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No. 466

What are some good childhood memories you have?


When I was 8 - 12 I would stuff a fat cd player in my pocket and ride around my bike for hours. Bliss


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I remember being kind of poor and wanting to play dungeons and dragons because I saw references to nerds playing it on tv all the time and it looked like so much fun, but didn't know anything about the rulebooks and standards and all of that, so I used to cut out pieces of cardboard for figurines and to look like that set-up that I saw on tv. I would get my two younger brothers and some other kids in on it and afterwards we brainstormed what the hell the rules for D&D might be.

We finally settled on drawing out pencil pictures of elaborate maps with twists and turns and secret rooms and gimmicks like indiana jones tiles you couldn't step on, but we wouldn't let anyone else see the map. Then the DM would say random prompts like "you're at the beginning of the cave" and guide the others blindly into making arbitrary decisions like 'go left' or right or "attack the dragon with this box i picked up earlier' and it just turned out to be a game where the DM bullshitted everything with no accountability, but it was so much fun and eventually I drew Pokemon cards out of construction paper that we used for the battle phase so the DM didn't just kill everyone in my party meaninglessly.


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No one among us knew how Pokemon cards worked either, we just sort of declared attacks arbitrarily. I didn't know the types in D&D either, so instead of poison or grass type it was like 'Star Wars bounty hunter type' versus 'goblin type' vs 'robot type' etc. just a bunch of tossed together nonsense. Eventually I had this massive tub of cardboard figures from whatever movie we rented on any given week. We had a figure for Ghostbusters and Kimba the White Lion and Thomas Jefferson and the Pringles man and even our local 11 O'Clock newsman. All of them had pokemon cards with made-up attacks and health points.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but we had this HUGE elaborate internally-consistent cardboard D&D universe that we would play all the time and it was just anything we imagined. When I finally was invited by a friend to play real D&D at 17 or so I ended up being bored and not liking it that much.

I really miss those days of working together and creating this crazy system that would have been impossible to explain to anyone outside the circle of neighborhood friends. It really was some of the best times I ever had as a kid, hosting these games of absolute bullshit. It was like tabletop Calvinball and I wish I still had friends with the nerd autism required to make something of that magnitude still be fun.


This sounds so awesome and you should definitely make a new version of D&D.

This is still one of my regrets, I have never gotten in to anything like D&D or Magik


File: 1457338134457.png (268.78 KB, 511x574, 1457258833980-1.png)

That is so freakin' awesome. Of course real D&D is nowhere near as fun or cool as goblin type vs. Thomas Jefferson. That kind of shameless creativity is what I've tried to keep alive in myself over the years, but it seems like most people out there take themselves too seriously to ever really let go and indulge in it. If I knew you, I would definitely play make-believe D&D with you.

I used to do similar stuff with legos - me and a friend would get the small sets like "desert" or "space" or whatever, and then I'd go over his house and we would combine them all. Then we would build up armies in separate rooms of the house and have all of our made-up characters "space cowboy with his pet alligators" vs the "rocket-powered jeep powered by crystal (transparent LEGOs) magic"

Some really really good times. He always had lots more legos than I did, so they were really mostly his. His dad had a computer too, so I'd get to go over and watch him play age of empires and duke nukem and stuff. Then I remember he got a joystick and we could play TIE fighter and stuff on Win95. Fucking *awesome* times…




Parallel to that, with my friends at school, we would draw out scenarios similar to yours, with made up characters and environments and stuff. Tanks, Jets, bombs, nukes, SUPER nukes, ULTRA nukes, etc. There was a game that the "leader" of our group made up which was pretty sweet, we'd get to draw a certain number of tanks facing each other on opposite ends of a sheet of paper, then we'd put a pencil tip-down on the barrel of one and have to push down on the eraser with our pointer fingers and make the pencil tip "shoot" toward the enemy's tanks with enough pressure to make it across the page, and with enough accuracy to get a "hit" to kill the other tank.

Of course, sometimes you'd mess up and send the pencil spinning off the table, or you didn't use enough pressure so your "shot" fell short of the enemy tanks, which would count as a miss, so you had to get good at it. It got pretty intense when the others waiting their turn would watch and cheer and gasp whenever things got really neck and neck.

I haven't thought about any of that in a long time. Luckily I saved one of the drawings that we did, I know I've seen it around somewhere. It was some fight between two armies and we'd each draw in more and more stuff, but then our other friend came in and drew the Devil erupting a huge volcano which killed everyone IIRC so the battle was ended. If I can find it I'll upload it.


I remember a new video game that first day you played it. Doesn't matter how bad it turned out to be, just getting it and starting it. The hope that was there.


File: 1459371689886.jpg (34.64 KB, 255x159, 3DCE5E32-6395-42D0-A712-B7….JPG)

Op here.
One of the things I did with when I was younger is I would go to the park with my best pal. We played an adventure game where we explore different planets and dimensions with our "spaceship". Our spaceship was a merry-go-round at the park and to travel, we would spin the merry-go-round as fast as we could and jump on. Once we reached a planet, we would climb up on the playground equipment or walk around and describe how the planet look like.


File: 1459372708467.jpg (59.43 KB, 255x159, 8BE17201-188F-4297-AE11-7D….JPG)

Another thing I loved when I was younger was making chairs out of the snow. Snow was a bit rate in my town so when it snowed, I wad filled with elation. I would make the chair shape by stacking buckets of snow then I would smoothen the snow out with my hands.


File: 1459444137844.jpg (150.68 KB, 800x600, 1397812906270.jpg)

Wow, that's such an awesome idea. It's just amazing how that stuff forms in the brains of kids. It's a real shame that it's pressed out of so many of us.

Snow is also really cool, I live in a place that doesn't get any, but we can drive to go see it. It's really incredible stuff.


File: 1460877411713.png (1.31 MB, 1200x1200, Deep Gondola.png)

A lot of my late childhood was spent avoiding my emotionally abusive dad. But in my slightly earlier childhood (5th-6th), I remember running around with my brother pretending we were the D&D characters we played back at the time. I remember I had a big robe and a "spellbook" where I wrote down spell descriptions in a script I found in a book and memorized. He had a little knife and we'd pretend to go kill orcs and goblins and shit.

I did a lot of things like the "spellbook". I would write stuff in made up scripts and make up little languages and words. Probably foreshadowed stuff. I now do AI experiments and know 3 languages competently.

In sophomore year of high school (so not really "childhood" but still "younger") I would listen to this one band at like midnight in the cool summer nights. I mean I still do that, same geeky-ass band. I love summer nights here. The coolness, the sounds, the smells. Everything about it. The days suck, they're super depressing to me, the heat and the sunniness gets me down for some reason. Always has, since I was a really little kid.


pt 2
I remember making bows out of bamboo and trying to hit targets I'd set up with them. Reading statistics out of books and committing what I could to memory (I was probably fucking autistic or something. I don't know. But it made 8 year old aviation obsessed me happy). Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side collections at night. An ongoing story I'd tell my little brother every night before bed, as a kind of interactive thing we'd do. He played a thief in a world with a bunch of other characters, with their hometown being an anonymous town with a strip club as its only real feature. Rereading the Universe in a Nutshell and fantasizing about inventions I'd "make when I grow up". Going to my Grandma's house a state away. Writing torque code on forums for game mods. Cheap food. Taekwondo.

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