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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!
IRC on Rizon in #dreamchan.

File: 1477681005541.png (9.6 KB, 1356x393, 2016-10-28-135503_1366x768….png)

No. 94 [Reply]

.webm support when?
I have some comfy webms and I want to post them.
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I want .webm support as Christmas present.


File: 1514588903541.png (516.12 KB, 1588x758, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at ….png)

Yesterday I decided to put my head down and work on the support.

It's just about all wrapped up! I have some front-end bugs I'm fixing right now but god willing I'll have it live tonight :3


File: 1514597726361.webm (3.51 MB, 1513442520836.webm)

Alright, here goes nothing….


File: 1514598036015.jpg (97.8 KB, 800x737, e4fdd39d70249102228bb1fa1a….jpg)

Working here, thanks Duck, it only took you one year.

Thanks man, love you.


I am renowned for my laziness <3 sorry though, wish I had done it sooner. Enjoy!!

This thread will be for bug reports.

File: 1514002322051.jpg (22.47 KB, 400x300, 1511322501255.jpg)

No. 215 [Reply]

There should be a tech board
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Maybe just a tech thread in an OT board?


I think adding more boards on already small communities just splinters and stifles discussion


we have too many boards as it is. /bm/, /gf/, and /nos/ could be made into one board probably.


This factored into my hesitation

It sounds like maybe we aren't ready for a tech board. But perhaps two designated tech threads, maybe /prog/ and /gentech/ or something like that.

Would you guys like to help craft those threads?


I would be fine with those threads for now

File: 1488144582525.png (592.36 KB, 2396x922, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at ….png)

No. 115 [Reply]

Hey all!

You'll probably notice you were redirected to this url: (dreamch.net)

Due to some issues with getting an ssl cert for dreamchan.net, and that host just all around sucking, I have redirected it to this new domain running on a much better server.

Everything will be the same as always, but I think you'll notice things are much much faster, as I made some improvements to code/static file overhead in addition to the server upgrade.

For now, the site is https only, but I have started on a toggle option so you may elect to use the site on http if you so desire.

If you see anything weird, use this thread to let me know. Or, if you have any questions, ask them here.

Thanks! :)
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It's possible it could be a browser caching issue.

Are you able to replicate it again? If so I'd appreciate it if you could list the steps you took to get to it :)

I am travelling until tomorrow, so if this is a persisting issue there's a chance it may not get fixed until then. Thanks friend.


I was trying to post trough GNU/IceCat Mobile, Already deleted cache but error still persist. Sure it's only a problem with the browser, however I've never had this problem before.
Anyway using any other browser solves it.


thx admin :3 that explains why it was unreachable for a little while.


if you want to fix this issue to post with icecat you can use an addon called refcontrol
it's very simple to use. just paste the url of the thread you're in into the referrer box under 'custom'


Hey all, site was down briefly today as there was a gap in the SSL cert renewal. Should be all fine now, sorry for the inconvenience :3

File: 1495122056925.jpg (60.52 KB, 554x554, PCxmrfO.jpg)

No. 136 [Reply]

An /all/ would be nice, the "recent posts" box on the front page is a little hard to use to check every new post.
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D'oh. Thanks for the report, I'll work on fixing this.


This should be fixed now


Idk if you intended this, clicking on the images works but it opens the thumbnails.
Post numbers still don't seem to work


I was a bit confused about why clicking on No. redirects to 404 again, this time it treat the post you are selecting as it were the thread itself.


So sorry guys, this week has been pretty hectic. I'll try to resolve these issues quickly.

File: 1507189691149.png (179.43 KB, 1024x946, bear.png)

No. 175 [Reply]

Why have you banned Tor posting? And can you allow it? I think it's good practice to always post on imageboards from Tor, and I usually do so. It's a huge nuisance to be banned from using your imageboard when I've done nothing wrong, and it's really comfy here.


To be honest, I never explicitly banned it.

