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No. 639

Moving the big convos off of /deeds/ lol


Nosebleeder here.


Your problem sounds serious tbh. Do you not drink a lot of water?


I drink a lot of lemonade, and water every morning with my medication.


Do they last long or are they quick?

Whenever I get one I put pressure on my upper lip and it always stops, I don't remember where I learned that


I just put in tissue and leave it for an hour, then take it out.
Usually over by then.


I don't want you to run out of blood ;_;

What did you do last night


Sat at home, rewatching LotGH and playing Civ4.
Thanks for the concern.


Oh, also, had a nosebleed last night while pacing and thinking up this. http://dreamchan.net/dr/res/588.html#635
What did you do?



I went a friend's house and drank actually, it was a great time. definitely out of charactet, i needed it i think.

also logh is fucking great, makes me smile


File: 1483382214549.gif (24.09 KB, 60x95, quak.gif)


BAVI poster, here.
Do you think BAVI in your everyday life? Do you notice them? I do, every day. Whether they're pigeons on a wire or a hummingbird flying high-up across a busy intersection


I love birds so much. Even pigeons, I wave to them when I see them

If I didn't think caging them was a travesty, I would absolutely have a pet birb


I saw a colorful bird today, it was high up on a wire. It was far but it had a yellow belly and blackish wings and it looked kind fat.
I felt kinda sad because it was crying it's cries and there were no other birds around it, but eventually it just flew away.


File: 1483467616775.jpg (219.96 KB, 960x669, looooveeee.JPG)

>I wave to them when I see them

How sweet. I coo at almost anything living if I am not around people. "Hello, sweet flower." "Hello squirrel, your tail has a curl."

Many birbs are very happy indoors after building a relationship with their owners and being given freedom to fly around the house. I have met and heard of several such flying fluffs.

Lucky! How lucky to see that bird for the short time that he was there, and hear his song that he sang so briefly across the scope of the day. Birds are a blessing.


:) i want a dear sweet bird to live with me now


So what does everyone do for a living?

I do software dev. I'm lucky that I at least enjoy what I do day in and day out


NEET here.


Neat. What's it like just chilling all the time?


Eh. Spend a lot of time playing games, shitposting, or reading.
It's okay.


I'm just asking out of curiousity, not malice

Do you like that or are you actively trying to escape that?


Well, considering I still haven't gotten a job, I'm fine here.


Well then, my job for you friend, is taking the 666 get. Make it count :)


Oh boy, here we go!




File: 1483789482048.jpg (364.68 KB, 900x643, KGlbB.jpg)

I'm a maintenance electrician for industrial automation equipment at a multinational beer brewing company. It's pretty fun. One of the machinists has a very sweet Budgie and I ask him to send me pictures of her. She is a real sweetheart, from what I hear.

There are many people out there who realize BAVI, but many more who don't….

My #1 hobby is reading - I consider lurking reading right alongside sci-fi novels, it's just not critical analysis like you might approach a book by Nabokov.


That sounds… Super neat! That pic is 10/10 too

Do u get free booze


File: 1483982108600.jpg (34.45 KB, 468x348, 1454896261112.jpg)


My mistake with the thumbnail, I'd thought it was this one.

It is pretty neat, and yes I get free booze, but I don't drink much, so I give the majority of it away


I'm an EMT.
I save hobos


Tell us a story about some recent hobo heroics of yours


Let's hang out sometime and drink booze and talk about birds :3


File: 1484936130279.jpg (612.58 KB, 2048x884, 1394939254627.jpg)

I would love to, Anon.


File: 1485013083999.png (730.22 KB, 646x539, hola.PNG)

recent neet here, too
working in warehouses has ruined all the hope i had of finding peace in a parttime job
i feel like a leech a lot of the time but i try to clean up the house and stuff, so I feel a little less guilty


Warehouses are soul sucking, I'd honestly rather work at McDonald's

Hey as long as you contribute


I dream of not being afraid of girls anymore


are you afraid of them in a romantic capacity, or do you fear them in passing as well?


Bumping this thread

There have been some sad and happy folks on /deeds/ lately, ) lets dive in depth here :3


File: 1504529537811.png (79.12 KB, 2000x1639, Red-Broken-Heart-Clipart.png)

I know this sounds very negative and possibly rude but I dislike negative deeds a lot.
Saying you want to die or you skipped work for anime is not a deed. It's something you want to stop doing, a bad habit that can be changed by doing improving and doing deeds.


I agree that I like to see deeds for true 'deeds' more than anything

The general blotter it's become is interesting, I still want to hear what they have to say

Maybe a daily "how are you doing" thread would be better


File: 1504550580419.gif (1.56 MB, 500x500, pepe2.gif)

sort of an update, i started working at a friend's coffee shop and i've never felt better about the way my life is headed. i'll be able to afford a car soon and i just really enjoy working now in general. the difference between grinding through a shitty part-time job at a corporate convenience store and working over-overtime at a place your love is huge.


[Lucky get]

That's fantastic man, congratulations. It's amazing what just having a routine can accomplish.

What's your favorite thing to eat there


i usually just drink black coffee, but she also introduced me to a strange twig tea which I really like. she got it from japan and i forget the name of it, but it tastes and smells like smoke. very comfy


Anyone lurking right now? What's up?


>wanting to die is a bad habit


It isn't?


not him, but it keeps you on your feet


File: 1508205951622.png (881.17 KB, 1280x720, da5f874170f002ab7034fdee69….png)

I am. My parents are drunkards and I feel like I can't draw. Back to lurking


My parents were fucked up too. I spent a lot of time in Al-Anon and Ala-Teen growing up. I'm not sure if they have those in your country, but it's basically a group of people who have addicts in their lives, who talk about how it affects them.

You would be surprised at how much common ground you will find yourself having with those total strangers. The most empathetic thing in the world, when you are ashamed or saddened about something, is to hear the words, "Me too." and you will find that and more in those groups.


i didn't want to clog deeds, i'm so sad i feel sick

anyone lurking?


I'm here, want to tell why are you sad? There is a thread on /bm/.



What did you do with grandma? :3


I went with her to the mall, that was the first time I had been there this year. Then we went to a restaurant to eat. Afterwards I spent a little time over there at the house and got dropped off at home before she went to church since I refuse to go. Nothing too spectacular but I guess getting out of the house was okay. I definitely don't do it much. My social anxiety kicked in a number of times but I managed to fight it for the most part. I had to walk outside of the mall twice and find a spot alone for about 10 minutes then went back inside.


How did you meet someone by posting a deed on Dreamchan?


What distro fren?

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