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I think this website is missing a lucid dreaming board to be honest. We could tap into the growing lucid dreaming demographic this way by offering a unique place of discussion, and get new regulars. It would open opportunities for more in-depth discussion about the nature of dreaming, and tie the community together with a common hobby. I just don't see how a dream imageboard could exist without lucidity being a major topic. Just a thought though.


this is a pretty slow site, is there no reason a topic couldn't just be made on /dr/ for it? it's not like there's a rule forbidding it or something that i'm aware of. i haven't seen any rejection to anything dreaming related there.


If it's back in vogue then I guess a general on /dr/ would be the way to go. We're so slow that we wouldn't even need to sticky it, especially if this subject is once again popular.

That said, I can't imagine anyone really bypassing the more popular chans' dream boards to come here to discuss the same thing with less people. Dreamch is more about atmosphere than subject matter, as are all comfy chans.


>the more popular chans' dream boards
Such as?

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