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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!

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Is it a good time to bring in some traffic? Dont know personally if its a good idea or not though


What do you mean, as in a good time to advertise?

More are always welcome of course, as long as they are looking to relax too :)


4chan is on maintenance as of right now(dont know long it will last) so i think its a decent time to do it.


Sure, I can get an ad buy going, though timing wise I'm not sure if it will be live before the maintenance is over, unless it last another day or two for some reason.

Really the only place I have advertised in the past is 8ch, (there was once a very brief 4chan banner)

Do you have any suggestions for other platforms to post an ad on? I want to reach likeminded friends but I don't think I want to advertise on another chan of similar size.


Oh well maint over. Never thought about it throughly on the advertising though just wanted to throw a suggestion

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