The default configuration of the Tinyboard software is to add tor exit nodes to its DNS blacklist. I don't use tor myself, nor have I been approached about it until now, so I guess I haven't given it thought.

I've gone ahead and updated the blacklist to allow tor nodes, can you go ahead and try it now and tell me how it works? I'll help troubleshoot what I can.




Not OP, but posting through tor seem to be working now.


Cool, thank you guys!

File: 1452049952050.png (1.03 MB, 723x1024, adaf.png)

No. 56 [Reply]

tbh this community is gr8

pls gib tips on how to make successful chan
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You can find the Halloween button on /deeds/.


I think the words are interchangeable, at this point.
That's why he said "site-wide."


I'm glad the halloween button is liked, I love it :3

I definitely want to roll it out to every page again starting October 1st. I'd like to make a spooky twist to it, as well having lots of new phrases in there :3


You could say so, but it doesn't feel quite right, it's like saying every pokemon it's pikachu, or every anime character it's goku.


Not really. It's more like all Eevee evolutions -eons.

File: 1446502093327.jpg (108.18 KB, 720x960, muscle guy check my dubs.jpg)

No. 30 [Reply]

Hi adm, did you know what be a nice thing to add in this chan?

Users banners, ofc.
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File: 1468097884933.jpg (122.04 KB, 352x422, 1461817886343.jpg)


Maybe we can start doing some banner campaign, and the best (and if the admin likes it) could be officially on banner space.

I think I can do some banners.

Please, sorry my bad Engirish.


File: 1499923823023.gif (308.21 KB, 728x90, banner1.gif)

I'm curious.
I like this banner, but why a dog and why the website logo is also a dog? (I think it looks like one).


i'm curious too what the 'logo' is supposed to be


I admit I wish that I had a better answer for you guys, but here it is:

The logo, and the flickering "Dog" on the tv was done by a good friend to go with the site as he saw it. As I am not very creative.

(We probably would have had a duck bill as an icon if I didn't have my friend, which is cute :3)

So there isn't really a meaning other than aesthetic.

I know that it is a dog, (A schnauzer of some kind I think?) but whenever I see it, I can't help but think of a horse.


Ahaha. It always gave me the impression you really liked dogs, or you dream with dogs very often, or even that you are obsessed with your dog, or something. At any rate I really like the Icon too.
I want to do a banner, but I can't think of anything good, if I come up with a nice idea someday, I will post it ITT.

File: 1496409982941.png (40.83 KB, 1366x722, filesize.png)

No. 154 [Reply]

What's the maximum file size for a post?


It should have been 8mb, I've increased it to 10, I can move it around though.

What was the size of the image you tried to upload?


1.8 mb


Doesn't matter anymore, wanted to post a gif yesterday and I couldn't, today I tried again and I did it!.


Glad to hear it, thanks for bringing it up friend!

File: 1447552127204.jpg (178.65 KB, 1200x785, 1446331381048.jpg)

No. 38 [Reply]

Hi admin!

I love your IB, have you thought about doing a little more popular?

This especially IB has enough potency, I would like start to grow.

Sorry, my english is pretty bad.
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Don't forget about Lainchan.


File: 1491131661285.gif (36.25 KB, 500x500, 1486194430787-0.gif)

and uboachan


I came here from 4taba.


I'm one of the two guys who advertised this place on 4taba.


Dreamchan doesn't need to "grow" (inflate). It's fast enough right now.

File: 1487824970179.png (174.71 KB, 800x480, 7040nim.png)

No. 103 [Reply]

dreamchan.net uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate expired on Friday, 17 February, 2017 18:59. The current time is Wednesday, 22 February, 2017 23:41.
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Jesus lol fuck this cert authority. I'll be getting my money back and going with an open authority. Sorry everyone ;(


Good luck!
A lot of people I know use letsencrypt now, but most people have noticed the hypocrisy of letsencrypt: they give themselves certain certs that they don't give out to users.



This actually is pretty ironic.


That's kinda by definition. CAcert works by signing their own certs, and most browsers hate that. My usenet provider uses them.

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