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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!

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Regarding recent illegal posts:
Not that it's much of a deterrent for criminals, but Rule 1 expressly prohibits any content that violates United States law: https://dreamch.net/rules.html
I have forwarded any info regarding the exploitation of minors to the appropriate authorities. If you see questionable content do not repost it here. Instead, please file a report and I will take care of it.
I have also made some efforts to prevent these posts from ever taking place. If you find you can't post and you feel you have been wrongly affected by a range ban, please reach out to me on Twitter.

File: 1514833732618.jpg (43.71 KB, 800x565, 3-black-gear-wheels-free-v….jpg)

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Happy 2018 all, last year was a fun one.

We're coming up on the third year of dreamchan's existance, and I want to make sure we keep improving.

Let's use this thread for feature requests, what would you like to see?
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is there any way to have gifs "play" without having to click them first? i see this on other imageboards and sort of miss it on here.

i've been on here just a few months but i really love it so far. thank u, admins


Good to know you, friend :)

I'm glad you brought this up because it actually ties in to something on my to-do list for Dreamchan this year.

I'd like to have a panel of client side, user configured settings, so that you can have your own preferences for things. Auto gif would definitely be one of those items, as those who don't want to download anything more than the thumbnail initially should be able to keep that option.

I had a few ideas for other items for the settings page, but if you have any more, feel free to leave them here. Thanks!


Spoilers for pictures.
A button to close webms after you watch them.


Can you add the catalog button at the top of the page too? I don't like scroll all the way down just to click the Catalog.


I like catalog mode.

When you hover over a post number, there's an issue with the formatting of the post. I think it's because a few borders are being removed by the style.

border-style: none dashed dashed none,

maybe it's this?

File: 1581098345161.jpg (102.44 KB, 1300x821, line-graph-with-fluctuatio….jpg)

No. 406 [Reply]

a burst of activity and then nothing. A burst of activity and nothing

this is here in hopes to start up the activity again but idk how effective itll be
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i have been destroyed
i will retire and live out my days in a burn ward since ive been roasted so hard


File: 1581417085083.png (1.03 MB, 665x650, clean your room.png)

ok lol


Is this one of those AI generated nonsense images? I can't make anything out


I'll tell you (and everyone else who reads this later), this image was made to trigger certain perception blind spots of your brain. It uses familiar forms and colours but combines them so it's completly unrecognizable (no idea how they made it or for what purpose).

A usual reaction to looking at this for a while is distress at not being able to recognize things so don't worry too much about it. It's literally nothing.


File: 1581628272256.jpg (80.67 KB, 500x500, 1560162521160.jpg)

This picture seriously stresses me out.

File: 1580840793846.jpg (20.38 KB, 427x427, 54194751_2348897835121946_….jpg)

No. 374 [Reply]

i love this place, but we know nothing about duck himself! maybe you (duck) could host an ama sometime?
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File: 1580963648636.png (210.09 KB, 1378x1046, Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at ….png)

I'd certainly consider it if the need rises, but right now I think we're very far from that point.

Here is the moderation log from the last year. As you can see it's extraordinarily minimal. I'd say 9/10 of those deleted posts were people advertising their chans/sites. Those get widely reported so I just delete them. Then only two bans for spam/illegal content.


>Then only two bans for spam/illegal content.
Duck, it's probably not my place, but if you run into illegal content in the form of links you can report them at WeTip.
PSA - Report illegal content. You don't have to fill the whole form out - just the necessities.
You can help people who need it!
PSA over.


If its not a link you can find the IP adress


Thanks, I already pass on info on those who post CP to the proper authorities.


I was about to say it was New Vegas, for a post you made in /gf/ with a New Vegas pic, guess I was right.

File: 1580512939716.jpg (127.14 KB, 1400x930, frogs-metamorphosis-projec….jpg)

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i have this weird feeling there are like 4 of us and we're just posting all the time, tricking eachother into thinking there are more of us
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I know there is a me but is there a you?
Who is out there?

Slightly offtopic, is the IRC active? I've been here since some time 2017 and I never went on there because I'm not the person for chatrooms. I hope the buds hanging out there are doing alright.




