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No. 501

This doesn't deserve it's own thread but…

Can we get more boards? I'm curious to see what a wholesome random board would look like.


There are a lot of boards with random board, so why? Also having no random board makes shitposting harder.


I think /gf/ is the de-factor random board


I'd personally love to see more boards but I never want to see a /b/ for this website. It would ruin everything special about it.


I'm hesitant to add more boards at this time. I think we have a reasonable mixture of topics right now.

However, if everyone really wants something in particular, happy to have that discussion and act as needed.

What would you all like to see?


I would really like to see a technology board here, because you're a wizard and it would be pretty interesting to talk about programming, idk, web-design?
But then, I go to /g/ on 4ch*n, see all those boring consumerism/holywar threads… And I don't really want a technology board anymore… So I don't know :/


++. I’ve suggested this in the past, I think it would be great. I just want to be sure there’d be posting interest. Let’s see if others concur!


I'm not quite sure if dreamch has the right mix of people or topics to support a technology board! I'd like one, but I'm not sure what would be posted there..


I think some creative board would be nice. It probably wouldn't be exactly fit in with the site's topic per se, but if its posters would be able to create a suitable atmosphere, I think it could acquire a status similar to /mew/ in some way. An art/oekaki board is probably the first one to come to mind in this regard, but I think a poetry board would be pretty cool as well in case it would be able to gather enough posters, especially considering the vast underrepresentation of this topic on 4chan and various altchans.
I'd say it's worth a try at the very least, would post there myself


a /pol/ or some derivative of political discussion would be good


lol no



lole no


on lol


Please consider going back to your containment board sir.


holy cow, look at all the liberal soyboy crybabies, pathetic


the anger and political rage you are fueling yourself with is going to take years off of your life my man. it isn’t productive.

spend less time online, talk to more people, i promise you things aren’t so bad. and when you do spend time online, try to have fun, otherwise what’s really the point?


cool bait, have a (you)


Stop speaking "buzzwords", don't show lack of brain cells to everyone.


I have loved some of the more creative things that users have posted here, I think there could be a great art/drawing community in our userbase already, I'll definitely consider it. Thoughts from others?
Life's hard, it's good to have friends, I'm here if you need someone to talk to


File: 1598853866980.jpeg (12.16 KB, 261x193, huh?.jpeg)

>I'm here if you need someone to talk to
I am not them, but does that also apply to me?


Of course



I'd rather be a liberal soyboy then be whatever you support. Get off this board, freak.


how are you people this easy to bait


>he fell for the bait


This website is special. Stop invading it.


Personally I'm glad that Duck hasn't added any new boards. I really enjoy this place for what it is. Like >>534 said, this place is indeed special.


I wasn't even that guy lol
being special really gets another meaning in this context


Not really throwing a suggestion out there but just rather a thought I had. Probably sounds silly, but I randomly thought to myself. "What if there was a goals/wishes/personal dreams like board to go along with deeds?"


>/dr/ - Dreams aspirations and head movies
>Discussion is to pertain to night time dreaming and aspirations.
It was always my intention for /dr/ to be used for these things as well, I just don't think it's really been picked on. It seems /bm/ is the defacto board for aspiration discussion, and I'm fine with that. Feel free to start a thread on /dr/!


I think adding a board to share art of every kind would be very interesting. I would love to see this change in the future. I think it would add to the niche feeling this board has in general.


When I come onto this website I come for the chill vibes but after a while, I get bored because there isn't a lot of content to look through or expirience. New boards could help with that.


i agree! https://dreamch.net/art/res/1.html
this is something i think won't cause a fragmenting issue, passively posting your own/art you find interesting is good at any pace


not that anon, but awesome
how strict are we using the term 'art'? would it be cool if i shared some short poems, or do we wanna keep it visual art?
either way, an art board is super neat


rules and definitions should serve us, not the other way around, so i think poetry definitely is appropriate!


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freaking awesome

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