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I feel like the boards here are very specific. You can talk about dreams, health, good feelings, music, nostalgia, scary stuff, and birds. Those are all really restrictive subjects.
i'm not saying do a general board or anything, (we all know what that leads to,) but it might be nice to have broader boards.


I don't agree. The number of boards is perfectly in alignment with the amount of people posting here.

There are enough other imageboards out there that serve the purpose of general discussion same as /dream/ serves the discussion of birds, dreams, health, good feelings, music, nostalgia and scary stuff.


what is something you feel you are unable to talk about here?


agreed, i come to this place specifically because i don’t want to visit some general chan


Yeah you guys are right, my suggestion was stupid. Disregard it please
Just thought that it would attract more visitors but you're right


I guess I saw dreamchan more as a posivie community than a place to talk about specific boards but you're right


I get your point, but so far I think /gf/ really makes up for any missed topic board. As long as you talk about whatever you want in a relaxed context, it goes. I spoke to Duck over DM on twitter once and he said that in the almost 3 and a half years he has only deleted a handful of posts, 95% of those being spam/illegal, only a couple of those being trolling jerks


can we get a greentext board


>can we get a greentext board

every board is a greentext board :) make a thread in /gf/

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