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No. 13

There's an advert for dreamchan on 8chan, which is how I got here, and I was wondering:

Do you not trust jimmy and the wheelz?
Or do you find 503 service unavailable too annoying for you?

Why not just exist on 8chan?

Pic unrelated


I don't have a strong opinion either way on 8chan's administration. I will say that the softserve ads are a great value for casual advertising, and I will continue to use them.

I just wanted to cultivate a nice, slow environment comprised of a few comfy topics. Something I'm not sure would be possible spread out over multiple boards on 8chan.

I didn't make this site out of spite for a larger imageboard, nor did I make it because I feel it offers something special. It is what it is and I like what it is :^)


8ch is total bullshit for impeding the possible creation of more alt. chans but I guess they appear anyways, like dreamchan.


I found this place thanks to the Softserve ads.
Oddly enough, it might actually give smaller chans more of a voice if they so chose.

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