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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!

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No. 43

"Be civil. Acting like a jerk may result in your post being discarded."

So, essentially, like every web 2.0 piece of shit?
TL: I can and will delete/ban for anything that I don't like or personally triggers me, but 8ch is totally the place to advertise this chan in every thread!


Hi there, I'm sorry you got that impression about this site.

To be transparent, I haven't actually invoked that rule yet on any post. There have only been a handful of deletions, all spam.

It certainly isn't there to stifle any strong/dissenting opinions, more to discourage unwarranted hostility

You can go anywhere on the internet to get mad, just come here to have fun.

Also, the last ad I put on 8ch was November 8th, and before that October 14.

I hope you may come to like this site, if not I hope you have fun elsewhere.


not op , however

I wasn't spam, it was my dream….

very sad about it


My apologies, but could you describe your post? There were three threads with a few replies all made by one guy that was all gibberish. That's what comes to mind recently.


File: 1449962011588.jpg (2.71 KB, 110x82, 2024-8_k5.jpg)

that sounds like me

I typed my dream of light orbs across a beach

and an experience at work

the dreams were linked together for a narrative, the work one was an experienced psychosis which is dream like

you didn't like the posts ok, but it was a bit upsetting as it is me typing these things for the first time, and it is my life story

lost in the sands of time and a mods click


;_; Sorry man. Just the way it was layed out across threads like that just came off like spam.

You're welcome to post your dreams in the future, just keep it to a thread.


It's like you've confiscated my thoughts. Who are you?


honestly man, i have to agree with admin. It's the wrong impression. though it's slow i love this place, a quiet little nook.


It's definitely the most comfy out of all the smaller places being advertised

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