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Grey-hat pentester here. Over the years, for fun or malice (depending entirely on whether I feel the imageboard to shit or not) - I have broken in to numerous Tinyboard/Vichan instances. I pride myself on numerous successes. In most cases i usually disclose the problem to the sysop.

A couple weeks ago, I found Dreamchan, and seeing the Tinyboard copyright, I figured I had an easy target. I have an arsenal of exploits for the software. I spent a few days doing my usual routine.

After exhausting all known methods and plugging around, I must concede defeat for now. I am extremely impressed with whomever modified the base software for this site. Most imageboard admins are skids or code monkeys, but it's clear that the admin here knows what they're doing, and is likely a professional. All points of privilege and access are locked down as they should be, remote connections locked out, etc, very good.

Hats off, you'll pry be around awhile.


thanks bud


I don't know if it is appropriate, but can you share your exploits? Or at least tell what are they all about.


no specifics, mostly around remote code exec. and getting db access

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