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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!
IRC on Rizon in #dreamchan.

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No. 427

Unfortunately you locked the damn thread so I have to make a new one. I don’t have a Twitter and I ain’t getting it.

I cannot report things on mobile. It won’t let me — I wanted to report what I saw but I couldn’t — that’s why I made a thread about it. I don’t have access to a computer with my living situation.


Locking the thread was an accident, my mistake, I have unlocked it. Fair point about not wanting to make a Twitter, I need to set up SMTP for dreamch.net so I can have an admin email service.

By “won’t let me” is there some sort of error or?

Also, I can’t confirm it was you exactly any more, but you realize by screenshotting the CP and reuploading it, you yourself would be breaking the law, correct? Making a thread about it in /meta/ when you couldn’t report it was reasonable, but that was wholly unnecessary.


lol wait you thought reposting the CP was the right thing to do?


My mistake, I now qualify as literally criminally retarded and not in the innocent way. My bad.

When I select a post, it doesn’t give me any options to do anything with it so I don’t know what to do

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