUTTERSZ METALICO.jpg)

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huh, no thanks.


Nice bait


I don’t find MLP interesting or intriguing in the slightest, but given that you spent time on this, good work. If idle time is spent creating something to make us feel good at no expense to others, no harm done, all good.

File: 1601107980582.png (369.12 KB, 2730x1024, DBB02EEB-7397-401B-ADF4-34….png)

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Can we talk about audio that hits different? Can be music or not music. Just recently listened to all six hours of Everywhere at the End of Time, an album dedicated to the various stages of Alzheimer's/dementia. Absolutely ruthless and heartbreaking.

>Part six is without description.
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>>this whole thread except OP
OK, this is all well and good, except useless unless you at least mention the name of what you're referencing. And even if you do, you still need to express what's so interesting about it.


Very interesting, I had no idea. I'll have to check out those playlsits and listen to them. I guess I'm going to have to look into more of his work, not only the links you provided. Thank you.



It's in the meme… maybe don't call me out like that? :/ Why did you have to word this so rudely?



Also… I wrote about it in the original post… literally what


I think >>343 misread >>341. >>325 was called out as an example for >>329, >>332, >>333, >>335, >>337 to follow: saying the artist, the title, and a description. >>329, >>332, >>333, >>337 don't name what they point to; >>335 mentions the soundtrack to a certain game, so a reader might be able to find it, but it's sufficient as a name only if it doesn't have an explicit name. >>329, >>335, >>337 don't describe what they point to.
I won't say whether >>341 has a medical condition whose some aspects some persons misconstrue as rudeness. To avoid misunderstanding, generally understandable literarities are preferred; describing an inference in a quote, then describing an inference, is not generally understandable.
Regina Spektor's 2001 song titled ``Pavlov's Daughter'' is about your downstairs neighbor listening to you: take out your garbage, have sex with your girlfriend, have sex with yourself, go to sleep—at which time they get bored and go to sleep too. The music suggests that they are masturbating while listening to your every move. But it's from their perspective: very sensual. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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When it feels so wrong but it feels so right
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Well that sure was an interesting listen.


>Britney Spears
I'll always have a soft spot for her. May sound cliché, but she caused my very first hard-on. I've always really liked Sometimes and Lucky. However, I would have to say Toxic would be my third after those two.


Dude Britney Spears is great, her production is so good and damn catchy. It’s a shame she’s effectively held hostage by her Dad legally


Am I the only one here who enjoys Daler Mehndi?


Simultaneously one of the best and memeiest tracks I've ever heard. :D

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