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Let us discuss the art of language invention, both historical and contemporary.
If there is interest, we might start a collaborative language. If so, let us refrain from beginning with phonology because that is the fastest way to kill a collaborative language.

I am currently learning Lojban and Esperanto while collaborating on Sajem Tan. If you would like to join the Sajem Tan project, I can link you to our FrathWiki page and our Discord server.

As a personal request, please do not use the c-word [shortened form of "constructed language"]


What's the first thing you should think about when designing a language?

As I've created my own programming language before (proof of concept only of course), I know what you might consider for that.

What is the base I suppose?


Since I tend to favor non-naturalistic languages like Toki Pona, Ithkuil, Lojban, and Solresol, I think of the concept.
What will my language do that no other does? Or, how can I extend and improve upon the previous attempts of other languages? Or, what constraints would be interesting? (Anglish uses only Germanic words while Tom Breton's AllNoun uses mostly nouns.)

If one desires to eschew high concept considerations, then I would advise to make a language as close to your own mindset as possible. Make no consideration of what is linguistically "plausible"; make it personally authentic. Bare your soul on paper. If it is good to you, that is all that matters. Don't try to base your language's worth on other people's opinions.


What's wrong with "conlang"?


It tends to attract a younger and less informed audience who are unfamiliar with the history of glossopoeia.


Prove it.




Agreed. He just wants a secret club.


>who are unfamiliar with the history of glossopoeia
This is a non-issue, history may be interesting but it is not directly relevant.


Mi amas paroli Esperanton, ĝi estas simpla kaj oni ne devas ĉiam pensi pri gramatiko. Nice to see other people talk about conlangs. I want to learn Volapuk and Toki Pona someday. Volapuk for historical purposes since it was the first widespread language of its type and Toki Pona because of its cuteness, although it may be more difficult since it has such a small vocabulary. I gave up on Lojban several times, hopefully OP was able to learn it

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