Just found this site and I love it lmao, I heard y'all have b i r b s. I'd love to join in.


instant relay chat. ancient internet stuff thats been around literally since the 80s look it up.

the only IRC ive been to thats had ANY activity has been irc.anarchyplanet.org but thats also with school filters


OP, I've had thoughts like that before. I think you're just paranoid, I know I get that way a lot.

File: 1580128687385.jpg (263.75 KB, 850x782, 2fbc3bb19252fde2b12bde6108….jpg)

No. 335 [Reply]

Do you think we could get an auto refresh on threads? It doesn't have to be anything fast (like starting at once per 60 seconds), but it would be nice to have.
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thats sucks
i joined here because i want a 4chan type experience that isnt horrific, pretty new
posting often. too often probably, if you guys want 1 deed every few days
is my often posting and browsing ruining the /dream/ experience? i'll slow down if it does, i average 3 replies per day


OP here, been here for about 6 months or so now. I noticed the spike in activity. It may or may not be due to me because I've been talking a lot here (trying to spark conversation or what have you) and I have invited a couple of friends to partake in this comfy board as well.
I share the concern
I hope not
I think that Duck is a pretty good admin and his chan is secure enough from what i've seen. I don't think we have to worry about this ending up like Spacechan or something.
I enjoy the ability to have a conversation with anons.


File: 1580394213674.png (292.63 KB, 499x350, 1286720043199.png)

You are more than welcome to post here! My point wasn't to single out newfriends who behave appropriately but to express my fear that not all will if a large wave comes.

My fears may be based on flawed worry though.
Keep /dream/ing on.


I've been here since 2017. But sadly lost track of things during the most of 2019. But I have returned the comfy Dreamchan that I love. Hopefully things will stay calm and tame as well. But to see this place have daily activity is also pretty nice.


Someone posted the board on 4/v/ a couple weeks ago, which is why I came around. I don't think anyone else did though.
But I've been more active on textboards for the last few months so I'm sure I would have stumbled my way here eventually.

File: 1580308359999.png (34.63 KB, 278x226, Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 9….png)

No. 352 [Reply]

first sticky note


the beginning of an era, over 4 years ago wow


i still havent processed that 2016 was 4 years ago. it seems like a stretch


Same, I still have a hard time believing it's not still in the early 2010s.

File: 1580339487495.jpg (130.2 KB, 1000x600, dream-quotes-about-life.jpg)

No. 355 [Reply]

do you guys prefer an active /dream/ or a quiet one?


/dream/ should be like a dream, quiet and introspective when it is needed, vibrant and alive when it too is needed. Monotony of all kinds sucks.


i feel like im posing too often tho

File: 1579419057367.jpg (43.21 KB, 461x660, 9afbdf41f27151e422827ce910….jpg)

No. 322 [Reply]

I feel like the boards here are very specific. You can talk about dreams, health, good feelings, music, nostalgia, scary stuff, and birds. Those are all really restrictive subjects.
i'm not saying do a general board or anything, (we all know what that leads to,) but it might be nice to have broader boards.
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Yeah you guys are right, my suggestion was stupid. Disregard it please
Just thought that it would attract more visitors but you're right


I guess I saw dreamchan more as a posivie community than a place to talk about specific boards but you're right


I get your point, but so far I think /gf/ really makes up for any missed topic board. As long as you talk about whatever you want in a relaxed context, it goes. I spoke to Duck over DM on twitter once and he said that in the almost 3 and a half years he has only deleted a handful of posts, 95% of those being spam/illegal, only a couple of those being trolling jerks


can we get a greentext board


>can we get a greentext board

every board is a greentext board :) make a thread in /gf/

File: 1542930397463.jpg (72.43 KB, 495x750, 20953072_1390951574291234_….jpg)

No. 273 [Reply]

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends. I hope that you are surrounded by good food, good company, and good feelings.

Stay safe, stand tall.


I'm not used to thanksgiving, but I wish you the best, Duck!
Thank you for the site.


Happy Thanksgiving, Duck!.


is that cat okay?



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