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Hey all, I have a bit of unfortunate news.
In the past couple of hours, we received a heavy influx of spam on /dr/, /gf/, and /nos/.
The spam was in the order of ~300 posts, seemingly originating from Hispachan users. I have been friendly with Hispachan since the inception of Dreamchan, so why this was done is a little baffling but these things just go with operating an imageboard.

The casualty in all this is while cleaning up the extensive, interwoven spam, all of the posts on /dr/ were deleted accidentally, along with accompanying images and thumbnails. I was able to restore ~600 posts without images, so those are back up at this time (about half of the original amount) After doing my best to fix this, I immediately tweaked how backups are performed and saved. Going forward we should not lose more than 2 days posts at a time (which given the speed of the site should be fine, I will adjust this as needed) My sincerest apologies for those who had their posts removed, there were certainly some beautiful dreams and sentiments there.

I do know that you all will continue to have lovely dreams and aspirations, so I imagine we have a promising future of /dr/ content to look forward to. <3


Jesus, Hispakids never change.
You shouldn't have allowed them here in first place, they just bring cancer everywhere they go.


At the time I didn't see the problem since it was one thread and the site was new, (this was over three years ago, so it is strange that this randomly comes up now). CP was involved in this spam so obviously I want to avoid this happening again if it can be helped.


Hi. I'm sorry for what happened, those users are kids that likes to attack other sites and destroy everything on their path, they aren't the same users from years ago, that's because most of the oldfags decided to leave my chan and now i'm filled of newfags and summerfags. I don't have anything against your chan but I hope you understand that I can't do anything about that because those kids are necessary to maintain my chan alive (and give me money).



If this is indeed you, then nice to meet you. I understand, and as I've said, spam is just the reality of operating an image board. Even captcha or other flooding measures are only so effective, so it is part of the game. The only reason I made this write-up was the regrettable casualty of posts, and I just want to make sure everyone knows what lead up to it.

I'm sorry that this is something you've had to deal with from your userbase as the site has gone on. I really have next to no knowledge of your site's culture so I will avoid further comment and refrain from giving any suggestions as to how you might deal with it :) I wish you the best, feel free to come around any time.



I wanted to thank you for making this site. I never knew I needed it until I found it. I've seen too many small chans die because of lack of activity, and it would pain me to see it happen to here as well. Please continue to admin it, no matter what happens. Don't get discouraged, and know that we all are rooting for you.



Friend, thank you so much for those words, I'm so glad you enjoy it.

Rest assured my enthusiasm for Dreamchan today is just as strong as it's ever been. Maybe there will come a day of great inactivity, but I plan to always keep it up for anyone who wants to look around.


>I plan to always keep it up for anyone who wants to look around.
What a legend!


I second this. I just got here a few days ago, after many many years on assorted chans. I think this is the first place I've found where the anons treat each other like human beings, without any needless trashtalking or arguing for the sake of argument alone. It's nice.





SSL Cert has been renewed, all should be functional now, thanks friend!


>even duck can renew a cert faster than firefox



Realistically though, I shouldn't have to manually renew it, I have done so to be on the safer side in the past, but I have worked out a job this time to just do it automatically. Going forward it should just be seamless. Thanks!

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