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I just made some pancakes, and they turned out really well. I don't know what I did right, but I'm happy, since I usually make poor pancakes.
However, after making six small pancakes, three at a time, I started eating, and washed off the pan before I realized that I still had enough batter for, at least, two more. But I'm full, anyway.
What are you eating?


I'm happy to hear about your pancakes, anon. It's nice that you cook for yourself and are getting better at it. I just had a cookie bar with blueberry filling and a cup of milk.


I've been making a lot of ramen with egg and some frozen minishrimp added, it's pretty good. I want to try different noodles and find something to give it some heat. I've been using this really old curry powder but there must be something better out there.


My favorite way to eat pancakes is to mash a banana in to the batter. I fucking love that creamy banana flavor.


Try hungarian-grown paprika?


You forgot to tell him: some paprika is sweet, some is hot.
Cayenne pepper is a nice flavor, too.


I'm eating from the trashcan. The name of this trashcan is ideology.


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now hear me out :
cheesey pancakes
grate cheese into the batter while it's in the pan. Simple.
so gooooooood


File: 1509978468117.png (16 KB, 142x255, 1506490281169.png)

sounded disgusting at first, but actually thinking about it makes it seem like a really good idea. def on my never-ending list of things to try


savory pancakes are brilliant. Try frying mushrooms and onions and having them on top.


I ate some spicy elotes at a cornstand tonight

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