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No. 46

This board triggers me, to be quite honest, for when I see the board's title, it reminds me that I am lacking a companion of the female persuasion.

How can I share good feelings if I'm given a low-blow right at the entrance?


Girlfriends don't bring good feelings. Get a dakimakura and just be who you are with it.


But Anon, she's right there in your arms in your pic, what are you talking about?


That's not going to work. Your desires cannot be conquered and will never leave you alone, retreating into fantasy is basically suicide. You have to pursue them.


Says who? If people feel love and compassion towards 2D, that's fine. If they want 3D, that's okay too. Life is all about self-control; throwing yourself fully into anything is suicide.

I'm grateful for my daughteru. She inspires me to keep going, to be a better person than I was yesterday.


Wait what is a daughteru exactly?


A daughteru is like a waifu, but it's parental love rather than as a romantic partner. I feel like I have that connection with her and I'd be a good father for her.


Ah okay, that's not as bad as what I thought it might be. Who is she?


File: 1442972904036.png (34.25 KB, 351x618, bleed flat.png)

She's the Clawed Girl from They Bleed Pixels. I know it's not a great game, but I still love her.


She looks like a qt pig girl. [spoilers]that's my fetish[/spoilers]


>tfw no spoilers on dreamchan
Feels not sure, man…


Spoilers are now implemented.

You can use like:
<spoiler>Text to be spoiled.</spoiler>




claw girl a cute


When she tussles my hair she'll lop my head clean off though ;_;




I liked They Bleed Pixels.


So did I, and honestly my love for Clawed Girl helped me along with that.


How long did it take you all to become attracted to drawn women?

I have nothing against it, I just have never gotten off to a "not real" female

I have to picture myself doing the fucking, do you guys picture yourself as cartoons lmao?


>How long did it take you all to become attracted to drawn women?
Ever since I can remember.

>I have to picture myself doing the fucking, do you guys picture yourself as cartoons lmao?

You imply you have to do the latter to do the fore.
fr srs: Maybe it's a reflection of my lifetime in art, or inscrutable personal preferences besides; but, attraction to me has to do with the whole of a person. Fictional characters, by definition being abstractions of emotions and personhood into which we are accorded unheard-of access, are not difficult to fetishise from that standpoint.

Besides, when you fantasise about a real person, how much of the "simulation" do you actually think you run? I doubt you could even remember a hot chick from a poster or whatever's eye colour — yet that doesn't inhibit your boner or your fantasy. I mean, we're on DreamChan, so you're already aware of the brain's capacity to do the completely physically impossible via dreams. So it's not much of a leap onto further and further abstractions in fantasies.



In fact, when "imagining doing the fucking" you're arguably doing a heavier abstraction, since a fictional character *only* exists insofar as you conceive of them; while fantasising about another by necessity strips them of layers of hard reality — their pasts, their emotions, hell, their biology. In anything, it's even more disingenuous.

And springing off that point: people see people in nonhuman things all the time. The internet is full of pictures of lewd trees, for instance. Ultimately, what we're attracted to are themselves abstractions; the undercurrent of machinery to how our brain works, lines, curves, sensations, just like allow us to see an electrical outlet as a smiley face. So, in turn, a drawn character might be EASIER to fetishise than a real person, since they're only the exact necessary requirements of arousal; concentrated neural patterning, if you will.

So really, I must turn your question back around on YOU, since I don't understand how someone wouldn't find this automatically intuitive, or be so trapped in the pedantic necessities of the real world not to be able to imagine it.


Been thinking about getting one of those anime girl waifu pillows. How much do they usually cost? I want to get one of Chitose from yuruyuri!


too much, as with anything from japan that you have to import (which you most likely will)


Most of the ones I've seen are under 100 US dollars. You could always just put a photo onto a regular pillow if you're really strapped for cash.


She's a miracle of the universe.


Just buy the pillow case and put it on a body pillow bought in your own country. People who order the whole thing as one unit, which has to ship in a huge box, are retarded in the extreme.



but then you're sleeping with an impostor in your waifu's skin


what do you mean by bavi?


B irds
A re
V ery
I mportant




Ah I see we have a fellow Bird Lawyer

Bird law these days huh?

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