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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!
IRC on Rizon in #dreamchan.

File: 1514833732618.jpg (43.71 KB, 800x565, 3-black-gear-wheels-free-v….jpg)

No. 229

Happy 2018 all, last year was a fun one.

We're coming up on the third year of dreamchan's existance, and I want to make sure we keep improving.

Let's use this thread for feature requests, what would you like to see?


Snow…..but "BAVI."

a few small birbs flying around, maybe


We have a Tweeter now.


That's right. I made it for the purpose of communication should the site ever have to under go maintenance/goes down, etc. Seeing as I don't have another metric of contact available.

I will use it at other times to post recent images from dreamchan. I thought about automating it, but there's too much margin for error there (spam mostly, not so much porn as I could just offload that detection to AWS or something)

Let me know if you all have any concerns, thanks!


this is literally the fastest chan i've ever used, surely this isn't pure Tinyboard anymore?


For it's fine.
I don't really have a tweeter account, but I already started to check it frequently.
>I don't have another metric of contact available.
What happened to IRC?


File: 1516943841324.gif (35.82 KB, 300x300, 9b46e0af8d15d366dd2068bc8b….gif)

I want to know what are your thoughts on having a Catalog, guys.
I think it will make easier to find old threads, it would be nice to have a catalog mode, but I know Index mode it's better for small Imageboards. What are your opinions guys?


File: 1516982366064.jpg (542.45 KB, 768x1024, wetgrass_4872.jpg)

I guess if it's just an option then there isn't any harm in it, right? I will personally probably not use it very much, but I don't think in a place like this necrobumps are really going to be seen negatively anyway. If a thread is relevant enough to someone here to post, then I would personally say by all means necrobump it, and we can look back and see how we thought about the given thread back then.


Make it so you can post multiple images at once, it makes posting gondolas much easier

I use the catalog all the time, so I like this idea.


Music box would be dope.


File: 1521638096238.png (6.35 KB, 349x164, Screenshot-2018-3-21 Dream….png)

when posts don't have a comment, can you still make them clickable from the "Latest Posts" frame?
maybe add "(no comment)", "…", or "(pic)"


Good idea! Done. (I can adjust wording)

I have always wanted to integrate some kind of musical feature in to dreamchan. I definitely would need some help with direction on what it would do/how it would look etc. My UX mind is not so great but I can build most anything to spec :)

I'm kind of on the fence about this one, so if enough folks like the idea I can see about implementing it.


Multiple images would be nice, not too important but definitely nice to have


I don't like the way post with multiple images looks like, but I don't really mind having the feature.

I'm more interested in the catalog.
This would be nice on /mew/.


Via Twitter DM, a user asked me why we don't have a catalog. The answer before this, was, there simply wasn't a lot of content to justify it.

Now, that is not the case I think. Per board catalogs have been enabled, with a link in the bottom page navigation.

The scheme is:



File: 1527652776886.gif (529.55 KB, 600x455, 8f8acdb5526a5bbc52d72a7eee….gif)

YAY! Finally, thanks so much.


File: 1530951459406.jpg (185.36 KB, 1280x960, I'll take two please.jpg)

Thanks for putting a catalogue in! it would be a lot more practical if it was at the top of the page though.


Agreed, I can change this. Thanks!


Get Pleroma instead.

Unlike in Dungeons and Dragons, on the internet necromancy is a good thing.


More themes (Preferably something like fauux from Lainchan) and being able to hover over an image and have it expand


Can do on the hover feature.

Hmm, I'm not sure how I'd feel about copying (or almost) copying a design from another site. That said, if you give me a color palette i can do my best :)




They exist already ;)

I realize the syntax is a bit irregular.

See Extras at https://dreamch.net/rules.html


i like you admin, i'll eat you last


Dropped the ball with Christmas theme. I'd still love to see something nice for the rest of winter, how ever.


I most certainly did :( Apologies. I have been very busy lately and haven't had the time to come up with something.


I like the snow, thanks :)


is there any way to have gifs "play" without having to click them first? i see this on other imageboards and sort of miss it on here.

i've been on here just a few months but i really love it so far. thank u, admins


Good to know you, friend :)

I'm glad you brought this up because it actually ties in to something on my to-do list for Dreamchan this year.

I'd like to have a panel of client side, user configured settings, so that you can have your own preferences for things. Auto gif would definitely be one of those items, as those who don't want to download anything more than the thumbnail initially should be able to keep that option.

I had a few ideas for other items for the settings page, but if you have any more, feel free to leave them here. Thanks!


Spoilers for pictures.
A button to close webms after you watch them.


Can you add the catalog button at the top of the page too? I don't like scroll all the way down just to click the Catalog.


I like catalog mode.

When you hover over a post number, there's an issue with the formatting of the post. I think it's because a few borders are being removed by the style.

border-style: none dashed dashed none,

maybe it's this?

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