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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!

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No. 998

I just came to know about this place yesterday and istg it's such a wholesome place man i wanna hug y'all


Merry christmas eve anon, glad you're here with us


I also did only found about this place yesterday and it's pretty comfy. Just wish it was more active


I got here just three days ago and I feel the same


Merry Christmas to all of our newcomers!

I hope you'll explore the site a bit, and maybe even post a bird or two in our local aviary.

If you don't mind sharing where you came from, I'm curious - I have sparingly mentioned this forum on 8ch in the past, so you could be paid/government shills, but I certainly hope not.


I come form 4chan. Given the recent happenings they were talking about alternative imageboards


File: 1514150261758.jpg (46.55 KB, 626x348, 2070cf7bc0908d7d75c9339890….jpg)

Fuggin checked.
Welcome, newfriend.


Thanks, anon. Merry Christmas!
I heard of this site on 4chan, most likely from the same thread as >>1003 although I've also lurked on 8ch and krautchan before.


Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too.
The first time I've heard of this place was either on Uboachan or sushigirl.


I wonder how many have bailed. Not enough for sure. I really wish we'd concentrate to 1 imageboard and not scattered all over the place on boards that are sometimes half dead.


File: 1514437122483.gif (42.2 KB, 500x500, cattailtv.gif)

If anything that's actually a good thing that people are splintering off to different chans. if everyone migrated to the same place it would overwhelm the chan and erase the culture. I'd prefer that a bunch of small chans get a few new posters rather than all go to the same place and suffocate it.


Been a way for about a week. Welcome aboard OP.


I agree. A bunch of refugees from 4chan of all places is not a good thing considering the state of that particular imageboard.


I'm still on /toy/, it's at least bearable, when /v/ doesn't seep in


Have you looked at the other boards besides /b/? Specifically /r9k/ and /pol/. They are absolutely horrible. Personally I don't want comfy boards like this getting flooded with a bunch of kids. I like the low posts per hour. It's kind of nice. Gives me time to do my own thing while coming here every other to every few days, not to mention the higher quality posts.

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