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Easily one of my favorite games, thought a thread about it would be nice

Recently I did a re-playthrough of New Vegas, I haven't played much Fallout since I played 4 when it came out.

I told myself that I was going to do an unarmed/melee only playthrough, but then, as usual, I resorted to a Guns oriented Courier. I wanted to hit all the quests I could, I went straight to the Strip from Goodsprings and did the early quests later on

I guess talk about anything Fallout? :3


When I first played NV I was pretty young, and I've never been good at vidja. I seriously just walked around aimlessly dying to death claws, tryings to get to NV. Then once I finally got there I couldn't find a way through the wall into freeside, I was seriously retarded playing that game. It was comfy as all hell, though. Wandering aimlessly for hours on end, not realizing there was more to do. I never did any quests, just found stuff I thought was cool.

I miss the days that I was satisfied by something so simple and dumb

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