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Hey /gf/, I challenge you to name something good that happened to you this week, and something good that you hope will happen to another poster.

For me, it's been warm out and this weekend I went on a long walk through the forest and saw a small flock of sandhill cranes peacefully honking.

And for >>654 I hope he enjoys an enormous meal of his favorite foods


I've started up a good daydream.
I hope one of you guys finds a good train of thought to entertain you, awhile.


That sounds comfy and peaceful as heck anon :3

I put a deposit on my first apartment yesterday!!!


I had a good lunch at work today

You will have a good lunch this week, anon!!! Savor every bite!


Tell me what you ate


I began playing Etrian Odyssey IV again, after not playing videogames much for a long time.
I hope you can own rather than rent some day!


Nothing good happened to me this week, but I'm staying optimistic. Everything will be DAIJOUBU.

I hope you guys keep being nice :-)



I can't remember what I ate, but I will say that I had a bowl of frosted mini wheats (Trader Joe's brand) after work this morning! (I work night shift)


Looks like I managed to get my rent paid after a week of struggle.

So I met the challenges I guess. Now Im chillin


I sang with a bunch of people I don't really know much and it was alright.
Been getting into EO myself recently after touching the first for DS way back, but never finishing it. May you enjoy EO5 when it gets released in the west!


I woke up this morning, finished watching FLAG, and then ate a good breakfast. Now I'm posting this message outside, in a shady spot on my university's campus. It's unseasonably warm out and I'm capitalizing on the first slow day I've had in weeks–I have nothing to do besides sip this sweet tea, work on a little homework, and then go play music in a few hours.

I hope you have a slow day too, soon! I guess it's a bigger deal for some lifestyles compared to others, but this feeling of relief after tension is something I want everyone to experience.


Sounds comfy. What do you study anon?


I'm a music major!


File: 1506926367653.jpg (3.21 MB, 4032x3024, 20171001_172037.jpg)

We made this frankenguac today


Very nice


wow very good job friend

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