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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!
IRC on Rizon in #dreamchan.

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This is board is for Dreamchan discussion and feature suggestions.

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Free trash.


File: 1542534057149.jpg (4.03 MB, 4032x3024, 20181118_180656.jpg)


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I love the turkey on the home page :3 I accidentally clicked on it and madness ensued, keep up the good work duck


I must also chime in - the Turkey is beautiful. /BAVI/ to the holidays.

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Where is the Halloween button on all of the boards?! It's halfway through October!
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No opposition.




File: 1540270744129.png (1.66 KB, 115x25, scrot_2018-10-23-00:01:10_….png)

Damn, the hallowen button is back.


File: 1540317833643.jpg (9.6 KB, 235x195, supreme victory.jpg)



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We need a Christmas button.
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Hahaha, I like the new year confetti.
Happy New Year Duck.


is there any way to turn off this snow
why is there still snow anyway it's well past christmas


but it's still winter! (in the northern hemisphere at least)


File: 1537627705840.jpg (68.7 KB, 600x334, 1393717707376.jpg)

Nope, the Halloween one is good enough (looking at you, October…)

Pic is unrelated and semi-random because for some reason my thumbnail cache clears itself, so I can still see folders but won't know what this pic is until I upload it!


Spoiler that shit.

File: 1514833732618.jpg (43.71 KB, 800x565, 3-black-gear-wheels-free-v….jpg)

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Happy 2018 all, last year was a fun one.

We're coming up on the third year of dreamchan's existance, and I want to make sure we keep improving.

Let's use this thread for feature requests, what would you like to see?
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File: 1530951459406.jpg (185.36 KB, 1280x960, I'll take two please.jpg)

Thanks for putting a catalogue in! it would be a lot more practical if it was at the top of the page though.


Agreed, I can change this. Thanks!


Get Pleroma instead.

Unlike in Dungeons and Dragons, on the internet necromancy is a good thing.


More themes (Preferably something like fauux from Lainchan) and being able to hover over an image and have it expand


Can do on the hover feature.

Hmm, I'm not sure how I'd feel about copying (or almost) copying a design from another site. That said, if you give me a color palette i can do my best :)

File: 1443981738846.gif (13.56 KB, 181x200, PS1_Pajama_Sam.gif)

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Let's use this thread to discuss possible board ideas
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I'm indifferent towards posting it on /nos/, though I would say it makes more sense to post it there rather than /dr/


I'll post it on the Gondola board as you suggested, but I don't want to ruin the theme there.

Is there anything else I should know about this site? I've gone through most of the posts already, so lurking is finished.


>Is there anything else I should know about this site?





File: 1521007336802.jpg (155.83 KB, 1000x1000, 1498544800337.jpg)

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I think this website is missing a lucid dreaming board to be honest. We could tap into the growing lucid dreaming demographic this way by offering a unique place of discussion, and get new regulars. It would open opportunities for more in-depth discussion about the nature of dreaming, and tie the community together with a common hobby. I just don't see how a dream imageboard could exist without lucidity being a major topic. Just a thought though.


this is a pretty slow site, is there no reason a topic couldn't just be made on /dr/ for it? it's not like there's a rule forbidding it or something that i'm aware of. i haven't seen any rejection to anything dreaming related there.


If it's back in vogue then I guess a general on /dr/ would be the way to go. We're so slow that we wouldn't even need to sticky it, especially if this subject is once again popular.

That said, I can't imagine anyone really bypassing the more popular chans' dream boards to come here to discuss the same thing with less people. Dreamch is more about atmosphere than subject matter, as are all comfy chans.

File: 1514854208701.jpg (746.03 KB, 3264x2448, mallcrash.jpg)

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In the interest of keeping things neat and tidy I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for bug reports.

When reporting a bug, make sure to include enough information to reproduce the bug. This usually includes:

What did you try to do?
What did you expect to happen?
What happened instead?


>What did you try to do?
I clicked on the "No." or the post number of a reply to a thread on the overboard.
>What did you expect to happen?
I expected it to load the thread the reply is in, scroll down to and highlight that post
>What happened instead?
404 Error

>What did you try to do?

I Clicked on an image in a thread from the overboard
>What did you expect to happen?
I expected it to expand the image in the page like it does if you click on the image while you're in the thread.
>What happened instead?
My browser is sent to a page containing only the thumbnail for that image

>What did you try to do?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1477681005541.png (9.6 KB, 1356x393, 2016-10-28-135503_1366x768….png)

No. 94 [Reply]

.webm support when?
I have some comfy webms and I want to post them.
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I want .webm support as Christmas present.


File: 1514588903541.png (516.12 KB, 1588x758, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

Yesterday I decided to put my head down and work on the support.

It's just about all wrapped up! I have some front-end bugs I'm fixing right now but god willing I'll have it live tonight :3


File: 1514597726361.webm (3.51 MB, 1513442520836.webm)

Alright, here goes nothing….


File: 1514598036015.jpg (97.8 KB, 800x737, e4fdd39d70249102228bb1fa1a….jpg)

Working here, thanks Duck, it only took you one year.

Thanks man, love you.


I am renowned for my laziness <3 sorry though, wish I had done it sooner. Enjoy!!

This thread will be for bug reports.

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