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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!

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No. 115

Hey all!

You'll probably notice you were redirected to this url: (dreamch.net)

Due to some issues with getting an ssl cert for dreamchan.net, and that host just all around sucking, I have redirected it to this new domain running on a much better server.

Everything will be the same as always, but I think you'll notice things are much much faster, as I made some improvements to code/static file overhead in addition to the server upgrade.

For now, the site is https only, but I have started on a toggle option so you may elect to use the site on http if you so desire.

If you see anything weird, use this thread to let me know. Or, if you have any questions, ask them here.

Thanks! :)


holy shit my deed posted instantaneously… used to take like 10 seconds. nice work!!

but one question..

WEBMS? ;_;


Glad to hear it!

Fuck, I was hoping no one would ask ;)

Just kidding. I have been terrible turning that around. It's a pain in the ass all around, but now that we are actually on a good server that should remove most of the problems. I had started the feature in my dev environment and its performance was… garbage.

Before I work on anything else, I will continue to work on that.


Awesome. Thanks, Duck!


I didn't have any problem with other host, posting was super fast, used to take me like 2 seconds even for long post and images and my internet is shit.
Anyway I hope this new domain improve the site even more.

I noticed the quick replys are back, and looks better than before.

Super nice, Duck.


SSL cert was briefly expired, it has been renewed.


File: 1495937566827.jpg (24.69 KB, 720x453, IMG_20170527_211120.jpg)

Does this error message has anything to do with the SSL cert? I have never seen it before.


It's possible it could be a browser caching issue.

Are you able to replicate it again? If so I'd appreciate it if you could list the steps you took to get to it :)

I am travelling until tomorrow, so if this is a persisting issue there's a chance it may not get fixed until then. Thanks friend.


I was trying to post trough GNU/IceCat Mobile, Already deleted cache but error still persist. Sure it's only a problem with the browser, however I've never had this problem before.
Anyway using any other browser solves it.


thx admin :3 that explains why it was unreachable for a little while.


if you want to fix this issue to post with icecat you can use an addon called refcontrol
it's very simple to use. just paste the url of the thread you're in into the referrer box under 'custom'


Hey all, site was down briefly today as there was a gap in the SSL cert renewal. Should be all fine now, sorry for the inconvenience :3

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