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No. 539

How do you make yourself feel good when you're feeling blue?


I take a hot shower.

Then when I'm done I put on some clean socks, undies, undershirt. Then I'll watch Seinfeld or something funny


I masturbate, at least 1 or 2 times daily. When I feel frustrated or scared, I start to daydream.
Also, when I had an available computer, I played some competitive FPS online. I sucked, but I enjoyed it.


I get on my computer and start telling stories.


Tell us a story anon


File: 1463532279589.png (2.63 MB, 1834x987, beautiful.png)

Fresh starts are always nice - if you're a guy, I highly recommend baby-powdering your balls. Feels fucking cash money.

Stories about what's made you sad? Happy? What?


>baby-powdering your balls. Feels fucking cash money.

Amen brother. I have to walk around a lot and doing this on my balls/inner thighs is a godsend


I usually tell stories about life experiences, my childhood, and crawfish. Most if my stories are happy stories, especially the childhood one.


of* ones*
Holy motherfucking Tasmanian giant freshwater crawfish. I made some typos.


I have a fucking disease and it can only be cured by hearing a story about crawfish

Can you help me doctor?


Here you go.

When I was younger, I had a pet. Not a dog, not a cat, I had a crawfish. I caught him in my neighborhood at a very muddy and gloomy area in my neighborhood with some Bologna sausage in a trap. When I caught him, I took him back home and set him down in my 10 gallon aquarium. I would feed him pellets and even ghost shrimp if I was feeling special. One day, when I woke up, I saw him stuck on the carpet in the living room. I couldn't believe it! He jumped out of the food hole. Wow! I was amazed that he jumped out of the tank and traveled across the house.


This is incredible.

Have you avoided eating crawfish because you had a personal relationship with one?


Nah, I avoid eating them since
they taste like shit.


beautiful ending fam thx


I drink a fifth of rum with a can of sprite tbh. It makes you feel good!!


i like rum and orange juice. goes down smooth as shit. got to be white rum of course



Is this you, crawfish senpai?


Oh yes.

Have you ever watch a crawfish fight a beetle? It's quite fun, beetle fights are very nice in general.


i used to pit milkweed bugs against each other in a little cup to fight :3

most of the time they didn't. on a couple occasions they started having sex


where do you get milkweed bugs?


File: 1467989943381.jpg (104.96 KB, 800x492, large_milkweed_bug_new_yor….jpg)

They were all over our backyard.

My little sister and I didn't know what they were called, so for a long time we called them 'Derens'. That, I don't remember the origin for.


File: 1469760281652.jpg (69.61 KB, 960x720, bilateral gynandromorph.jpg)

>watching bugs have sex

that's pretty cool anon. The world is so weird when you're a kid. I remember watching bugs bump their rear-ends together, etc., and thinking they were just being silly.

But of course, they were actually partaking in a seriously life-threatening act that probably greatly shortens their already tiny lifespan, just to make the next generation of bugs that the next generation of humans will get to watch.

The world works together in a pretty amazing way. Even if it's really scary sometimes… …okay, a lot of the time…


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Not always but sometimes I read about suicide methods and suicide attempts stories, after that I feel that my problems are nothing compared to these people.

Music always help, or just lie down in bed and crying, not the best way but it makes me feel release.


:/ the interesting thing about crying is how productive it can be. your body is overwhelmed with chemicals that kind of make you feel better.

are you doing okay? what's going on anon


File: 1469762389441.gif (341.87 KB, 500x375, 1466538514897.gif)

Just a bunch of bad days and really bad luck.
I'm fine, Anon. Everybody feels like this, everyday. I'm not on suicide watch yet

Anyway thanks for Asking.


Ah okay, just want to be sure

the nice things about runs of bad luck is they do stop, we all have only so much to lose :^)

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