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No. 10

Let's use this thread to discuss possible board ideas


I think a dreamy music board would be pretty comfy


I can see that. Would it be a general music board or would have a nice concentration?


I think any music with kind of a dreamy sound should be concentrated on. Beach House, Chromatics, My Bloody Valentine, Flume, and Thee More Shallows are a few that come to mind.


since we're talking dreamy music, have some shpongle.


It's a nice idea, but It's no more easier to make a thread in / dr /?

Sorry if my english is pretty bad.


I think a music board will do better when the site has more users. People will come here for dreamchan topics and see they can discuss music too, no one will come here for music at the present

Yeah I think we can just make threads on relevant boards for now


i don't know if this is the place to put it but i think being able to post more than one picture in posts. that might be cool.
as for the music idea, we could also have some ambient and possibly some soft shoegazy music as well idk. but there should be a way to flip it on and off if you want though.


Would a flash board be a good idea? It works well with slow posting. An /ebola/ board would be nice too :^)


File: 1468097547549.png (479.47 KB, 600x800, 1459010391181.png)

A /mu/sic board sounds good idea, i'm pretty sure there's a lot of people who wants to discuss about genres/artist/songs, and discover new music. I will be nice.

Also an /Art/ and handicrafts Board will be great, we can have Papercraft threads, draw threads, Origami, etc. I would like to post there.

Seems a good idea, but we don't have a tecnology related board yet, then we'll be weird to have a /fl/ash board.

Maybe a /dep/ression board will be fine

Obviously with time maybe we can have some of these.

Please, forgive my bad English btw.


Also the possibility to edit the post after sent, so you will not have to see my mistakes ;_;


this board is really neat


Just because it's been suggested quite often, I think we can go ahead an add a music board probably in the upcoming week. I myself enjoy the few music threads that have come up.

/art/ and /technology/ sound great, and I would love to see them at the future, but at the moment the traffic just doesn't demand this many boards. So as you said, maybe with time :) Your english is very good!

I'll see what I can do on this.

Thanks bud


Alright folks, got to it a little early.


Enjoy! :3


Update Board Rules page!


Done! Thanks for reminding me :)


File: 1492134350752.jpg (2.3 KB, 126x107, 1327524971155.jpg)

Lainchan used to have a board for feels and advice and a positive mood was encouraged. So like an antithesis of /r9k/.


There is a board called Good Feelings friend


Although it's a bit of a mixed bag that's the general idea


File: 1494654579518.png (407.63 KB, 712x656, backgrounding.png)

Could we have a board for learning and making artificial languages? It could be called "/glo/" or "/gloss/", short for glossopoeia (the art of language invention). If it does get made, please filter the words "conlang", "conscript", and "conworld". These terms tend to attract a lower quality of hobbyist. For replacement words, I'd suggest "language", "neography", and "geofiction".

I've been working with some people to help preserve and revive Solresol, the musical language. I'm sure there would be others who would be interested too.


very interesting, maybe a more general literature/humanities board would be better?


No, that would be too broad. And it would quickly degrade from high brow literary theory into Tumblr fan-fiction.


A conlang IB would be awesome! Might not get much interest though.


This is a cool sounding idea, and I say that with general inexperience towards the hobby/subject.

However, we're such a small community right now, and I imagine even on a large forum something like that would not garner a ton of attention. I'd like to make sure that boards in place have a broad appeal.

I really would like to keep the fragmentation of the subjects at a minimum right now, given posting rates and the size of the userbase.

You should absolutely make a thread on >>>/gf/ about the topic though! (It's kind of the random board these days, something I'm fine with)

As much as I like this idea, I have to refer to my thoughts on topic fragmentation that I mentioned above ^^^. I could very well see something like that in the future though.

Yeah such a board I would keep /lit/ only and not combine with humanities.


File: 1494758785539.png (23.84 KB, 2000x1333, flago.png)

>You should absolutely make a thread on >>>/gf/ about the topic though! (It's kind of the random board these days, something I'm fine with)

Could I post it here on >>>/nos/ instead, especially for those old-timer Esperantists still working for La Fina Venko of world peace? Or maybe on >>>/dr/ for daydreams in the worlds of our languages?


I'm indifferent towards posting it on /nos/, though I would say it makes more sense to post it there rather than /dr/


I'll post it on the Gondola board as you suggested, but I don't want to ruin the theme there.

Is there anything else I should know about this site? I've gone through most of the posts already, so lurking is finished.


>Is there anything else I should know about this site?





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